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How to successfully follow up with contacts who visit your website

Download the “About Me” Marketing Pack

When following up with a contact you do not know, such as Geographic Farm prospect, follow these general guidelines:

  • Don’ts
    • Don’t be up front — don’t say “you went to my website”
    • Don’t be assumptive — this is not a listing appointment. They merely went to your website
  • Do’s
    • Say “I’m a realtor in the neighborhood and just wanted to meet you and say hello”
    • Introduce yourself, give the “About Me” marketing pack and gift
    • Be friendly. Build a relationship
    • Ask “Have you received any of my postcards?”
    • Ask “Are you thinking about selling in the next year or two?”
  • Follow up
    • Personal follow up note immediately
    • Phone calls, pop-by, etc over time

Click Here to download the About Me Marketing Pack.  This is a Zip file.  Save it to your computer then copy the Word documents from it.