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Welcome to the Farming Test request page…

Hi – this is Beatty Carmichael.  Forgive the informality of this page.  We’re doing a farming test with some newly updated postcards, and this page allows you to request to participate.  Here are the details…

We have developed an updated version of a fully customized set of high performance postcards.  Our postcards are focused on custom content that differentiates our client from other agents, persuading homeowners why to choose that agent over others.

The test we are conducting is to confirm and tabulate their performance in multiple areas of the country.  We are offering to fully customize the postcards to you at no charge, and then print/mail them for only $0.50 per postcard.

The test will be for a minimum 300 homes you select, such as one or more neighborhoods.  We will not allow two agents to target the same area, so the areas will be exclusive to you.  We will mail two postcards a month for 6 months.  At $0.50 per postcard, your total cost will be $1 per month per address.  For 300 homes, that’s $300/mo for 6 months.

At the end of 6 months you can terminate the test or choose to continue at the same rate for an additional 6 months and report results to us.

This test is one a first come, first served basis, until we meet our desired participant goal.

If you have interest in learning more, complete the form below and select “Agent – Geographic Farming” as your primary interest.  I or someone else will contact you to share more.


P.S. if you want to understand more behind what we are doing with our postcards, watch the video at the bottom of this page.

Request more information. Complete the form below, select “Agent – Geographic Farming” in the Primary Interest section, and press “Submit”


(after pressing Submit, wait a moment. Do not leave the page until the confirmation message appears)



This is an overview video for our Agent Dominator service.  This is a service designed primarily to touch your personal list.  However, the postcard section of Agent Dominator is what we are testing for the farming test.  And while I’m not trying to promote the service to you, this video covers the foundational marketing concepts we use on the postcards — Outside Perception vs Inside Reality (to persuade homeowners why to choose you) and Self Selection (to identify sellers before they go on the market).