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Review our updated Agent Attraction postcards

Based on review and testing we have updated our Attraction Cards(tm) used with your Attraction Dominator(tm) service.  To review the new postcards please watch the short video below.

Also, to maximize your results we recommend listening to the training audio below as Beatty Carmichael coaches another agent on the Best Practices to attracting the most agents.

How to maximize your recruiting with Attraction Dominator

Maximizing your recruiting with Attraction Dominator (and qualifying for our guarantee) is based on one key thing — engaging with your prospects.  Listen to the 15 minute training below as Beatty Carmichael shares with an agent the Best Practices that drive best results.

Take notes on the sample scripting Beatty shares to use with your personal engagements.

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Beatty: [00:00:00.21] The main thing with attraction dominator is going to be, as with any sort of recruiting of an agent. Agents don’t get recruited by an unknown person. There has to be a relationship there. And if you talk to any of the guys who have large teams, they will always tell you that it’s the relationship that recruit the agent, not the program. And so with that said, if you said attraction dominator as a what we call in the industry, set it and forget it. You just let it go and you don’t do anything. You’re not going to get much results from it because you’re just a postcard on someone’s desk. But if you’re willing to reach out and call them, this is where we actually do our guarantee. If you’re willing to reach out and call them and say, hey, this is life, you’re probably getting some of my postcards and you just engage and now they get a chance to meet you in person, at least by phone, and they realize you’re a real guy. You share some of your background. You just engage in relationship. What that does is it’s a game changer, because at that point, now they know you or at least they have. They know more about you. There’s a little bit more of a trust level. And at that point, they are more likely when they’re thinking about, you know, I wonder about this eXp program. You know, I’m frustrated with my broker at that point.


Beatty: [00:01:27.33] They’re more likely to respond. And this is what we see across the board, if they. If there’s a trust level built, they’re more likely to respond, and if if there’s no trust level built, then they typically ignore. So that’s going to be the primary deciding factor between what I would consider success or moderate success or failure with our program. Does that make sense? It does. It does, yes. And that’s yeah, the direction I’m looking to. I have no problem at all, of course, picking up the phone and having conversations. So, yeah, I understand that. Feel comfortable with that as well. Good. It’s only if you’re comfortable with it, then, you know, all this becomes is if you’re familiar with what’s called geographic farming. OK, real estate, you know, geographic. You just nurture a neighborhood so that they start to call you when they’re thinking about selling. This is simply farming a list of agents and nurturing them. So they think about you when they’re getting frustrated with their brokerage. That’s right. Witnesses. And then with that personal engagement, you can like what happened with a friend of mine. He’s a you know, he makes between a half million and a million a year, GCI. He has heard of eXp for years, but it wasn’t until a friend of his called him up that he respected and said, did you know? And started walking through. Had you been with him in the last three years? Let’s just put down on a, you know, apples and apples comparison where you would be.


Beatty: [00:03:05.43] And my friend Stuart realized he would have 500000 dollars more in the bank account. Had he simply done the same production over the previous three years with the XP. And that convinced him. And so that’s where our little calculator comes in. So as you’re engaging with agents while you’re waiting for them to be frustrated with where they are, you can speed up the frustration by taking a practical approach to, you know, hey, what would it look like? Had you been with us? Let’s do a comparison. And the more you can engage with them, then you know that that’s where now our toolset becomes more effective. Mm hmm. Understood. You know, if you just get someone. Here’s what my back story. You know, you’ve been in branding and motivational speaking. I used to for 15 years, I was involved with network marketing, providing tools and services expressly for recruiting. And what we found is back then, we didn’t have video Internet video. So we use recorded voicemail. And what we found is using this thing, we called it a scissor line. And if you would just get if someone would simply listen to that first line with the testimonials, then they were interested in learning more. You know, probably two thirds of the time. And so that’s the the big push here is as you’re engaging people, if you can simply get them to watch the four and a half minute video, you know, like if I were engaging, you’d say, hey, is that the sizzle? Is that the video that that sizzle video? Exactly.


Beatty: [00:04:38.70] If I if I can just get you to watch it, you know, if I’m calling you as a as an agent and you’re on my mailing list, you know, I would talk about. Let me ask you, you know where you are right now. Do you earn more than a hundred percent commission when you make a sale? Well, no. Does your company actually give you stock, publicly traded stock when you sell? No. Do you get free coaching from top producers that are doing 20 and 30 million a year in volume that are coaching for free and mentoring, you know? Okay, well, these are some of the things that we do. Let me I know you’re not interested in changing brokerages right now. I totally get that. But I’ve got a four and a half minute video that gives an overview of how we do things and whether you’re interested or not. No big deal. But if I were to email you or text you a link to it right now, would you take four and a half minutes right now and just watch it? See, all I want to do is I want to get you to watch it, because if you will, then those people will convince you there’s something special here.


Beatty: [00:05:39.55] And that’s how you’ll break through to moving people off the fence faster than them getting frustrated on their own. Mm hmm. Dontcha? Perfect. So then let me give you a couple thoughts. Understanding how human psychology works. You remember years back you used to have. What is it, McMahan? Is it Edenic million? But the original question. OK. He used to come on TV and say, look in your mailbox. The publisher’s sweepstakes is coming out. Okay. That’s right. He would announce it. So when it got there, you would recognize it. Right. So one of the things that will be highly effective is once we notify you, hey, we’ve got you activated and you’re about to start mailing. You can count that it’s going to be about three weeks plus or minus before the postcard actually arrives in the mailbox. So that would be the timeline for you to start calling those people and engaging and just saying, hey, we’ve not met, but you’re about to get a postcard from me and just be your normal person, but let them know it’s coming out. Maybe not mention the X-ray, but they’ll always ask. But the key is most people will shut down mentally. When you mentioned the XPI because they think they know what it is, because they’ve been approached before. Mm hmm. So your main goal is as much as possible to keep it blind the way I used to do it in Amway before I started my professional career.


Beatty: [00:07:15.36] I would call you up and say, hey, I’m expanding a business in Knoxville and you refer to me. If I were to send you some information, I’m looking for a couple of key people and I can’t make any promises. We can work together. But it would be an if we can. It’s a tremendous opportunity to increase your income on the side. If I were to send you some information, would you take a look at it? Okay, so those are what the company is, Carmichael Enterprises. Okay. So I’m keeping the name Amway completely blind, because I know it’s interesting to hear the name Amway. They’re going to shut down to the best of your ability. I would recommend keeping the name Ekpe out of the mix. So you don’t so they don’t have a predetermined expectation of what it is and they shut down. Mm hmm. All right. Understood. Yeah. And if you can if you know, hey, I’m starting a new business in real estate, a new way of doing business, and we’re looking to bring on four major. I know you’re probably completely happy where you are, but I’m going to you’re going to be getting some postcards from me about this. But with this, we’ll pay you more than 100 percent commission. Well, we’ve got leaders on board there do 20 and 30 million a year in volume who will coach and mentor you for free. And, you know, help you double your volume within the next couple of years.


Beatty: [00:08:33.27] And we will also give you stock publicly traded stock as you make sales. And I’ve got a video that explains a little bit of what we’re doing. If I were to email you or text you the various I’m only like four and a half, four, five minutes. Would you watch it? Okay. So now I’m keeping everything completely blind. But at the same time, I’m trying to move you to the video because if you watch the video, then when the Naimi comes out, they don’t care because now they see what it really is and they’re interested. So what the main thrust is to the greatest degree possible, keep the brokerage name out of the conversation until they watch the video, because then at that point, they’ve seen it with clear eyes once once you mention the name like a family. They totally shut down. Yep. Okay. Yeah. So that’s the first thing is if you’ll call them while your postcards are in route and let them know to be watching out for it. Now, you’ve made a personal connection. Now they see you, they get the postcard, they recognize you. And now it’s a postcard coming from someone they know rather than just junk mail, that that’s a huge connection point, because now every time the postcard arrives, they have a feeling of having already met you. So there’s the beginning of a trust that even if they don’t watch the video, even if they go online and search you and they say, oh, you’re with the X or whatever, you know, none of that matters as much anymore, because now they met you.


Beatty: [00:10:04.31] And they like you. And now they’re willing to do business with you. If and when they think about changing brokerage’s, they’re probably going to reach out to you first, or at least scan the code on the card and learn more. Okay. But if you can get them to watch the video first anytime as you’re engaging, if you can just get them to watch that video, then at that point, what it does is it’s a it’ll be a total game changer because now they realize there’s something more in depth. The second thing the second thing I would do, so that’s the first and second thing, is after you’ve engaged them. And then the postcards arrive, give it about a week and text them, just follow up, hey, this is life we spoke about three or four weeks ago. I mentioned my postcards coming out. Did you get my postcard? Something like that. OK. And then that just keeps the relationship going. Right. And then the final thing beyond just keeping relationship going. One of the things I think is will be most important is people don’t do what they expected. They do what’s inspected. So when you when you do have someone who has interest and you created interest with, would you like to have seen you know, I know you’re not into it.


Beatty: [00:11:15.42] Always use the term. I know you’re you’re happy where you are and you’re real estate agents especially. They hate to be sold. They love to learn. This is one of the things we learned. If we were to approach an agent, like if I were to call you up as an agent, call and say, I can guarantee you 1712 in 12 months from every 100 personal contacts or I’ll give your money back. That’s such a direct approach that you shut down because, oh, this is a gimmick. I’m not interested. You’re trying to sell. Right. Right. But if I were to tell you, you know, we when we work with agents, we actually guarantee them 17 sales from 100 contacts. We get their money back. Once I put in a third person, you’re willing to listen to me because I’m not selling you. I’m educating. Do you see the difference? Okay, I do. So when you’re engaging with these agents, I would encourage you to take it away. I know you’re not interested in changing brokerages, probably right now. I know you’re probably very happy and content, but. Would you like to see. Had you done the same production in the last two years with us as you did with where you are? Would you like to see what the difference would have been economically? Okay. So the use of a question to throw out something that’s tantalizing.


Beatty: [00:12:32.39] And then you bring up the calculator that we created. It’s on our demo site that’s built into, you know, that’s linked into our system already. But bring that up on like a zoom call. And rather than sending them the link, actually pull it up on your computer and fill it in with them on it so they can see it. But you’re driving it because what I find is this, if you can give them the tour guide approach and explain what we’re doing and what that calculator is showing, then you can answer their questions and it becomes much more real to them. If you simply say, hey, go to the site and click on this link. They’re never going to get around to it. And if they do, they really know what you’re looking at. So once you take the tour guide approach, in fact, I was talking to another agent of ours who’s using Attraction Dominator, and he’s with a group called Kandari there. Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah, I know. I know who they are. Yep. So their approach that’s working really well is rather than sending someone that, you know, 30 or 40 minute video that explains the brokerage. They say watch it with them. And when you watch it with them, it forces them to watch it. This is what I’m saying about inspection is better than expecting, and then you can also stop it along the way and explain different things.


Beatty: [00:13:50.43] So you’re the tour guide. It’s the same thing with that calculator. But for the business person, I remember one of our testimonies that we did on that. He’s a top producer out of, I think, at Cincinnati or someplace, and he’s been with Remax for years. But when he actually got a calculator out and calculated the difference between what he exp would have paid him and what Remax does pay him, he said there’s no comparison. He said it took me 12 and a half dollars a year just to pay my Remax fees. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. It takes me two. OK. He said right there, if a no brainer. OK. And so most of the people will make a business decision when they really understand it. So that’s why. Right. If you can get them through the calculator to show them simply economically the difference. Now, you watch what you do is you create dissatisfaction where they are. They still may not move because they got a really good relationship with their brokerage. Of course. Right. But every time they make a deal, they’re thinking, you know, I really would be making more money over there. Mm hmm. They’re thinking about the stock and what it does. They’re thinking about all these things. And now it creates an unrest. And as you continue to just nurture, engage with them, you’re going to move much, much faster. So those are the things I would do to really drive results.