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About this job…

Objective:  increase our audio podcast channel listening audience (channel is “Get Sellers Calling You”)

Proposed Process:  identify Christian real estate agents via YouTube marketing, advertising either on Christian videos (worship vids, preaching, etc) or on real estate related videos.  Grab attention on YouTube with our interview teaser videos, then direct them to the full interview.  On the page with the full interview they hear about our podcast channel again.  There is also a lead capture popup form to capture information of those agents choosing to request information.

The Challenge:  There are no direct metrics to link YouTube advertising or our website visits to podcast subscribers.  Therefore, this proposed process becomes more of a brand exposure campaign as opposed to a lead capture or transactional campaign.

1. Proposed Ad:

2. The link in the above video will take them to the full interview here:

Questions for you:

  1. Is this a “right approach” from your opinion?
  2. If not, what would you recommend, and why?