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About Radical Faith

Welcome to Radical Faith!  As those who know me are aware, I am a passionate Christian. I love the Lord and I love to grow deeper in his word and attempt to apply his truths in my life. This section of my website is a platform to share some of the things I have learned about living a life of faith.

I call it “Radical Faith” because most people put God in a “box”, so to speak, in terms of how far they are willing to trust the Lord.  But I believe Jesus modeled for us how we should live … and what He considered “normal” (things like healing the sick, raising the dead, calming a storm, casting out demons, etc) we consider “radical.”  So if we are going to follow Jesus’s example, it requires a “radical” faith to do it.

If you desire to grow deeper in your walk and relationship with the Lord Jesus, I encourage you to check out this section and keep coming back as it is updated.  I hope you enjoy it and welcome your comments and questions.

FREE GIFT:  A few years back I recorded a 7 CD set titled, “Radical Truth.”  This is a training series I taught on living your life by faith upon the Lord.  It covers topics such as what faith really is, how to apply it in your daily life, financial stewardship, God’s timing vs. our timing (especially when praying for things), and more.  If you’d like a copy of this CD set mailed to you free of charge, simply email us at our email address listed at the bottom of the page and give us your name and mailing address.  We can only mail CD sets to addresses in the United States.

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