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[00:00:01] This is the get sellers calling you marketing podcasts for real estate agents. And I’m Beatty Carmichael.

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[00:00:16] And now let’s begin our next session of get sellers calling you.

[00:00:23] So, hey, I’m Beatty Carmichael and welcome to another session of the Get Sellers calling you real to podcast. And I’m really excited today to visit with a friend of mine that I’ve met several years back. And I’ve just always been amazed with what she’s done. And from California named to make sure. So, Krista, say hello.

[00:00:43] Hi, Beatty. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it. It’s wonderful what you’re doing.

[00:00:48] Well, I am really thrilled to have you on board. I’ve worked with a lot of agents and have interviewed a lot of folks. And you’re one of the very top in the producing writes that I’ve worked with. And when you and I spoke a couple of years ago, it was just I was flabbergasted with the volume that you drove and the the ease in which you did it. So I’m excited about what you have to share for our listeners today and what they can take away from it.

[00:01:15] Yes. So my goal is just to add as much value as possible. So feel free to ask me any questions. I’m an open book. There’s nothing that I’m going to hold back. So you ask away. I will deliver.

[00:01:26] I will do that for sure. And just also for those listening. Krista has actually started to share some of this and a coaching program. So we’ll talk about that maybe toward the end of the call. But, Krista, I would love to find out real quickly for those listening. This is an Internet call, so just being part in any Internet type of interference. But, Krista, give us a little background on who you are and just to establish why it’s important that someone wants to listen to this call from you.

[00:01:55] Well, I’m just I’m a mom, number one, and a wife. And I have been in the top 1 percent of real estate agents nationwide for about 17 years running.

[00:02:05] So no matter what the market was, I found a way to make sure that I was on top of it. So I sold over two thousand homes in my career personally with me. And that’s not a big team of people that was with me and an assistant in a transaction coordinator. So just recently, I’ve changed my mind the way that I run my team because I now I have a team and they’re helping me more so that I can focus on my coaching. But yeah, we’re. We love it.

[00:02:33] I love it. So I have to ask this question to you, because this is one of the things that really surprised me earlier. How much volume do you do? Do you mind sharing?

[00:02:43] As far as numbers.

[00:02:44] Yeah. Or just anything. Just to quantify.

[00:02:47] So my series sold one hundred and sixty nine homes the year before last. I sold one hundred and fifty one. And last year I sold one hundred and four homes just working on my business five percent of the time. So I literally make my 90 members on my coaching fibrosis on real estate because I want to still make sure I’m on the cutting edge of what’s happening and I’m managing my team. But yeah, we sold it over a hundred and four homes last year. Transitioning me out of the business and just being kind of the face of it because of our systems and strategies that we had in place.

[00:03:18] I love it. So systems and strategies.

[00:03:20] That’s what I want to head toward. So long. So you did a lot of volume. You’ve been able to replicate that volume, having it come in independent from you. Talk to me in terms of what do you do? What what type of systems if. First off, let me ask you this. In the marketplace, are you focused on personal contacts or are you going after more cold market? You’re buying leads. What’s the general funnels that you work with?

[00:03:45] Ok, so let me kind of explain my strategy. Number one, we really, really we utilize social media and video heavily. We we teach it. And that’s what’s helped me grow my real estate business and help me continue to stay in the forefront. And we focus on sellers primarily, but with that, we get plenty of buyers because we are focused on sellers. So we run. We utilize this video heavily. And what I mean by that is many people will use video maybe, but they won’t use it correctly. So they’ll do video, but then they’ll just put it on their Facebook page or they’ll put it on their whatever, but they don’t do any kind of marketing behind it. So what we do is we we are I call a community market leader. Right. So my goal is anything real estate or or city related, my city thinks about me. They think real estate or they think community. They know my name. And so we’re constantly putting out videos and community videos and we know what’s happening in town, what’s going on, real estate and not real estate related, but community related without ever asking you to do anything in return. So many times people are always selling themselves. Right. I’m the best thrill driving the number one. I’m this. I’m that instead of just serving. So we teach people to serve and not sell. And by serving you inadvertently will sell, if that makes sense.

[00:05:04] And also the me, if I don’t mind me interrupting. So you’re doing these videos as well. What’s going on in them in the space? Where are you sending them? What are you doing with the video?

[00:05:15] So first we just try to develop trust. So the first and my initial contact is just to run a Facebook. Right. And just boosting is not enough. You need it. Run your ads to your ads manager account on Facebook because then you can target and retarget. You can create look like audiences. You can really, really know what people are doing and make adjustments based upon what is and what’s not working. And we just you know, we utilize the reach objective initially. So we reach as many people as possible in the community and they continue to see us. It’s like brand awareness. We’re getting them to get to know our brand and we’re just giving value. Hey, you know, there’s this new subdivision that’s being built or versus great new family restaurant that was open. Nor here’s here’s a new activity that’s happening this weekend. Right. Oh, and by the way, interest rates are going up or down or whatever it might be. And then we don’t ask for anything. So many people will create funnels and landing pages and they’ll ask for people’s information or phone number.

[00:06:14] But nobody wants to give it to you because they’re getting bombarded by ads. But once they get to know you like you and trust you, break down barriers, you become more of an authority figure. They’re much more likely to want to be able to want to give you their information. Right. So the strategy that we teach agents is the strategy that I use is we teach you how to get to be known. Right. Because in order to be known, you have to be seen. You have to be heard. So the objective is to let your community get to know you like you trust you be seen as the expert and then you ask for people’s information. You know, people are doing it backwards. They’re saying, give me your vacation, fill out this ad. Right. Thought this lead form when no one even knows who you are. So you’ve got to really. It’s called relationship marketing, right? It’s what I call engagement working. But you’re developing a relationship with your community. You’re getting to be known as the expert authority and then you’re asking for their information.

[00:07:07] So we utilize but oh, just say this is brilliant.

[00:07:11] You’re using you’re using Facebook, targeting either custom or look alike or or different audiences. You’re building up their recognition of who you are and that built up trust. They’re seeing you. And we know that if someone can meet you, they’re much more likely to do business with you. So by doing the videos or seeing you, they’re getting to trust you. They know like you and Mel, you’ve won a relationship with them.

[00:07:37] Yeah. So then we welcome that listing appointment. They’re already hugging me and they feel like I know you. And, you know, I’ll be walking around town and everyone’s like Krista. That was the marquee doing a, you know, high five. And me, I have no clue who would do whatever is at the time. But they feel like they know because they see me. I’m a I’m a. So you got to think about something like you’re losing this. You got to understand how powerful social media is. In 30 days, more video content is uploaded on the Internet in 30 days. Then all of the major networks over the past 30 years, so more networked, more video is uploaded onto Facebook, Instagram, YouTube in one month. Then CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS. I can keep going on in the past 30 years. Right. So it’s like you have your own digital marketing platform. You have your own TV right in front of everyone. Because people are not even really watching TV anymore. They’re watching like my children do not own cable right there and there. They’re going to be a virus very, very soon. People are watching videos or watching YouTube. They’re watching Facebook. They’re looking at Instagram. They want to know about people. What people are doing. That’s the new TV now.

[00:08:48] You know, this is brilliant for the sake of our audience who may not be as familiar with Facebook advertising, could you do maybe just a short two, three minute primer on what’s going on? You know, you’re mentioning Reach, you’re mentioning all the different type of campaign objectives and give this little primer and then I want to jump back into where we are. And once that foundation is light and take it a little bit deeper, can we do that?

[00:09:13] You mean primer on why you should utilize Facebook?

[00:09:16] No, not for those people who may not have done anything with Facebook as manager. OK. So that’s kind of new to them. Does that make sense?

[00:09:23] Yes. OK. So. Well, first, you have to understand this. The average person goes to Facebook for 51 minutes a day. They go there 17 times. There’s two point three billion active users on Facebook right now. This is I’m just going to talk about Facebook, because at the same time, we’re not going talk about Instagram and all that. Although Instagram is also a platform that you should be looking into because millennials are more on Instagram and they’re on Facebook. Right. And we’re starting to see a shift from people buying from Facebook to Instagram. And it’s cheaper to advertise on Instagram now than it is on Facebook. Well, let’s just talk about Facebook. So the average person, the average agent we have found this is this is true stat. So the National Association of Realtors says that only 16 percent of agents are utilizing Facebook. That’s that’s a step from the net than they are. We found from our research that less than 1 percent of agents are utilizing it correctly. All right. So most agents are doing is they’re posting on their personal page or posting on their business page. But Facebook is an algorithm. They want your money. They want you to pay them. So you’ve got to pay them to get your ads to show up in front of people. If you’re not paying Facebook to show up, to have your ads seen in front of people, you’re only being seen by the people who are most likely interacting with you. Right. That’s your your best friends and your family members. It’s people that are that Facebook is putting your stuff in front of people that are engaging. You’re not reaching the rest of your community.

[00:10:47] OK. So we create ads and we have anywhere from seventeen thousand one hundred and twenty thousand people that we use that see our ads, which means that we we go into Facebook, we go into our ads manager account. That’s step one. Go to Facebook. Set up for ass. Set up an ad up. Get a business page. Right. Then you’ve got to run your ads through your ads manager account. Many agents will just boost. Now, boosting is not sufficient enough because if you’re just boosting, you are not able to do anything with that information. Right. When you set up an ad for your ads, manage your account. You’re then able to create lookalike audiences. What that means is you’re able to say, hey, this ad ran really, really well. We’ve got great reach, tons of engagement, engagement, meaning people are liking, commenting and sharing. They’re engaging with your ad. So you can say, oh, this ad performed so well. I want you to find more people that are like this. Facebook and the Facebook algorithm will find people that are more likely to engage in your ad. They will create a whole new audience. Right now, the second ability, which is so, so important, is that you’re able to reach target and retarget means that you’re able to as somebody watches your ad on you, it’s it’s basically you’re creating a funnel. You do a video on three chips to sell your house to get maximum exposure. Right. Then you have, let’s say, 50000 people see that ad and then you say, OK, you know, Facebook, I want you to find the people that were the most engaged, the ones that watched more of the video.

[00:12:19] The ones that liked are shared. And I want you to send them another video on seven months when selling like make sure you did seven things you have to do in selling to make maximize your investment. Right. And then you can take even for a rookie. Now they watch the first video and the second video. Now I want to send them a link for a CMA. Do I know what your house is worth? Well, yes. These people now, you know, those leads are super qualified, highly engaged leads because they’ve already watched two of your videos. They’re not watching videos on how to sell a house for more money if they’re not thinking of selling. So now you take you take you know, maybe you got one hundred leads down to 20 that are super serious, engaged, active sellers. Make sense. So that’s the importance of utilizing social media and Facebook, because number one, ninety five percent of buyers and sellers say they search online first. Right. We know according to the National Association of Realtors, that buyers and sellers take a minimum of three to six months. They start looking before they ever take action. Your goal is to show up where they’re looking, which is on social media, and B, be there when they finally want to act. So you’re developing this relationship with them for months and months and months. And they’re they’re looking at your step because they’re interested. They want to know more. So then when they finally want to act, you’re in front of them. And they they’ve now established you as the expert authority. So when they think about selling, they’ll think about you or buying. Right.

[00:13:46] You know, this is brilliant because I love the process. You know, I remember when you and I spoke a couple of years ago, you mentioned that when you started to do videos, your business just started taking off.

[00:13:59] Do you remember that?

[00:14:00] Oh, yeah. That’s the one thing people ask me. What’s the number one strategy you can tell me to do? And I tell them utilize video but correctly distribute it.

[00:14:09] Yes. So this is brilliant. So in real simple. So you’re you’re taking them, you’re pushing content out. You’re not asking anything from them. So the content that you’re pushing out. Give me an idea. Maybe. You know, I know you meant you rented really quickly earlier. Can you walk me through as an agent if I’m going to do this? What type of content content am I putting out and how frequently am I putting it out into this mass audience?

[00:14:36] A here’s a nugget right now. All right. You want to number one, if you’re going to do anything. Pick a knish. So pick a niche in real estate. Maybe you want to work with a retirement company or you want to do homes on deep water. You want to work in a certain subdivision or you want to work with millennials. Pick Aneesh, and you want to do two content videos initially to start like X, like three, two, three content videos just on that niche. Then every single week do another video on that niche and then take that video, what we call video repurposing. Right. Which means you’re gonna take that video, you’re going to have it transcribed. There’s a thing called red dot com. You’re going to upload that video on that transcription and that video onto your Web site. So then you start getting search engine optimization through Google. Now, this is not hard. It’s easy. You send your video to rabbits a dollar a minute. Right. You do a three to five minute content video on a specific leash because people are searching that specific need to the videos can be longer. But then what happens is as you start to do this on a regular basis, when someone goes to Google to search, hey, how do I buy a home for the first time or what’s the best, you know, interest rates or homes in discovery about deep water? Your information is going to come up like crazy because you haven’t reached it.

[00:15:54] So meeting is super important and you can really gain a lot of traction really, really quickly if you do it on a regular basis because of the capability for the information that you’re putting out there to be seen on Google when you see it. Google loves video. So uploading your videos onto YouTube, right? Get you on to Google, uploading your videos on your Web site, gets you on to Google. So when people start searching that, you’re going to start showing up over and over and over again. So that would be my first suggestion is picking each and do it. Now, secondly, you want to do your normal videos that you’re going to create for your community and for on a weekly basis. You want to do that to a week and you want to keep them short. Right. Like 30 seconds or or under shorter videos have higher completion rates, shorter videos get watched. More people actually click on the length of a video and they won’t watch it. So initially when you’re trying to grab someone’s attention. Baby, you want to raspberries and quack, quack. And if they’re interested, then you can bring them down your funnel and start putting out more content to them. That’s similar to the first content. And then you can add you can make it longer. Right. So, for example, you wouldn’t say, are you thinking about buying a house this summer?

[00:17:03] Oh, my gosh. There’s three things you need to know. Remember? Right. Hi, I’m Krista Major.

[00:17:07] I sold hundreds of homes and then you’re going to buy that. You’re the experts. They want to keep listening to you. And then you just give a quick tip or two. For more information and for me to get more details, click on the link below for more. No more explanation. And then they then more. Then they’re watching these videos and you’re bringing them down your file and they can be longer because you’ve already grabbed their attention.

[00:17:26] That makes sense. So. So you’re using the 30 second clips for the mass. You’re taking your very narrow niche and you’re focusing on that.

[00:17:36] And these videos are offering information but not asking for their information, correct?

[00:17:43] Yes. Not initially. And then after you’ve been doing it, then you asked for the information at hand. Having a buyer and seller seminar. Mike, one thing that I’m doing this next Thursday for my community is I’m putting on a local business and professional marketing training free. Right now, I’m marketing it on Facebook. I did a video saying, hey, are you a local business, a professional? I can help you. I’m sure you all know I am right. Why? Because I know how to market. Let me show you how to market your local business and empire. And you’re your as a as a professional or a local business. Why am I doing that? Because I’m basically going to be doing a little mini listing presentation without them even knowing it, showing them how we do what we do and how they can do that. But at the same time, showing them, hey, here’s an example of how I listen market to house, right? Look, we had one hundred and seventy six thousand people on this on this one housing tour. We had over two hundred and fifteen hours of people watching this one video. Will that help you? So basically, I’m going to be helping them, but also showcasing how we market our homes at the same time to like minded individuals who are local professionals or her own local businesses.

[00:18:47] I love it. So when you’re doing this video out to just your normal group, these whole 30 second clips and you know, if you if you think about selling, click below.

[00:18:56] For those people who are listening, you know, they’ve done nothing like this before and they’re going, oh, my gosh, what do I do? What? Where do I go? Where do I send them when they click below? What’s the next step? Is it a Facebook page or what are you doing on that?

[00:19:09] So they’re through. When you create an app through your ads manager account, you can create this video. Last call to action. There’s a traffic objective. There is a reach objective. Brand awareness objective. There is a conversion objective, which means you want them to convert. You’re trying to get their information right. There’s a video of use subjective depending on what objective you choose. It will change your call to action. So we then take them to a landing page. And if you’re let’s this and you’re going, what the heck is she talking about? I’ve never heard of a landing page. Here’s what I’ve got to tell you. There is going to be more change in the next six years in technology and there has been in the last 100. That is a true start. You are going to see more change in the next six years than we’ve seen in the last 100 years in technology and social media. You it’s not a matter of should I. I’m thinking about it. You have to. You need to make sure that you are relevant, that you’re Zillow proof your recession proof your discount broker, proof. Are you adapting to technology and change? You are going to save yourself from being left in the dust. And if you haven’t now, it’s OK. Like just start right. It’s just like riding a bike or kissing for the first time. You get better and better as you do it. You suck it first. You follow your break your name, nails it, scrape up your face, whatever that is, but then you get better. So it’s a matter of you saying, I can do this and I’m gonna do it right. It’s scary at first. And everyone hates video. They are afraid of it. They’re so fearful of it. But here’s the deal.

[00:20:39] You look at them, you know, you look at video on and who doesn’t like the way you look because that’s how you look.

[00:20:44] Do you remember? This is me. I like myself. Right. Is video, video, video, video. If I told you the stats on why video is so important, you would die and just not using it. All you need is a cell phone. Everyone’s got a cell phone. We all have a camera. This is Isabella’s hitting record uploading that and have a go at it. Right. It’s not not hard. It’s just it’s simple. So then you take him to a landing page with the landing page. Then you’re then they can you know, you’re saying, hey, do you want more information you want to get? What’s my home worth or any kind of a market analysis? Do you want to hear a seller guide? You a buyer guide? What do you want? So you’re basically continuing to take them down your funnel. The first action is the video.

[00:21:26] I love it. So. So. So thanks for this. Really great. What’s the next step? How do you. So we’re talking about doing the videos. I kind of cut you off to go backwards and say, let’s lay the foundation.

[00:21:37] Let me let you run again from where you are. Does that work?

[00:21:41] Yes. So meaning never was.

[00:21:47] So that may be kind of an unfair try to loop back around. So where do we go from here? So I’ve got I’ve got an agent and there they’re excited that what they’re doing, what you’re talking about, this has obviously been, you know, this and I’ve always wanted you know, this is just my personal out of curiosity with you, Krista. When I when we talked a few years ago and you’re just doing this amazing volume and it seems like it’s consistent. Yes, you’re out. The thing that blew my mind is how and now I get it. It’s these videos. But there’s got to be something a little more that you’re doing in terms of the content or in terms of, you know, maybe the question that comes up and I’m I’m trying to get my questions on formulated. You know, you’re talking about doing like two videos a week. What do you keep saying on those two videos? I mean, aren’t you kind of cycling back around and saying the same thing over and over again or you.

[00:22:45] Oh, my gosh. Know, so there’s so much to talk about. First of all, you have to understand, it’s not just real estate, even though I think we as agents, we don’t realize how much people love real estate. I mean, anytime you go to a party and someone knows that you’re a real estate agent, what do they ask you? And I’m just going to pause for about 10 seconds here. What do they ask you? They know you’re older. What do they ask you? How’s the market? Right. So your job is to tell them on a regular basis what’s happening in the market, what’s happening in their area, what’s happening in their community, what’s happening in their subdivision. And on top of that, though. Bringing in community related events. What’s going on in the community? What’s new, what’s fun, what’s exciting? What are they going to do? What’s what’s different? What’s changing? There’s just you can fire. Chips, seller chips, costly mistakes, parts of a contract. What does a contingency mean? How much is a deposit? What does the buyer need to do before even looking? What do you need to make sure once you’re in escrow? You do. I mean, you just we can go on and on and on. You know so much about your your subject matter as an agent. But I we think that everyone knows it, too.

[00:23:48] They don’t. Right. So the trick is not just to be real estate, but also be community. You want to do like one to one wanted unity video. One real estate video. Right. One market update a month. What’s happening in the market? How’s it changed from last month? All right. Your next video, along with that nation, each nation, nation each. The riches are in the niches. People are afraid of meeting as they feel like they’re going to lose out on business. When, quite frankly, you will still have the same amount of business. But if somebody is looking for that specific topic, you’re going to show up way more often on that specific topic when you do need. But you’ll still show up just the same for everything else. So it’s a matter of creating video content properly, making sure it gets seen. Remember Facebook, if you want to have to be seen by your community, by the thousands. Right. Facebook will put your information in front of the people that are more likely to watch it. Their algorithm goes in front of people that already expressed behaviors in liking real estate. Liking realtor, dot com, liking Zillow, you know, liking community events. So they put you in front of them and then you can say, OK, for this ad, I want to try to get video views, go put me in front of people that want to watch my videos, that their algorithm, their Facebook algorithm will do that or it will say, I want you to put this this ad now in front of somebody who is more likely to convert.

[00:25:10] So I’m going to use the conversion objective. Right. Right now, I just want to get myself to be seen by everyone. I mean, he is the reach objective. So depending on what your objective what your personal objective is for the ads that you’re running is going to change what objective you use on Facebook and what you tell Facebook to do. So it’s a matter of creating a video, setting up an ad through your advantage, your account, utilizing your your your choosing, your objective, making sure you have a great call to action and awesome pictures that do not look at Z. The less ads you, the better the more it looks like an ad, the less likely people will clip because they’re tired of being sold to and then taking them from clicking on that ad to a landing page, which then will put them right into your serum. So we create Facebook campaigns that go directly from Facebook into our CRM and then we then start marketing. Then I’m putting them on our drip drip campaigns call.

[00:26:08] You know, this is you’re listening to the get sellers calling you podcast to increase sales from past clients and sphere of influence or from a geographic farm, learn about Agent Dominator.

[00:26:18] We guarantee your sales in writing or give your money back to learn more. Visit our website and get sellers calling you dot com and like Agent Dominator from the.

[00:26:28] And now back to the podcast. So it’s brilliant. And as I’m hearing you, the thing that keeps hitting me and I’m going to talk about what you do in coaching, because I’m sure you you teach this step by step. But it seems almost too simple.

[00:26:42] Does that make sense? Yeah. You know, it’s it’s not simple. It really isn’t. I mean, it isn’t. It isn’t. I mean, it is if you just do it, you can really take it to like on steroids. Meaning. Right. So a good example is one of my students just, um, posted in our group. She’s like me before the program and showed her Facebook. It was a literally a flat line. OK. That means how many people saw her. And then she’s like now cramming. Krista ‘s program is like way up here because utilizing it correctly. And so it’s so powerful, though. Think about this. You go to a open house and you’re just hoping to see a couple of people and maybe it’s the neighbors. It’s a couple of looky loos, like you run an ad on Facebook. I can spend 50 bucks and I can have, you know, seventy five thousand people see me. I can run an ad for fifty dollars and get two hundred hours of people watching my video because Facebook will tell you how many people you reach. How many people saw you. How much time they saw you. So I can show like we teach our students that one guy. We did it after six weeks, already had thirty seven hours of one video being watched. So I was like, that’s like 10 open houses, right. That’s you doing more than that? More than 10, 15 open houses. Cause it might be. So it’s really, really effective because you’re constantly being reminded and you’re inadvertently prospecting. So instead of cold calling and door knocking, which I do not cold call, I do not doorknock. I haven’t an open house like eight years. My community and everyone’s still seeing me because I’m showing up or they’re looking they are online. They are on social media. So they’re seeing me on a regular basis. So they’re reminded they can’t forget about me. Right. They can’t, you know.

[00:28:20] So you’re taking you know, if you go back to the traditional model of growing a real estate business, you you set aside hours to go prospecting, to drive in business, and maybe those hours or more, you know, like a 30 to twelve.

[00:28:34] All you’re doing is you shifting. You’re not spending prospecting hours. You’re doing video hours, running some Facebook ads. And the way I’m interpreting it, you’re doing that and then you’re going off and playing or doing something else you want. Just letting it drive business to you. I know it’s not quite that easy, but it’s that’s that’s what it sounded.

[00:28:53] Yeah. And it’s it’s not that easy. And we all want to make it seem like it’s that easy. But you know what it is? I mean, instead of like I don’t on weekends, I don’t want to buy donuts for the open house. I want to make those with my kids. Right. Well, I want to cuddle with my husband in the morning. And I don’t want to have to go to an open house and buy the balloons, put the signs out. I want. And people are there still seeming like crazy. Mean the number one agent for years and years and years. And this is a strategy that I mean, is it’s also the exact same strategy that I’ve used to get agents from across the country into my coaching program. We’ve had over 500 agents go through our training in the past 14 months. This exact strategy. Right. It’s giving information, giving value, producing content, getting them to know me and then say, OK, now I want you by my book. Right or now. Now that you know me. Why don’t you let’s talk to you about the coaching program. I don’t say he signed up for coaching Brigham Young and whatever. They have to know who I am first. But once you develop that trust and respect. It’s kind of like being on this podcast right there. People getting to know me. You like me to trust me. You either like me or you don’t. You’re like, she’s way too crazy for me and you’re hyper where I go like this crystal girl. Let me learn more about her. That’s exactly what as an agent you need to be doing in your community. He’s got to get people to know you. And video people are much more. They’re sixty 64 percent more likely to buy a product when there’s a video associated with it. You are a product. You’re a service. So if people are 64 percent more likely to buy you seeing a video, does it make sense that you should be utilizing it?

[00:30:23] That’s amazing. Now you’re an author. Now see some books back there. I want to talk about those. Can you tell me a little bit about the books you’ve done?

[00:30:30] Yes. So I have one book sell a hundred plus films a year, how we use Engage Your Marketing Technology and Legion to sell 100 plus homes a year every year. That’s this one. So a hundred percent here. This will be great for agents. Now, here’s the thing, too, about what I’m teaching the strategy. You can be a brand new agent. We teach agents that are brand new to utilize this and they may very quickly position themselves as the expert. You don’t have cap listings. You don’t have to have any experience. You can just start talking about real estate. Right. And people do not know that you don’t have any business. Also, here’s a little book that I wrote, three clients in 30 days. I interviewed twenty three top producing agents across the country on if they were to lose all their business and they had to start from scratch in a new city with a new note on how they would generate three clients in 30 days. And they gave their blueprint from day one to day 30 of everything that they would do to generate more business. It’s called three clients in 30 days. If you had to start from ground zero, no sphere, no contacts, no past clients. Here’s your 30 day top racing blueprint. There’s that one. And then like this, this is called fire financially independent. I retire early. Your crappy job will quit itself. This basically teaches people how to utilize a lot of Australians that we’ve taught them in in both the books and and make sure to turn their passion into you, into into their profits, how they monetize it, market it.

[00:31:54] I love it. So talk to me a little bit. Talk to me a little bit about your coaching program. So I’m an agent. I’m loving this.

[00:32:01] But I’m going I’m overwhelmed. And I know I’m going to need someone to help me walk this through, you know, walk me through it and make it happen. So is your coaching program about this specific or is it larger? Can you tell?

[00:32:15] It’s much larger. So we’ve got like three or three or four different programs out there. One is just the Legion program, and it basically teaches you everything I just talked about. Right. How to how to create it, how to create amazing Facebook campaigns that convert into actual clients. Everyone says they want leaves, leaves, leaves. Leaves are easy. And we generate so many leads. But the problem is you want leads that are more tangible that you can actually manage and that are more serious. And we teach you how to create and how to become the community market leader. How to establish yourself, to gain authority and to gain trust. And then how to create marketing campaigns that will get you the best leads that you can get. And then how to put those into systems and processes utilizing CRM so you can be successful. And then we also have more higher level programs where we literally just teach you. I mean, so much more Instagram, YouTube video repurposing other digital marketing strategies. I know. I know. I guess it’s pretty intense, you know, because of the listing process, which is if they had it. It’s like you’re listing presentation on steroids. We get you a marketing campaign and brochures and just tons of stats. We kind of you’re almost like buying our higher level programs or almost buying up like a. It was like a little mini franchise that we really helped agents, whether they’re brand new or they’re in the middle or they’re very experienced, how to take their business from zero, you know, to a lot more around.

[00:33:44] I was just recently talking to a prospective client and ours and we’re talking about different things. And he said now I’ve also come across this coaching program. Krista, May short coaching. I think you said, do you know anything about that? As a man, you ought to take her up on that because she is amazing in. And what I love about what I’m hearing, Krista, is you’ve taken what you’ve applied. This has driven your business sky high and consistently and now you package it where people can really come alongside you. And I really commend you on that, because as you know, before we’re talking, we’re talking about another friend of mine who once he went into coaching his income, two and a half times increased, you know, two and a half times increase in like two or three years. And just you can’t do it without a coach.

[00:34:30] And so I’ll tell you what, I have coaches. I mean, I have multiple coaches. And the reason I’ve always been really good at what I do is I constantly educate myself. I mean, it’s constant learning and an implementation of what you’re learning and creating different habits. And if you’re listening to this, you have to understand something. You don’t want to be reactive. You need to be adaptive. Right. Do not be reactive. Be adaptive. And you have got to adapt right now. This is where it’s going. And the agents that are are utilizing digital marketing strategies and social media. They are adapting to what is no longer a want but a must. In your business, it’s a must. And so they take it very, very seriously and know that it’s not easy. Meaning we my program is hard. And I shouldn’t say that because all of us want to buy it. But you have to work, right? If you’re willing to give it the time that it takes and you’re willing to put in the energy and efforts. We teach you how to be a 21st century real estate agent. We’re not teaching strategies like cold calling or door knocking or open houses. However, if you want to do an open house, we show you how to market. So you actually get butts in seats, right? You can utilize it to your advantage. But we don’t teach those strategies. We teach strategies that are actually working nowadays. And we try to open up your mind to think that there is an easier, more efficient or effective way to reach buyers and sellers in the masses. And it’s thinking non traditionally, it doesn’t mean you can’t do traditional things that you’ve got to start thinking non traditionally and again, not be reactive, but be adaptive.

[00:36:03] That makes sense. I want to shift topics real quick for dispersion as we start to wrap this up, but it ties into this.

[00:36:10] So at the beginning, you mentioned Europe, your mom, your realtor, your husband. Can you talk to me a little bit about family life, work balance and how you manage that with what you do and taking care of being all these other responsibilities are so important.

[00:36:27] Ok. So even before I was a coach, I rarely worked. Weekends or nights and I know some if you are going. Well, no way. Critic is everyone. But here’s the deal. Once you develop enough respect from your community and you’re seen as the expert authority, people will wait for you. I mean, I just tell people, listen, I’ve got a family life, work life balance and I do not work on weekends because I need to be the best that I can be Monday through Friday for you. I also don’t like to work nights because I’ll never be home. So therefore, just like they make an appointment with their doctor or their attorney or their dentist or their CPA. Monday through Friday, 9:00 to 5:00, I’m the same. Right. So I just set boundaries for myself. And occasionally I’ll work on a weekend. I mean, very I can count on one hand in the past year how many times I work on a weekend unless it was in my computer at home with coaching. Right. But going to see a seller or a buyer, I just don’t do it. I set boundaries. I also have buyers, agents. Now, I’ll give my leads to buyers because I don’t have the time to work with buyers. So I give my leads away. Take your referral fee and I focus on sellers. I don’t have to work as many weekends and nights. I didn’t do that for many years. When my coach said, Krista, you’re losing a lot of money. And I said, well, why you’re not working buyers. I says, you need to give your leads the way I want.

[00:37:39] I don’t want to lose the money. And they’re like, well, you’re losing the money because you’re not doing anything with them because you don’t have the time. And I was like, oh, yes, I’ll do that right away. And I also use I use real ball. That’s the serum that I use. And we’re now kind of dabbling into Katie Couric. We’re gonna compare how Katie Core works in conjunction with real love and care. We’re sort of testing, but utilizing really good systems and having great workflows. We’ve got like over and I think of around 200 workflows in real world. And what that means is if somebody takes an action, then there’s a workflow behind it. So, for example, somebody request this, request a market analysis, then I’ve got a workflow. It’s OK. You know, pull, pull the cons, deliver CMA, send a postcard, send the thank you card. Right. Make a phone call. A phone call. And it sends it right to our phone and it says, hey, call this person at this time, here’s the phone number. So we processed everything in every phase of the transaction. Right. So that way we’re not thinking as much. So when you don’t think as much, you utilize more time. You have more time. So I definitely have a work life balance. I know it’s very, very difficult. I am a workaholic. I’ll say I love it, but I do it more, more at my choice than a necessity because my kind of hobbyist sort of work. You know, I love it.

[00:38:55] Well, it’s definitely shows itself and I commend you on that because so many agents are just working to a frazzle and they lose sight of the most important reason why they’re working, which is usually their family.

[00:39:09] Yes. Yes. It’s difficult. You know, you don’t want to go on vacation and not be able to have a break in working every night, 8:00 or every weekend. I mean, you’ve got to set boundaries. People appreciate them. And also maybe get a help or a partner or somebody another agent can help you with the phone and such that you can’t have time. If you take time, you’ll you’ll save more time. Right. Another really good effect is utilizing the pomodoro effect where you work 25 minutes at a time or your laser focused, then you take five minutes off so that that way what you’re doing, you’re really, really focused on getting that much more done. Another shows you just love to talk about, which is one thing I want everyone to listen to. It’s really, really important is that every day when I wake up, I visualize my day, meaning I’m I see myself succeeding during the day and I see myself having the proper outcome that I have. I also write down six things that I’m grateful for, like I’m good with my family and grateful for my health. I’m grateful for my energy and my business, whatever it might be. I write specifically write down six things, because the more you focus on what you’re grateful for, you’ll get more of that. Right? So many times people are so focused on what they’re not getting or what’s not working, they get more of it right. So you want to write down six things you’re grateful for every single day.

[00:40:18] I also write down six things that I must do that day. So here’s an example of it, right? Looks like this. I write down six things that I absolutely must finish today. Right. And then I put the time that it’s going to take me. And usually you want to consider about a 10 hour day. There should be six and a half hours of to dos. The other three and a half hours are for the what ifs, the mishaps, the. Hey, can I have five seconds of your time, which turns into five minutes or two minutes. Right. So I time block six things that I actually want to get done. And then at the end of the day, I write down my wins. What works for me? Right. Celebrate your wins. Celebrate your successes. Success breeds success. The more you focus on what’s working and the more you focus on your winning, the more winning you’re gonna get. Right. Because your brain is a mental roadmap to get you there. So remember, visualize, show gratitude. Write down your six things time. BLOCK them out at the end of the day. Write down what your success, what your wins, what worked because you’ll get more of those and then give yourself permission to sleep and get whatever it is you need to work through for the next day and then start over and start again.

[00:41:20] This is amazing. It’s like I feel like I’m in old firehose of nothing but solid content that I want to go back and listen to this multiple times.

[00:41:30] Lots and lots more notes because in you’ve been calculated in such a short timeframe, so much amazing value.

[00:41:38] Thank you. I appreciate it.

[00:41:40] Well, you know, successful people are successful for a reason.

[00:41:43] And it’s like, you know, if this is how much has come out and just a 30 or 40 minute time, I can just imagine how deep that onion goes if I can just dig deeper. But I know we don’t have time for all of that. Let me ask you, so back on the books and contacting you. So can you take a. Help me understand if if I’m going to get the books, because me personally, I want at least two of those books, if not all three of them. How do I get them? Where do I go? What do I do?

[00:42:12] So the good news is. So right now, I’m giving away gifts and stuff on your train because I can give a free copy of the free copy of Sell 100 homes a year. But I’d love for you guys to go onto Amazon on Kindle right now. The books are selling their homes as 1999, but a fire and three planes in 30 right now. And they’ll both help you in saying that I will guarantee it are 99 cents because we’re trying to get as many reviews as possible. So we’re giving. E-book for 99 cents. You can get on Amazon, the name Kissimmee Shark. You’ll see the three looks come out. And then I’ll give a free copy and sell 100 homes e-book that you can generate. Give us your your people. I’ll give you that. The code is text in code. And that way I’ll get there. Their e-mail address. I could markets in later on and I would just pirate what you did. You guys have been on your own. And then it would be great. But if you can give us a review, I’d really appreciate. I know you’re going to get mint. Now you read a chapter or two and then go and give us a review. Of course, we’re looking for five star reviews because even four stars people don’t think is good enough.

[00:43:16] Ok. So so for everyone listening, because you speak really, really fast and you throw it out there. Give me the titles of the three books so someone can what? Write it down.

[00:43:27] Ok. Can you on and get it? The one you’re going to go to Amazon, you’re going to say sell the number one hundred plus homes a year with Kristin. Make sure you’ll see my book pop up. Sell a hundred plus homes a year. And the subtitle is How We Use Engage Your Marketing Technology and Lead Gen to sell one hundred plus homes a year every year. So sell one hundred plus homes a year. How we use engagement, marketing, technology and lead gen to sell 100 plus homes a year every year. Here’s the deal. So you are thinking, Krista, I don’t want to sell a hundred homes. I just want to sell one more home. This will help you. This will help you sell one room a month or 20 homes more a year. You know, it’s either or you don’t have to sell 100, but you’ll definitely get some step by step tangibles, things that you can get. The next book is three clients in 30 days. Three clients in 30 days. This teaches you if you had to start from scratch or if you’re doing it, you’re in your business right now and you want to.

[00:44:24] You need to change what you can start implementing in your business right now to generate more deals. And again, you can get all these on. Amazon is going to go to Amazon. It’ll give you a Kindle version or whatever the version that you’re looking. It’s all there. And then lastly, Fire, which stands for financially independent, retire early. Your crappy job will quit itself. Those three books will be very, very helpful. Definitely sell a hundred home would be my recommendation. First to buy as an aged it then three clients in 30. That fire has a ton of marketing information it teaching you how to market as well. And it will give you a lot of tangible strategies. There’s also a lot of goal setting and vision and purpose which we all need. We really need to have our clear vision of why it is we want what we want to get there. Fire walks you through that. We’ve got a great work book to do it. And you can go to Crystal, make sure dot com to find more about me. And also one more thing. Beauty is, baby, I own saying it wrong.

[00:45:23] Baby, baby. Either one works if I’m go back and forth. Katie, is it. Yeah. I’m so sorry. It’s fine. I get it all the time.

[00:45:32] I like knowing you can go to the seven figure ranger blueprint. The seven figure real tour blueprint on Facebook and read them is me and these seven.

[00:45:45] Or is it just seven figure?

[00:45:46] It’s seven figure. Yeah, the number seven. Leave the off.

[00:45:50] Yeah, leave the F seven figure. Real true blueprint. And I do two free trainings every single week on Tuesdays and Thursdays in that group. Writers give value when you serve.

[00:46:02] Wonderful. So Krista may sure. M A S H O R E coaching dot com and the Facebook group seven figure real term blueprint.

[00:46:15] Those are the two places to contact you get crystal, make sure dot com and then the seven figure world, your blueprint on Facebook and yes, go to Amazon, get our book. It’s not just it’s I actually really read these books. It’s a really step by step how to we tell you everything and we don’t hold anything back. So many of the people that are in my program actually read my book and then they thought, that’s a lot that’s going to hire.

[00:46:39] I love it. Well, is there anything this has been really great. Is there anything else that you’d like to share?

[00:46:44] Before we close out, just implement. Right. I mean, if I can give you any advice at all is just implement and be consistent. It’s so important to be as important as it is to implement as much as you can and be as consistent as possible and keep your mind in check. Right minds. It is such a huge part of success. And I don’t think people really get that there is a reason why all these great thought leaders like Napoleon Hill and Dr. Maximal Mall and I can just keep going on and on, speak so much about mindset. You’ve got to have your mind intact to get your business intact.

[00:47:18] You know that execution is as you mentioned, that I’ve read a book not long ago called The Executioner by businessman named Artie McFerrin. It’s it’s funny, really written because you can tell it to an older man who just put his thoughts down. But what really struck me is it’s all about execution. And he made this calm. He said, you know, if I want to make an extra ten million dollars a year, all I do is these things and I’m thinking an extra 10 million dollars. And this guy is worth hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars.

[00:47:50] But the things he said he did.

[00:47:54] It’s all about execution. And he goes through his top five or six things that he’s built his business with over the years. And it’s just grown in multiples like like doubling growth almost every year for a number of years. It’s just, you know, I was over there taking notes, taking notes and underlying all these things. And, you know, it’s not one of these professionally written books like Good to Great, but it’s one of these that it’s like this guy’s giving you his heart. And he’s been super, super successful for many years and has more money than he knows what to do with. And he isn’t pursuing more money. He wants to leave a legacy. And that’s what he wrote all of his secrets with.

[00:48:33] I love it. That’s great. Yeah. Education everywhere. Educate yourself in order for you to go from good to great. You need to help. I mean, we all do. The only reason why I’m as great as I am is because in my business it’s only wrong. But it’s because I’m constantly educating myself, trying to become better, hiring people to help me get there. People that excel in something that I don’t and I don’t give up. Right. Many people give up way too soon. They don’t see results right away. We teach in our program. This is not an overnight get rich quick. This is this is we’re teaching you a system. We’re teaching your community to get to know you. So the first three months is all about getting people to know you like you trust you before you even start. Literally generations.

[00:49:14] Yes, deadly. I had one question, I had one. One asked that’s on that. How long does it take with a video approach in the Facebook? How long does it take to start seeing traction?

[00:49:26] It’s about four to six months. OK. If you do it right now for does it we we have some people that do it in two or three. But I’m going to be really real. It’s not around the four or five month mark. And we have people in month three saying, I don’t see any results. And then month four or five, I like I am hiring an assistant. We’re just on fire. We’re going crazy. We’ve we’ve seen crazy results going from so doing fifteen thousand dollars in commissions to one hundred and twenty four thousand writer going from selling one month selling well, making an extra eight million dollars of production in one year. It’s just crazy numbers, but it’s from the people that are the most consistent and persistent and give it the time that it takes it takes time.

[00:50:08] That’s really amazing. Well I could spend a long time. I know you’re busy and you got to go, but this has been absolutely wonderful. So, Krista, thank you so much for being on this podcast with us.

[00:50:18] Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it. You’re great. It’s so nice that you get a piece of its value in helping everyone, and I appreciate it. We’re listening. And hopefully I didn’t talk too fast. You can understand that.

[00:50:28] Well, the great thing is as a podcast, as you talk to fans, you can replay it and you can actually slow the audio down and do it step by step.

[00:50:36] So. Well, for those who are listening, if you do like this podcast, please subscribe to it. Please like it on iTunes and YouTube.

[00:50:45] Real quickly, I was going to tell I’m going to be having a podcast. It’s called Fire with Krista, Measure on Fire with Krista Mashore it launches in three weeks. But it should be probably on the time this goes on. Absolutely.

[00:50:54] On fire with Krista Mashore.

[00:50:57] Yes. On fire records. To make sure. I’ll be sure to pump up your your your your podcast when I remind start you on fire. Krista May Shores, if you’re listening to this, look for us. We’re gonna be doing it. The goal was due Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Will that three a week and just help give you some brisk business strategies?

[00:51:13] Well, I’m going to plug it into that one for sure. On par with Krista Mashore. So by the time you get this podcast, go grab that one, too. So thanks so much, Krista. And you have a really blessed day.

[00:51:25] You, too. You guys make sure you subscribe to and share his podcast. It helps him if you’re listening. You want to help him just like he’s helping you.

[00:51:33] Absolutely. Thank you so much, Krista. Thanks, Beatty. Be blessed if you’ve enjoyed this podcast.

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