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[00:00:00] Hi, I’m Beatty Carmichael and welcome to another session of get sellers calling you a real estate podcast and I’m excited today because I get to interview just an amazing friend of mine a friend who’s been with friends since 2012. Actually one of our very first clients and that’s Stuart Sutton out of Austin Texas area so student Harry Stuart. How are you doing. I’m doing great. Thanks for having me today. Well I’m excited to have you because I used to pick your brains many years ago if you recall we did mastermind conference calls and I learned more about marketing for real estate agents than I ever could have. And you just been a wealth of knowledge there.

[00:00:49] Well that’s very nice of you I learned a tremendous amount from me too.

[00:00:52] But we have definitely enjoyed working together. I just kind of set the stage. I know you don’t brag about yourself so let me brag about you so people understand who it is I’m interviewing. You’ve been in business for a few years. Is that correct. Just started. Just started. How many years ago. Already for about thirty four years ago. And you are a Diamond Club member and a is at masters. Why were those two levels.

[00:01:24] Well with Remax I’m going to get RE MAX for I just hit seven years. OK. I do have the lifetime achievement award with the chairman’s job is an annual award which means you have to make over 500 thousand in the Diamond Club is the club you have to make over million a year. So yes I mean in each of those.

[00:01:46] Very good. And and when you and I met we the thing that impressed me so much.

[00:01:52] One of many is at the time you were doing between 80 and 100 transactions a year all personal production. And you were asked you know how many hours a week do you work. And you said between 35 and 40 hours. Do you remember that day. Yes sir. And it blew me away that you could have that type of volume on those few hours. And is that part that I really want to talk about on this call and just to understand what you do now. I know things have changed a little bit. So kind of give me an idea of where things are now if you don’t mind.

[00:02:30] Well we’re just plugging away. I’ve narrowed down the number of transactions I do in my goal when I when I came with Remax was very straightforward and that was I want to do fewer transactions but I don’t want any less income. So I had had a big team and we’ve done hundreds of deals and and all that. And I just was changing the way that I approach the business. So I now manage each of my clients myself by each of my team members manages each of their clients themselves. We do have staff that helps us but I have narrowed down from doing as you said 80 to 100 at that time and actually the year before I met you I’ve done 111 sales. Just personally now when you add my team in the volume is pretty impressive. But as a team we don’t nobody knows what we do in the way of volume because each of my agents keeps their own. I let them keep their production for themselves. And unless you know who all my team members are a contract that nobody really knows what our volume is except from our Remax broker when we do that it’s just it’s real simple. I’ve been there done that with the big team in big volume and I want my agents to really get all the accolades that they worked so hard to get. So it’s not just the you know I’m selfless I’d love to have you know all that production under my name but it’s time for them to to you know they’re just so proud when they go over a certain landmark and have a certain level of production I’ve got six agents that work for me and for make very good incomes very good incomes.

[00:04:03] We know that integrity I have to.

[00:04:06] So for the folks listening when we first got started we do a unique thing with with our services over at Master grammar and in identifying people who respond to a postcard. And I remember one of your friends that you helped you with marketing and then a coach. I think for many years he came out with something that you thought he kind of was trying to knock us off and you got so upset with him. I mean you were telling me you weren’t talking to him on that and I had to hold you back but your integrity of the fact that someone would possibly take something you had shared and then turn around and use it you know and try to duplicate something I don’t know if you recall that but. But when you were talking about your agents and letting them keep their own production and so it shows off for their record and share years I just think that you know that’s what makes you so special in my eyes. Is it just that level of integrity. Well thank you that’s not for me to say. So let’s hope this is real quick. So you’ve got a you’ve got a thriving business and you’ve got a well honed machine. In terms of how you do it. Tell me where you generate money because I know you’re talking about different different income streams. So can you kind of give me a breakdown right.

[00:05:31] In Europe we’ve really gotten it down to a general. We’ve got it down to a science. But the processes that we take are consistent. It’s not exciting but consistency means a lot. And I’m really trying to get that through to each of my agents and we have I say we. Want when I say we I’m talking about me and my staff and in my mind it’s really kind of try to model what I do. But I have four areas of income. It all comes from marketing. I’ve got a farm area. I have a niche which is an expanded farm area meaning a specialization in a type of property. And I’ve got my past clients and customers. And then I’ve got my online market. So those are my excuse me those are my four sources of income. My agents really try to model that in in in growing their businesses. They’re doing a great job I said for the six had really high incomes well a fifth one just hit a milestone. He did more business in the last two months and most able to do in two years so. Wow. Got it for him.

[00:06:38] So if you were to take those four income streams and kind of rank them how would you write them from top to best production down lowest production.

[00:06:48] So the top two without question has clients and customers and that should be everybody’s first source but my niche is extremely lucrative so there are years when I’ll make more money from my niche than I do from my past clients and customers. In an area of specialization. One of my agents for example specializes in townhomes. Another one specializes in homes with views.

[00:07:11] I specialize in homes on an acre or more and so the members of that particular population see me as someone who has an expertise that they need. We don’t just want them to think well you know it’d be nice if we had that. We want to create a need. So because of my expertise in that arena sellers call me and quite often I’m the only one I talk to.

[00:07:38] Very interesting so talk to me in terms of what you do in marketing. If you were to do do something different for your personal list and your your one acre plus.

[00:07:47] And if so what would you do.

[00:07:49] Yes well so I’m going to I don’t know going to break down the niche in the farm because really they’re very similar but the niche is just more lucrative unless you have a farm that has twenty five hundred five thousand houses and you can just keep growing it. But my niche you can just keep growing. So I’ve got an agent in another part of town that I’m not going to grab down there but he takes care of all the one acre plus clients in that part of town. So there are really three areas of marketing in a niche or a farm number one is the general population of that niche right. In other words the areas that you want to work the locations et cetera. The second is what I call a targeted and guess who needs to sell their home on acreage probably more than anybody else. When that time comes. Seniors. So I target people who have an exemption of 65 or more a tax exemption. And we market to them when they need to sell their home on it. Could you give us a call. The third is expires. Anyone whose home has expired in the last several years but they’ve never listed again. We market two very strongly and that’s a very powerful database. So those are the three. Now if you’re talking about a farm you have three different ones. You’ve got the general farm then you’ve got the expired. Same thing. And I’m going to tell you how powerful this is maybe in stopped me if you want me to quit rambling you want to ask a question but let me tell you a powerful. I’ve got a farm with eight hundred and ninety three people and I have 74 people who have expired in the last three years and never we listed out as more people from this group of 74 than the rest of the eight ninety three. Really. Yes because differently to them than we do the rest of the farm.

[00:09:42] So like how do you market differently because most of the times when you’re marketing to expire says you’re on the phone and calling them as soon as they expire and you try to drop by and you’re doing something different.

[00:09:56] You don’t need to do that with these because here’s the thing. If I’m marketing to the farm all eight hundred and ninety three people almost people who expire are getting that mailing. Right. But then I’m marketing to the 74. In addition in sending marketing pieces that are poignant to somebody who’s had their home inspired. That makes sense.

[00:10:20] It does. But let’s elaborate a little bit more because I think this goes into.

[00:10:24] You were talking about when connect two very divergent dots years back you were doing a lot of postcard mailings and then you understood and learned marketing. And it turned your business around here you’re talking about doing something different for those in. But I have an idea that the concept between both of these is a same concept.

[00:10:47] Can you take it give an example to the general farm area. I may send a marketing piece that compels a response to go to a landing page to learn about something like my new level of service to an expired. They’re going to receive a postcard specifically about a home that says this home was listed with another agent for six months and then Stuart listed it and sold it in eight days. So the very best marketing I can do for expired is to show them success with somebody that was in their exact situation.

[00:11:22] That makes sense so you’re making it very specific to them.

[00:11:28] So you’re marketing to the entire farm and then these that are experts you’re sending additional marketing pieces. But I guess most of these are saying this home was on the market for all these days or months and then I sold it. And so they’re constantly saying that you were successful. In the same environment that they were a failure that the previous right.

[00:11:50] That’s right. And then the third area of a farm is out of town owners in some farms have a lot more of them printed on the price range and all that. But so we sent unique marketing pieces to people who don’t live in the house they own in the farm area. So you’ve got the general farm population expired in the farm and they had a town owners in the farm. And those are three specific marketing databases Wow.

[00:12:21] So you’re kind of the word that comes to mind is pass and you’re really passing that market and then very specifically targeting them for their unique needs.

[00:12:34] Right. For example if you if you owned a rent house in my farm you’d get a mailing that said hey if you decide to sell your rent house in this area you need to make sure you qualify. And so if you’re in out of town owner you’re going to receive a card that speaks to you. And I actually offer a guarantee to you because what is the problem that out of town owners have. Well they don’t know their houses are vacant they don’t know what’s going on with it. Well we guarantee that we’re going to check in every week and send you a check list showing hey all the lights are working. The doors are locking the windows are more thermostats. We have a whole checklist. So we’re going to we have a guarantee that we’re going to do that for you every single week that your home is on the market with us. And if we miss any single week or Market Commission at 100 bucks.

[00:13:23] Wow. So now as I’m listening you go through this the thought that hits me that may be hitting some other folks is this is a lot of work. I mean it’s not just you know go to this Web site a peer upload it just sell photo send it out and then go about your way over here you’re actually spending time creating these pieces.

[00:13:44] Yes sir. Yes sir. Now once we have a good marketing piece in place blog company we can just adapt and edit and make some changes. Yes OK. You know there’s a lot of work in setting up any cash flow system any income stream. There’s a lot of work and get this set up. Maintenance becomes a different story. And that’s why I can work 35 to 40 hours a week because I’m maintaining several systems that I’ve had in place for years.

[00:14:09] That makes sense I was going to ask you that kind of leading the follow up question to that leading question. Yes it takes a lot of work. My question was going to ask does it make a lot of money.

[00:14:19] Well you know what I I’m very blessed to be one of those guys I decided. You remember the book that came out about how to. Be a Millionaire in your underwear. You remember that book.

[00:14:29] I remember something like that. Yes.

[00:14:31] And that might not be the exact power. I’m blessed to be one of those guys that can sit at home in work literally wearing shorts and flip flops until it’s time for an appointment. Then I’ll get up and put on a suit. Yes I can do that and I’m very blessed to be in the position where I can work on my schedule on my terms and make a very nice income.

[00:14:53] All right so let’s talk on because one dig a little bit deeper in if you don’t mind the concept of marketing OK.

[00:15:03] You learned something from at one point in time that when you applied it to your existing mailings it totally turned everything around. And and that’s the same stuff that you’re applying right now. Can you help those who are listening to kind of understand marketing at a really simple level so that those people who say this is a lot of work. I don’t know even where to begin in kind of give them a starting point. Does that make sense why I’m asking.

[00:15:28] Yeah it does and the overall most simple basic marketing world is find out what people want and need. Make it easy for them to get. And the biggest thing that anyone ever taught me. You may. You did meet Randy Smith was really a marketing mentor. Brilliant marketer took all the marketing rules outside of real estate and brought them into real estate. And that’s what I try to teach my agents to do. But it’s very straightforward. Quit selling and start solving. So what is the problem that the consumer has and how can you solve it. And the easiest example of that ever is Domino’s Pizza they were the first ones to guarantee delivery and a certain amount of time because they solved the problem what were their consumers BIGGEST PROBLEM. WELL DIDN’T GET THROWN type atomic out there. It was cold and without it the worst thing is it got there late. It was cold and they still had to pay for it. So what was their marketing like. It was. It’s fast it’s hot or it’s free. Remember that.

[00:16:40] I do. I do a date.

[00:16:42] Same thing in real estate. You’re an out of town owner. Your biggest problem is hate. I don’t know what’s going on with my house I don’t know. I mean we have some either myself or my assistant. We’ll check on your vacant house every single week and we guarantee to do that. So we’ve solved a problem that every agent could solve but nobody else has put it into words. Does that make sense.

[00:17:04] Yeah it does give me a couple other examples so that those listening can kind of grasp and start to apply in their own situation where they can where they can use it.

[00:17:16] So what’s a problem for a home seller who’s just thinking about selling a home. They’re not quite sure OK what can I get this call all the time and I’m sure a lot of other agents do as well. And that’s what do we do to get our house ready. Where should we spend our time and money. Well we have a program where we actually provide a stager an inspector handyman a painter a window washer at our expense to get your home ready for the market. So now instead of well what do we do.

[00:17:45] What do we do how do we do it. Who do we call. What what’s it going to cost. We’ve solved that for you so instead of just selling selling selling we’re solving solving solving so the more problems we solve for you the more chance you’re going to.

[00:18:00] Very interesting.

[00:18:01] What are some other examples that you can give me.

[00:18:07] Well I’ve just had one situation where if this hasn’t been the market for this was the most recent. That’s why I’m bringing it up for nearly a year with three other agents. They call this obvious now if one of our marketing pieces I went out and the house was vacant carpet in the master was wavy. I’ve just paid a carpet stretcher to come in and stretch it. I carpet cleaners to clean it. The patio was extended. Very nice big but it was all stained. I had a handyman coming in power watch it had a crew come in and clean the house because it was bacon. Kind of you know you start to see bugs and cock and other agents have had this home on the market in this condition. We sold in sixteen days. So basically what we’re doing is stepping in that owner’s out of town. You know how hard it is to coordinate that type of thing. You know it’s done and make sure they’re paid. We took care of all that. We paid all we coordinated them. We scheduled them to put the house in condition to show. I mean to sell destiny.

[00:19:10] So if you and so if you take all the things you do in terms of marketing what you know some people running Facebook ads and some people running getting you know they’re there doing email blast and all kinds of things. When you say marketing are you talking about all these things are you talking about something down this channel or that includes all those postcards and mailings.

[00:19:37] I still believe very strongly in mailings and in a lot of my income comes from maintenance. I’ve just got a mailing. This is I don’t know if you only take the time and all that but literally a couple months ago from a little company that made me feel like mailings work because Google sent me a postcard. Wow that’s very hard trying to get me to use Google AdWords.

[00:20:03] A lot of people send in postcards I think and they work they they must I know we send a lot of postcards and they do work so well let’s shift gears a little bit and I want to talk about balance in your life because one of the things that when you and I had first started talking you were sharing and this is a first in 2012 2013. You spent a lot of time with your family as a realtor and and a lot of there’s a lot of struggle especially you know everyone straight commission and fighting for the next deal. And so the idea of being available almost like 24/7. Yeah. We’ll ask an agent know hey how is your weekend they look at me and go what’s a weekend. Okay talk to me in terms about how you bring balance to your life as a real estate agent.

[00:20:53] That’s that’s a great question. It truly is a challenge for most people in this business. It’s a matter of fact a friend of my son was getting into real estate or is getting into real estate and he asked if I’d have lunch with them and they were interviewing. And just having lunch with a few top agents around our market and they asked me. OK so tell us about your schedule and you know weekends and evenings and I said well at work we can tell you said really. So what about your phone you always interested. Well if I’m with my family I do not answer my phone because I want my family and my kids to know you’re more important than anything else that’s going on here. Now my family understands I’m in the real estate business. So even when we’re on vacation I’ll set a time of the day when I return calls. But if we’re out and they said you know what. We just talked to another agent she said she was in Paris France not Texas. Well I’ll be with her family. She got a call. She took it. He goes I’m in real estate I take my call. I just feel differently about it. So I do not as quick work on Sundays. Many many many years ago when my first son was born I quit work in 30 days and let my wife have a whole day off and spend it with him and we took that through both sons and it it’s just it’s just too important. Guess what. I’ve never lost any business that I know of because I’ve put my family as a priority.

[00:22:21] Wow.

[00:22:22] So there are two things running through my mind on this one is what’s the motivation to be that determined that deliberate. And number two the other thing running through my mind is the risk because you know you’re potentially losing business. So help me understand those two things that makes sense.

[00:22:45] It does. And I’m going to be kind of straightforward and blunt place. I believe that there are two words to start with that that are really really important and one is fear and one’s faith. And I have faith that my father in heaven is going to provide. And I don’t fear that I’m not going to get business because my faith overrides that fear and I’m not. Believe me I’m not always successful that because fear can certainly creep in. But this is a business where if you don’t depend on faith it’s going to be a much more difficult road to hoe. So I’ve always depended on the fact that my father’s been blessed us our family and that if I go about doing my business in a way that I believe is is pleasing to him then we’re not going to have to have that fear.

[00:23:38] That makes a lot of sense. We we do a lot that sells on our own as you know.

[00:23:44] Talk to me a little bit more than about your faith and really kind of how it drives your business or maybe how how your faith drives you in your business. Does that make you kind of talk a bit more on that.

[00:23:57] No I would say it’s the real estate business is it is a challenging one. And I really preach to my agents that you know faith is is really really important as far as pay if you do what you’re supposed to do. You can’t be afraid that you’re going to fail at it. So that that step by step faith over fear is something that we’re always working on.

[00:24:23] But the way we handle our business is is not I know this going to sound trite but it’s not money driven. Do I have financial goals. Absolutely. Do I have financial obligations. Absolutely.

[00:24:38] But I’ve got a song on my wall over here that says the more you serve others the more successful you will be.

[00:24:47] And I just believe that in my heart. So we treat each situation in a unique way that has to do with that client. And we don’t ever. My team and I for example we collect money we contribute our own money to make house payments for people in need. You know a lot of people you know hit a time in their lives when they need a helping hand. And we don’t. We’ve had many people want to help give publicity to us for that. And we’ve always refused. That’s just a part of something we feel like we should do. So as a teen we call it our house payment program. Once a lot to have someone asked me to come do some training. What. What do you charge. And I’ll say it was instead of me charging a fee you in your office contribute to our house payment program.

[00:25:40] Now give a little pitch about what it is and tell me about some of the people that we’ve helped. We helped a fireman a year before last who had a devastating accident and couldn’t work for some time. And yes he had some some income come in from you know disability and all that but it didn’t really cover all their bills so we helped make their house. We had a family grandparents who lost their children in a car wreck and took in their five grandchildren. And you talk about financial struggles. We’ve stepped in and helped them make house payments. So those are the kind of things that we we feel like or part of what we need to be doing. As you know it’s part of our business.

[00:26:25] That’s really neat.

[00:26:26] You know the whole idea of trusting in giving is it resonates really with me a lot because you know our business over the years we’ve been in business for 20 to two years I think it is now and we’ve seen some highs and we’ve seen some lows and even in the lows I advised it out. I’ll tell you this story because this is years back so I can’t take really any credit but we at that time we gave a real high percentage of of every profit every dollar we made whatever I took out and whatever the company made is profit. And every month we would give it into ministry and we had this client that was 70 percent of our volume and about one hundred and some odd percent of our profits and they were scheduled to leave about three four months from now. It was a term contract. And so we kept giving and you know storing nothing up. Now it’s talking to a friend of mine who’s a another Christian businessman and his name is building said Betty I believe in trusting God but I’ve never put myself in a position where I had to. And but you know this whole this whole lifestyle of you taking the day off or doing these things you know helping other people out and just really trusting your fate to your faith in the Lord.

[00:27:57] I just think it’s it’s it’s it’s freeing isn’t it it makes all the difference it makes doing this business of pleasure it really does. And not being tied to that commission is is everything. And I may have shared this one with you I had a client you know I’ve had this happen several times over the years but one I think I shared with you I had a client that the Commission on their house was just shot fourteen thousand dollars like thirteen thousand nine hundred. And they were in having some difficult financial struggles. And when we got to the closing after their escrow because yes we should know the pay off and they told me what the payoff was and when it got to it they did not share with me that they were behind payments.

[00:28:45] So after paying off their loan that was thirteen hundred and twenty seven dollars left. Now they have paid my commission they have had to come out of pocket twelve thousand plus I didn’t have it so I said we’re fine. No I’m not depending on this commission you know to make my house payment and I believe that you guys can go in close I believe that you should have this burden lifted from you and in the you know if I can ever help you again I’m I’m here to help and I can tell you a lot of people would think that you twelve grand you can I didn’t give up twelve grand I didn’t have twelve grand I helped somebody in a situation and I came out you know thirteen but to hit thirteen hundred dollars hit you know and they still for referred me business to this day so that’s just the way I approach each of those commissions it’s it’s not money driven it’s people and again am I.

[00:29:52] Do I fall short of that.

[00:29:53] Of course I do but it’s nice to step back in and I pray every single day that God will put people in my path that I can serve on his behalf do you do anything else with your faith in how you engage with clients on an ongoing basis I know like when we bought our house you know our realtor really super lady loves the Lord and so you know we’re at the kitchen table of the house that we now own and filling out the the offer and so she said hey let’s just pray over this I’m thinking you know what a great way to do it how do you do you live it out in any way like that strategically it’s not great with many clients over the years and I do have it I call it my pre listening package which has enough every single cell in it has a a page in it that basically espouses my faith and lets them know that we depend on God for all of our blessings and we put him first and that’s in every marketing package that we send that I love that so you don’t you obviously don’t subscribe to the idea that he has your faith here and you have your work here and they need to be separated right. I’m not sure that’s possible I don’t think it is. One last question just saw as we’re on this topic and there you may not have anything or you may not have anything that you care to share but you know a lot of times as a realtor or even just as a husband and a father you go through struggles and and there are times when you just have to. You fall on your knees and the Lord just really carries you through is there anything that stands out that you would like to share in terms of the impact of your relationship with Christ as you go through struggles absolutely no question that he has brought us through many difficult times.

[00:32:01] I still remember many years ago when we were in danger of not being able to make our house payments. This was before we had kids. Not to say that it’s been a cakewalk since and because it hadn’t but I still remember Rebecca and I and I bless her. She is the most incredible prayer warrior. I still remember sitting at a table approaching midnight praying about whether we should get out and try to find no less smaller house and find a way to move bills aside and find a way to find a way to do all that. So as we as we prayed through that and continued to over time we just felt we knew what what what he wanted. And so we continued on the path that we were on in and we’re just blessed with you know the relief of that art. I still remember back then going you know what. I don’t know anybody that does this much business with real estate but I’m truly. Again it’s not one of those. Oh well if you believe in God and Carville he’ll bless you and give you a lot of money that’s not what it was at all we were willing we went look at smaller houses and we went and looked at different ways to lower our last home.

[00:33:23] We weren’t leaving an exciting lifestyle by any means but we just hit. Been in some tough roll snake markets when interest rate 10 percent. I’ve been I’ve been in three crashes over my career but we just felt truly comfortable that we should you know stay on the path that we were on. So we did he blessed us. My business flourished in a time when you would never expect it in. A couple of years after that we had kids and just moved on down that line. But one of the best things that I remember is I asked my kids questions all Thompson. Come on. But I said if you were to say one thing about your mom and your dad that you remembered us for what would that be. And I shared what I remember my parents for in the thing that I I’m really just overwhelmingly touched by.

[00:34:17] Is one of my sensitive you said you know you have an incredible work ethic but you do it for a reason and that reason is your family and God.

[00:34:33] If that’s the way he remembers me you know I’ll be very happy.

[00:34:38] What a legacy. What a legacy on that.

[00:34:42] That’s great. You know our children. They pick up more from what we do than what we say. Yeah. Let’s talk on one more thing if you don’t mind.

[00:34:54] You’ve been married for how long thirty three years.

[00:34:57] Thirty three years. And if I’m approaching an area let me know and we can edit this part out but I want to talk in terms of a marriage that’s founded on Christ. And can you talk anything on that. You know how’s your relationship and and what do you consider kind of the core reasons for the relationship being as it is wow you aren’t getting big.

[00:35:26] You know it’s it’s incredibly comforting to know that my wife’s faith is is so strong in that she doesn’t necessarily depend on me for her happiness and gratification. She depends on our Lord and in the same way with me. We we both know that our marriage is is. I mean it’s wonderful. Now have we had some tough time yet. Absolutely I don’t. Yes I really know of anybody money. But the bottom line is is we both know that supporting each other based on and our prayer is always that the decisions we make will be in our mortgage will and that’s the decision we make for our kids. That’s the decisions we make business decisions we make for each other and her faithfulness over the years it’s just been an inspiration to me.

[00:36:27] You know I I I stepped in here without really having much knowledge but I felt I was safe in that direction because I’m similar.

[00:36:37] We’re married a lot fewer years where I’m coming on our 26 anniversary on. But what’s really interesting is our love for each other is so much stronger today than it was years back. There’s never been a time we haven’t been in love but it’s gotten a lot stronger Yelp experience.

[00:36:56] Absolutely. Absolutely no question about it. It does matter fact. We have been talking about that recently. You know we’re empty nesters and you know wow I was afraid how it’s going to come up with me. You know when the kids are gone. But we we’ve just grown closer and stronger as the years go by.

[00:37:13] You know one of the things that someone taught me years back he said kind of a triangle put God at the top.

[00:37:19] And then the two lines coming down is the husband and wife and as each husband and wife seeks and they get closer and closer together. So that’s kind of what I attribute. And I have to tell you an interesting story. One of the members in our separate club that church is a he’s a pastor. He came from pastoring his own church and now being an assistant pastor in our church and in his area of ministry as a pastor. A lot of challenges relating to divorce and moving into divorce. Now he’s asking in this quiet house because I’m using this concept and I’m saying has there ever been a time that you recall anyone going through the process of divorce or considering divorce where one or both of those people had been consistently seeking the Lord and he said no he cannot recall and that I think has been the about bedrock for our relationship as I would imagine for years.

[00:38:26] Very good. That’s that’s a good one thank you.

[00:38:30] Well we kind of probably need to wrap up a little bit is there and we start on a real marketing side and excited now we’re kind of mellow down and talking to about really the most important things in life. But is there anything that’s been on your mind or anything you’ve thought about that you’d like to share before we wrap up anything that on any topic or anything. This is your chance to shine.

[00:38:55] Well I can tell you that the more people like you that I’m able to work with who have a faith in a belief like mine the Better Business is. So being able to talk openly with you in I know I don’t know how much people watching us know about you but if they’ve never heard you teach scripture you’re an amazing teacher but they might have friends. My broker people on my team and people involved in my business be able to pray together vehicle to encourage each other to be able to you know share in challenges and in victories and give that glory to God rather than to ourselves. We understand that. I mean the guy that I’ve told you about just had a breakthrough with an incredible couple months and then couldn’t himself or any of he feels and knows that it’s it’s a blessing. And he put in the work and God bless him with the results in total surround yourself with people that that really makes the real estate business very different and a more enjoyable career than if if you’re not.

[00:40:17] Yes it does.

[00:40:18] And to work with people like you like mine makes my work all the more meaning that frequently I go you know what’s the purpose of it. You know it’s just money right now. Is there any eternal purpose and the Lord keeps reminding me. Yes but you need to be a full time minister secretly disguised as a business owner and you do a great job of that. Well I don’t know. He’s been spiking me a little bit saying you haven’t done it the way I’ve asked you to. So we’re working on that. Well Stuart I’ve really enjoyed visiting with you and thank you for sharing your time. And for those who are listening or watching if you like this please Subscribe or like us and they come back as we interview more people. So Stuart and have a great day and be blessed.

[00:41:10] Thank you. You too.