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Beatty: [00:01:04.80] So with that, we’re going to do a really interesting thing today because it’s what most people have never understood. And to be honest, it’s not what I was taught and I didn’t learn it until I.

Beatty: [00:01:18.72] Started.

Beatty: [00:01:19.32] Reading through the scripture and I started seeing this thing.

Beatty: [00:01:21.84] Pop up and it goes, Oh, this doesn’t make sense.

Beatty: [00:01:24.69] And you dig into it.

Beatty: [00:01:25.83] Further, and it actually does once you get into it. But I.

Beatty: [00:01:29.97] Wanted to before I get into that, I want to just kind of talk at a real high.

Beatty: [00:01:33.87] Level.

Beatty: [00:01:35.19] One of my friends.

Beatty: [00:01:36.15] Over here is Aaron, and we were talking about how.

Beatty: [00:01:38.85] Some people don’t.

Beatty: [00:01:39.69] Like the truth.

Beatty: [00:01:40.86] And and I was my comment was very simple because it’s actually kind of the lead in of.

Beatty: [00:01:45.54] What I wanted to do here.

Beatty: [00:01:47.07] Is we all have differing opinions of what truth is, even if we read the same Bible, because there are some people who have chosen that the truth of this Bible that it’s okay for homosexuals to marry and.

Beatty: [00:02:02.97] God will bless that marriage.

Beatty: [00:02:05.22] And condone it. That’s not it. But if you start with that as the belief you want to have, then you can find something in.

Beatty: [00:02:13.38] The scripture that starts to support that belief.

Beatty: [00:02:17.37] And this is actually gets into an area is called hermeneutics is how do you interpret scripture? You can either interpret it and what I call pretty much literal face value. If it says the dog ran to the right, it means the dog.

Beatty: [00:02:33.90] Ran to the right.

Beatty: [00:02:35.28] And unless there’s some reason to interpret.

Beatty: [00:02:37.80] It otherwise, then you interpret it first at face value.

Beatty: [00:02:41.85] The other line of thought is that most of the Bible is written symbolically and metaphorically.

Beatty: [00:02:48.84] And for those people.

Beatty: [00:02:50.79] You know, when Jesus had just cursed the fig tree, it withered. The guy said, Why could we not do it? He says, Because your little faith. And then he says, We have faith the grain of.

Beatty: [00:03:01.74] A mustard seed.

Beatty: [00:03:02.91] You can do to the fig tree just what I did. You can even say to this mountain, be taken up and cast in the sea. And if you do not doubt in your heart but believe, then it will happen. They’ll remember that. So what’s interesting is some people read that at face value he means a literal mountain. In fact, he means that literal mountain that he said this mountain. Other people will read it and say, Well, he’s not talking about a literal mountain. It’s more metaphorically, it’s more of a symbolically. He’s talking about if you have a big mountain in your life, then you can say to this mountain, be moved. And it will. The question is.

Beatty: [00:03:44.70] What is right?

Beatty: [00:03:46.20] I’m more on the literal side. But here’s something interesting.

Beatty: [00:03:48.75] As I was researching this, we.

Beatty: [00:03:50.64] Just came back from a trip.

Beatty: [00:03:51.84] A couple of weeks ago, and.

Beatty: [00:03:53.46] On the trip was the number two guy, Dallas.

Beatty: [00:03:56.49] Theological Seminary.

Beatty: [00:03:57.84] And I think, Oh, this is great. So we’re peppering him all these questions. Why does some people believe this?

Beatty: [00:04:02.25] And some people believe that?

Beatty: [00:04:03.75] And he made a really interesting comment and then I researched it and.

Beatty: [00:04:08.22] Got the numbers on it.

Beatty: [00:04:09.51] But he said of the prophecies that Jesus fulfilled, if you go online, if you search it, apparently there’s between 300 and 345 specific.

Beatty: [00:04:19.80] Prophecies.

Beatty: [00:04:21.00] And maybe as many as 600 that are either duplicate prophecies or something like that. But you got at least 300.

Beatty: [00:04:27.21] Or 345.

Beatty: [00:04:29.10] Prophecies that Jesus fulfilled.

Beatty: [00:04:32.13] Every single one of them were prophecies that were literal for what the prophecy said. None of them were met metaphorically. None of them were symbolic.

Beatty: [00:04:45.18] And so that gives kind of a good credence to say, if you’re going to study the Bible, how do you know what it says? What’s the what’s the actual and the best interpretation of it? And the interpretation is going to be literal unless. There are some real some reason in scripture that, you know, it’s.

Beatty: [00:05:03.77] Metaphorical or.

Beatty: [00:05:05.84] It’s symbolic. You know, like if Jesus says, you know, the kingdom of heaven is like, well, then we know that’s going to.

Beatty: [00:05:11.84] Be a metaphor, right?

Beatty: [00:05:14.48] So with that, I share all of that because what we’re going to do today is going to go against the grain of what almost everyone has been taught, including me, and what almost everyone actually believes, including me up.

Beatty: [00:05:31.31] Until I started studying on this.

Beatty: [00:05:33.23] And that is we’re going to do one last session, I think, on sin, but take a deeper dive and look at it from a different perspective. And the reason this is so important, the.

Beatty: [00:05:45.65] Series that we’re doing right now is the series on.

Beatty: [00:05:48.92] Identity and identity. Real simple is what you believe determines who you become in a very simple way. You know, I’ve drawn this up a number of times, but you have these three concentric.

Beatty: [00:06:02.03] Circles like a target, right?

Beatty: [00:06:04.94] And the general idea is in the center is your.

Beatty: [00:06:10.10] Belief and what you believe.

Beatty: [00:06:14.27] Determines what you.

Beatty: [00:06:16.61] Do, how you act.

Beatty: [00:06:18.41] And what you do determines what.

Beatty: [00:06:20.66] You get that your results.

Beatty: [00:06:23.60] And in Christendom, there’s this understanding that we’re to be conformed to the image of Christ. And most people say, Well, that’s the sanctification process. We’re being in the process of being.

Beatty: [00:06:36.92] Sanctified.

Beatty: [00:06:37.97] And and sanctified means to be holy and.

Beatty: [00:06:43.04] Therefore to.

Beatty: [00:06:44.69] Be like Jesus. And there’s two ways that you can look at that. Number one, I can look at it as this scientific creation process, as something that I do from the outside. I remember not too long ago I was listening to.

Beatty: [00:06:59.06] This.

Beatty: [00:06:59.60] Pastor teach and he was talking about when you come into a time of sin.

Beatty: [00:07:06.68] And.

Beatty: [00:07:07.85] Your first step needs to be to stop and pray to the Lord, Lord.

Beatty: [00:07:11.54] Please help me to resist this.

Beatty: [00:07:13.79] Sin, because that’s how we become sanctified. It’s a process of resisting and conforming. And so the question is, do you resist out of an act of your will to conform, try to conform yourself into who you are, Not if we’re to be like Christ and we’re not like Christ, then if I can form what I do.

Beatty: [00:07:40.70] Which is my actions.

Beatty: [00:07:43.01] Try to resist the actions that are sinful, to try to become more like Jesus, then I’m always going to fail because you will never consistently become someone that you don’t.

Beatty: [00:07:57.41] Actually believe you are.

Beatty: [00:07:59.45] I was teaching at a women’s center the other day and I was sharing just this example.

Beatty: [00:08:05.39] You know.

Beatty: [00:08:05.90] If I believe that.

Beatty: [00:08:06.92] I was a girl. Honestly believed it.

Beatty: [00:08:10.96] I would be I would wear a dress. I would talk probably with a higher pitch. I would do all these things that girls do. I don’t believe I’m a girl. I do all the things that guys do because I believe I’m a guy. I know that. Am I.

Beatty: [00:08:23.77] Guy?

Beatty: [00:08:24.10] And what you believe impacts.

Beatty: [00:08:26.65] Who you are.

Beatty: [00:08:27.64] And what I’m what is important about today’s lesson is so often we think that this fight against the sins that we do is a fight against us. It’s against what’s inside of us, of how we’re made and who.

Beatty: [00:08:44.38] We actually are.

Beatty: [00:08:45.46] And we have to wrench.

Beatty: [00:08:47.08] Ourselves out of who we are to become like Christ. But it’s not quite that simple.

Beatty: [00:08:56.44] And so with that said, got a question? We know that Jesus was the LAMB of God. The Jesus come to take away the sin of the world. Or did Jesus come to take away.

Beatty: [00:09:12.79] The sins of the world? In other words, watch this.

Beatty: [00:09:16.99] Did he come to take away the sin? Now, which is that.

Beatty: [00:09:20.83] Thing called.

Beatty: [00:09:22.30] Sin? Or did he come to take away the sins.

Beatty: [00:09:27.13] Of the world.

Beatty: [00:09:27.79] Which is.

Beatty: [00:09:28.24] The verb?

Beatty: [00:09:28.87] Which are those actions that we have done? What does the Bible said? Which what did he do?

Speaker3: [00:09:40.81] The board’s stance that.

Beatty: [00:09:44.56] The actions he came to take away the sins of the world. Now, do you know why this is so important? Because if we don’t understand what Jesus did, then we have a wrong.

Beatty: [00:09:56.38] View of what he actually did. And if you believe a lie, you’ll never get to where you’re going. We have to understand what truth is.

Beatty: [00:10:05.35] So let’s look at this. Because if if he if he took away the sins of the world, then he took away all the sins of the actions that you and I commit. But if you took away the sin.

Beatty: [00:10:18.46] Of the world.

Beatty: [00:10:19.60] Then that means there’s something in the world.

Beatty: [00:10:21.37] Called sin that’s not tied to our actions.

Beatty: [00:10:25.66] And the question is, what are we battling when we’re trying to be sanctified by resisting temptation? Are we battling.

Beatty: [00:10:34.81] Ourselves.

Beatty: [00:10:36.13] From resisting the actions that we want to.

Beatty: [00:10:39.64] Do, but we’re.

Beatty: [00:10:40.78] Rebellious against God? Or are we battling some thing that is an enemy against.

Beatty: [00:10:48.61] Us.

Beatty: [00:10:49.54] And it’s.

Beatty: [00:10:50.38] Not us?

Beatty: [00:10:51.40] That’s the big the big thing. So look, let’s turn in John 129. This is real interesting. So this is where John the Baptist.

Beatty: [00:11:00.07] Declares what Jesus, the LAMB of God is doing.

Beatty: [00:11:04.03] John 129 And it says, the next day he talking about John, saw Jesus coming toward him and said, Behold the LAMB of God who takes away the sin.

Beatty: [00:11:20.38] Of the world, not the sins. It’s the noun, not the verb.

Beatty: [00:11:26.62] Jesus came to take away that thing called sin, the sin condition.

Beatty: [00:11:32.26] Not the actions that we have committed. And why is this important? Because most of us get it wrong.

Beatty: [00:11:39.25] And if we get it wrong, then we’re battling the wrong enemy. The first step in defeating the enemy. This comes from.

Beatty: [00:11:47.32] The Art of War, a book written 5000 years ago. First, first.

Beatty: [00:11:52.81] Truism, No Thine Enemy and know where he is. And so if we get the enemy wrong, then we’re not going to have victory. So let’s look real quickly where sin originates from. In fact, who knows if I were to say sin comes.

Beatty: [00:12:07.57] From, where?

Beatty: [00:12:08.26] Where does it come from? Not not Adam, not the.

Beatty: [00:12:10.33] Origination of sin.

Beatty: [00:12:11.56] But if I. If I sin, what part of me is it coming from? Is it coming from my body, coming from my soul, coming.

Beatty: [00:12:18.91] From my heart, coming from my spirit? Where what’s driving that?

Beatty: [00:12:24.70] My heart. Okay, so let’s look at that. This is interesting. Look at Genesis six five. I just want to show you the scriptures because this is.

Beatty: [00:12:35.44] Something.

Beatty: [00:12:37.81] That is interesting. Genesis six five says, The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continuously. So Genesis says it’s from the heart. Let’s look at Jeremiah 17 nine. I want to show you a couple.

Beatty: [00:13:07.12] Of other verses.

Beatty: [00:13:09.43] Because I want to show you a conundrum, and it’s a big conundrum. Jeremiah 17 nine, It says The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately sick. Who can.

Beatty: [00:13:26.59] Understand it?

Beatty: [00:13:28.75] So that says the heart. Well, those are Old Testament. So let’s look at New Testament. Let’s say what Jesus says. Turn to Mark 721 323 March 721 through 23. And I’ll read it. It says four from within. Out of the heart of man come evil thoughts, sexual immorality.

Beatty: [00:14:00.37] Theft, murder, adultery, coveting, yada, yada, yada, yada.

Beatty: [00:14:04.06] All of the evil these all these evil things come from within and they.

Beatty: [00:14:09.13] Defile a person. So are we.

Beatty: [00:14:12.31] Pretty confident to say that sin originates in the heart? Yes. Okay. So let’s look.

Beatty: [00:14:21.85] At this real quickly.

Beatty: [00:14:24.58] We have all these scriptures that say where does send originate? And Old Testament and New Testament say originates in the heart. Once we believe in Jesus, does it still originate in the heart or does something change and get a new heart? Now, let’s look at that.

Beatty: [00:14:57.61] Watch this.

Beatty: [00:14:59.08] Ezekiel 36. 26 and.

Beatty: [00:15:03.96] 27. Ezekiel 36, 26 and 27.

Beatty: [00:15:09.45] Says, I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you. I will remove from you the heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my spirit in you.

Beatty: [00:15:23.43] And move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws.

Beatty: [00:15:29.51] And then turn also to Hebrews 810. We’re going to.

Beatty: [00:15:32.66] See the other part of this new heart.

Beatty: [00:15:36.20] Hebrews 810. So in Ezekiel, it says that this new covenant you’re talking about, this time that we are living in, that we get a new heart. He takes out the old stone.

Beatty: [00:15:50.33] Heart.

Beatty: [00:15:51.83] And gives us a heart of flesh. And Hebrews 810 says, For this is the covenant that I will make with the House of Israel.

Beatty: [00:15:58.58] Talking about those of the promise.

Beatty: [00:16:01.67] After those days, declares the Lord, I will put my laws into their minds and write them.

Beatty: [00:16:08.72] On their hearts.

Beatty: [00:16:11.89] So if we’re given a new heart and it has God’s.

Beatty: [00:16:15.34] Law, his testimony on it.

Beatty: [00:16:19.51] Is that a heart of sin.

Beatty: [00:16:21.13] Or a holy heart without sin?

Beatty: [00:16:27.37] Let me ask it another way. If God’s going to write his laws.

Beatty: [00:16:31.03] The laws were originally written in.

Beatty: [00:16:32.83] What we call the Ten.

Beatty: [00:16:33.61] Commandments, Right.

Beatty: [00:16:35.17] And it was holy. And they place it in the Ark of the Covenant. And that was the most holy relic that they had. So now God says, I’m going to take my covenant, my covenant.

Beatty: [00:16:47.08] Laws.

Beatty: [00:16:47.89] And I’m not going to put them on stone tablets. I’m now going to give you a new heart and I’m going to put these.

Beatty: [00:16:53.05] Very holy covenant written on your heart.

Beatty: [00:16:58.12] So if it’s that holy, can there be any sin.

Beatty: [00:17:01.63] In this new heart?

Beatty: [00:17:03.82] No. So now we have a conundrum. If send originates from the heart. Now we’re given a new.

Beatty: [00:17:14.60] Heart that can have no sin.

Beatty: [00:17:21.11] How can a believer sin?

Speaker3: [00:17:27.96] But she’s thinking about it because he says, I put my vows in there.

Beatty: [00:17:35.94] That’s this.

Beatty: [00:17:37.14] That’s the cell part. So. Yeah. So. So it says that to in mind.

Speaker3: [00:17:42.06] Yeah. So it’s probably talking about some of the laws of.

Beatty: [00:17:50.19] Right. Right. His covenant laws. Right. Okay. So it’s written in their mind and written on their heart. So the mind is in the cell. Right.

Beatty: [00:17:58.62] So watch this. If we.

Beatty: [00:18:01.11] Go back to the three parts of who.

Beatty: [00:18:05.04] We are.

Beatty: [00:18:06.84] For those listening, I’ve just drawn up three.

Beatty: [00:18:08.76] Circles left or right.

Beatty: [00:18:10.83] First is body. Second is.

Beatty: [00:18:13.59] Soul. And the third is spirit. The mind is in the soul. This is mine.

Beatty: [00:18:24.67] And the heart is in the spirit, right?

Beatty: [00:18:30.34] It’s a spiritual.

Speaker3: [00:18:31.21] Heart.

Beatty: [00:18:33.76] The new heart. That’s right. So what he is saying basically is his holy laws are now in both the both of.

Beatty: [00:18:41.29] The two spiritual parts of who we are.

Beatty: [00:18:46.04] So if sin originated from the heart and the Old Testament, and even in what Jesus says, then how can we be given a new heart that is without sin and still have sin that we deal with? So now we’re going to start and we’re going to look through Romans And we’re going to do a deep dive, hopefully not so deep, that.

Beatty: [00:19:15.59] You can’t grasp it or that I wear you out.

Beatty: [00:19:18.89] But we’re going to look at I call it the sin of Romans. There are.

Beatty: [00:19:24.77] Two words used for sin.

Beatty: [00:19:28.01] That are in the Greek.

Beatty: [00:19:29.30] That are translated as sin.

Beatty: [00:19:31.19] Throughout the New Testament. The first one is called and this is the Southern English pronunciation of a Greek word, a matea h a m a r t. A amato is a noun.

Beatty: [00:19:54.26] This is real important.

Beatty: [00:19:58.49] This is a noun. And it means the thing of sin.

Beatty: [00:20:05.96] I’m just going to use the.

Beatty: [00:20:06.68] Word the thing or the.

Beatty: [00:20:07.88] Entity.

Beatty: [00:20:08.90] And the other one is a martino h mar an0. And this is a verb. And this one means the action that we do that is sinful. So we have a noun and we have a verb. In the New Testament, this noun is used 174 times in the New Testament.

Beatty: [00:20:43.79] And the verb is used 43 times.

Beatty: [00:20:48.17] Can you start to see a discrepancy that that thing that we thought is what’s so bad is what we do? All these actions that are always against the.

Beatty: [00:20:57.71] Lord.

Beatty: [00:20:58.37] And how woe and.

Beatty: [00:20:59.63] Dirty and rotten am I.

Beatty: [00:21:01.07] Because of my sin. Yet the Bible only speaks of the action. One out of five times. Four out of five times.

Beatty: [00:21:11.87] Is talking about this thing called sin.

Beatty: [00:21:14.54] And then when we take a deeper dive and look at just Paul in Romans, which is basically the entire gospel message starting from man.

Beatty: [00:21:25.19] Is his.

Beatty: [00:21:27.05] Corrupt God has written his.

Beatty: [00:21:29.36] Laws in the creation and.

Beatty: [00:21:32.78] Everyone has sin and falls short of the glory of God all the way to that. Now we’re sons of God and everything else. So it’s a big picture. When we look at this in Romans, the.

Beatty: [00:21:44.36] Noun version is used.

Beatty: [00:21:46.25] 45 times and.

Beatty: [00:21:49.43] The verb version is used only two times.

Beatty: [00:21:54.98] And in other.

Beatty: [00:21:55.52] Words.

Beatty: [00:21:57.26] Paul speaks about sin as a thing, not as.

Beatty: [00:22:02.06] An action.

Beatty: [00:22:03.44] Back to John 129 when it says, Behold the LAMB of God who takes away the sin, the thing, the sin.

Beatty: [00:22:15.23] Of the world, not the sins of the world.

Beatty: [00:22:18.77] The thing.

Beatty: [00:22:19.37] Not the.

Speaker3: [00:22:19.76] Action. Think about that. He’s talking about the imagination. See, the imagination was all evil. And so really, the imagination is evil if you’re thinking about that all the time. But you still want to do it. That’s when your soul has to give you permission. That’s when you.

Beatty: [00:22:44.50] Hold that thought. Because you’re going down a wrong path.

Speaker3: [00:22:48.14] Oh, I am.

Beatty: [00:22:50.96] Just. Just trust me. Let’s see if we can get there.

Beatty: [00:22:53.54] And then if you still. There is an interaction.

Beatty: [00:22:57.32] With the soul. But that’s not where we battle. That’s. That’s not where we battle.

Beatty: [00:23:05.33] So let’s first turn to So let’s look at where all this.

Beatty: [00:23:09.20] Originates and what’s going on.

Beatty: [00:23:10.58] So I’m just going to read a bunch of verses. I want to guide you to them and I want you to I’ll make a few comments, but for the most part, I just want you to assess and I’ll let you know what is a noun and what is a verb. There are only two verbs out of all these passages. All these going to be Roman. So the first one is going.

Beatty: [00:23:32.33] To be Romans five.

Beatty: [00:23:34.43] 12 through 13. We’re not going to hit.

Beatty: [00:23:36.44] Every one of the 47.

Beatty: [00:23:38.69] Instances of sin, but we’re going to hit.

Beatty: [00:23:41.96] A bunch of them.

Beatty: [00:23:43.55] 512 through 13. Therefore just as sin. That thing, the noun came into.

Beatty: [00:23:50.69] The world through one man.

Beatty: [00:23:52.40] And death through sin. The now. And so death spread to all men because all sin.

Beatty: [00:23:59.00] That’s the first of only two verbs.

Beatty: [00:24:02.85] Paskin The thing indeed.

Beatty: [00:24:05.82] Was in the world before the.

Beatty: [00:24:07.17] Law was given. But then the thing is not counted.

Beatty: [00:24:12.03] Where there is no law.

Beatty: [00:24:13.59] Then go to.

Beatty: [00:24:14.28] 20 and 21. So this is now 20 and 21 of chapter five.

Beatty: [00:24:24.77] Now, the law came in to increase the trespass, but where sin increased grace abounded all the.

Beatty: [00:24:32.30] More.

Beatty: [00:24:33.17] So that as sin reigned in death.

Beatty: [00:24:36.47] Grace also might reign through righteousness leading to eternal life, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. All of those two sins are. Nouns.

Beatty: [00:24:47.16] Look, it also says sin reined in death. So you get the picture that sin is almost like a king king’s reign. And this says that sin.

Beatty: [00:24:57.45] Reign.

Beatty: [00:24:59.73] And death. Then let’s move to six versus one and two. We’re going to look through a lot in six. Romans six one and two says, What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin? Now that grace might abound. By no means how can we who die to sin, still live in it? Both of those are nouns. Notice that it says that we live. Continue in sin. Live in sin. Just like I live in my house.

Beatty: [00:25:34.86] Those are nouns.

Beatty: [00:25:36.66] Then we’re going to read Romans six six through 23. I’m just going to read almost the entire passage.

Beatty: [00:25:43.92] We’ll skip every now and then. But I want to show you some things. This is really cool. Starting with verse six.

Beatty: [00:25:50.82] We know there are that our old self was crucified with him in order that the body of sin. That’s a now might be brought to nothing so that we would no longer be enslaved to send. It can only be enslaved.

Beatty: [00:26:06.65] To a person or an entity, a thing you can’t be enslaved to in action.

Beatty: [00:26:11.75] So, so far, all of these are still nouns. Or seven. For one who has died has been set.

Beatty: [00:26:19.06] Free from sin. So we see that same picture.

Beatty: [00:26:21.67] Go down to verse ten.

Beatty: [00:26:23.90] For the.

Beatty: [00:26:24.89] Death. He died. He died too soon.

Beatty: [00:26:28.82] Now, watch this. He’s going to contrast this with something else that we know absolutely is a noun.

Beatty: [00:26:34.28] For the death that he died. Died to send.

Beatty: [00:26:36.11] Once for all.

Beatty: [00:26:37.19] But the life he lives, He lives to God. You see the contrast? He died to.

Beatty: [00:26:42.62] Sin. He lives to God.

Beatty: [00:26:44.57] We’re looking at the sin as an entity opposite of the entity of God. Verse 11. So you also must consider yourselves dared to sin and lie to God.

Beatty: [00:27:00.40] In Christ Jesus.

Beatty: [00:27:01.84] We see the same pattern. Then let’s go to verse 12. Okay, this is real interesting. Let not send.

Beatty: [00:27:10.73] Therefore reign in your mortal body.

Beatty: [00:27:14.63] To make.

Beatty: [00:27:15.20] You obey its passions.

Beatty: [00:27:17.51] Here’s interesting.

Beatty: [00:27:18.53] So look at the word mortal body. The Greek for mortal.

Beatty: [00:27:26.47] Is that body that is called mortal, not simply because it’s liable to death. This is violence.

Beatty: [00:27:33.49] Dictionary.

Beatty: [00:27:34.33] He says it’s mortal because it is the organ in and through which death carries on its death producing activity. So this concept of the mortal body is the organ through which death. Carries on its.

Beatty: [00:27:52.39] Activities to bring forth death.

Beatty: [00:27:54.16] Death, by the way, is not a ceaseless existence. Death is an entity. Revelations 20 After the Great White Throne of Judgment says, And at the very end, Death and.

Beatty: [00:28:09.49] Hades were both thrown into the light of harm.

Beatty: [00:28:12.52] So death is actually an entity. It’s a thing just like sin.

Beatty: [00:28:16.78] But watch this. The Greek for body.

Beatty: [00:28:20.86] It’s Soma. Soma. But it’s the body, both of.

Beatty: [00:28:25.78] Men or animals.

Beatty: [00:28:28.63] It’s a physical body. So what this says is that sin.

Beatty: [00:28:32.53] Is reigning.

Beatty: [00:28:33.97] In our mortal body, in this physical body.

Beatty: [00:28:37.18] Not in our mind, our soul, not in our heart, our spirit.

Beatty: [00:28:41.77] But in our body. And then it says it’s reigning in your mortal body to make you obey its passions. That’s speaking about the passions of sin, not your own passions. If we read the same passage in the Amplified Bible, for those that are not familiar, the Amplified Bible takes all the Greek, the definitions, and then it amplifies.

Beatty: [00:29:07.71] The verse.

Beatty: [00:29:08.46] So that you get more of the meaning.

Beatty: [00:29:10.20] Of what all these words mean. And here’s how the amplified Bible expands on the meaning.

Beatty: [00:29:16.92] Let not send.

Beatty: [00:29:18.06] Therefore rule as king and your mortal short lived perishable bodies.

Beatty: [00:29:25.09] To make you yield to.

Beatty: [00:29:26.71] Its cravings and be subject to its lusts and evil passions.

Beatty: [00:29:32.47] What we get in this picture is that the sin, this thing called sin, is not an action that we do. It’s not something that we.

Beatty: [00:29:40.15] Originate from our hearts.

Beatty: [00:29:42.34] It’s something that lives in our mortal body.

Beatty: [00:29:46.03] It reigns in our mortal body.

Beatty: [00:29:48.49] And it’s trying to get us to live out its own.

Beatty: [00:29:52.75] Evil lusts and passions.

Beatty: [00:29:58.81] So a couple.

Beatty: [00:29:59.53] Conclusions.

Speaker3: [00:30:01.03] Yeah. Do you think the nature of using the audience?

Beatty: [00:30:05.32] Right. So the nature of.

Speaker3: [00:30:07.27] That animal is.

Beatty: [00:30:09.25] Nature.

Beatty: [00:30:09.76] Yes. So you can say it’s the sin condition, the sin nature. But it’s more than that. And if we have time.

Beatty: [00:30:20.14] Which we will, we’ll go a little late on this one anyway.

Beatty: [00:30:23.20] But I want to show you where it comes from. Once you see what it comes from. You’ll you’ll get it instantly.

Beatty: [00:30:29.95] I know you will, Sarah. Some of us may take a while to say it over and over again.

Beatty: [00:30:34.51] But let me move on. Let me three conclusions just from this passage in.

Beatty: [00:30:37.90] Verse 12.

Beatty: [00:30:39.55] Sin lives in our physical.

Beatty: [00:30:41.23] Body, not in our soul.

Beatty: [00:30:44.57] It’s our body. Number two is our body, through which sin carries.

Beatty: [00:30:48.89] Out its lusts and evil passions. And watch this.

Beatty: [00:30:54.72] Because it’s our body.

Beatty: [00:30:56.10] This is the third conclusion, because it’s our body that’s doing it. We mistakenly claim that we did it. That is our fault.

Beatty: [00:31:05.46] I’m going to back that up in a little bit, but I want to start planting the seeds that what we’re saying is that thing called sin is not what we thought it was, because it’s our body that it’s in, because it’s our body that commits the act of sin. We think it’s our.

Beatty: [00:31:23.82] Fault because it’s our body.

Beatty: [00:31:27.66] And that’s not.

Beatty: [00:31:29.22] What Paul is saying. And we’re going to see that in a moment.

Beatty: [00:31:32.07] But let’s move to verse 13. First off, this world temperature gauge. Is this fascinating? Yeah. Kind of cool in it. Verse 13. Do not present your members to send. There we go again as another noun. Do not present your members to send us instruments for unrighteousness.

Beatty: [00:31:55.20] But present yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life.

Beatty: [00:31:59.52] And your members to God as instruments to righteousness. So we see again this contrast. Don’t present your your members to send. Present your members to God. But it goes deeper. The Greek for present means.

Beatty: [00:32:19.51] To bring or set before or to yield.

Beatty: [00:32:22.66] The picture is you come before a king or some sort of a ruler. You got something in your hands and you kind of bow down.

Beatty: [00:32:29.35] You present that to that higher authority.

Speaker3: [00:32:32.59] That’s what it is to have. Yield yourselves to as you are. Yes, you’re going to do everything if you’ve yielded it. He’s your boss.

Beatty: [00:32:43.12] That’s right. You become the slave of sin.

Speaker3: [00:32:46.21] And that’s it.

Beatty: [00:32:46.96] And that’s where Paul says you were slaves of slaves to sin.

Beatty: [00:32:50.29] But now you’re slaves to God. We’re going to see that in just a moment.

Beatty: [00:32:53.44] The other thing, if you look at the word.

Beatty: [00:32:55.03] Members, this is really interesting.

Speaker3: [00:32:57.64] Yeah. Like body. He’s talking.

Beatty: [00:32:59.32] About your.

Beatty: [00:33:00.28] Body. Yes. This is not this is not symbolically. Metaphorically. Your member is just kind of that spiritual part of you.

Beatty: [00:33:08.38] The Greek word for members.

Beatty: [00:33:10.36] Means a.

Beatty: [00:33:11.23] Limb or a part of your body.

Beatty: [00:33:14.05] Because we’re going to say this throughout this entire.

Beatty: [00:33:16.39] Passage or Romans.

Beatty: [00:33:19.13] That the sin that’s in.

Beatty: [00:33:21.35] Our in our life, it’s in our physical body.

Beatty: [00:33:25.97] It’s an actual thing in our physical body. That’s where it resides. And we’re not to yield.

Beatty: [00:33:33.14] The physical parts of our body to sin. It’s your choice to yield them. Here’s where your cell and your will come in the battle. Right.

Speaker3: [00:33:42.47] You’ve got to decide.

Beatty: [00:33:44.84] Right? You’ve got to decide what you’re going to do. But the battle, this is the key. This is what I’ve been trying to get.

Beatty: [00:33:50.90] Through on all of this.

Beatty: [00:33:52.04] And this is just a tough topic. I thought I was going to do one session.

Beatty: [00:33:56.09] On and you’ll probably end up being I think this is the third session focus only on the stuff of sin, but.

Beatty: [00:34:02.54] We think that we’re the ones.

Beatty: [00:34:05.27] At fault.

Beatty: [00:34:06.99] And that we’re battling how wicked our heart is.

Beatty: [00:34:10.98] And that’s not it.

Beatty: [00:34:12.75] And if you think you’re battling how.

Beatty: [00:34:14.73] Wicked your heart is.

Beatty: [00:34:16.53] You will always live in condemnation, Right? And in Romans eight one, it says, there.

Beatty: [00:34:24.00] Is therefore.

Beatty: [00:34:24.57] Now.

Beatty: [00:34:24.84] No condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Beatty: [00:34:28.14] And so what happens is we believe a lie of the devil. We believe the lie of the enemy, making us believe that that sin is my fault. Look how bad I am. And I can’t even come to the Lord after I’ve said because I feel so bad. That’s not it at all. We’re going to see that more. But let’s keep going first. 14. So this is 614 for our sin. There’s the noun again. Person will have no dominion.

Beatty: [00:34:56.71] Over you.

Beatty: [00:34:58.12] Since you are not under law, but under.

Beatty: [00:35:00.10] Grace. This is the first thing we talked about to Christianson when we talked about under law versus under grace.

Beatty: [00:35:06.86] So here’s what’s interesting for sin will not we’ll have no dominion over you. You could say that John will have no.

Beatty: [00:35:12.47] Dominion over you.

Beatty: [00:35:14.15] That’s the same thing. It’s an entity. But the Greek for dominion. Is derived from.

Beatty: [00:35:22.95] The Greek word Kyrgios.

Beatty: [00:35:24.75] K.

Beatty: [00:35:25.32] Y Rios.

Beatty: [00:35:27.42] And it means to be supreme in authority.

Beatty: [00:35:30.54] To rule or to exercise Lordship over you.

Beatty: [00:35:33.36] What this is saying is. When you are no.

Beatty: [00:35:36.75] Longer under law but under grace.

Beatty: [00:35:39.91] Then Sen will no longer have.

Beatty: [00:35:42.04] Supreme authority over you. But before. You are.

Beatty: [00:35:46.97] Born.

Beatty: [00:35:47.21] Again.

Beatty: [00:35:48.32] Sen.

Beatty: [00:35:48.89] Has that supreme authority over you?

Beatty: [00:35:51.70] And then let’s move to verse 15. What then are we to send? That’s the second and final.

Beatty: [00:35:58.84] Sin that is in action. And all of Romans. This is the only other verb.

Beatty: [00:36:05.16] But then are we to send because we are not under.

Beatty: [00:36:08.55] The law, but under.

Beatty: [00:36:09.33] Grace? By no means. Or 16. Do you not know that if you present yourself to anyone as obedient slaves. You are slaves of the one whom you obey. Either of sin.

Beatty: [00:36:24.54] Which leads to death or of obedience, which leads to righteousness. Look at this word structure. If you present yourselves to anyone as slaves, either of sin.

Beatty: [00:36:35.79] So he’s using sin as, again, a noun, a thing an entity.

Speaker3: [00:36:42.18] Commands.

Beatty: [00:36:42.81] Like a master. He’s actually not a symbolic thing.

Beatty: [00:36:46.95] Not an action.

Beatty: [00:36:48.87] An actual thing that you become a slave to verse 17. But thanks be to God that.

Beatty: [00:36:55.50] You who were.

Beatty: [00:36:56.64] Once slaves of sin. I become obedient from the heart.

Beatty: [00:37:02.72] Obedient from the heart. That’s a new heart, right.

Beatty: [00:37:05.42] To the standard of teaching to which you are committed and having been set free from sin. Have become.

Beatty: [00:37:12.95] Slaves of.

Speaker3: [00:37:13.40] Righteousness. And I think that’s why so important. Like you were saying, that really you have to believe that you separate. Yes.

Beatty: [00:37:22.45] You know, And to believe it. Yeah. This is where I’m the whole thing.

Beatty: [00:37:27.49] Do we interpret scripture symbolically and metaphorically?

Beatty: [00:37:32.20] You’ve been set free from slavery.

Beatty: [00:37:33.78] I know.

Beatty: [00:37:34.48] From sin. I know. That’s kind of metaphorically. It’s not really. Now I’ll be set.

Beatty: [00:37:38.08] Free when I go to heaven. And, you know, as partial now and complete later. Or do you believe what the scripture says Black implied? Jesus fulfilled all those prophecies, literally.

Beatty: [00:37:50.86] They thought that those.

Beatty: [00:37:52.03] Prophecies were probably metaphorical or symbolic.

Beatty: [00:37:55.45] Because how could the Messiah.

Beatty: [00:37:57.34] Suffer?

Beatty: [00:37:58.12] He’s the great victor. Yet the Messiah.

Speaker3: [00:38:01.91] Suffered. They did not have a.

Beatty: [00:38:05.78] Great point.

Beatty: [00:38:06.86] Because they misinterpreted.

Beatty: [00:38:08.78] The word. They missed out on the truth. And that’s why it’s important.

Beatty: [00:38:15.17] How you.

Beatty: [00:38:15.86] Study your Bible and what you believe it to.

Beatty: [00:38:18.47] Say. Verse 20. When you were slaves of sin.

Beatty: [00:38:23.79] You are the now and again. You are free in regard to righteousness. We’ve down to.

Beatty: [00:38:28.31] 22. But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves of God, you see that same contrast. Verse 23 For the wages of sin is.

Beatty: [00:38:39.05] Death.

Beatty: [00:38:39.71] But the free gift of God is eternal life. We see this contrast all the time. Sin, God, sin God, slave of sin, save of God presents your members to send presents.

Beatty: [00:38:50.45] Your members to God.

Beatty: [00:38:51.89] Wages have sent us death free gift of God.

Beatty: [00:38:55.10] As eternal.

Beatty: [00:38:55.64] Life. So we.

Beatty: [00:38:56.39] See.

Beatty: [00:38:57.47] This really strong.

Beatty: [00:38:59.09] Contrast and is always contrasted. Against God.

Beatty: [00:39:04.07] Let’s move to Romans seven now. So now we’re going to do Romans seven, verses seven through. Let’s see, 14. The next major.

Beatty: [00:39:17.51] Passage that focuses on sin section, I’m sure, say starting with verse seven.

Beatty: [00:39:24.71] But then shall we say that the law is said? By no means yet. If it had not been for the law, I would not have known sin. If we’re not for the not the law, I would not have known. Officer Bob, That’s a noun I would not have known sin for. I would not have known what it is to covet if the law had not.

Beatty: [00:39:45.37] Said, You shall not covet verse eight. Watch this.

Beatty: [00:39:48.82] But sin, seizing an opportunity through the commandment produced in me all kinds of covetousness.

Beatty: [00:39:57.92] For apart from the law, sin lies.

Beatty: [00:40:00.98] A couple of things here for sin, but sin seizing an opportunity, seizing, gives the picture of something, taking a hold of something else to take.

Beatty: [00:40:12.83] Action.

Beatty: [00:40:13.85] So you’ve got this thing of sin that sees the opportunity through the commandment. And then you can connect it this way. Send produced in me all kinds of covetousness. That’s really what this past.

Beatty: [00:40:28.09] Sin produced in me. All kinds of.

Speaker3: [00:40:31.03] Covetousness.

Beatty: [00:40:33.64] It’s not me that covets, it’s the sin in me that’s producing the covetousness, the lust of the sin. That’s right. Sin is contrary to God.

Beatty: [00:40:49.45] Right.

Beatty: [00:40:50.74] So then let’s go to verse nine. I was once.

Beatty: [00:40:55.31] Alive apart from.

Beatty: [00:40:56.57] The law. But when the commandment came, sin came.

Beatty: [00:40:59.72] Alive and I died. Now, Paul uses the first person throughout this section.

Beatty: [00:41:06.26] To talk about man as a whole.

Beatty: [00:41:09.41] Not him individually.

Beatty: [00:41:12.42] So you can reread this man. Mankind was once alive.

Beatty: [00:41:18.42] Apart from the law that would be talking about Adam.

Beatty: [00:41:22.38] But when the commandment came, sin came alive and man died. That’s probably an easy way.

Beatty: [00:41:28.86] To understand what’s being said here.

Beatty: [00:41:30.69] Coming alive gives.

Beatty: [00:41:32.79] A picture.

Beatty: [00:41:33.81] Of that thing called sin as an action. Think about this. The way the picture is dormant in the body. Sort of like out in the desert. You can have.

Beatty: [00:41:43.95] A seed that’s been there for ten years. Nothing happens.

Beatty: [00:41:46.83] But when you got a certain.

Beatty: [00:41:47.76] Temperature and certain amount of water, instantly it comes alive and sprouts.

Beatty: [00:41:51.21] That’s what’s happened. That’s the imagery.

Beatty: [00:41:53.37] Here.

Beatty: [00:41:53.85] Said Lay dormant. Until the commandment came and then sin came alive. What happens then is the law gives the.

Beatty: [00:42:05.53] Authority to send. To come alive.

Beatty: [00:42:10.53] And when it comes alive.

Beatty: [00:42:12.00] That’s when it begins to rule over our body. And this is why Paul said earlier, we’re no longer under law.

Beatty: [00:42:19.02] Sin is not counted as sin. If there is no law. Because only the presence of.

Beatty: [00:42:26.06] Law causes sin to come alive without law. Sin is dead. With Lau, Sin comes alive and I die.

Beatty: [00:42:37.17] You can either have sin alive and man dead or man alive and sin dead.

Beatty: [00:42:41.88] You can’t have them both. Is essentially what what we see here.

Beatty: [00:42:46.81] Let’s go to verse 11. Here we go again for sin, seizing an opportunity through the commandment.

Beatty: [00:42:55.07] Deceived me and through it killed me.

Beatty: [00:42:58.67] Uses the same imagery again, said seizing an opportunity.

Beatty: [00:43:03.89] Deceived me, made me think it was me.

Beatty: [00:43:07.85] All this time. Every time I said I think it’s me how.

Beatty: [00:43:11.63] Dirty rotten I am. It’s not me. It’s the sin that’s trying to kill me. So we are deceived if we believe we are sinners. We constantly tell God.

Beatty: [00:43:30.13] That is a.

Beatty: [00:43:30.94] Deception.

Beatty: [00:43:32.74] Everything we see.

Beatty: [00:43:33.85] Here and we’re.

Beatty: [00:43:34.84] Going to see.

Beatty: [00:43:35.26] Paul clarify that in a moment.

Beatty: [00:43:37.88] We are not sinners. We are saints.

Beatty: [00:43:41.91] That’s why Paul keeps using the word saints. You’re not sinners.

Beatty: [00:43:44.79] You were a sinner. You were a sinner. Say by.

Beatty: [00:43:48.18] Grace. You are no longer a sinner. You are now a saint.

Beatty: [00:43:52.20] You have been made new.

Beatty: [00:43:54.54] Sin is not who you are.

Beatty: [00:43:56.67] Sin is not.

Beatty: [00:43:57.90] From your heart.

Beatty: [00:43:59.64] It’s from your heart. In the old times.

Beatty: [00:44:01.62] Before you believed in Jesus. But now.

Beatty: [00:44:04.08] You have a.

Beatty: [00:44:04.59] New heart. You’re a new creation. You’re in Christ. You’re made perfect. You’re justified, righteous, sanctified. That was.

Beatty: [00:44:12.81] Verse 11. Let’s go down to verse 13. Did that, which is good. Then bring death to me. By no means it was sin.

Beatty: [00:44:21.54] That’s a noun again.

Beatty: [00:44:23.19] Sin producing death in me through what is good in order that sin might be shown to be sin. And through the.

Beatty: [00:44:30.49] Commandment might become sinful beyond measure.

Beatty: [00:44:33.67] So this is basically saying that.

Beatty: [00:44:35.29] Sin brought death to me. I didn’t die on my own.

Beatty: [00:44:40.11] And I didn’t die because of something I did.

Beatty: [00:44:43.39] This is important. I did not die because of something I did. I died because sin brought death to me. That’s what this is saying.

Beatty: [00:44:53.25] Did that, which is good. Bring death to me. No, it was sent. It says send.

Beatty: [00:44:59.82] Brought death to me, essentially. I did not die on my own. It’s not something I did. Send it.

Beatty: [00:45:08.41] Let’s move down to verse 17 717. This is.

Beatty: [00:45:13.27] Important.

Beatty: [00:45:15.41] So now it is no longer I who do.

Beatty: [00:45:18.20] It talking about the things he doesn’t want to do.

Beatty: [00:45:20.60] But sin that dwells.

Beatty: [00:45:22.49] In me. This is what we’re talking about in number of sessions back on the topic, the Christian sin. And actually the last session where we kind of did a review.

Beatty: [00:45:31.82] Paul is saying, Don’t blame me. If I do something that I don’t want to do, don’t blame me. It wasn’t me. It was said that.

Beatty: [00:45:43.54] Well, send me that did it.

Beatty: [00:45:45.42] That’s exactly what this says. So it’s no longer I who do it but sin that dwells within me. So what’s happening now is Paul is.

Beatty: [00:45:53.82] Now.

Beatty: [00:45:54.72] He’s been leading up to this point talking about sin as an entity, a thing.

Beatty: [00:46:00.42] All throughout Scripture.

Beatty: [00:46:03.15] It’s not an action. 45 of the 47 times.

Beatty: [00:46:08.37] He talks about sin. It’s a.

Beatty: [00:46:09.63] Thing. It’s a thing that.

Beatty: [00:46:11.58] Lives in our physical body.

Beatty: [00:46:14.19] It’s a thing that purposely tries to seize every opportunity.

Beatty: [00:46:19.05] To kill us, to deceive us, to cause us to do bad.

Beatty: [00:46:23.49] It said that produces covetousness in us. It’s not me. And now Paul says now that he’s come up to this point and says, so when I do the things I.

Beatty: [00:46:33.71] Do not want.

Beatty: [00:46:35.69] It is no longer I who.

Beatty: [00:46:37.34] Do it but send that dwells within me. Watch this. This is going to be important. We’ll come back to that. Let’s do it right now. Go to verse.

Beatty: [00:46:48.89] 20. Now, if I do not do if I do what I do not want, it is no longer I who do it but send that dwells within me. He says it again.

Beatty: [00:47:02.15] The identical message, only four verses later, three verses later.

Beatty: [00:47:07.34] Any time you see.

Beatty: [00:47:08.33] Something in Scripture where it’s repeated.

Beatty: [00:47:10.64] That means this is important. Get it? I’m not just.

Beatty: [00:47:14.03] Glossing over it. This is important. And that’s what Paul is doing here.

Beatty: [00:47:18.37] He says, This is so important.

Beatty: [00:47:19.52] I’m repeating the same message. And the message is it’s not us who sin. It said that drowsiness. And right after.

Beatty: [00:47:31.85] Romans seven.

Beatty: [00:47:33.11] Is Romans eight one, there is therefore now no condemnation.

Beatty: [00:47:36.92] So he’s leading up and saying, because it’s no longer I who do it.

Beatty: [00:47:40.82] There’s no condemnation.

Beatty: [00:47:42.20] Let’s turn to 22 and 23. Romans 722 and 23. 22 starts with four. I delight in the love of God in my inner being.

Beatty: [00:47:54.64] That’s going to be the spiritual heart.

Beatty: [00:47:56.47] In my inner being. I delight in the.

Beatty: [00:47:58.09] Law of God.

Beatty: [00:47:59.32] Verse 23 What I see in my members.

Beatty: [00:48:02.41] That’s the physical body. Another law waging war against the law of my mind. That’s the soul.

Beatty: [00:48:10.69] Making me captive to the law of sin that dwells in my members. So what he’s saying is there’s.

Beatty: [00:48:15.49] This battle, and.

Beatty: [00:48:16.84] This battle is between. Who I.

Beatty: [00:48:20.06] Am, my spiritual heart and my mind.

Beatty: [00:48:24.94] And my physical.

Beatty: [00:48:26.20] Body. Where sin dwells. Sin is battling against my heart, my.

Beatty: [00:48:34.65] Inner.

Beatty: [00:48:35.07] Desires, my mind.

Beatty: [00:48:38.25] And so he’s saying that this is the battle.

Beatty: [00:48:40.74] The battle ground.

Beatty: [00:48:41.76] Is not me.

Beatty: [00:48:44.02] The battle.

Beatty: [00:48:45.01] Is that thing that’s.

Beatty: [00:48:46.06] In my body.

Beatty: [00:48:49.79] Then we go to Romans 725.

Beatty: [00:48:55.55] And this says, I’m just going up here. So now we’re at 725. I’ll stop writing this for time.

Beatty: [00:49:03.50] Thanks be to.

Beatty: [00:49:04.34] God through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Beatty: [00:49:07.31] So then I myself.

Beatty: [00:49:09.11] Watch this serve the law of God with my mind. That’s the spiritual. So part.

Beatty: [00:49:16.06] With my.

Beatty: [00:49:16.51] Flesh, the physical body. I serve the law of sin.

Beatty: [00:49:20.83] So now we see these contrasts.

Beatty: [00:49:22.72] More and more is contrasting.

Beatty: [00:49:25.30] That the sin is in the body. God’s law that we.

Beatty: [00:49:29.34] Are trying to serve is in our spirit side, the soul and the spirit.

Beatty: [00:49:34.11] And that we have the Law of God and we have the.

Beatty: [00:49:37.11] Law of sin.

Beatty: [00:49:38.94] So we got two laws. Both a law of an entity. And we have.

Beatty: [00:49:44.74] Two parts of us, the spiritual part. And the physical part. And those are a constant war with each other.

Beatty: [00:49:53.84] Romans eight verses two and three. This will be the last.

Beatty: [00:49:58.49] Verse we do in.

Speaker3: [00:49:59.21] Romans.

Beatty: [00:50:02.59] For the Law of the Spirit.

Beatty: [00:50:04.30] Of Life.

Beatty: [00:50:05.20] Has set.

Beatty: [00:50:05.89] You free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death. So now we’ve got these two laws of entities, the Law of the Spirit of Life as an entity.

Beatty: [00:50:18.57] Sets you free from the law.

Beatty: [00:50:20.82] Of sin and death. Both of those are entities.

Beatty: [00:50:26.27] Four. God has done what the law, weakened.

Beatty: [00:50:28.31] By the flesh, could not do.

Beatty: [00:50:31.28] By sending His own son in.

Beatty: [00:50:33.20] The likeness of sinful flesh.

Beatty: [00:50:35.87] And for sin, a condemned send in the flesh. So likeness of central flesh.

Beatty: [00:50:42.23] And speaking about a body that looks just like our physical body is the only difference is.

Beatty: [00:50:47.75] It was in the likeness.

Beatty: [00:50:48.89] Of sinful flesh, but is only flesh.

Beatty: [00:50:52.13] There is no sin in it. So this is just reinforcing that sin is in the body. And watch this. It says that. Jesus.

Beatty: [00:51:05.18] Condemned sin in the flesh.

Beatty: [00:51:09.86] Reinforcing sin is.

Beatty: [00:51:11.57] In the flesh. It’s in our body. That flesh is not the spiritual part counterpart of who we are. He’s talking about the physical body.

Beatty: [00:51:20.42] Said is not something we do.

Beatty: [00:51:23.51] And it does not originate from an evil heart that we have. Our evil heart has been replaced with a holy heart. I want to show.

Beatty: [00:51:32.87] You this to now show.

Beatty: [00:51:33.80] You where all this comes from.

Beatty: [00:51:35.39] This is going to be a little.

Beatty: [00:51:38.21] A little different. Pretty interesting.

Beatty: [00:51:42.63] And I have to admit, I this is conjecture. Okay. A lot of times, like.

Beatty: [00:51:51.29] In scripture with what we just saw in Romans, you see all these data points that very clearly repeat the same message over and over again, and it.

Beatty: [00:52:00.92] Clearly points to.

Beatty: [00:52:02.90] A specific destination.

Beatty: [00:52:05.16] But then there are other things in scripture. So you get a data point here.

Beatty: [00:52:08.71] The data point here, another data point somewhere else.

Beatty: [00:52:12.99] And you have some understanding in between.

Beatty: [00:52:16.56] And you sort of have to build your own picture to connect the dots. Does that make.

Speaker3: [00:52:21.24] Sense?

Beatty: [00:52:21.93] So what I want to do right now is I want to connect some dots.

Beatty: [00:52:26.06] That are not as clearly laid out in Scripture. But it starts to bring, I think. Some structure to what’s going on. Let’s turn to Genesis one one.

Beatty: [00:52:43.36] And what we’re going to talk about is how did sin come into man’s body?

Beatty: [00:52:50.98] I’ll give you a hint. It was not in the fruit that animate. It already resided in his body before. And now I want to back it up. But I think in connecting the dots.

Beatty: [00:53:08.28] Jenna Genesis one one. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis one.

Beatty: [00:53:17.37] Two.

Beatty: [00:53:18.21] The Earth was without form and void.

Beatty: [00:53:20.76] And darkness was over the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.

Beatty: [00:53:27.67] There is no clarity of whether.

Beatty: [00:53:32.75] Verse two immediately follows verse one and timeline, or if there may have been a really long time frame that happened.

Beatty: [00:53:41.72] So let’s turn real quickly to Isaiah 14.

Beatty: [00:53:46.63] Versus 12 through 21. We won’t read all of them, but I’m just going to show this to you. Isaiah 14. Starting in verse 12. How you are fallen from heaven.

Beatty: [00:53:59.96] Daystar, Daystar and the new King James is Lucifer. If you look it up in the Hebrew.

Beatty: [00:54:07.10] It’s used only one time in the Bible and it means Lucifer. So this is Lucifer. Lucifer is.

Beatty: [00:54:14.00] The entity that became.

Beatty: [00:54:15.53] Satan. His name was changed when he fell.

Beatty: [00:54:19.37] So it says how you are fallen from heaven. O Daystar, son of Don.

Beatty: [00:54:24.86] How you are.

Beatty: [00:54:25.58] Cut down to the.

Beatty: [00:54:26.51] Ground.

Beatty: [00:54:27.32] You who had the.

Beatty: [00:54:28.52] Nation, who lay the nations low.

Beatty: [00:54:31.19] Lay the nations.

Beatty: [00:54:32.06] Low, means total destruction. He dominated them.

Beatty: [00:54:35.69] You said in your heart, I will ascend to heaven above the stars of God. I will set my throne on high. I will set sit on the mount of.

Beatty: [00:54:46.52] Assembly in the far reaches of the north. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds.

Beatty: [00:54:51.92] I will make myself like the most high.

Beatty: [00:54:54.20] Can you see all this? I will. But you are brought down to shale, to the far reaches of the pit. Those who see you will stare at you and ponder over you. Is this the.

Beatty: [00:55:07.90] Man who.

Beatty: [00:55:08.38] Made the earth tremble? Who shook kingdoms. Who made the world like a desert and overthrew it. So what we start to see is this idea.

Beatty: [00:55:18.85] That this day.

Beatty: [00:55:20.65] Star destroyed the world, made them.

Beatty: [00:55:25.06] Like a desert.

Beatty: [00:55:25.99] Destroy the cities, overthrew the cities.

Beatty: [00:55:29.80] And so what happens is God is.

Beatty: [00:55:31.51] He destroys the land. God curses him as you read on down. It says that you’re going to be destroyed in all this stuff. And let’s turn over to Ezekiel 28. The reason.

Beatty: [00:55:41.68] We’re looking at these is.

Beatty: [00:55:42.73] We understand.

Beatty: [00:55:44.29] Satan is evil and we understand that Satan.

Beatty: [00:55:48.55] Pre existed before Adam. At least we make that assumption with everything.

Beatty: [00:55:53.86] So the question is what happened? How? So notice in Isaiah, as we move over to Zico, Isaiah talks about cities.

Speaker3: [00:56:05.86] Nations.

Beatty: [00:56:07.21] Those sound like things of the earth.

Beatty: [00:56:10.45] All right. So now we’re Ezekiel 28, starting in verse 12. Is equal to 28, starting in verse 12.

Beatty: [00:56:21.81] This is about the king of tire. If you are to read just at the beginning, you have a beginning of 28. You have the Prince of Tire, who is a man that.

Beatty: [00:56:33.99] Says, let’s just look at Ezekiel 28 one. The word of.

Beatty: [00:56:39.42] The Lord came to me, son.

Beatty: [00:56:40.86] Of man, say to the Prince of Tire. Thus as to the Lord God, because your heart is proud. Because you have said I am a God. I sit in the seat of God. Yada, yada, yada. Yet you are nothing but a man and no God. So he talks about the Prince of Tire as a man. But in the heavenly world, you remember when Daniel was praying.

Beatty: [00:57:03.21] And I think it was Gabriel that came to him and he said, I would have been here earlier, but the Prince of.

Beatty: [00:57:08.46] Persia was resisting me.

Beatty: [00:57:11.76] So you have this prince as a.

Beatty: [00:57:14.01] Heavenly being, an evil, heavenly being.

Beatty: [00:57:17.22] That is over.

Beatty: [00:57:18.66] That area.

Beatty: [00:57:20.25] Satan was the one of the greatest. He was.

Beatty: [00:57:22.92] A cherub.

Beatty: [00:57:24.65] And a chair of.

Beatty: [00:57:26.11] A very special position that stayed around the Lord God, very mighty. And that’s who King attire is. So let’s look at this starting in verse 12.

Beatty: [00:57:38.00] You are the signet of perfection.

Beatty: [00:57:40.10] Full of wisdom.

Beatty: [00:57:42.02] Son of man. Raise a lamentation.

Beatty: [00:57:43.85] Over the King of Tire and say to him, thus says, the Lord God, you were the signet of perfection, meaning that he was created perfectly. You were full.

Beatty: [00:57:53.71] Of wisdom.

Beatty: [00:57:54.37] And perfect and beauty. You were in Eden.

Beatty: [00:57:57.49] The Garden of God. So he’s.

Beatty: [00:58:00.58] In Eden. Every precious stone was your covering.

Beatty: [00:58:05.04] Sardis, Topaz and Diamond Beryl Onyx.

Beatty: [00:58:08.31] Jasper Sapphire Emerald Carbuncle and crafted in gold were your settings and your engravings owe on the day that you were created? They were prepared. You were an.

Beatty: [00:58:19.71] Anointed.

Beatty: [00:58:20.43] Guardian cherub. I placed you. You are on the Holy Mountain in the midst of the stones of fire you walked. You are.

Beatty: [00:58:29.28] Blameless in your ways from the day.

Beatty: [00:58:31.08] You were created until unrighteousness was found in you.

Beatty: [00:58:36.63] And the abundance.

Beatty: [00:58:37.65] Of your trade. You were filled with violence in your midst. And you said, and I cast you as a profane thing from the mountain of God.

Beatty: [00:58:46.29] And he goes on. So what we see is.

Beatty: [00:58:48.30] We see this back story of this guy named Lucifer, who oversees kingdoms of men or kingdoms of some creation.

Beatty: [00:58:59.04] And he became unrighteous. So the pattern that we see in the.

Beatty: [00:59:04.98] Bible is God starts over quite a bit.

Beatty: [00:59:09.13] It creates a new age. You have the age of Adam, and then you have no one. And he destroys all.

Beatty: [00:59:17.67] The age of man and starts over with no one.

Beatty: [00:59:20.73] Then they rise up. You have babble.

Beatty: [00:59:23.34] It creates languages, destroys that.

Beatty: [00:59:25.92] Then you have Abraham in Israel. And he starts over with the New Covenant and on and on. So we see these.

Beatty: [00:59:36.26] Patterns of kind of starting over, creating a new age.

Beatty: [00:59:39.53] So is it possible? That when.

Beatty: [00:59:44.08] Lucifer.

Beatty: [00:59:45.61] Before he was Satan.

Beatty: [00:59:46.96] Was in these positions, that.

Beatty: [00:59:49.27] There was another.

Beatty: [00:59:50.26] Age of earth. Hear me out on this. Again, this is conjecture, but if you look at Genesis one two. Let me read this to you and what it actually means.

Beatty: [01:00:02.39] The earth was without form and void.

Beatty: [01:00:05.48] And if you look at the Hebrew words for without form and void, it means chaos, utter destruction and ruin.

Speaker3: [01:00:12.68] Now.

Beatty: [01:00:13.70] Without any.

Beatty: [01:00:14.39] Purpose. In other words, God doesn’t create things in ruin and destruction and chaos, nor without purpose.

Beatty: [01:00:21.32] So He created the heavens and earth. But for some reason, when we pick up in.

Beatty: [01:00:25.79] Genesis, it’s all been destroyed.

Beatty: [01:00:28.61] Not a single mountain.

Beatty: [01:00:30.41] Is there because it says the whole earth was covered in water. And it.

Beatty: [01:00:33.74] Says that darkness.

Beatty: [01:00:35.03] Was over the deep of the earth. Darkness can either be use of the darkness of God’s mind in power and glory.

Beatty: [01:00:42.26] Or it can be used.

Beatty: [01:00:43.34] Of destruction and misery. It likely.

Beatty: [01:00:47.42] In this.

Beatty: [01:00:47.93] Sentence is used to destruction and misery. So what.

Beatty: [01:00:50.63] We see is there’s something that.

Beatty: [01:00:52.13] Happened between Genesis one one and Genesis one two. We conjecture this.

Beatty: [01:01:00.28] But there was probably another age. Where you have Lucifer and his angels, he turns unrighteous, destroys things. God comes in and says, okay.

Beatty: [01:01:13.38] Let’s start over, and he destroys the earth.

Beatty: [01:01:16.38] So then that’s Genesis one two. So the timeline.

Beatty: [01:01:21.42] If I were to draw this up.

Beatty: [01:01:25.23] Number one timeline, you have Genesis one one.

Beatty: [01:01:28.68] Which is creation of the cosmos.

Beatty: [01:01:35.19] Then the second part of the timeline, you have Lucifer.

Beatty: [01:01:38.82] And let’s call this an original age. We don’t know whether it’s the first or not. Then you have a destruction. Cool.

Beatty: [01:01:48.77] And now you have Genesis one two. The Earth is in chaos.

Beatty: [01:01:54.08] Utter destruction, ruin without purpose. And then you have.

Beatty: [01:02:01.88] The six days of creation. And this is creation.

Beatty: [01:02:09.80] I’m going to call it, of a new age.

Speaker3: [01:02:13.58] Creation or.

Beatty: [01:02:14.89] Not?

Beatty: [01:02:16.67] It’s a new age.

Beatty: [01:02:18.65] Of some age, right?

Beatty: [01:02:20.69] We don’t know which age. This is the age of man. And then man is created. How I want.

Beatty: [01:02:29.54] This is the part I’m leading up to.

Beatty: [01:02:32.07] Let’s go to Genesis two, verse seven.

Beatty: [01:02:41.77] Genesis two, verse seven. The question that we’re running trying to answer is how did send get there?

Beatty: [01:02:49.38] And it says, Then the Lord God formed the man of.

Beatty: [01:02:53.04] Dust from the ground.

Beatty: [01:02:57.04] And then in verse eight, it says in the Lord God planted a garden in Eden in the East, and he.

Beatty: [01:03:03.25] Put the man there. Adam was formed of the dust of the earth, not the dust of the garden.

Beatty: [01:03:15.59] If the dust of the earth, if the earth was.

Beatty: [01:03:17.78] Corrupted, already destroyed. Utter chaos.

Beatty: [01:03:21.89] Then his body, the.

Beatty: [01:03:23.72] Physical body, is made of corrupted earth dust.

Beatty: [01:03:29.05] Said is already.

Beatty: [01:03:30.76] In the earth.

Beatty: [01:03:31.99] We see in Romans eight.

Beatty: [01:03:35.33] Let’s look there real quick. Let me show this to you. Romans eight.

Beatty: [01:03:45.27] Starting in verse 18.

Beatty: [01:03:48.05] Let’s see. Now starting verse 20. Romans 824.

Beatty: [01:03:55.32] The creation was subjected to futility.

Beatty: [01:03:58.59] Not willingly, but because of him who subjected it and hope that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to decay. God doesn’t create things in decay. Something happened. Earth was it appears in destructive ruin. At the beginning of Genesis one two, before the six days of creation. Add in this made from that corrupted earth that has decay.

Beatty: [01:04:28.16] And that thing called.

Beatty: [01:04:29.36] Sin is reigning in man. And it says that Zen lie dormant until the commandment came.

Beatty: [01:04:40.27] Now, where’s the commandment? So we get Genesis one two. He’s in the dust.

Beatty: [01:04:45.04] Of the earth. This is man. And the rest of the earth is corrupted, as best I can discern from the Scriptures.

Beatty: [01:04:58.83] So then that is.

Beatty: [01:05:01.23] Adam, right? This is Adam. But Adam had not send yet. What happened that caused him to have sin counted against him.

Beatty: [01:05:19.62] Eight of something. Do you remember what the.

Beatty: [01:05:22.60] Name of that tree was that he ate?

Beatty: [01:05:26.38] The knowledge of good and evil.

Beatty: [01:05:29.20] Law is what determines good and evil. And the consequence. That’s actually the tree of law.

Beatty: [01:05:36.58] 28 of the.

Beatty: [01:05:37.81] Fruit of the tree of Law.

Beatty: [01:05:41.55] Be concerned lor and put lor in him.

Beatty: [01:05:45.15] Now lor has dominion over him.

Beatty: [01:05:48.39] And it says back in Romans that when the commandment came, sin came.

Beatty: [01:05:53.37] Alive. And then.

Beatty: [01:05:56.95] So what you have is in the body, this goes back to sin.

Beatty: [01:06:00.91] Is this thing in our body, our physical.

Beatty: [01:06:03.31] This was the.

Beatty: [01:06:03.85] Aha for me out of all of this is.

Beatty: [01:06:06.46] I always thought sin was.

Beatty: [01:06:07.66] It’s in our soul because it’s something we choose. That’s not what it is.

Beatty: [01:06:12.32] It was created already.

Beatty: [01:06:15.26] In Adam at Creation, because it’s the dust of the earth that corrupted dust, and it lay dormant.

Beatty: [01:06:21.98] Until the law.

Beatty: [01:06:23.84] Came. The law was in the garden. Once he ate of the fruit, ingested it. And now in the presence of the commandment. Sin comes alive. That’s what Paul is talking about.

Beatty: [01:06:39.14] Then we have Jesus.

Beatty: [01:06:41.33] He comes. In the form of sinless.

Beatty: [01:06:45.77] But without sin. So he had no.

Beatty: [01:06:47.60] Law.

Beatty: [01:06:48.32] That he was.

Beatty: [01:06:49.01] Under jurisdiction. That’s why he is sinless.

Beatty: [01:06:54.11] Then he is nailed to the cross the tree and the sin is put in him. And now he takes the sin of the world away. He’s then resurrected with a new body. That does not decay. So we are.

Beatty: [01:07:15.66] Born again, first, spiritually, with a new heart, new spirit. But we still have an old body.

Beatty: [01:07:23.74] That old body still has.

Beatty: [01:07:25.39] This thing called sin. That’s embedded in it that we’re in constant warfare on. But it’s not us. It’s not who I am. It’s a cancer that is in me. But it’s not me.

Beatty: [01:07:39.82] And until I have to struggle with that cancer. Until my body.

Beatty: [01:07:45.73] Dies and I’m resurrected with a new body, the same old body that’s now been removed spiritually. And now I have a body. A body without sin to match my spirit and soul is without sin. And now I am perfectly mature, Son of God. So I’ve got.

Beatty: [01:08:07.42] Three conclusions in all.

Beatty: [01:08:08.47] This. Number one, I want to read you just some little excerpts from a blog post from.

Beatty: [01:08:13.45] Evangelical.

Beatty: [01:08:14.35] Christian Church in Canada. They had a great comment on this. And I just want to read this to.

Beatty: [01:08:20.17] So only two of the instances of.

Beatty: [01:08:22.24] Sin and talking about enrollments or talking about the act of sin, the sinful behavior, the remaining 45 instances, sin abounded sin increase in aroused by the law, or talking about this thing of sin, the sickness or the cancer of sin. The thing of sin was the reason for the acts of sin. I thought that was really it’s the thing in us that caused us to do the acts. The problem was never sinful behavior. I thought this was another insightful. The problem was never sinful behavior.

Beatty: [01:08:56.87] Sinful behavior, which are the things.

Beatty: [01:08:59.06] That you do from time to time.

Beatty: [01:09:01.49] Is a symptom.

Beatty: [01:09:03.76] But the root cause and the root cause is there’s this thing called sin in. And that’s what the law exposes.

Beatty: [01:09:14.44] The problem was never sinful behavior. Central behavior is defined as the things.

Beatty: [01:09:21.96] You do from time to time. Those are merely a symptom of the actual problem. Think about cancer for a moment. I got cancer and I don’t turn over and crawl over in agony and pain. That’s not the problem. Rolling over and doubling over in pain is not the problem. It’s only the symptom of what the problem is. The sinful actions and behavior are only a symptom of what the problem is. The problem is this thing called sin. That’s in me.

Beatty: [01:09:59.18] Conclusion number two This is the biggest.

Beatty: [01:10:01.25] Conclusion I get out of this.

Beatty: [01:10:03.54] Sin is.

Beatty: [01:10:04.49] Not of, you.

Beatty: [01:10:05.72] Know, we’re talking about who are we in Christ, our identity, what we believe.

Beatty: [01:10:09.68] Determines what we do and how we live.

Beatty: [01:10:12.79] And if we believe that we’re center. Oh, you’re a sinner, say by grace.

Beatty: [01:10:17.55] Oh, I thought I was a saint. Well, that’s just the other side of the same coin. No, it’s not.

Beatty: [01:10:22.26] It says that when we believe in Jesus, we’re made a new creation.

Beatty: [01:10:27.36] We’re not just we don’t just flip over the same coin. We’re a new creation. We’re not a sinner. This is the key.

Beatty: [01:10:35.07] Sin is not a view. Sin is an entity that.

Beatty: [01:10:38.49] Dwells in you.

Beatty: [01:10:40.95] But it is not you.

Beatty: [01:10:43.61] It’s like that cancer. That cancer.

Beatty: [01:10:46.37] May cause.

Beatty: [01:10:46.91] You to double over in pain. It may cause you to throw up. But it’s not true. Your body is doing those actions, but you’re not intentionally doing it. The cancer is causing the body to do that.

Beatty: [01:11:03.99] And so when we said it’s.

Beatty: [01:11:06.60] Technically not our fault, yes, we do sin. But what Paul is saying is it’s not our fault. We’re made righteous. We’re no longer under law. It’s not counted against us. It’s not I who do it. It’s a sin that lives in me. That does it.

Beatty: [01:11:23.71] And so that’s the message.

Beatty: [01:11:26.29] That Paul keeps talking about. We can choose to send by an act of our will. This is where we’re still in that gray area. It’s not all fully what I call black and white, even though Paul makes it quite black and white in his descriptions.

Beatty: [01:11:43.13] But there’s still this aspect that we.

Beatty: [01:11:46.55] Still.

Beatty: [01:11:47.18] Sometimes choose to give in.

Beatty: [01:11:48.86] But the urge to give in is not originating from our will. That’s where I’m going. Or our.

Beatty: [01:11:55.37] Will may give.

Beatty: [01:11:56.63] In. The urge originates in the sin that dwells in our body.

Beatty: [01:12:02.99] I think I think the best way that I can describe what I think is going on.

Beatty: [01:12:07.43] Is.

Beatty: [01:12:08.60] My soul is not.

Beatty: [01:12:09.98] Initiating the desire to sin.

Beatty: [01:12:13.22] The picture that I get of this is if you think about.

Beatty: [01:12:16.25] Driving an old rusted out car. You’re driving it.

Beatty: [01:12:20.53] You’re going down the.

Beatty: [01:12:21.31] Road.

Beatty: [01:12:22.45] And it’s a two lane road. And as you’re driving down the left.

Beatty: [01:12:26.56] Front wheel just completely falls off. Your car swerves into the other lane and you hit head on with another car. Who’s at fault.

Beatty: [01:12:37.54] You did not intend to do it.

Beatty: [01:12:40.78] The car didn’t. It wasn’t you.

Beatty: [01:12:44.57] You don’t have to feel guilty. Oh, my gosh. I hit them. No, it.

Beatty: [01:12:48.29] Wasn’t your fault. The car did it.

Beatty: [01:12:52.19] That’s what I’m saying. This thing called sin. It’s not.

Beatty: [01:12:55.34] Your fault.

Beatty: [01:12:56.76] I think that’s the main message because there’s so much. I have a dear friend. It came up to me and he had just a really depressed day.

Beatty: [01:13:05.52] The day before. He battles with depression and.

Beatty: [01:13:08.52] He showed.

Beatty: [01:13:08.97] Me this poem that he wrote and it was all about how woe is me, I’m a dirty, rotten center and how wonderful is God’s grace.

Beatty: [01:13:20.13] To continue.

Beatty: [01:13:21.06] To forgive me for all my sins because I’m just a dirty, rotten center and I can’t wait to get through just this life of struggle.

Beatty: [01:13:29.31] Until I get home.

Beatty: [01:13:30.51] To be free. And that’s a deceived perspective of life. That’s where I’m going.

Beatty: [01:13:36.78] He thinks his.

Beatty: [01:13:37.74] Son is originating by him, and therefore he’s at fault. But this whole passage of Romans is saying, you’re not at fault. The battle is not us. That’s where I’m going. The battle is not us.

Beatty: [01:13:51.33] It’s this thing in us.

Beatty: [01:13:52.92] The last thing I want to cover is you are not the problem. Is the sense in you that is the problem. And this is where we started.

Beatty: [01:14:03.73] If you don’t know who your enemy.

Beatty: [01:14:05.26] Is, you’ll never win the battle. The whole description of it’s a battle. We still battle sin, but we’re not battling sin in our heart.

Beatty: [01:14:15.45] It’s of me. That’s not it. We’re battling this.

Beatty: [01:14:18.30] Entity that is in us.

Beatty: [01:14:20.31] That’s built in us from.

Beatty: [01:14:21.81] The corrupted dust of the earth. And it’s a constant battle that we try to put to death. We try to kill it. We’re always battling it, but it’s not us. And here’s just a simple last thing I want to share is.

Beatty: [01:14:37.16] Imagine the scenario.

Beatty: [01:14:38.93] A friend.

Beatty: [01:14:39.59] Is at your.

Beatty: [01:14:39.98] House and throws up on your sofa. Totally ruins it. Like our sofa. Nice white soap.

Beatty: [01:14:47.83] And then think about.

Beatty: [01:14:50.17] What’s your response? How do you respond to it? Well, it depends on.

Beatty: [01:14:55.87] There are two scenarios. Scenario number one, your friend is sitting there and just leans over.

Beatty: [01:15:02.32] Sticks his fingers mouthing ow, and he throws up on it. You don’t get pretty ticked off at them.

Beatty: [01:15:08.95] Because he did.

Beatty: [01:15:09.70] It on purpose.

Beatty: [01:15:11.90] Scenario number two, your friend is sitting there, he’s got.

Beatty: [01:15:15.14] Stomach cancer and.

Beatty: [01:15:17.39] He’s talking. All of a sudden he just.

Beatty: [01:15:19.10] Bends over in pain and shits all over the sofa.

Beatty: [01:15:23.18] It’s the same.

Beatty: [01:15:24.08] Action. One was on purpose. And you can’t stand your friend. The other was a total accident because of something he never intended to do. And you have great compassion and love for.

Speaker3: [01:15:36.91] This White House. Right.

Beatty: [01:15:40.17] Like you stumble and fall. You don’t intend to fall. There’s something there.

Speaker3: [01:15:45.46] You didn’t.

Beatty: [01:15:45.82] See it. And so when we. When we. And that’s a good way to end up this thing called sin that’s in.

Beatty: [01:15:52.60] Us causes us to stumble.

Beatty: [01:15:55.65] When we.

Beatty: [01:15:56.31] Stumble. It’s not our fault.

Beatty: [01:16:00.31] We still have to battle it. We still have to pay the.

Beatty: [01:16:04.31] Consequence of it, but it’s not our fault.

Beatty: [01:16:07.13] So what happens a lot of.

Beatty: [01:16:08.39] Times.

Beatty: [01:16:09.05] Is we’ll have just a day or something and we.

Beatty: [01:16:12.35] Do some things we shouldn’t do we don’t want to do.

Beatty: [01:16:15.02] And now we try to go into our time with devotion.

Beatty: [01:16:17.36] Time with the Lord and say, I just can’t get there because there’s a separation. Oh, my gosh, I’m embarrassed. I just did this horrible thing and how can I come before Holy God? You know what I’m talking about. God doesn’t see it that way. God sees it like you’re on his sofa and you just barfed on it because the cancer he rats his arms around. You said, Hey, I know it wasn’t you who did that. I love you. Your heart is clean. I’ve already given you a new heart. And my law put on it and put my laws in your mind. It wasn’t you. I understand. I still love you.

Beatty: [01:16:52.86] And so even when you come through a time of stumbling.

Beatty: [01:16:57.06] I love that description. You stumble because the saying of sin pulls you down. There is no separation between you and the Lord. And what I’m trying to really get to is to clarify that there’s a difference between you being at fault for your sin versus you being responsible for your sin. And I think this is what Paul is talking about.

Beatty: [01:17:22.35] When he says.

Beatty: [01:17:23.61] It’s no longer I who do it.

Beatty: [01:17:25.80] It’s the sin that dwells in me.

Beatty: [01:17:28.47] What he’s saying is I’m not at fault. Yes, I am responsible. It’s my body. And this is why he says, you know, do not sin, write, do not continue to send because it’s you that allows the sin within you to actually take over and to do that what you don’t want to do. So probably the best way to describe what I’m trying to say with all this is if you go back to your friend that has cancer, okay.

Beatty: [01:17:59.01] So he comes over to your house, he sits on.

Beatty: [01:18:01.32] Your sofa, he’s got stage four stomach cancer, and all of a sudden he just bends over double and in pain and he throws up on your sofa and it destroys your sofa. It’s not his fault he didn’t do it. It was the cancer within him. But he is still responsible for those actions. And I think that’s what I’m trying to describe. He’s not at fault. You can still look at your friend with great compassion and not be upset at him because it wasn’t his fault. But he is still responsible for the actions that happen and he still has to buy you a new sofa. But he’s not at fault. That’s what I’m trying to describe. That’s what all of this is talking about. The sin that’s in us is what dwells in us. It’s not coming from us. It’s not our heart. It’s not that we send because we’re dirty, rotten center and we have to go through life thinking I’m just a dirty, rotten center. And how could the Lord ever love me? Rather, it’s. I am made righteous in God’s sight. This thing called sin dwells within me because it’s still part of the old part of who I used to be. My physical body made of the corrupted earth. But when I said it’s no longer I who do it, it’s no longer my fault. It’s this sin, this cancer that’s within me. I’m still responsible, but it’s not my fault. And I think that’s what I’m trying to make sense with all this.