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The topic is Heaven First, Earth Second.  This is Part 2 of a fascinating walk through parts of the old and new testaments as I share a pattern most people miss … and which I believe have great application for us as believers.  In a single sentence it’s this:  everything God does on earth was first already done in heaven before it was manifested on earth.

Understanding this patten will have tremendous impact as you live out your Christian life and step out by “radical” faith in serving the Lord.

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[00:00:01] Hey, guys, I’m so excited you’re doing this. This is Penny and I’m here with Beatty again for another episode of Get Sellers Calling You.  Beatty is CEO of MasterGrabber, and the creator of Agent Dominator, one of our top marketing experts in the real estate deal in play, baby, I believe we’re going to be continuing our conversation. So part two of a radical call we had last week, is that correct?

[00:00:28] That is correct. Last week we were talking about heaven first, earth second, and last week last time, depending on what sequences podcasts come out in. And so today we’re going to continue that. Also for those just as a reminder, we do two types of trainings with and teachings with gets others calling you. One is specifically focused on real estate marketing. And that’s not what today’s call is about. The other one is walking by faith as a Christian. So if you don’t want that topic, the disconnect, this podcast for this session.

[00:01:03] So let me catch us up to where we were last time. So we were talking about throughout scripture as we start to see the understanding that things are done first in heaven before they’re done on earth. Okay. Jesus said I only do the things I see my father doing in heaven. Which means that every miracle he did from turning the water to wine, giving eyes to a blind man, sight to a blind man, or even raising Lazarus from the dead. All of those were accomplished first by his father in heaven before they are accomplished by Jesus on Earth. Jesus taught his disciples to pray. My father, who art in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come.

[00:01:51] Your will be done on earth, as it has already been done in heaven. So we see this throughout scripture. Now, the we ended the session last time. We’re starting to talk about the implication of understanding this once we understand that the good works have been created beforehand, that they’re received by faith or manifested by faith, that Jesus in full authority was able to manifest all good things that the father had done into the earthly realm.

[00:02:28] We even though we sit on the throne with Christ in heavenly places right now, we don’t have quite the same level of translation from the heavenly room to the earthly room as he does. So there is a gradient there. And that’s really where I want to start talking about today. And picking up is understanding of the implication and kind of a little bit further what’s going on? And how do we start to use this understanding to actually walk in our daily life by faith? So that’s where we’re going. Are you ready? I am. OK. So first, I need to establish a conceptual understanding with an another reason why there is always this conflict between walking by the spirit versus walking by the flesh, walking by faith versus walking by sight. There is you know, every time you read through the scripture, there’s always this conflict in this conflict because of one thing. We alluded to it last time on the last session, we talk about the spiritual realm actually overrides and empowers the physical realm that the physical the spiritual realm controls, in essence, what happens in the physical realm. And the reason for that is there’s an understanding of truth versus reality. And this is truth with a capital T. It says in John in the beginning was the word. The word was with God. The word was God. And at the word became flesh and dwelt among us. It also says John, 17, Jesus is praying for what we call the high priestly prayer. He’s praying for his disciples before he is betrayed and crucified. And in that prayer, he says to his father, Your word is truth. And so what he what we’re finding is that God’s word is truth. And truth is absolute. Reality is not absolute.

[00:04:42] Because God’s truth overcomes reality. And so whenever we look at scriptures and we’re trying to walk by faith, live our life by faith. Faith is rooted. First and foremost, in truth. OK. And therefore, in God’s word and what we see in the flesh. What we see and consider reality is not always truth, because truth will change that. So that’s what kind of going go a little bit on this, some kind of dancing around the subject until I get there. But that’s ultimately where we want to go. So I want to talk about this truth versus reality. I want to talk about living in the spirit versus living in the flesh. If when we live in the spirit, having the heavenly truths become earthly realities in our lives. And I want to give a little analogy on this. And I want to talk real quickly about the laws of One Nation versus the laws of another nation. I want to see if this makes sense. It’s kind of a I’ve been struggling with how to kind of articulate this in words. But if you live in the United States and you operate under the laws of the United States, if you live in Russia, then you operate on the laws.

[00:06:09] Russia makes sense so far. Right? OK. So then as it relates to spiritual things, we can live in the spirit or we can live in the flesh. And wherever we live determines the laws that we operate under. If we live in the spirit, then we operate under the spiritual laws and God spiritual truths. And if we live in the flesh, we operate under physical laws and its consequences. Is that making sense so far, are you following me? Yeah. OK. But then it goes a little bit deeper. If we’re an American living in the United States and we have great privileges, we have rights under which we operate and none of which were protected. But if we’re an American living in Russia, we have none of those rights and none of those privileges and none of those protections, because at that point, if we’re living in Russia, we’re at the mercy and the whim of the Russian government because they control the laws.

[00:07:16] Follow me. So this is kind of now moving into we’re spiritual beings.

[00:07:26] But we choose to live in a foreign land, in the physical. OK. When we live by the flesh, rather, then bye bye bye, spirit. Then when we live by the flesh, even though we’re spiritual beings and we actually had the laws in this case like the United States, and but we choose to live in Russia. Then we lose that authority that we have from the spirit. By living in the flesh versus living in the spirit and only way to be. Only way to have the privileges, the rights, the benefits of the laws of the United States is to live in the United States as a as an American. The only way to have the privilege is the rights, the benefits of the laws of this spiritual of the heavenly room is to be living in by the spirit and not by the flesh. So that some that’s kind of the context, the framework. So I want to show you a point of illustration with this. And I want to go back to Peter walking on the water that we’ve talked about a couple of times. But Matthew, 14, you don’t have to go there. I just want to talk about for a moment. OK, so what happened is this. You know, Jesus walking on the water, Peter says that you can pay me to come. Jesus, come on. And so as long as Peter operated in the spirit, lived in the spirit, we want to call it, had his mind focused on the things of the spirit, as Paul talks about, by keeping his eyes on Jesus. When he kept his eyes on Jesus, he essentially saw from God’s perspective, that’s basically what faith is. Faith is conforming to the image of God. You know, essentially it’s seen everything from God’s perspective. Then as long as he saw from God’s perspective what happened when he stepped out of the boat.

[00:09:15] He was able to walk on the water. Yes.

[00:09:19] Was that walking on the water? A good work that God had already prepared for, Peter?

[00:09:26] Yeah. Okay, so we can say as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus had the perspective of God then. Heavenly truth became his earthly reality. Well, okay. But then something changed. He made a conscious decision unknowingly to him to take his eyes off of Jesus, and it says that he put his eyes on the wind. He looked at the wind. So let me give you a kind of picture of this. Just set the stage because this is what happens in our lives. This was in a calm sea. You know, when we see Peter Jesus walking on the water in movies and stuff like that, it’s always kind of calm water. But it says this. It says that Jesus sent his disciples to go across the lake in the boat. Jesus went up on top of the mountain to pray. And then in the early morning, just before sunrise is starting to get dawn.

[00:10:31] It said that they were rowing hard against the wind and only made it a few miles.

[00:10:37] So here you have all these young strong men rowing at the oars and the wind was so strong that after hours and hours, they’d only made it a few miles.

[00:10:51] So the wind is against them, and when you have wind at that level, you have really big waves and you have whitecaps on those waves. And it’s not a calm water is really rough. Are you following this picture?

[00:11:05] Yeah. So that’s the environment in which Peter steps out of the boat. Not, you know, some nice little calm like this is very windy. They’re struggling at the oars. That boat is going up and down in the swells.

[00:11:21] And Peter steps out and initially with great boldness and faith, he’s looking at Jesus and he’s going, this is cool. I’m walking on water.

[00:11:33] And then it says he looked at the wind because this wind is howling. And as soon as he looked at the wind, he stopped seeing from God’s perspective. And he starts seeing from the earthly perspective of what the earthly reality is, what his eyes are telling him. The earthly reality is and as soon as he sees with his physical eyes and looks at the earthly reality, it changes his thinking from the spirit to the flesh. And what happened at that moment?

[00:12:09] He is sunk. That’s right. And so we learned some things here. It’s our focus.

[00:12:22] That helps us walk by faith or walk by sight. It’s our focus that if we are disciplined to focus on what’s hard, to focus on the spiritual reality, we get the spiritual truths that God has promised. But as soon as we take our eyes off of the spiritual truths and onto the physical realities with our naturalize, then we become afraid. And that’s where we get the outcome of the natural laws. Okay. And so understanding this time, disconnect. We start to understand this spiritual reality a little bit more kind of what goes on there, and and it helps us to understand if if if Peter understood this more at that moment. He would have kept his eyes on Jesus and kept his eyes focused from God’s perspective. Hey, this one’s no big deal because God, God rules it all. I won’t keep my eyes on God’s word. The word is Jesus, right? Someone keep my eyes on God’s word, which is absolute truth. And absolute truth overcomes reality. But as soon as I start focusing on absolute truth and I focus on reality, then truth stops overcoming reality and the physical laws and take over. So that’s kind of what’s going on. So I now want to shift into this whole understanding of of this reality, of keeping our focus there. There’s a lot of questions that start to arise, that there’s belief, there’s faith. There’s a number of different things I don’t want to make. See if I can tie this in real quick when we understand that all good things have already been given to us. This what it says, and I patience as well. It says that God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.

[00:14:23] You remember that ring through. OK, so all good things have already been given to us as spiritual blessings. In heavenly places and therefore, when we pray according to God’s will. We know it’s God’s will and we pray for God’s will to then happen to here on Earth. Then as we pray in his will by the authority of Jesus, we know that we will have what we prayed for because it’s already been given us in heaven and now it’s just a matter of it now being manifested on earth. This is kind of what happened with Abraham. Abraham did not know the timing. But he knew the outcome. And because he did not know the timing, but he knew the outcome, he was still able to walk by faith. Absolutely. And confidently trusting the Lord for the outcome because it was a done deal. Because God said it. And it was absolute truth, and that’s what Abraham was was believing in. So even though there’s time may be disconnected between heaven and earth. We know the outcome. We may just not know the timing. And I think a lot of times the timing is both designed by Lord and also to some degree based on how we operate. I think about, you know, going out and heal people. OK. I pray for someone for healing. God heals him. Was it just God’s timing for them to be healed today when I pray for him? Or is it possible, guys? Timing was a long time ago. But for whatever reason, it happened today, because maybe, you know you know, that’s when those mysteries I still don’t understand. But you know what I’m talking about on that, right?

[00:16:25] Yes, absolutely.

[00:16:28] So. So there is this thing called belief. Belief is tied to faith. Belief and faith are not the same. And you know, Jesus says pray, believing that you have received and will be yours. James says, if we know you know, if if if we’re if we pray according to God’s will. Then we can have assurance that it will be done, that he’ll hear us and that he’ll do it.

[00:16:55] And so a lot of times we say, I pray, but I don’t see it. What’s going on? I believe. I believe with all my heart. I think even Bill Johnson said, you know, with his father was was dying. And I believed that God was gone. Hillerman. God didn’t. And if you start to question the guy that wrote the song God of Miracles, you know the backstory, if you’ve heard that that song, I think it’s called God’s Miracles. Do you know which one I’m talking about?

[00:17:27] Yes, I do.

[00:17:29] You know, the backstory is they had a young child and he and the baby died and they believe God was gonna heal. And yet the baby didn’t get heal. And so what’s going on with this belief that sometimes we believe and yet God doesn’t respond to our belief? Have you ever had that those thoughts trying to figure that out?

[00:17:53] Absolutely. Yes. OK.

[00:17:57] I want to touch on that and shed some light on belief in authority. OK. So the ability to pray in a name and the authority of Jesus only comes with belief. And Jesus teaches us throughout scripture. If you say to this mountain, be taken up and cast into the sea. And do not doubt but believe it will happen or another time, he says whatever you pray for, believe that you’ve received it. And then they’ll be yours. Or he also says all things are possible to him, believes. So we see this throughout scripture, right? So. We have this belief, but there’s also this constant misunderstanding of authority that the authority to effect change comes from the Lord and in so belief in authority, some point it’s inseparable. But without you know, without belief, there is no authority. But they’re not the same. We have no authority without belief to implement God’s will on Earth. So belief is part of the authority that we’ve been given. And so I want to talk about the three elements at play when we talk about belief. Those elements are faith, understanding and belief. They’re all tied together, saw like God is the father, son and Holy Spirit, all three separate, but yet all one faith, understanding and belief for all three separate. But yet they all kind of tie together into one. So I want to go back to some versus real quick. So pull your Bible out and let’s first talk about faith. First, I want to test to see if, you know, where does faith come from? Remember what the Bible says?

[00:19:49] Oh, gosh.

[00:19:51] Well, it was first mentioned with Abraham. Right.

[00:20:00] It comes from God. He’s been the leader of all things. They created it.

[00:20:05] That’s right. So they come from God. So let’s see where it says it in scripture. Turn to Romans 10:17.

[00:20:17] Ok. All right, cool. Yeah. Read it.

[00:20:22] So faith comes from hearing that all hearing the good news about crime.

[00:20:28] Ok. Yours is a little bit looser. Translation A tighter translation says Faith comes from hearing and hearing by the word of Christ. And I want to use this translation a little bit better because it’s a little bit more specific. OK. Earlier on. And this is where I was talking about in the last session. If you haven’t listened to the foundational training I’ve done on what is faith and getting out of the boat, you really need to go back to those because we talk I talk about there’s a Greek word that’s been translated here called word, but there are several Greek words that are used. They are translated into the English word word. And in a very loose term, the one that I want to focus on here is the Greek word called Raimo. It’s ah h A.M.A.. Now, if you’re a Greek scholar, you’re going to disagree with me because there’s all kinds of ways to interpret Raimo. I get that. But generally speaking, as it relates to walking by face, easy, simplistic definition of the word, Raimo, is a specific word to you from the gut, from the Lord.

[00:21:42] Okay. When Peter asked Jesus if that’s you command me to come out and walk on the water. And Jesus said, come on. That was a Raymer. A word from the Lord to Peter. And so as long as he acted on it, he walked on water. But if the other disciples jumped out of the boat to walk on the water, they may not have been able to walk on water because the word wasn’t for them. So the first thing we understand here in Romans 10:17, that faith comes from that word of the lord that’s spoken directly to us. Is that making sense? Okay, so this is God’s truth. God’s direction, God’s command. When God told Abraham, you are the father of a multitude of nations, that was God’s word to Abraham. And it says that Abraham believed and righteousness was reckoned to him because of. That faith in believing God’s word. But then we have faith comes from hearing the word of Christ. The next question is how much faith do we get? So turn to Romans 12 3 and tell me what Romans 12:03 says.

[00:23:00] All right. 12 verse 3, 4 by the grace given to me, I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment. Each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned.

[00:23:19] H according to the measure of faith that God has assigned. So we’ve all been assigned a specific amount of faith, a specific measure, is that correct?

[00:23:34] Well, that’s what it would appear according to that scripture.

[00:23:37] That’s what it would appear. And I think that’s what it actually means. And so how do you increase your faith if you’ve only been given a certain measure of faith? That’s a conflicting question in it. OK, so let’s bring some light to that. So here’s what I’ve understood, I was asking the Lord this and he gave me this vision with this image in my mind, and it kind of comes with the full download of all the information. And basically what this vision was, this image, is that faith is simply the connecting point between God and man. It’s a.. It’s a.. How can I say it some if the presence of faith, not the amount of faith. And I think this is what Jesus is teaching his disciples when they come to him, says increase our faith. And so Jesuses responses, and this is in Luke, 17. He said, well, if he had faith like a grain of a mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, be uprooted and planted in the sea and it would obey you. But Jesus a saying it’s not how much faith he has. It’s just the presence of faith. The fact that you have faith. Even the grain of a mustard seed, the smallest garden seed there is. Right. Really in that area for sure. And he said, if you just have the presence of faith, then you can say to this mulberry tree, be uprooted and planted in the sea and it will be you. So it’s not how much faith you have, but simply that you have faith. So that’s the first part of this trilogy of faith, understanding and belief. The next step is. What does state allow us to do so?

[00:25:34] Turn to elevons Hebrew 11:03 and read that?

[00:25:43] All right. Hebrews eleven verse three says, by faith, we understand that the universe was created by the word of God so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible by faith.

[00:26:00] We understand. What is seen is not made by things that are visible but invisible. So what faith allows us to do is understand.

[00:26:16] Okay. Yeah.

[00:26:18] And once we understand the spiritual truths. That we understand by faith, then we can now more likely operate within those spiritual truths. And but faith and understanding are not enough. So this is where belief comes in. OK, so the third thing is belief. Belief is what we do with faith. Belief is what we do with the understanding that we have by faith. OK. And so back to that example with Jesus and Mark, where he says, if you say to this mountain, be taken up and cast in the sea and believe it will happen, it will happen, or when we pray and ask, we are to believe that we’ve received or all things are possible to him who believes all of these require an element of belief. Belief comes from understanding, which comes from faith. So this is why it’s all tied together. But each of them are separate components. And one way to kind of understand this, and it is important to understand, because more we understand than the more we can operate in. So this is actually the image, the vision that the Lord gave me when I was asking what’s the difference between police and faith? And he gave me an image of a conduit, a conduit as a pipe connecting God with man. Or you can say connecting the heavenly room with the earthly room. But we’ll keep it. God and man, because our relationship is God to us. So imagine that you have a pipe through which things flow, right. And that pipe is connected between God in heaven and you here on earth.

[00:28:12] The presence of that pipe is faith. The size of the pipe is belief.

[00:28:21] So the bigger the pipe is, the more stuff can flow from God to you. Does that make sense? OK, so what we want to do is we want more belief because that’s the amount that we believe. To the degree that we believe is the degree that that pipe is bigger and allows more of those blessings and more at the heavenly truths to then come to earth as physical realities. As earthly realities. So some people live and operate with a pipe connecting them to God. The size of a coffee straw.

[00:29:06] Others operate with that Piper belief. The size of a I.C. straw or a milkshake type of straw. Others operate with straw, you know, with a pipe the size of a garden hose and others operate with a pipe the size of a firehose and others operate with a pipe that’s even larger.

[00:29:27] Once we have faith that’s been apportioned to us, that’s this that’s the connecting point between us and God. Everything else is the size of the pipe that determines how much of all the spiritual blessings that God has already given us in the heavenly room actually then flow through it into the earthly realm. Is this making sense?

[00:29:50] Okay. So then if we think about Peter walking on the water again and I apologize if I overuse this illustration, it’s just the most perfect illustration because it is the identical situation. Two completely different outcomes entirely based on what Peter did, walking by faith, walking by sight.

[00:30:13] So we could say, in essence, that as long as he’s kept his eyes on Jesus. Then he kept his eyes focused on God’s truth and that type of his faith was really big and the miraculous power of walking on the water came about.

[00:30:34] But once he took his eyes off of Jesus and put his eyes on the win, then that pipe instantly constricted.

[00:30:43] It just dried up. It was still there, but it constricted.

[00:30:47] And now the miraculous power could not flow through. And so he got his reality became a natural reality rather than a heavenly reality.

[00:31:00] And this is some even Jesus confirms this, right?

[00:31:05] You know, Peter, praise and God answers his prayer. He prays. Lord, help me. I’m thinking.

[00:31:13] And God answers his prayer, Jesus reaches down and grab him and keeps him from sinking, and then Jesus rebukes him and says You of little faith. Why did you doubt? There was the doubt that causes the pipe to constrict. James says, but not the one who asked. And doubts expect to receive anything from the Lord. So that doubt constricts this pipe. If we want to use that analogy. So how does all of this apply to heaven first or second?

[00:31:48] Okay. Our authority in Christ.

[00:31:56] Is to operate in the authority that we have in Christ to when he says, I’m giving you the keys to the kingdom of heaven, whatever you find on earth shall have been down in heaven, whatever you loose on earth, sharp and loose in heaven and all these other things, this authority is taken by faith, by operating in the spirit. But we have to understand, we have the authority and then we have to believe that we have the authority in order to operate, operate. The greater our belief, the greater the authority. When I go out and pray for people, when I go out there and boldly say God’s about to heal you today, you realize that when I’m confident and actually believe it, I see more healings than when I go up and say, you know, I hope God’s going to heal you. I really don’t know. OK. So when I operate in belief, that belief is rooted in my understanding of the scripture, which is illumine to me and interpret to me and opened to me by faith. OK. That’s the connection. Then the more I operate, I believe the more that happens. So the only way to believe is to understand. The only way to understand is by faith.

[00:33:07] And it’s not simply saying this is the key. We can’t say I pray and ask in the name and authority of Jesus. Okay. I can’t say, well, I really believe it. Okay. Because if you try to believe you don’t believe this is the key about faith and belief. If you try to believe, if you will yourself to believe, if you have to get pumped up and really get psyched up to believe, then you don’t believe. Because belief is intrinsic in truth. I don’t have to will myself to believe that if I am holding my phone and let it go, there is going to hit the ground. I don’t have to will myself or psych myself up to believe that gravity exists. I absolutely know it exists. There is absolutely no doubt it is a belief beyond anything else, that’s the belief that we have to have in God’s truth. Once we had to force ourselves to believe that’s an indication that you don’t. So if you find yourself trying to believe or if you find yourself trying to, will yourself to believe. Then you really don’t believe, you really don’t believe and you’re merely deceiving yourself, and that’s why we can pray. Lord, I believe I believe in why did it happen? You really didn’t believe.

[00:34:43] And here’s another really. You know, it’s a basic premise of all this, but it’s an underlying foundational premise. Faith comes from hearing the word of Christ, that word of truth spoken specifically for you, which means it is yours already. Faith is the assurance that things hope for the conviction of things not seen Hebrews on one another. Translation says Faith is the title deed. You actually own that title deed. That title deeds can only be given to you by the Lord, which means that true belief. Is your understanding by faith of what is already years because it originates from the Lord. So if you pray and believe and it did not occur. Then one of two things occurred. You didn’t really believe Bolly. One thing occurred. You didn’t really believe and you didn’t really believe either because you try to wheel yourself to a truth that actually existed, but you really didn’t believe it or you were believing a lie because there was no truth backing it up. Because true belief comes from understanding true faith which comes from the truth. Did I confuse you on that? As I might? Is this making snow?

[00:36:09] Yeah, it does. Naturally does.

[00:36:12] Okay. So. So that’s kind of how all this work. One final rambling summation. Okay. And then we’ll wrap this up. Understanding who we are in Christ and then living out that belief is really the essence of living in the spirit. It’s living in the spirit, it’s going to tap into the spiritual laws that govern the physical laws. This is kind of, you know, what we are talking about, the nations, whichever nation you live in, determines the laws you operate under. Okay. I won’t operate on the spiritual laws of I’m living in the spirit. I’m one operator. And the physical laws if I’m living by by the flesh. And so that’s kind of the summation of all of this. It’s not that something happens miraculously because of how we operate. It’s how we operate causes God’s will that’s already been done and in heaven to then manifest itself in earth because we operate by faith through understanding it with our belief, because we’re operating from the spirit, seeing things from God’s perspective rather than from the flesh. Seeing things from man’s perspective. It’s so hard because we still want to revert back to the flash because that’s where eyes tell us. That’s where all the people tell us how you’re crazy. How in the world, you know, men, you’re stupid if you think you know God’s gonna do that or you better wise not, there is no way you can manage it financially. You got too many expenses for the money you have in your trust in God. You’re giving more money away. That’s crazy. The devil’s gonna try to take God’s gifts from you. But God says if he’s told you, trust me, my word is truth.

[00:38:01] Stop looking in the natural and look in the spirit, because everything we go through, this is also kind of another summation of all this. I remember talking with my son. He at the time, he is twenty one. To tell you something about my son. Okay. So hopefully by now, if you’ve been listening to this, you know, there’s the objectively. I love the Lord. I understand a lot of this. I sit at my son’s feet to learn because of how much more he really understands than I do. And we were talking about some difficult times that we were going through. And he made a really simple statement. For him, it’s like, oh, yeah. Don’t forget, it’s just boom. But it really caught me by surprise and really clarified some things. I want to make that statement here because it kind of wraps all of this up. He said this remember, the battle is won in the spiritual before it’s won in a natural. All these issues you’re going through. The solution is first in the spirit and not in the flesh. It’s first in the heavenly realm and not in the earthly realm. It’s first heaven first and then earth second. And only way you’re gonna make it through. The only way you’re going to see God work is first conform to the heavenly room and then by conforming and the heavenly room and claiming it and having it there, then believing it by faith. And then it happens in the earthly room. If you leave the heavenly realm out, then you’ve already lost the battle because that’s words.

[00:39:54] And I go, yeah, that’s great.

[00:39:59] So. Any thoughts or questions?

[00:40:04] Wow, just so thankful that.

[00:40:09] It’s a great place to end, I think, just knowing that it’s already one and just believing that it’s already one. It truly is that battlefield of the mind, you know, believing, having faith. I really like the part about the mustard seed size of your faith. And just I hadn’t thought about that get through that way before. You know, that everyone has a measure of faith or a degree of faith. And it’s not the size that’s important. It’s the fact that you have it.

[00:40:38] And I love that. I love that.

[00:40:41] It was a really good sort of an eye opening moment for me regarding that scripture. Good.

[00:40:48] Yeah. It’s a battle of mine. One final comment. Effusions 6 says that we were not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces and the spiritual forces. It’s all in the mind of God. And that’s why this is. It’s a mind game. It’s the mind set on the spirit. His life and peace.

[00:41:14] Yes.

[00:41:15] All right. Well, I think this is a good start to wrap up.

[00:41:18] So this was great. Thank you so much, baby. Just for the time and effort that you put into this call today. And I know that it’s really going to bless all of our listeners and I really enjoyed it. I think it’s a great way to grow and just be challenged in my faith. And I appreciate it very much.

[00:41:34] Well, you’re very welcome. And hope everyone else out there is able to take it, apply it and and really see God do a lot more in your life because there’s a lot more that he’s got. All those spiritual blessings are years waiting for you to loose them on to Earth. Second, all right.

[00:41:56] Awesome. Well, thank you so much. And until the next time.

[00:42:00] Yes. By.