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[00:00:06] I’m so glad you joined us. For those of you who don’t remember me, my name is Penny. And welcome. Welcome to this next session of get sellers calling you Beatty Carmichael. Beatty is the CEO of Master Grabber, the creator of Agent Dominator and one of the top marketing expert in the real estate field. Beatty, I’m super excited. I know you always have something great for us today. What are we going to be discussing today?

[00:00:31] Well, today we’re back on another radical safe’s topic, which means that this has nothing to do with real estate marketing and everything to do with living boldly as a Christian. So if you’re not interested in that topic, feel free to turn this episode off and wait for the next one. But that’s what we’re going to be talking about today.

[00:00:52] Great. Super excited.

[00:00:55] Yes. And so in continuation from the last radical faith call, we’re on a short series. When bad things happen, is it God’s will? And today, we’re gonna be talking part to kind of this sub topic on this is going through dark times. Have you ever gone through dark times in your Christian life?

[00:01:16] Yes. OK. I want to remember, actually. Yeah, I think.

[00:01:22] I think it’s part of the process that God that the Lord uses both for us and for accomplishing his will. And a lot of times it’s hard to really discern what’s going on. So I want to go back to kind of the core question that I asked you last time. You said that God is sovereign and that he is in control. So the question is, if God is sovereign in control and does that mean that everything that happens is his will?

[00:01:54] And do we blame him for it? Right. So that’s one of those questions that we all wrestle with and we talk about. There are basically four things that could be going on. Number one, when bad things happen, we really have to understand first what is bad. Okay. Bad is bad if its source is evil and the outcome is evil. Right.

[00:02:17] And that can happen. And I think a lot of the real heartaches that we go through in life may actually have its roots there. We’re going to talk about that on the next session. Then last session, we talked about how God directs our steps and we have the freedom to freewill, to use your terminology, to disregard his direction and place our foot down where we want to is or where he wants to. And when that happens, it says that we stumble. And so sometimes when bad things happen, it could simply be a consequence of us simply not following the Lord’s direction. Okay.

[00:03:04] And so I would call that not bad, but just consequence and probably inconvenient more than anything else. Another thing that happens when things are bad is they’re actually directed by God because we have sinned and he’s bringing discipline into our life. So it feels bad, but the outcome is good. And then the last thing that happens when things feel bad is when the source is a lord and it’s all for our good and even discipline is for our good. But it but in this case, it’s all for our destiny or for the Lord is leading us. So it feels bad. It seems dark. But if we could see from God’s perspective, it’s really an amazing journey. And that’s what I want to talk about today. So we ready?

[00:03:58] Was great.

[00:04:00] Ok. So we’re going to if we can wrap it all in quickly, we’re going to talk about two stories. Two people, actually, more than two people. But their stories are known by the people are the story of Joseph. And the story of Esther. And I’m assuming you know both of those stories, right?

[00:04:17] Yes. Great story.

[00:04:20] All right. So let’s see how well you know it. Now he’s now is gone by. Alicia, details. How old was Joseph when he went out to find his brothers in the field?

[00:04:36] Later, I want to say sixteen or seven. Yeah.

[00:04:40] Good. Seventeen. So that’s going to tie into this. So let me give you just a little background. And I’m going to just kind of read from the Bible and skip around a lot. Normally, I’d like to read, but this this kind of story forms. I want to tie it together.

[00:04:59] So this starts in Genesis, Genesis 37. And for the most part, if you don’t recognize some of this verbiage is coming from the living Bible, which makes things sometimes a little bit easier. And it starts like this. Joseph’s brothers, of course, noticed their father’s partiality and consequently hated Joseph, okay.

[00:05:22] They couldn’t say a kind word to him one night. Joseph had a dream and promptly reported the details. His brother’s causing even deeper hatred. Listen to this. He announced we were out in the field binding cheese, and my chief stood up and you’re she’s all gather round me and bowed low before it. So the brother said, So you want to be our king, do you? And they hated him, both for the dream and his cocky attitude. So here’s a question for you.

[00:05:49] Did Joseph, do you think, grow up in a loving family? Yeah. With his brothers hating him the whole time.

[00:05:59] Now that a loving family. No, no. Okay.

[00:06:06] So his father loved him. Yes. But his brothers hated him. It says three times that they hated him, they hated him. They hated him.

[00:06:14] So can you imagine living in an environment where your closest relatives are all hating you?

[00:06:21] I cannot. Would you call that good or bad?

[00:06:26] Bad? Yeah, I would think so, too. So then we read a little bit long further. So now Joseph is 17 years old, his father, Israel. Okay. So just give you the genealogy. Have Abraham Isaac Jacob Jacob’s name was changed to Israel and Israel had 12 signs. Those are the 12 tribes of Israel. And son number eleven, if I’m correct, is Joseph. Okay. And so he sends Joseph out into the fields to find all of his other sons. The other ten brothers at that time to his 10 older brothers. And and just check on what’s going on. So this is where we pick up. And he says, but when they saw him coming, recognizing him in the distance, they decided to kill him. Okay. Here we have that loving family again. Let’s kill our brother. Here comes that master dreamer, they exclaim. Come on, let’s kill him and toss him into a wall and tell father that a wild animal has eaten him.

[00:07:28] Then we’ll save what will become of all of his dreams. So they’re still jealous of what God has given him as a dream.

[00:07:37] So says when Joseph got there, they pulled off his brightly colored robe. Okay, so his father given him a robe of righteousness, robes or status symbol in this one was greater status symbol because it had lots of bright colors. And so it says that they threw off his robe and threw him into an empty well. And then they see a bunch of traders come by. And so when the traders came by, his brothers pulled Joseph out of the well and sold him into the traders for 20 pieces of silver.

[00:08:17] And they took compete. Now, can you imagine at this moment, Joseph being thrown into the well by his brothers, being rough handle and then being yanked up and sold into slavery for only 20 pieces of silver. What do you think’s going on in Joseph’s mind at that point?

[00:08:34] He’s got to feel completely rejected and was scared.

[00:08:39] Yeah. So many things. Did he feel like he deserved any of this? No. Do you think he was questioning God?

[00:08:50] Yes, absolutely. We always question God because we don’t trust him, do you think if he trusted God as Moses, trusted God as he was as there going through the wilderness? Do you think if he trusted God at that level that he would be questioning God quite so much? Probably not. No. So what I find is we question God the most when we don’t really trust him. In other words, when we keep our eyes on ourselves and not on the Lord in his word, that’s usually when we question what’s going on. Does that make sense?

[00:09:28] Yeah. Yeah. Oh, okay.

[00:09:30] So then we pick up. This is now in Genesis thirty nine. So Joseph arrives in Egypt, his soul to part offer a member of Pharaoh’s staff. Okay. Part 4 later puts him in charge of all of his affairs. And then one day part of first wife begins making eyes at Joseph and suggests that he come and sleep with her. And what is Joseph to you, remember?

[00:09:54] He says no. That’s right. He says no. He says, my master, trust me, with everything in the entire household. He he’s held nothing back from me except you because you are his wife. How could you do such a wicked thing? Is this. It would be a great sin against God? No. Do you think Joseph loves the Lord? Yes. Do you think he’s following the law the best he can? I do. Yeah. Okay. And now this woman’s coming after him, is Josef’s acting properly and faithfully?

[00:10:31] He is. Yeah. And what happened to you, remember?

[00:10:37] I think she keeps pushing like she keeps trying to seduce them and really try to get him to go along with what she wants. And he keeps saying no. And she gets upset.

[00:10:50] That’s right. You don’t want to give way too much. Yeah, that’s right. Okay.

[00:10:54] Well, hopefully most of folks are listening to this. Probably have some some recollection of Joseph, but let’s read into it. Then one day as he was in the house and no one else was around at the time, she came and grabbed him by the sleeve demanding sleep with me. He tore himself away, but as he did, his jacket was robe slipped off and he was left holding. She was holding it as he fled from the house. When she saw that he she had it and he had fled, she began screaming. And when the other men around the place came running and she was crying hysterically, my husband had to bring in this Hebrew slave to insult us. She saw. He tried to rape me, but when I screamed, he ran and forgot to take his jacket. So do you think Joseph has been wrongly accused?

[00:11:44] Yes. If this is this good or bad?

[00:11:48] Bad? Yeah. So what’s happening? Is this one bad even after another, isn’t it? His brothers hate him. They try to kill them. They throw mental until well, then they sell sell them into slavery. And then he’s doing well. He’s acting righteously before God. His master puts him in control of everything. Now he gets slammed again and it gets even worse. So says that when her husband came home that night, she told him her story. That Hebrew slay that you’ve had around here. Try to rape me. And when he heard it, he was furious and he threw Joseph into prison down into the dungeon.

[00:12:29] How do you think Joseph is feeling right now?

[00:12:33] Or cannot be. Yeah.

[00:12:36] Do you think he’s going, oh, lord. Thank you. I’m so excited. I’m right in the center of your will.

[00:12:43] No, I haven’t. I think he probably had a few choice words.

[00:12:47] Probably so. Let me ask you. Was he right in the center of God’s will?

[00:12:54] Well, that’s a trick question. Yes, he was. I think I know, yeah. Come on the story.

[00:13:01] That’s right. That’s right. So this is a key. When we know the outcome, we can now piece it all together going through it.

[00:13:09] We have to trust the father’s heart.

[00:13:14] Yeah, and not worry.

[00:13:18] Okay. As we always worry, but the more we trust the father’s heart, the more we can handle any of these quote unquote, dark times that come our way because we know who’s in control. So now this is now we’re in Genesis 40 sometime later. It happened that the king of Egypt, pharaoh, became angry with his chief baker and his chief butler. So he’s thrown throws him into the prison where Joseph is. And then one night, each of them have a dream. And Joseph interprets both of those dreams and the dreams that his interpretation actually comes comes true. Jon Favreau decides to hold the party. He pulls both the baker and the butler out. He puts a butler back in a position and he kills the baker. Justice Joseph said, What’s going to happen? So does and Joseph said, hey, Butler, when you get out. Remember me, tell Pharaoh about me. I’ve done nothing to be here. I’ve. You know, I’ve done nothing against my own people who have been sold into slavery. I’ve done nothing wrong. Please tell him. And what did the butler do?

[00:14:32] He remembered.

[00:14:34] I think he if I remember right again, I want to give why he lied. But I think he tells Pharaoh, I know somebody that can interpret dreams.

[00:14:44] Yeah. Okay. So so watch this. This is cool. So now we’re in Genesis 41. One night, two years later. Okay. It was two years later. Joseph still is in dark times in the dungeon. No freedom, no light, no, no nothing but grunge. Okay.

[00:15:09] Two years later, Pharaoh dream. Two dreams. No one could interpret them. Then the butler remembers Joseph at that point, is that are you know, I totally forgot some time ago when you you’re angry with a couple of us and put me in there, Chief Baker in jail. Baker and I each had a dream. One night we told the dreams to a young Hebrew who was a slave of the captain there, and he told us what our dreams meant. And everything happened. Just as he said, I was restored to my position and the baker was executed. So Pharaoh sent for Joseph at once. Okay, now, is this good or bad?

[00:15:50] This is good if he’s getting called out of prison.

[00:15:53] Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, it sure looks good, right? Yes. OK. Can you see the Lord’s hand starting to move right now in this pressure?

[00:16:04] Yeah. Okay. Now to put this in perspective, this is eleven years after. Joseph has been sold into slavery.

[00:16:12] He’s now 28 years old from 17 to 28. He’s been a slave. So then Joseph interpretted dreams tells Pharaoh that both dreams are saying the same thing, that there’s gonna be seven years of great abundance. And then seven years of the most severe famine that’s gonna be so severe, you won’t even remember how abundant it is. And and then pharaoh says talks. His advisers said, well, we need to put someone in charge to manage all this. Who do we do? And so now I want to pick up and I’m one. Reed, this is Genesis 41, starting in thirty nine.

[00:16:55] And then it says then Pharaoh said to Joseph, Since God has shown you all this, there is none so discerning and wise as you are, you shall be over my house and all my people shall order themselves as you command only as regards the throne will I be greater than you. In other words, Pharaoh now puts him in second in control of all of Egypt.

[00:17:19] Then Pharaoh took his signet ring from his hand and and put on Joseph’s hand. Here’s the significance. The signet ring means that Joseph can do anything in the king’s name.

[00:17:30] By the way, as Christians, we’ve been given the Lord’s signet ring. Okay.

[00:17:39] So now there’s some deep implications on how effectively we end up using that. But that’s another story. So he takes a signet ring, puts it in Joseph’s hand. And then during the seven plentiful years, the earth produced abundantly and in the seven years of plenty came to an end and a seven years of famine began to come, as Joseph had said.

[00:18:05] So here’s kind of the summary I want to go through with all this. The Lord is directing all of these events in Joseph’s lives. Would you agree? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:18:17] So Joseph was a man at God’s own heart.

[00:18:19] And even in his flavouring, in imprisonment, we know that he sought the Lord because he always tried to do what was honorable and.

[00:18:28] The Lord always put him in charge of bless everything that was going on. So we see the Lord’s hand upon Joseph. Even in the dark times. Did you in your dark times, have you ever seen the Lord’s hand kind of still working with you and through you during those tough times?

[00:18:44] Yes. Yes. It’s hard to say. You know, you’re natural. I tend to focus on the dark. But for sure. For sure. God was there.

[00:18:53] That’s right. And I’ve seen the same thing over and over again. And. And so back Joseph, because he was faithful in the small things as he was coming through. We’ll call this his wilderness experience. As he was coming through this wilderness, then the lord put him in charge of much, just as what Jesus says, because you had been faithful in a little. Now be in charge of tent cities as he’s the parable with the miners. And then. But here’s the key. From Joseph’s perspective, as he’s going through it, each event merely seemed to have a natural cause and effect. His brothers hated him. He has a dream. They hated him more. He goes and they decide to kill him. They throw him in a well. Then they say, lis-, thelen, every single thing. There is a cause and effect that Joseph is putting together. Does that make sense? Oh, yeah. Okay. So from his perspective, it was just one bad even after another. I’m sure he felt bitter. Bitter. I’m sure he questioned God on what was happening. And yet here’s the thing. The Lord is directing every step of his, so if you remember last session, passage after passage after passage. Lord Lord is telling us he guides our step. He directs our step. He’s cha-cha-cha path even tells us where to stop and rest. And what we find here is every step is guided and directed by the Lord. And finally, Joseph comes to that same realization once his brothers come and provides food. Okay. Because Joseph set for God sent me before you to preserve life. Joseph finally figured out what was going on. Later. He figured out it was his destiny that the Lord was working on. And until we see the Lord guiding all of this, let’s see. Let me think a couple other thoughts on this before we shift some topics. So. So here’s a question. When bad things happen. Does guide calls it? We can obviously look at this life of Joseph. All these things that were seemingly bad. Here’s the question. Did God cause all those events to happen?

[00:21:23] No. No. Then what happened?

[00:21:29] He used them. Yeah, he did them for yeah. Did he know they were going to happen? All right. Who knows all things?

[00:21:41] He knows all things. And he used them.

[00:21:45] So sometimes we find a guy who uses the bad debts in the world to propel us. To the good destiny that he has for us. Does that make sense? Yeah, I think think about Jesus. Satan was gonna try everything he could to stop Jesus. Do you think I knew that?

[00:22:11] Oh, for sure.

[00:22:13] And do you think everything that Satan did to stop Jesus actually playing God’s hand to fulfill Jesus’s destiny?

[00:22:22] Yeah, they’re.

[00:22:25] Do you think God is a respecter of persons?

[00:22:32] I think he treats us all the same. I think he loves us all the same.

[00:22:36] Yeah. Paul says God is no respecter of persons, right? Yeah.

[00:22:41] So he thinks of his favorite neighbor. We’re all here, too. That’s right.

[00:22:47] We’re all his favorite. So here’s the thing. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. What he does, for one, he does for all because he respects no one greater than someone else. This is why when and this is what it says. You know, because faith was reckoned righteousness was reckoned to Abraham because of his faith. So is righteousness reck into us because of our faith? In other words, God sets a precedent what he does for what he does for all. And what we find here with Joseph, the Lord is leveraging all of these evil things that are going on.

[00:23:28] That guy knows ahead of time. But he uses those almost like the picture I’m getting is saw like that. Have you ever played a pinball machine? Yes. What? The ball. It hits a thing. It goes somewhere else. It bounces around. Okay. It’s almost like God knows every little post out there and swiped the ball in just the right direction to hit one post and another post in the next post pushes the ball a little bit further and it guides all the way to homerun.

[00:23:57] Okay. Enter into the goalpost. And that’s kind of what’s going off and going here. So. There is a possibility that God caused some of this to happen. These think God caused a Israel to love Joseph more than the other brothers.

[00:24:17] Oh, that’s a tough question. No. The only reason I say no, God doesn’t cause bad is because God is good.

[00:24:27] Right. No, I don’t. I don’t. I don’t. Okay.

[00:24:31] Is Israel loving Joseph more than the other brothers? Good or bad?

[00:24:38] Then God says, Jacob, I loved you, so I hate it. Is that good or bad?

[00:24:46] Which is bad for itself, but is God good? Yes.

[00:24:52] Ok, so what is good for God?

[00:24:55] Can it also be good for man?

[00:24:58] Yes. So if if God cause Israel to love Joseph more than the other brothers, is that good or bad?

[00:25:11] Aschen, I think.

[00:25:14] Yes, he says he’s not causing Israel to hate the other brothers, but just to love Joseph Moore. Do you think God caused Joseph caused Israel to make Joseph a bright, multicolored jacket? Yeah. Do you think God knew that that would create jealousy and hatred among the brothers? Yes. Do you think God caused Joseph to have those dreams? I do. Do you think he knew that those trains would cause jealousy and hatred among the brothers?

[00:25:50] Yes. OK. So here’s what we have. We see God causing a lot of events that had the repercussions of evil responding that God uses to push Joseph toward his destiny. Do you think that’s possible that he’s doing the same thing in our lives at times as well?

[00:26:14] Yeah. Okay. Is kind of cool.

[00:26:18] Yes. Very cool. All right.

[00:26:21] So. So we pick up a lot of things and just some really interesting things. Let’s say this to try and catch up on where I am on my notes. When bad things happen to us. We must first try to decide, are they truly bad or are they simply not what we desire? Is it truly bad that the brothers hated Joseph? Is it truly bad that they wanted to kill him? Is it truly bad that they sold him into slavery? Are all these things truly bad? Or ultimately, are they just simply not what we desire? But they happen to be the best thing for us because they push us where the Lord is directing us and we don’t. We can’t tell that as we go through. OK, from our perspective at the moment, we can’t grasp God’s big picture. It’s only after a period of time that we can look backwards and see. And for Joseph, it took twenty two years before he understood that all these bad things that had happened to him were actually God’s hand leading him. Let me ask you a question. Twenty two years later. Do you think if he had the perspective before he was twenty two years as he was going through those processes, do you think his heart toward God would have been different?

[00:27:53] Oh, gosh, yes.

[00:27:55] Do you think he’s one had it? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:27:58] And so what can we pull out of this? What we can rattle out. Yeah, we got it. We got to we got to trust the Lord to be a faithful father. Quinn We know that we’re truly seeking the Lord, honoring him, really following him, trying to do our best. Yeah, we stumble. But when bad things happen, things that we consider bad, we have to trust the heart of our father. Like I mentioned last time. When you can’t see what the Lord’s hand is doing, you have to trust his heart. Does that make sense? Yeah. So now I want to shift stories and talk about Esther, because here’s what I would call the lord tells the same story with the same message over and over and over again all throughout scripture, because he’s constantly revealing who he is. And it’s our job to pull out of those scriptures, the understanding of who he is. And so I want to walk through another story that has really neat implications, very similar. So this is the story of Esther. Okay, trivia question, what is Esther’s real name?

[00:29:21] I probably can’t pronounce it.

[00:29:26] I right. Yes. Yes, I know that something like that. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:29:33] I was just discussing the future of you. No, no, no. Big deal. Big deal on that. OK. So let me kind of give you the background and lay out the storyline of Esther. So Israel has been Jerusalem has been destroyed by neighbor Nasr. All of the people have been taken out in exile. This is the time of Daniel, okay. He was taken as captives. And Mordechai, a guy named Mordecai and Esther, are gone as well. Then never. Nasir’s kingdom is overtaken by getting that guy name King a hazardous. Who’s king of the purge, Persian in the Meade’s or something like that. And and he’s having a feast and throwing a great big party. He calls the queen in to show her off in front of all of his guests. She refuses. He gets upset. He banishes her. Then he’s upset because now he doesn’t have a queen. So they say, well, let’s go throughout all your kingdom. Get the most beautiful virgins that are out there. And we’ll bring him into your hair, him and you get to choose. OK. So that’s kind of the storyline. So now we come to sue. So the capital where he is. This is where Esther is living with her uncle because Esther is an orphan. Chances are her mother and father were killed during the Beattylonian captivity. We don’t know that for certain. But that would make sense. And then she’s living there peacefully with Mordechai, her uncle, and now she’s forcefully taken from him to be thrown into King’s Haram. Is that good or bad? Bad?

[00:31:18] Yeah. I would think so. Take away from our family.

[00:31:23] Yeah, the only family she’s got. So then she becomes king later. Mordechai gets a job working for the king. Says he sits at the Kings Gate. OK. And while he’s a sharpie, overhears a plot from two people that are upset with the king and they want to kill the king. All right. Do you hear that noise in the background? Is that problematic? No, you don’t. OK, perfect. Great.

[00:31:55] So I’m out on my deck when I do this. And I just want to make sure you don’t hear the background noise. So. So he reports. Mordechai reports this plot to the queen, who then takes it to the king. The king investigates, kills those two people.

[00:32:11] The king is saved. OK. So then later, the king appoints a guy named haymon as prime minister, essentially to run the country. And Heyman is an evil man and everyone is supposed to bow down and basically worship him as he comes by. And so every time he comes by and comes by Mordechai, he goes to the King’s Gate. What do you think Mordechai does as a Jew? He does not. He does. That’s right. So you have an evil Preibus man, everyone’s falling down except this one man who stays standing. What do you think? Who you think’s going on in Heyman’s heart at that point?

[00:32:51] Why are you not backing down? That’s right.

[00:32:54] He gets real angry. Okay. And so he finds out that Mordecai doesn’t bail because he’s a Jew. So now Mordecai hates all the Jews. So he decides I’m going to get rid of all of them. So he goes the king and says, I’ll pay you ten thousand talents. A silver. That’s a huge amount for Mordechai. I mean, haymon is really rich. I’ll pay you ten thousand talents a silver if you let me write a decree to kill all of the Jews because they’re bad for your kingdom. King says, Hey, that’s good. All right, I’ll do that. So he he lets the king lets him do that. So then haymon writes a decree and sent it out through all of the province. This is basically all of the world at that time and says on this date, in about twelve months, every person can rise up against ologies, kill every Jew, every man, woman and child.

[00:33:49] And whoever you kill, you can plunder everything they have. So now all the Jews are scared to death. Certain death is marked out and they’re powerless to stop it. Does that make sense so far? Yeah. Yeah. Is is this bad?

[00:34:05] Yeah.

[00:34:07] If it’s rooted in evil. Yeah. I think it might be even Satan trying to get rid of the Jewish race pressure. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So then Mordechai comes to Esther. She goes the king and wants to plea for help. And so she’s gonna do this through two life sessions. So she says, King, will you come to lunch with me today and will you bring Heyman’s? Now, this is really, really interesting. The fact that she comes before the king, she puts her life on the line. So the king realizes something really important. She she has something really important to ask where she would not have risked her life. Okay. So he says, yes, I’ll be there. He grabs haymon. They go have lunch. He says, what do you want? She says, I want you to come tomorrow to another banquet and then I’ll make my request now. So then haymon goes home right after that. And he’s all excited, he calls this France. He tells his wife and his friends how great he is, how powerful he is. And even the queen invited me to a private lunch with the king. And then he says, is this is hatred coming up? And yet none of this is worth anything as long as I see Mordechai alive. So now his wife says, well, look, you got the king’s favor. You’re powerful. Why don’t you build a gallows tomorrow morning? Go ask the king if you can hang him. Mordechai on the gallows before lunch and then you can go to lunch with the king and the queen and just have a wonderful time. So can you imagine haymon all excited, giddy that night saying, oh, finally, I’m going to kill Mordecai tomorrow. You see this thing going on for now. What gods? Humor. Okay, so Mordecai is about to be killed. His runway of options is about out. He doesn’t know it, but in probably 10 hours, he’s gonna be dead on that gallows.

[00:36:24] Okay. There’s nothing he can do to escape. You get the picture of this? Yeah. Have you ever been in a position you felt like there’s nothing you can do to fix the problem, you are doomed? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So but God has a sense of humor. God is in control. And what happens that night with the king? Do you remember?

[00:36:53] I feel like somehow Esther says something that kind of like trapped.

[00:37:01] Almost almost, yeah. So that happens in a moment. So that night, Paul Heyman is all giddy and probably can’t sleep. The king can’t sleep.

[00:37:14] Do you think it might have been providentially God keeping the king away? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And so the king says someone read me a book I know remade a book of all the good deeds in my kingdom. So these pull out this book and they start reading all night long and then they come to the story of Mordecai, how he reports this plot by these two employees to kill the king and two employees were killed and the king was saved. And the. And that’s where we now pick up in an extra six. So I am now going to start reading from here. So that’s the background. And let me start reading what the scripture says. So the king says, what reward did we ever give Mordechai for this? And his courtiers replied, nothing. Well, he’s on duty in the outer court. The King inquired. OK, so this is early morning. He’s still in bed. They’re still reading. So you can get them. This is really early in the morning. And now that it happened, Hayman had just arrived in the outer court to ask the king to hang Mordechai. Okay. He’s so excited. He gives up early and that’s the first thing on his mind. So the courtiers replied, Hanemann is out there. The King said. Oh, great. Bring him in. So, hey, haymon comes in.

[00:38:40] Now he’s coming into the king’s private chamber. Okay. And the king says him, What should I do to honor a man who truly pleases me? And what do you think a man is thinking to himself?

[00:38:52] He’s going to honor me. That’s right.

[00:38:55] That’s right. The scripture says. Well, who would he want to honor more than me? Pride comes before the fall. Right. So he replied. He so haymon says, we’ll bring out some of the royal robes that the king himself has worn, and the king’s own horse, and a royal crown. And it struck one the king’s most noble princes to robe the man and lead it through the streets on the king’s own horse. Shouting This is the way the king honors those who truly please him. Hey, man, was grand jury. Can you say this? All the pride and praise from all the people out there?

[00:39:32] Yeah.

[00:39:36] God, wonderful. So the king said, excellent. Hurry and take these robes and my horse and do just as you said to Mordecai, the Jew who works at the chancellery, follow every detail you suggested. What do you think’s going on, right, Ben? I’m haymon.

[00:39:58] I can not. I mean, I was I could fly on the wall. I’m sure his face fell to the floor. And. Yeah. Can you can you imagine? Can you imagine the embarrassment even that he probably felt?

[00:40:12] That’s right. And here’s something I want you to recognize. All of this is happening in Mordecai. Doesn’t have a clue. So often God is doing all kinds of things behind the scene and we don’t even have a clue yet. And yet. God is in control. So we pick back up. So haymon takes the robes and puts them on Mordecai. I can just imagine.

[00:40:40] Mordechai, come here. I want to robe you. I want to set this crown. I am ready. And I can just imagine what more ecchi is doing. He’s going, yeah. The Lord is about to save us. So he puts a rose on Mordechai Mount’s him on the king’s own state, and leads him through the streets of the city, shouting, This is the way the king honors those who delights in them.

[00:41:04] And then afterwards, who? Mordechai goes back to his job, and haymon hurries home, utterly humiliated.

[00:41:15] So now he’s sulking. So keep in mind, this is the morning, the second feast with the queen. So later that day, just a couple hours later, as he’s mourning and he’s complaining and though his wife is saying, well, if Mordechai is a Jew, your plans are gone, completely fail. No, he still doesn’t know. The queen is a Jew. So then the king’s men come and get haymon to bring him to lunch. And in at Lighton. And I can just imagine that haymon is all sulking and morose during this banquet. And the king asks again to Esther, What can I do for you? We pick back up. This is Esther, seven. And at last, Queen Esther replied, If I’ve won your favor OKing, and if it please, Your Majesty, save my life and the lives of my people. For my people have been sold to those who will destroy us. We are doomed to destruction and slaughter. If we were only to be sold as slaves. Perhaps I could remain quiet, even though then there are being calculable damage to the king that no amount of money could begin to cover. So she hits right on. There is money that’s been paid on this and don’t matter how much has been paid. Even if we’re disowning slavery, this is gonna destroy the king. Okay. And then the king replies. What are you talking about? And who would touch you? Assa replied. This wicked haymon is our enemy. Then haymon grew pale with fright before the king and queen. The King jumped to his feet, went out of the palace garden at Heyman’s, stood up to plead for his life. The queen asked her, for he knew that he was doomed.

[00:43:08] You know, this happens so frequently. All that loss and the enemy that’s attacking us, we think they’re about to win. And yet God has everything in his hands. And in just a moment, boom, it’s all gone. So. In despair, haymon falls upon the couch where Queen Esther was reclining, just as the king returned for the palace garden. Will he even rape the queen right here in the palace before my eyes? The king roared and instantly the death fell. That hood was placed over Hanemann face. And then when the king’s aide says Sir haymon is restored, order to 75 foot gallows constructed to hanging Mordecai. The man who saved the king from assassination. It stands in Heyman’s courtyard. Heying haymon on it. The king ordered, so that’s the end of haymon. Then the king is well, Mordecai Heyman’s position gives Esther all of Heyman’s possessions and in Mordechai writes, a decree that the Jews can not only defend themselves on that date. This is now about 10 months to go. But he can. They can also kill every one of their enemies who hate them. And and so on that day when it comes, the Israelites destroyed seventy five thousand of their staunchest enemies. So that’s the story of Esther in that. Pretty cool. Am I wrong? All right. So now let’s. I want to wrap this up and I want to give some really cool takeaways out of all this, because I think this is really kind of what’s cool, cool with this. So the central thought on all of this that hit and hits me as I’m as I’ve gone through it. Is do you think the Lord could have prevented haymon from coming to power?

[00:45:05] Could have. Yes. Yes. If he prevented haymon from coming to power without a protected his people and they would never have been in peril.

[00:45:16] Yeah, unless someone else came and did that. But yes. OK.

[00:45:21] But God chose not to do that. Yeah. Think about it. God allowed his people. To go through tough times. So he can deliver them and not only deliver them. But give them greater blessings, I think someone said that the darker the times you go through, the greater the blessings on the other end. OK.

[00:45:51] So what we have to realize is because the Lord directs those events that have a major impact on our lives and accomplishing his will then as we go through these events, even though it’s scary. Are are honest response should be to be at peace knowing that the Lord is in control and that all of these things, if we’re in God’s will. Okay, if we’re doing our best to follow his guidance. OK. As we talked about last time. Then whatever happens, we should be at peace. And content knowing that God is guiding everything that’s going on for some reason, for his glory and for our destiny of where we’re to be used to that make sense.

[00:46:39] Yeah.

[00:46:41] And how often do we get our eyes off the law and back on ourselves and we start to get afraid and question the Lord. So if Heyman comes to powers, Prime Minister, the Lord allows him to do, he’s choosing to destroy all of the Jews. But watch this long before he ever came to power. God put Queen Esther in position to deliver his people. God is playing this big game of chess and he knows exactly what’s going on and he’s positioning the pieces. Already. But watch this, see? God could have prevented haymon from coming to power in check. Instead. He chose to show his own power and sovereignty by delivering their people once they were in peril. And. And not only that, though, here’s the kind of the other key is because haymon came to power, because all these events came through, because all the Jews were terrified and scared to death for their life. Then through that problem, through that process, God deliver the Jews even more. He didn’t just deliver the Jews from haymon and the threat of being killed. He delivered the Jews from all of their enemies at that time because they killed all 75000 of them. So it was a greater blessing for them to have come through that process because they ended up in a stronger, safer, more secure position. Does that make sense? Yeah. So it seems that God allows us to go through tough times, not only so he can get the glory delivering us. But that he can bless us more through that. And I think there are five takeaways is that I get from this. First, the Lord is in control of all things. In the big scheme of things, okay. He doesn’t control haymon. He doesn’t control the evil, but he is in control. He has his overriding control of everything that goes on. That’s the first thing we can get from this. The second thing we can get is that he’s coordinating the activities long before their purpose is known.

[00:49:05] Think about this. So. First.

[00:49:09] He coordinates the activity to get rid of Queen Baster. I think that’s her name. And then that forces King hazardous to say I need another queen. Who do I get?

[00:49:22] They rip ask her out of her home. They thought that was bad and God is doing all that to position her.

[00:49:30] In a position of power, but not only that, Mordecai then gets a job with a king. And he overhears his plot and he reports it. That plot and Mordecai overhearing it has a key role to play in this. By the way, do you know how long it was from the time of that plot to the time that the King read back through the Chronicles and said, we honored this person for saving?

[00:50:02] I felt like it was. I felt like it was over a year, but I don’t know exactly.

[00:50:07] Yeah, yeah, it was. It was about five years to watch that one seemingly insignificant thing. He just happens over here, this plot and reports it five years later. Is the key to saving the entire nation of the Jewish people. Then so God is causing a lot of things that we don’t even see long before they ever come to fruition. The third thing we can take out of this. If the Lord allows us to face complete loss, complete destruction, or, as I call it, running off the cliff, it seems like we’re just about to run off that cliff and there’s nothing we can do to prevent it. He allows us to get into that position. For us to be scared to death but rely and trust on him, in fact, one of the things Mordecai said to Esther. She said, I can’t go before the king because. I could be killed. And watch Mordecai Faith in the Lord. He said, we’ll ask her. Who knows if maybe you haven’t been put in as queen for a time such as this to save our people. But if you don’t do it, be assured that the Lord will save us. But it’ll be through some other means.

[00:51:31] So more ecchi has this great faith in the Lord. Great worry of what’s going on, but great faith as well that the Lord can take care of it. And that’s what happens. The Lord allows us to go to the edge, to go right to the edge of that cliff, then force. He always intervenes. He always protects his loved ones from destruction. He allows him to get to the edge, but he won’t allow them to go over the edge. And fifth, which I think is pretty cool, is during that process. And because of that process, he also as a bonus, he blesses us even more, you know, with not only with the Jews and destroying all their enemies, but Mordechai is taken from just a lowly employ to prime minister of the entire country. So it you just see God’s hand in all of this. And as I go through this, I am encouraged that he’s always in control. He’s coordinating all these events in my life and in your life that we don’t understand, that we get concerned about, that we’re afraid of. Sometimes he allows us to head straight for the cliff and we feel that we have no control in the matter because ultimately we really don’t.

[00:52:54] We are moving down. If you recall, one of the sessions we did early about God’s timing versus Manson. I mean, we’re in that little pipe. You’re right. Going down that raging river and you can’t stop it. You know, it is moving and you’re just going along with it. So there are things that we can’t stop. We see this cliff we’re about to go over and we seem to be powerless. And then the lord comes in. And here’s how he saves us. He saves us through a miraculous set of events. We may see them as circumstantial. When we see God’s hand moving miraculously in a natural, we call it providential, providential circumstances. But make no false assumption. It is the Lord’s hand guiding and directing all of it directly for our care, directly for his will, directly for where he wants to lead us, and this is time back into the last one. This is where it says the Lord will get us to his destiny for us. And he says, even if I had to put a bit in your mouth and force you that direction, you will go where I am sending you then. In that call.

[00:54:16] Yes. Great. And even though I was just thing about, you know, what does this guy with all those all that does does that. I mean, he was before he was just a CEPR boy, basically just a son that helped on the farm and then look at where he ended up. Yeah. Only in command under the pharaoh.

[00:54:38] Well, you know, even in my own life, I’ll tell you a story. I don’t tell this much, but I got involved with Amway as a freshman in college. You know what Amway is?

[00:54:49] Yes. Yes, I do.

[00:54:51] Yeah, it’s a network marketing company, pyramid company, as people call it. And I come from a well-to-do medical family. And we had a great lifestyle growing up. My dad did very well financially and faithful before the Lord. But in freshman year college, I get hooked in Amway. I get hooked into the approach of, oh, my gosh, you’re going to be rich. I thought literally that I was going to graduate college as a millionaire.

[00:55:25] So I was. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Well, that’s kind of what they told. I apologize. One moment. You can probably hear that helicopter back there. Good. Is kind of loud. Can you still hear me over the helicopter?

[00:55:38] I can. Yeah. OK, great. OK, great. So. So I was about to quit college because I knew I didn’t need it. My parents wisely tell me, just finish it. So I did. But I changed my degree and just had a great time in college and in studying. So I get out of college and then I find out I’m not making a bunch of money. In fact, I have to go home and live with my parents and all my friends who got a regular degree. They’re getting all these nice cushiony jobs and they’re buying homes. And woe is me, every time I see a friend drive by in a Mercedes or BMW or, you know, I was driving old jalopy.

[00:56:17] My comment was there. But for me, go I. And after a number of years of that, I really thought I’d screwed up my life. You know, that pivotal point of my life and everything was screwed up. I went from job to job trying to earn money here and there. Nothing was happening. By 10 years, 12, 13 years later, I was still broke. Okay. I found myself unemployed. We had a small house and we’ve been faithful to the Lord all the time. But nothing was going on. And then the Lord bless us with this business that I started. And do you know what that business was? Adele, tell me it was selling, so during this time I started to really learn about marketing, started to really consume it. I tried a couple of businesses with a friend of mine. They never really amounted to much, but we honed a lot of marketing talent and we developed a product that really was great in generating leads. And so the Lord blessed me with just a little inkling of a business. And my first customer base. Was network marketers.

[00:57:39] And then we started to take all this stuff that I learned in Amway, the attitude, the go get it, all this stuff, and we applied it in business and two and a half years later.

[00:57:52] We were making a hundred thousand dollars a month in profits. Wow. Can you imagine that? And I look back and I think if it hadn’t been for the Lord directed me into Amway, I would never be in business today. But during the time, I really thought I made a bad mistake. And I think all of us can probably look backwards and say the Lord’s hand guiding them and kind of on that same topic.

[00:58:21] I want to share one other thing. I was at church one day and man was asking me how how is my how my business was. And I told him, You mean in the natural or in the spiritual? Right. I shared that, you know, in the natural. It’s like running full speed. The engine is running. The drive shaft is running. The wheels are spinning. But we’re going nowhere because we’re stuck in the mud, because at that time it felt like we have this big elephant standing in front of us keeping from moving. But I told him in the spiritual God has told me that we’re going through wilderness time. Once I get to the wilderness, he’s going to move that elephant out of the way. And we’re gonna then just take off. And the man said, well, you know, he has a brother and or friend or someone like that who’d gone through some dark times in his business as well. I tell him, no, we’re not in dark times. I’ve been in dark times. My business, but now is not one of them. I said you’re only in dark times when you get your eyes off the Lord and put them on the natural. When you become afraid, that’s when it’s dark. But when you keep your eyes on the Lord, it’s always bright. And and I was sharing the example of Peter walking on the water. So when we go through these times in our lives, it’s important that we don’t keep our eyes on the natural because we get become afraid. We start to question God. We put our eyes on the Lord. And that’s where we have our trust. That’s where we have our confidence. For sure. Yes. So any any other comments? We got to wrap up. But any thoughts, your comments?

[01:00:02] Yeah, just for me. Trying to turn to keep my focus on knowing that all the little things like he just said, all those little things that I think might be ruining me or a bad decision or gas, ash, gas, I should have gone that way or whatever. The Lord still uses it all in his promises to take care of us as his children. Yes.

[01:00:27] And I would go one step further if we’re faithful before him. And we can honestly look at our life and say there is no sin in my life. I mean, no, no focus have seen in my life. Obviously, we all sin, but there’s no sin in our life. Then we can know that we’re in the center of wherever he has us. And therefore, not only know that those bad things, Glaude can bring something good out of it, but he’s using those bad things to bounce us like that pinball machine. The next step down the path of where he’s leading us, it’s all part of his plan.

[01:01:05] Yeah, to become fully mature. Yes, okay.

[01:01:12] He matures us and he puts us where he wants us to be. To be used in his kingdom, to build his temple. And yeah, it’s really cool. Really cool. All right. Awesome.

[01:01:26] Oh, Beatty. I think we’re about out of time. We probably need to wrap it up. But thank you so much for your time today. Thank you for your expertise. And just that, the diligence that you put into studying the word and and teaching it to our listeners and myself as well. This was a great call and I’m excited about our next one.

[01:01:45] I am, too. We’ll be talking on part three.

[01:01:48] Sounds good. I guess we’ll see everybody then.

[01:01:52] Be blessed. All righty. Bye bye.