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Penny: [00:00:00.30] Well, welcome back, everybody. My name is Penny Thomas, I’m so glad you’ve joined us today. I’m joined yet again by my good friend, Amazing Man, Beatty Carmichael. Welcome. Welcome, everyone. This next session of Get Sellers Calling You!  Beatty is the CEO of Master Grabber, the creator of Agent Dominator and one of the top marketing experts in the real estate field. Beatty. I always look forward to our calls. What do you have for our listeners today?

Beatty: [00:00:30.03] Well, today is a continuation from a previous call we did. And for those who are new on these calls, we do two types of calls. One is real estate marketing and the other is Christian teaching, kind of alternate them. And so today is another Christian teaching topic. We call it radical faith. So if you don’t have interest in that, you’re welcome to disengage this episode. But please come back for the next marketing episode. So today, Penny, I want to pick up on a topic we left off last time. We’re talking about how to hear God speak to you. Do you remember us going through that topic?

Penny: [00:01:09.09] I do. Yes. That was great.

Beatty: [00:01:11.31] And I had a lot of fun. And hopefully it really opened some of the eyes and ears, no pun intended, of some of our listeners. But I wanted to give a quick synopsis on what we covered then. And today is part two. So on the first part, we talked about the fact that God really does speak OK. God speaks to us all the time. He speaks to us through his word. He speaks to us in our heart, in our spirit. And he puts us a little nudges on our heart. But you can learn to translate what he speaks to our heart into actual words and understand it in your mind, in actual words that you and I like like a thought. And we talked about the process of doing that. And the process was primarily being intentional in pursuing your relationship with the Lord. One of the greatest illustrations I’ve ever heard about, and the Lord gave me this illustration many years back when Tony was asking, how do you so clearly hear the Lord? And at that time we had little kids and it became a really easy illustration. But basically, is this especially for those moms out there? This will resonate really well if you’re in it before you’re a mom, if you’re in a room of babies and different babies, sort whimpering, giggling, crying or anything like that, you can’t discern one baby’s voice from another. But as soon as you have your own child, because you spend so much time with your child, loving and nurturing it, if you’re in a room with babies and your baby is one of them and your little baby starts to whimper or cry out instantly, you know, that’s your child. Yeah. And that’s the same way it is with hearing God speak to you.

Beatty: [00:02:58.47] He always is speaking. The question is. How close how much do you really know the Lord? So I mention I made a comment last time and that’s what we’re going to pick up on this call on this topic is there are two significant things. The most significant, if you want to hear God speak to you, the most significant is that life of pursuing the Lord, studying his word and truly knowing him as intimately as, you know, your own your own child or your own spouse. But there is one more thing that is a supercharger that takes it to another level much, much faster. And that’s what we call fasting. I mentioned it last time. I mentioned some stories about one time I had fasted for six days, and this was just a couple of years ago. And when I went before the Lord to ask questions, I was hearing clearer than I’ve ever heard, quicker than I’ve ever heard and more completely than I ever heard. I was asking what happened. He said it was at six days of fasting. So I want to talk in terms of fasting as it relates to moving into the realm of the spirit, because where we hear the Lord is in the spirit realm, because that’s where he speaks to us. But I want to use this topic not only to hear the Lord, but anything we do within the spirit realm. I go on, I pray for healing. I fast before then I go on. I do deliverance ministry. I fast before then. And if you’re doing anything where you want to engage in the authority in Christ. You’re more effective in the authority in Christ when you’re in the spirit realm. There’s all this kind of making sense Beatty.

Penny: [00:04:52.51] Yes, absolutely.

Beatty: [00:04:53.92] Ok, so in terms of fasting, I want to kind of lay the groundwork of kind of the layout of the land. So I want you to picture in your mind three circles that are connected with a line in between. So these could be three circles from left to right. The Bible tells us that we are body, soul and spirit. So I want you to mentally see those three circles as body, soul and spirit. OK? The body is physical. The soul is who you are. So your soul is is your personality. It’s your memory. It’s your thoughts. It’s everything about you. Because who you are is not your physical is that spiritual entity of your soul. And so your soul is a spirit. It’s in it. It’s not a spirit, but it it operates in the spiritual realm. And then the spirit is a spiritual thing as well. So then you can take it a little bit simpler. I was asking the Lord, what’s the what’s the difference between body, soul and spirit? And he basically told me this. He said the body is a container in the physical realm for your soul and the spirit is a container in the spiritual realm for your soul. It’s not exactly correct, but it is kind of moving the right direction and helps us kind of up what the differences between these three entities, or is this making sense?

Penny: [00:06:27.87] Yeah, absolutely.

Beatty: [00:06:28.92] Ok, and so there’s one more element that comes into play, and the Bible speaks about it a lot, and it’s called the flesh. And I always was confused for a long time thinking that the flash was our body and our body was our flesh because our body is made of flesh. But that’s not really what the Bible talks about when it uses the term flesh. If I were to ask you, Penny, what flesh is how does flesh differ from the body? What would you how would you describe it?

Penny: [00:07:06.44] Oh, gosh, I would describe it as my physical.

Beatty: [00:07:13.28] Well, it’s hard to describe in it.

Penny: [00:07:16.19] I wouldn’t say I’m I’m wanting to say it’s the part of me that’s apart from God.

Beatty: [00:07:24.21] That’s a great way to put it. And you’re absolutely correct. Now, what I want to do, I want to put no pun intended, I want to put some flesh around it so that we can clearly see it a little bit better.

Penny: [00:07:35.48] Ok, yes.

Beatty: [00:07:37.70] Turn to Romans seven 14 for a quick moment. OK, what we’re going to say is that the flesh is spiritual. And I want to I want to back that up with something real quick.

Penny: [00:07:53.26] Ok, Romans 10, verse 17,

Beatty: [00:07:55.96] Romans seven, 14 oh,

Penny: [00:07:58.18] Sorry,

Beatty: [00:07:59.17] No problem. Well, the Lord

Penny: [00:08:00.37] Must want me to read that one then. OK, Romans seven, verse 14 says. Or we know that the law is spiritual, but I am of the flesh sold under sin.

Beatty: [00:08:20.23] Ok, so let’s establish a few things real quickly. The law is spiritual, it’s not physical.

Penny: [00:08:28.68] Right.

Beatty: [00:08:29.87] Yes, so. What about sin is sin physical or spiritual?

Penny: [00:08:40.99] I think it can be both.

Beatty: [00:08:42.82] All right, where does sin come from?

Penny: [00:08:47.85] Sin comes from the enemy.

Beatty: [00:08:51.36] No, I’ll go you possibly let me bring it back. Jesus says in talking about you didn’t you didn’t wash your hands or wash the ball. And he says washing the outside of the cut doesn’t make it clean because sin comes from where I’m from. But, yeah, it’s what’s inside that comes out that makes you unclean. So sin comes from the heart. The heart is our soul of who we are, right? So sin is spiritual, it’s not physical. Think about this. I have a gun in my hand and I pull the trigger. Is that sinful? No. But if my intent was to hurt someone by pulling the trigger, then the action of pulling the trigger is the outward expression of the send. That’s in my heart. The action becomes simple, but only because it’s because it was based on my heart, which is in the spirit realm. Does that make sense?

Penny: [00:09:56.61] Yes, it does.

Beatty: [00:09:57.63] Ok, so we have the law is spiritual. We also know that sin is spiritual because sin is violation of the law and you can’t violate a spiritual thing in the physical. Making sense. All right, so then if the law is spiritual and sin is spiritual. And it’s our flesh that causes us to sin, then the flesh has to be spiritual as well. Hmm. Do you see the relationship with her? OK, so what we now have is we have body, soul and spirit. The body is physical, the soul and the spirit are spiritual. But now we have this other entity that we’ve got to understand is called the flesh. We’ve identified that the flesh is spiritual. It’s not physical. So where does it fit within that line up of body, soul and spirit?

Penny: [00:11:04.33] I feel like it falls between. Body and soul are perfect.

Beatty: [00:11:13.14] Absolutely, give that woman 100 bucks.

Penny: [00:11:17.83] Yeah, I’ll take it. Yeah.

Beatty: [00:11:19.80] So Flash is connected to the body. Here’s how we know it as well. When someone dies, what happens to their soul? A believer.

Penny: [00:11:34.97] To their soul or to their spirit,

Beatty: [00:11:37.37] Well, kind of both, right? But not really, this is this is the mystery,

Penny: [00:11:43.77] I think when someone dies, the only thing that survives is the spirit and it either survives in heaven or it survives in hell.

Beatty: [00:11:52.73] The soul disappears.

Penny: [00:11:55.28] I believe it does.

Beatty: [00:11:56.84] So when you go to heaven, you no longer know who you are or any of your relatives, because all of that is their soul of who they are.

Penny: [00:12:06.32] Well, no, that’s OK. I see where you’re going with that. So. Yeah, OK,

Beatty: [00:12:11.38] So, so. So let’s get some. I want to cover some foundational stuff. So this sounds like this is now starting to get pretty cool. Pretty exciting. OK, so so what happens is this. Your soul is who you are. Your spirit is born again. And in the very simple and I mentioned earlier that this is a simple way to understand it, but it’s not really exactly accurate, but it helps us put stuff in a framework. The body is the physical container for the soul, and the spirit is a spiritual container for the soul. Mm hmm. But now we had this element called flesh that we have to deal with flesh as a spiritual entity that is in constant warfare with the spirit. How do we know that? Let’s look at Romans eight real quickly, OK, Romans eight versus six, seven and eight.

Penny: [00:13:16.70] Ok, Romans eight, six, seven and eight says war to set the mind on the flesh is death. But to set the mind on the spirit is life and peace for the mind that is set on the flesh and hostile to God, for it does not submit to God’s law. Indeed it cannot. Those who are in the flesh can not please God.

Beatty: [00:13:42.83] All right. So this is exactly what you are saying. But in different words, the flesh is in total opposition to the Lord. Mm hmm. When you set your mind on the flesh, it’s sin and death. When you set your mind on the spirit, it’s life and peace. So it’s the flesh that causes us to sin. It’s tugging on the soul to sin. But flesh is tied into the body because when we die, we sin no more.

Penny: [00:14:17.15] Mm hmm.

Beatty: [00:14:18.23] So what actually is going on is the body is connected to the flesh. The flesh is in a tug of war with the spirit. And that little ribbon, that little flag in the middle of a tug of war rope is your soul. The spirit’s trying to tug your your soul into the heavenly spiritual realm, and the flesh is trying to tug your soul back into the fleshly physical realm of sin and death. And so there’s this constant tug of war back and forth between, you know, with your soul, between the spirit and the flesh. Does that make sense?

Penny: [00:14:57.45] It does, yeah.

Beatty: [00:14:58.53] Ok, look at Galatians five 16.

Penny: [00:15:03.58] Ok. All right, Galatians five, verse 16, says. But I say walk by the spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.

Beatty: [00:15:21.25] Ok, so you are your soul, right?

Penny: [00:15:25.85] Yes.

Beatty: [00:15:26.75] If you’re to walk by the spirit. And not by the flesh, then it’s something to do with your soul, the more your soul is walking by the spirit, you’re not gratifying the desires of flesh. But contrary to that, the more your soul is walking in the flesh, the more it violates spirit and desire in this place is God. So we had this tug of war, this tug of war and understanding. This is critical in understanding our walk and authority, our walk in the supernatural, hearing God speak clearly to us because all of these things are all in the realm of the spirit and the realm of the flesh wants to keep us from the spirit. Mm hmm. Now, it’s important to know that the realm of the flesh is not Satan. Satan is there. But we get to the flesh by some other means. Do you remember how we got to the flesh? What happened?

Penny: [00:16:35.41] Well, I think you’ll have to remind me on that one.

Beatty: [00:16:39.22] Yeah, it’s a hard question, unless you know, the point I’m looking for, Adam wasn’t fully in the spirit. And then he did something and now he fell into the flesh. Do you remember what he did?

Penny: [00:16:52.81] He ate the fruit that I’ve offered him.

Beatty: [00:16:55.33] That’s right. He ate the fruit. And that was the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is essentially the law, the spiritual law that Paul is talking about that now creates sin. And so the flesh is has its roots, no pun intended, in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that’s passed down through to us, through Adam. So we had this tug of war, and it’s our soul that’s in the middle because it’s our soul that we want to have operating in the spirit, because that’s who we are. And when we’re operating in the flesh, then it’s in violation of the spirit. And so what fasting does this fasting allows us to move into the spirit realm? Not necessarily instantly. You’re in fully in the spirit realm and not in the flesh. But if you take that tug of war and you’ve got this. So I want you to envision two people, two very big muscular guys, one side actually, I want you to picture. You are holding on to two guys, one on your right, one on your left. You have a rope in your hand and those guys are pulling that rope. That’s the tug of war rope. You’re the flag in the middle. One of those guys is called the Spirit and the other two guys is called the flesh. And they’re tugging at you and it hurts. Right. So what we want to do is we want to give. More opportunity to the spirit to tug you into the realm of the spirit and less opportunity for the flesh to talk you into the realm of the flesh. So that’s the tug of war. And fasting is what does that. So when you think of fasting, if I were to ask you, what is fasting, what would you tell me?

Penny: [00:19:01.50] I would say that it is. A choice to disconnect from something that gets my attention more. Then God gets my attention. OK, good for plus our family practice, fasting can be food. It can be watching TV. It could be just all kinds of things that whatever is getting my attention more than God’s getting my attention. Food is easy because when I’m starving myself, then I know that the Lord has to sustain me. Does that make sense?

Beatty: [00:19:42.69] It does. I’d like to. Suggest a definition. Real quickly, I mean, I’m not saying that you’re wrong because you’re right, but I like to bring a clarification to something. I won’t use the term biblical fasting and all other fasting. What you’re describing primarily, I want to stay away from TV, stay away from social media, I’m going fast desserts for a while while that is fasting, that’s not the biblical fasting that Jesus talks about when he says this. This kind cannot come out by anything but prayer and fasting. Mm hmm. Staying away from the newspapers of the day would not have helped Jesus catch that demon out.

Penny: [00:20:29.99] Yes.

Beatty: [00:20:30.84] Ok, stay away from staying away from why were not. So the biblical fasting and the fasting that was mandated in the Jewish law is a complete cessation of food. That’s the biblical fasting, or at least that’s what I’m calling the biblical fasting. And what it does is it cuts off the energy source to the flesh. And it’s part of the process of putting your flesh to death if you can cut off the energy source of in that tug of war of the flesh and make flesh weaker. Does it make sense, then, that the spirit. Can now overcome the flesh more easily and pull you more into the spirit.

Penny: [00:21:18.33] Yes, OK,

Beatty: [00:21:20.76] So fasting moves you into the spirit realm. It moves you in that direction, a lifestyle of fasting moves you, there are a lot more than just fasting once every year or two. And when you weaken the flesh, then that spirit tug of war starts to move you more and more into the spirit realm. And it’s in the spirit realm that you more clearly hear God speak. That’s in the spirit realm that when you issue a decree or a command and the authority of Christ, that it carries more rate, more weight, it’s it’s more effective. OK, I have noticed this is real interesting. So, you know, and maybe some of our listeners out there know I go out and I pray for people at Wal-Mart. And a lot of times when we’re praying, we’re praying for fiscal needs and for healing, and I say God heal a lot of people. And one of the things, as I started to notice, is when I would enter, if when I was prepared by fasting for a day or two before going out. My the results of what I see are far significant, more significant than if I don’t pass at all. I see the same thing when doing Deliverance. I see the same thing when listening to God. We mentioned this on the previous session on the same topic that after a six day fast, I heard God so much more clearly. And so what fasting does is it actually moves you into the spirit realm in a way that very few things can do. And then once there, you have a lot more. So the other thing that is interesting about fasting is it’s cumulative. OK, so I want to now go back to that illustration of fasting.

Beatty: [00:23:17.14] You’re tied in the middle, your hands are tied to ropes, and on one rope is flesh. On the other rope is spirit. So here’s what fasting does. Fasting weakens the flesh, but the flesh can come strong again if you give them food. But it does one more thing. It’s like taking a knife and severing that hemp rope. Have you ever had a hemp rope? You know, you got a lot of pressure, a lot of stress on it, and you put a knife to it and it starts to fray. Yes. OK, when you stop cutting it, do the phrase come back or do they stay afraid? They stay free. They say free. That’s what I learned about fasting. Fasting is like cutting that hemp rope that holds. That’s between you and flesh and it’s cumulative. So you can cut a little bit now, a little bit in a month, a little bit in a month. And after several years, that hemp rope is really, really frayed. Or you could fast a whole lot right now and free it a lot. It’s cumulative, so it’s almost as if I don’t want to say that it’s that you can get the same impact by fasting one day, 40 days over a period of five years versus fasting 40 days in a row. There’s something significant about an extended fast consecutively. But generally speaking, what I’ve learned is that fasting is cumulative. The longer you fast, the more you fast, the greater the impact and the more you begin to move into the spirit and operate in the spirit and stay within the spirit. Is this making sense?

Penny: [00:25:02.86] It is, absolutely.

Beatty: [00:25:05.80] So you want to do that and stay focused on it. The other thing is how do you fast so technically fasting, biblical fasting is no food, OK? It’s it starts with severing the energy source to your body. Because your flesh is tied to the body, if your flesh is weak, then if your body is weak, if it has no energy, then it can’t give any energy to the flesh and your flesh starts to die. So you can almost see what’s happening in your flesh by what’s happening in your body when your body is weak because you don’t have food while your flesh is getting weak because it doesn’t have food.

Penny: [00:25:53.37] Ok, yeah.

Beatty: [00:25:56.17] And because of that, when you fast, you want to focus on water only now I mentioned in the last session on this that when I first started fasting as part of my day of prayer. You know, I skipped breakfast and by lunchtime I was famished, sometimes I was trying to get the jitters. You ever had the jitters because you haven’t eaten recently?

Penny: [00:26:19.44] Yes. OK.

Beatty: [00:26:21.30] So I start to get the jitters and I found that, you know, I could take a starburst or a little glass of juice or something and have overcome that. And for me to fast for 24 hours was almost impossible. You know, most of my fasting was like 18 hours because I didn’t eat after dinner Thursday night. I would do my day of prayer on Friday. And then I would probably like at 2:00 or 3:00 o’clock that afternoon. So it was only like maybe eight hours and it was really difficult. But the more you do it. The more accustomed you get to it and now, you know, for me to fast for a couple of days, three days, four days, if I need to, it’s not a big deal. It’s not comfortable, but I don’t go through those jitters. So those jitters are only temporary. And once you start doing it enough times, you start to say, OK, you can make it through. But what fasting is not, this is what happens with a lot of people. They say I’m going too fast and just drink juice. Or I’m going to fast and I want to make protein shakes. Well, that doesn’t do any good, because really all you’re doing is you’re converting your calories, which is the energy for your body, you’re converting it from solid food to liquid food, but still consuming calories. So you’re still feeding the flesh. So that really isn’t the fasting that causes you to move into the spirit. It’s not the fasting that helps you hear God better. It’s not the fasting that Jesus said. This type of demon doesn’t come out with anything but prayer and fasting. The fasting is a complete cessation of calories and only drinking water to sustain your bodily functions. Does that make any sense?

Penny: [00:28:11.88] It does, absolutely.

Beatty: [00:28:13.83] Does that sound exciting to do?

Penny: [00:28:15.65] No, it’s not. My husband and I have done many water only fast. And it’s it’s hard. But you’re absolutely right. The more just like our last talk that we had about hearing from God, the more you practice reading the word and spending time with him, the more you hear his voice, the easier it gets. And fasting is sort of the same when you first start. It’s really hard, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Beatty: [00:28:44.91] Yes. So I want to give you some practical suggestions on fasting now. So, number one, it’s water only if you’re if you’re serious about fasting, serious about moving into the spirit realm, own away from the flesh. The mindset on the spirit is life and peace of mind set on the flesh of sin and death. If you’re serious about really hearing God say, fasting in the Bible, if you go back to fasting the Bible, Moses fasted when God gave him the Ten Commandments, he fasted again when he sought the Lord to intercede on Israel’s behalf so that God would not destroy Israel when they made the golden calf. You say fasting by Elijah when Jezebel threatened Elijah’s life. And so Elijah runs to the mountain of God, and he’s 40 days and 40 nights without food. We say fasting as part of the law, we say fasting with King David when he fast when his first son with Bathsheba was born and God said, because you were wicked with that, I’m going to take your son. David fasted for seven days roughly in hopes that the Lord would avert taking his son. We see Jesus fasting and we say fasting as a consistent thing throughout scripture. In fact, what’s really interesting is Jesus even says when you fast, OK, not and this is Matthew six 16.

Beatty: [00:30:29.02] He says when you fast do not wear, you know, and then go through the signs of fasting that the Jews would do to bring attention to themselves. And what’s interesting is Jesus doesn’t say if you fast as if it’s optional. He says, when you fast, this is actually something that you’re supposed to do. Jesus models fasting all the time. So when you fast some of the things to keep in mind is it it’s awful fast when you first get started. It’s difficult. The first day is always the hardest. And even now, sometimes if I’m going to be on an extended fast and I get really weak, I’ll take just a half a glass of juice to tide me over one time. This isn’t a half a glass every hour. OK, so in a day you’ve now had 20 glasses of juice. It’s it’s just enough to tide you over. If those little jitters are too much for you, it’s not enough to really feed the flesh, but it’s enough to keep you going and fasting. What you’ll find is the first day is horrible. The second day, usually about halfway of the second day, is about the worst he’ll ever get. And then from then on, it starts to get better by day three. How long? What’s the longest that you fasted? Penny Water

Penny: [00:31:58.69] Ran. And I have done we’ve done a 21 day fast. But the first. But let me let me clarify that the first 10 to 14 days were the Daniel fast, just water and vegetables.

Beatty: [00:32:15.25] Ok, so you had calories.

Penny: [00:32:17.08] Yes. And the last half of the fast of the last 10 to 12 days was just water only.

Beatty: [00:32:25.10] Ok, all right. So all right. So the longest I’ve done is 21 days water only and it is grueling. But here’s what I found. And I don’t know if you found this because you’re fast. You’re what I’m calling biblical fast didn’t really start until ten days into it. But what I found and I’m not criticizing I’m just saying that there is calories along the way. I’m sure the what I found is usually by about day three, you start to have lots of energy. Your mind becomes really clear. I remember on day six, seven, eight, I was out there. I was ready to go play tennis and run and exercise. All with water only, so the worst part is just those first couple of days and then it gets a lot better. So that’s encouragement for those who are going to say, I’m going to move into a fast don’t forget, it’s not a sin if you had to break the fast. That’s right. It’s not a sin. You can get through the grunt work and do it again.

Penny: [00:33:33.10] That’s right.

Beatty: [00:33:34.30] How long should you fast. Well, it’s all up to you. OK, I almost want to say this. I say this jokingly. Well, depends on how spiritual you want to be, how much in the spirit you really want to get into. If you really hunger to really hear God clearly. Then fast. Longer than shorter. When you know, when you have a really important decision to make. Don’t do a 12 hour fast and expect that to be enough. OK, if you really need to make a decision, you got to hear God clearly be willing to go a little bit deeper into a longer, fast. But the longer you fast, the more you move into the spirit. And the more those things of the spirit become more available to you and and then as you do a lifestyle of fasting, you know, like for me, I fast at least once a month because my day of prayer. But when I do street ministry, go and pray for people, which right now seems to be about twice a month. Then I start fasting on Thursday night after dinner, and I don’t eat until sometime Saturday afternoon once because street ministry, when I go out, I do it on Saturdays. So, you know, now you’re looking at five days at least of fasting every month. And so you start to accumulate a lot of great opportunity to be moving in the spirit and putting the flesh to death. And that’s an easy pace. You’re not knocking yourself out, but because it’s cumulative, it’s it’s real effective. And the last couple of things is how fast does it work? I want to caution you that you can’t just fast today and all of a sudden you hear God clearly tomorrows have said it’s a lifestyle, everyone is different, and the Lord does different things with my son.

Beatty: [00:35:28.13] As soon as he fasts a day or two, he’s in the heavenly realm. Essentially. I’ve never been to heaven. He’s there all the time. The Lord has a special calling on his life, OK? And and so as soon as he starts fasting, he starts, he fills himself. You know, it’s hard moving into the spirit really, really fast. When I was doing my 21 day fast after seven days, he says, Have you gone to heaven yet? Said, No. And don’t ask me about you know, I was a little upset. You know, I wanted to say, you know, see what heaven was like. So it’s different with everyone. And but the main thing is it should be a lifestyle and it’s not a magic pill. Yeah, that’s kind of what I want to talk about with fasting the in the topic and in the format of how do you hear God speak to you once you have a lifestyle of pursuing the Lord and pursuing that relationship with him? The next thing that really takes your hearing God speak to you to a completely new level is entirely based on fasting. And once you do that, then all kinds of other things. Here’s something that’s really interesting. I don’t know if you noticed this Beatty when I read the word and I’ve been studying the word and I’ve been fasting, it’s like God illuminates so much more. He speaks to me in my heart in terms of what a passage means. It just comes to life.

Penny: [00:36:58.49] It’s revelation. Yes.

Beatty: [00:37:00.11] That revelation. Exactly.

Penny: [00:37:01.79] Yeah. He’s giving you revelation of a scripture that you might have read a hundred times. But when you’re when you’re. In the spirit, then denying the flesh by fasting, then all of a sudden your spirit comes alive and you’re you’re actually hearing directly from the Lord as you were intended to along. Yeah. Yeah. It’s awesome.

Beatty: [00:37:24.56] Do you have anything to add before we wrap up?

Penny: [00:37:26.90] I don’t other than this is great. And I hope everyone is encouraged to give it a try.

Beatty: [00:37:32.87] Yes. And make it a lifestyle.

Penny: [00:37:35.78] Yes. Yes. Well, Beatty, thank you so much again, this was an amazing sort of part to to, ah, talk about hearing, being able to hear God and what is it like to hear God. And and we always just appreciate the time and effort you put into studying and and imparting to our listeners and to myself all the things that you’ve learned. And we just really appreciate it.

Beatty: [00:38:02.45] Well, you’re very welcome. I love doing it. And for those listeners out there, if you have not subscribe, please let me encourage you to subscribe. So you’ll get this every time we do another message. And please, if you have folks who you think could benefit from this, please share this podcast with them. You all have a very blessed day. And thanks for allowing us to share this.