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Penny: [00:00:00.06] Well, welcome, everyone. I’m so glad you join me. My name is Penny. Welcome to this next session of Gensler’s calling you. I’m joined again with my great friend Beatty Carmichael. Beatty is the CEO of Master Grabber, the creator of Agent Dominator and one of the top marketing experts in the real estate field. Beatty. I’m so excited to be on another call with you today. What do we have for our listeners?

Beatty: [00:00:24.48] Well, today, Penny, as many of our listeners probably recognize where we’re headed now, we have what we call a radical faith call. And for those who are new listening in, we do two types of calls on our Get Sellers Calling You podcast. One is real estate marketing. And the other is basically how do you live your life as a Christian and some great biblical training that has nothing to do with real estate marketing. So today is the radical faith call and talking on living your life and boldness as a Christian. So if that topic doesn’t hold interest with you, just go on and get this episode and you can listen to our next marketing episode. They’ll come out right after this one. But if you didn’t have interest, you’re going to love this topic. This is one of my favorite topics and it’s going to be really exciting. So are you are you ready, Penny?

Penny: [00:01:21.99] I am. I am ready.

Beatty: [00:01:23.70] Ok, so for those who know me or know of me through our podcasts, you’ll know that I have a passion for this thing called faith. Hence the title Radical Faith. And we started the radical faith series, many episodes back talking about what is faith. And then the second series that kind of takes the next baby steps into it called Getting Out of the Boat. Well, it was interesting last month, the Lord just kept pummeling me in my quiet times with elements about faith and faith and faith and faith. That’s OK. I think you’re teaching me something and you want me to teach on faith again. So we’re going to teach on a really deep level of faith, understanding what it is. It’s going to be a multipart series. And the title is The Substance of Faith. And I’m so excited because as I go through this and and have been preparing to teach it, it’s like all of these doors are opening for me in terms of understanding even more. And so it’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s going to be real exciting.

Penny: [00:02:31.04] That’s awesome.

Beatty: [00:02:32.10] Yes. Let me see. My mind is wanting to share some stories, so I’ll share one story, OK? And because this kind of gets us here now, we’re not teaching on healing, but healing is in large part a matter of fact, and especially what I call divine healing, where you pray for someone and God instantly heals them. And I was at a center just a couple of days ago here in town. They work with recovering addicts, women and moms. And I was over there and I did some teaching. And it was really funny because at the end, there’s just a few of us standing around and there is this woman there who just loves the Lord. She’s very spiritually strong and she kind of sees in the spirit a little bit. And we were talking and up comes one of the ladies who works at the center. And she had a really bad, painful back. She had pulled her back two days earlier and it was really sore, you know, have you ever had one of those back that if you just move, it just aches and pains? OK, so that’s where she was. And and so they asked if I would pray for I said, sure, no, no big deal. I said I actually said, you know, God loves healing back.

Beatty: [00:03:53.25] So this will be fun. And and on a scale of one to ten, the pain level was a eight. So, you know, they all kind of they all want to lay hands on her and help pray for. And I said I didn’t say this. I kind of thought I said, you know, not needed, OK, but I just put my hand on the back where sorry. I said, Lord, you know, thank you for whatever her name was. And as you Hilda’s back back be healed and all the pain go out and all the muscles be restored right now. And then I said, OK, check it out. I mean, literally, it’s like a 10 seconds or less than ten second. And she said, oh my God, there’s a significant improvement. And at that moment, this woman who’s this all spiritual, larger lady that I was mentioning, she literally jumps out of her seat about ten feet over and she goes, oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. And she almost speechless. I start laughing and and I went back to the lady who I was healing, the Lord who was healing through me. And I said, what’s the pain level now? And she said, is that, of course, a great that means it’s going to go all the way out. So I prayed one more time.

Beatty: [00:04:59.37] I said check. It out and it was totally gone and it just kind of blew the minds of those people, you know, for me it’s like, yeah, this is how the Lord always does it. But it started me to understand a little bit more the element of what happens for me. I had faith that the Lord was going to do it for that other woman. She had belief that the Lord could, but not the faith that the Lord would. Does that make sense? Absolutely, yes. OK, so in kind of teeing up this series, I want to talk on really kind of peel back the onion of what faith is and how it operates and what we do, and with a goal of saying, you know, it’s not magical, it’s something that anyone can apply. And once you really understand it, then it’s a lot easier to apply it. So with that, did you know that faith has substance? Yes, good, because we’re going to talk about that substance right now, because this is kind of one of those little aha moments for probably a lot of people. So turn with me, if you would, to Hebrews 11 one. And let’s do this first in the ESV version, Hebrews 11 one. This is the great faith verse.

Penny: [00:06:22.73] All right, Hebrews 11, verse one reads, Now, faith is the assurance of things hoped for the conviction of things not seen.

Beatty: [00:06:32.78] Yes. Now the assurance of things, hope for the conviction of things not seem pretty confident, pretty concrete. Do you have the new King James version that you can read?

Penny: [00:06:41.96] And I can switch to that? Yeah, let me see. All right. New King’s new King James version reads. Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Beatty: [00:06:56.33] Ok, so a little comment, commentary on Bible translations. They’re all coming from the same essentially the same Greek text. But different translators use different words based on what they think is the most appropriate. But here in King James, we see that it uses the word substance. So if we go into the Greek, the Greek word that is being translated, the assurance of things hoped for or the substance of things hoped for the Greek actually is the word hypothesis, and it’s a compound word hypo means to place under and Stacie’s. It means to cause or to make, to stand. And so the definition is it’s a substructure foundation or it’s a substance. And we don’t really think about faith having a substance because we think of faith as being something in the spirit realm. Does that make sense? Yes, OK, but that’s what this this word is actually hypos status is actually means. There’s a substance to it and it gives the understanding that there’s something solid and firm of foundation on which things are built. OK, so now we can kind of get the idea of a foundation on which things to build, that we’re going to build this theology and we need to build it on a firm foundation. That’s one way to look at it. But the way that I think is probably more applicable is really to consider this almost as something tangible, like what we would have in our natural realm as being tangible and the picture.

Beatty: [00:08:28.92] Is if you are building a house, you typically dig down until you get to the base rock. You know, get away to all of the dirt and clutter and you get down to the base and then you build your foundation upon the base rock and then you build a house upon the foundation. Does that make sense? Yeah, it does. OK, so that base rock is sinnen synonymous with what we’re talking about here called faith. It’s that base rock. It’s a solid foundation in the spirit realm of which everything starts to get built up from. And even though it is spiritual, it has substance. This is kind of one of those little aha moments. You know, what we consider substance, something tangible in the physical. I think is exactly what this is in the spiritual realm, and we normally don’t think of the spiritual realm as having tangible items. But just out of curiosity, when you think of heaven going to heaven, being in the presence of angels and stuff like that, do you get the mental picture in your mind’s eye that there’s substance, there’s things that are kind of solid or that everything’s kind of what I call spiritual, breathy and and and not really solid and defined? Does that make sense? What I’m asking

Penny: [00:09:55.66] It does for me personally, I get the picture in my mind’s eye that that there is substance. Yes. You can touch and feel and see and that are actually there.

Beatty: [00:10:09.94] And I get the same picture. I think the scriptures talk about it. Jesus says at the Last Supper, I will not drink the fruit of the vine until I drink it new and my father’s kingdom. Yeah. So that means you got a vine, you got a fruit, you got liquid. OK, you have Jesus that puts his blood in the tabernacle. You have the God telling Moses make the tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant all the pieces exactly as you saw them in heaven. So we see all these things that heaven has very defined substances. Angels are very defined. You see in revelation where angels are hurling things to earth, you see the Lamb of God in Revelation, holding a scroll and breaking the seals. All of these are things that we have here in the natural. And one of the things that’s really cool that I found is our physical world in the earth is really a mirror, though a not complete mirror, but a mirror of things in the spirit of trees, grass. You have people that have out of body experience as they go to heaven. They report, you know, walking through grass and streams and seeing trees and birds. OK, so there’s a substance in heaven, in the spirit realm. It’s just different than what we have here. And what I would say is it’s a different law of physics, but there’s still laws that govern it. Is that making sense?

Penny: [00:11:46.63] Absolutely, yeah.

Beatty: [00:11:48.22] Ok, and so what we see is that this faith has a substance and we actually see the substance being displayed in scripture turn. If you would, you can go back to ESV, but turn in if you were to act 19 versus 11 and 12. OK, OK. And as you’re turning, this is the time when Paul is doing his ministry. Crowds of people are coming to Paul, just like they did with Jesus because of the healing and the miracles that were going on. And then we’re now going to actually love x 19 versus 11 and 12, OK?

Penny: [00:12:23.02] And God was doing extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul so that even handkerchiefs or aprons that had touched his skin were carried away to the sick and their diseases left them and the evil spirits came out of them. Wow.

Beatty: [00:12:42.31] How did the handkerchiefs or and aprons heal people

Penny: [00:12:46.27] Just by touching them?

Beatty: [00:12:47.86] Yeah, there’s something that stuck to them after touching Paul’s skin or something of substance. Does that make sense?

Penny: [00:12:57.83] Does.

Beatty: [00:12:58.54] Yeah. Let’s look at Second Kings. Thirteen, twenty one. So this is in the days right after the days of Elijah the Prophet. And this is in the land of Israel, not Judah, and and we’re going to pick up there. So Israel, right after Elijah, the prophet, had been had died and let you pick up from there.

Penny: [00:13:26.19] All right. Verse twenty one second Kings 13. And as a man was being buried, behold, a marauding band was seen and the man was thrown into the grave of Elicia. And as soon as the man touched the bones of Aplysia he received oh sorry. He revived and stood up on his feet.

Beatty: [00:13:48.93] Can you imagine that you’re burying your dead friend. These raiders come in, you get scared, so you just throw them into this grave and run. And as soon as he hit those bones, he is resurrected from the desert. Wait, hold on. Don’t leave me here.

Penny: [00:14:02.94] Oh, so cool. I love

Beatty: [00:14:04.80] You. So how did the dead bones resurrect a dead man?

Penny: [00:14:11.50] Because they were the dead bones of Elijah the prophet something.

Beatty: [00:14:16.79] Ok, so the commonality between both Paul and Elijah as they were great men of faith, and there’s something about the substance of faith that stayed on both the fabric with Paul, stayed in the bones with Alicia. That is so. And someone touched it. They were healed. Her faith really has the substance. It’s a real thing. And in fact, some of us have heard of people with what’s called a prayer cloth, someone, a man of faith or a woman of faith with pray over it, send it to someone else in the mail. They receive it and they receive healing from it. Does that make sense? Yes. I even saw and I met the guy. So I know this is real, but I saw a guy on YouTube showing the power of faith and this concept of substance and he said, watch this. And he was at a mall and he takes a plastic spoon like what you would eat ice cream with. And he prays over the spoon for healing. And then if he finds out he called out and he finds someone that has some sort of pain, this particular person, I think had pain in his back. So he he he has someone deliver the spoon to him. He’s got all this on video. And then and so this guy, his name is PITAs Steinback. And when the guy holds the spoon, Pete says, what’s going on with the back in your pain in your back? You said, it’s gone. So faith has a substance we don’t understand. It is spiritual as supernatural. But the Bible did not mis translate the Greek when it says faith is the substance of things hoped for in the school.

Penny: [00:15:56.38] It is. And, you know, can I add something that I’m just thinking about at the end of that verse says the the evidence of things not seen. And I’m thinking in my mind. Evidence in the natural would be like some sort of proof that you actually can see, like I’m thinking about gravity. Yes, you can actually see gravity happening, but the evidence of it is that when you walk outside your feet, stay on the floor and throw a ball, the ball comes back down again. So there’s this like you said, it is a substance. It’s an evidence of something that we don’t necessarily see, but it manifests in the natural. And that’s what you can see.

Beatty: [00:16:42.98] That’s what you can see. When you were talking about that, I was thinking about, you know, that lady that I held on the back of. OK, yeah. The other woman was so surprised because she did not expect to see any evidence. I expected it, yeah, had had that other lady prayed for the person that made probably wouldn’t have been killed, but there was expectation on my end because I knew it and the evidence of the faith was healing, OK?

Penny: [00:17:14.01] Absolutely. So.

Beatty: [00:17:15.66] So faith has substance. Now, let’s dig a little bit deeper. If I were to say faith is similar to sin, would you say I’m right or wrong?

Penny: [00:17:27.52] Oh. I feel like you’re tricking me in that question, but I’m going to say you’re wrong.

Beatty: [00:17:35.53] Ok, now, Penny, let me ask you a question. How many times have I approached some comment that just sounds off the wall? That absolutely could not be true. And then I back it up with scripture many times. Has there ever been a time when I’ve said something that I’ve not been able to support in scripture? No. OK, so do you think I can support that faith? It’s like sin scripturally.

Penny: [00:18:02.17] Yes, OK.

Beatty: [00:18:04.51] So I would like to suggest that like sin faith opens the door for a spirit to act. In this case, it’s the Holy Spirit to act as opposed to evil spirits. So let me let me bring a pattern here that I want to share. We did a topic a while back called Legal Rights and Having Victory over the Enemy. And the basic thrust of that is when you have unrepentant sin in your life, it opens a door spiritually for an evil spirit to come in and torment. Do you do you remember that? I do, yeah. OK, what we see in scripture is that faith does a similar thing. It kind of opens a door for the Holy Spirit to come in and bless them. So let’s look at some scriptures and let me put some some meat on this. OK, also go to mark five. And we’re going to read vs. 27 through twenty nine and then verse 30 for 27 through twenty nine and verse thirty four,

Penny: [00:19:09.42] Ok, twenty seven through twenty nine. She had heard the reports about Jesus.

Beatty: [00:19:14.96] Let me give you a real quick backdrop. OK, Jesus. A man comes to Jesus and says Jaris comes to Jesus, says, can you come here. My daughter, she’s at the point of death, my 12 year old daughter. So Jesus is headed there. There’s this crowd of people. And now we pick up this this other little story going on. So now pick it up there.

Penny: [00:19:38.84] She had heard the reports about Jesus and came up behind him in the crowd and touched his garment for she said, if I touch even his garments, I will be made well. And immediately the flow of blood dried up. And she felt in her body that she was healed of her disease. Verse thirty four. And he said to her, This is Jesus speaking daughter. Your faith has made you well, go in peace and be healed of your disease.

Beatty: [00:20:08.96] Oh OK. So. Here’s what’s interesting, the faith that the woman had was simply to touch his garment, does that make sense? Yeah. Now, is there anything special with Jesus’s garments?

Penny: [00:20:26.06] No, other than there on him,

Beatty: [00:20:28.43] There on him, do you think there are other people in that crowd there are jostling back and forth and bumping into him and his garment and rubbing his garments?

Penny: [00:20:36.17] Oh, for sure. Yes.

Beatty: [00:20:38.24] Do we have any scriptural evidence that any of them were killed?

Penny: [00:20:42.15] Not in this passage, no. No.

Beatty: [00:20:44.24] And so simply simply Jesus’s garments or touching those garments isn’t faith. It doesn’t produce healing, but something she did produce healing. OK, there’s something about faith that is so powerful that it causes God to act in the supernatural. Even when all it is is reaching out to touch the garment of Jesus. Yeah, and that’s where we see this pattern, OK, it it’s like it opens the door for the Lord, for the Holy Spirit to act. And let me ask you a question. OK, what killed the woman with a blooded Jesus heal her, did the garments heal her? Was it something else? What was it that healed her?

Penny: [00:21:36.50] He says it was her faith.

Beatty: [00:21:38.96] Oh, but we always claim that Jesus healed her. But Jesus claims that it was her faith. It healed her. Yeah, he’s right. Jesus. OK, so let’s look at a similar story.

Penny: [00:21:52.97] I don’t think he could ever be wrong, but

Beatty: [00:21:55.01] I don’t think so either. Let’s look at Mark six 56, OK? So this is when Jesus is in the town of Nasrat. And we’re just going to pick up this one little verse, OK?

Penny: [00:22:11.05] And wherever he came in villages, cities or countryside, they laid the sick in the marketplaces and implored him that they might touch even the heart, the fringe of his garment, and as many as touched it were made.

Beatty: [00:22:27.22] Well, wow. As many as touched it were made well. Was it the touching of his garment that healed them, or do you think it was something different?

Penny: [00:22:38.50] I think it was something different.

Beatty: [00:22:39.97] Yeah, a lot of people touch his garment but weren’t healed. So what do you think these people were healed when they touched his garment?

Penny: [00:22:47.53] I think it’s because people knew he was coming and they were so excited that he was coming because they had heard of what he had been doing and other cities and regions and towns. So they had expectation. And I think their expectation is what caused them to believe with faith that even if they got close to him, they would be healed.

Beatty: [00:23:09.95] Yes. You think it was really mighty men and women of faith that would be willing to go to the cross if they were wrong? Or do you think it was just a little inkling of faith that they stepped out on?

Penny: [00:23:25.12] I don’t necessarily know that they would have been willing to go to the cross, but I have to admit, I don’t know what it feels like to be in a situation where I am consumed with my physical body, is consumed with the disease. Right. And I’m so desperate. You know what I’m saying to them?

Beatty: [00:23:45.25] It makes a lot of sense. So we have to separate out the desperateness versus faith. Yeah, we’re going to get into that in just a moment. OK, but I would like to suggest that when we think of a man of great faith. We would not apply it and defining this crowd of people that simply merely tried to reach out and touch his garment to be healed. That makes they’re not acting like Alija or Alicia or Moses. OK, we would I think we could say that their faith was a lot smaller than what we would consider mighty men of faith.

Penny: [00:24:21.61] Yes. OK.

Beatty: [00:24:23.69] So with these, Jesus did not do the healing. Jesus said that it was their faith that did the healing. This is the interesting thing, because we always we always point to say Jesus healed all these people. But yet the scripture is telling us that it wasn’t Jesus, it was their faith, and in this case, even their faith had just touching Jesus’s garment. OK, yeah. So I don’t want to. Void any deity or authority of Christ, we’re going to get to that in a later session, but I just want to point out is very clear in scripture there, Faith Hill them, not Jesus healed them, OK? And so faith is what’s causing God’s spirit to act. And it seems as if, you know you know how the Holy Spirit seems to well, evil spirits kind of seem to be lurking around looking for any opportunity to break in because of an open door and start tormenting. You kind of get that picture, don’t you?

Penny: [00:25:29.09] Yes.

Beatty: [00:25:30.77] The same picture I get is like the Holy Spirit is just always surrounding us, looking for any little bit of faith that it can come in and bless us. That’s kind of the picture that that I’m seeing as I go through the scriptures. And it’s just really kind of cool on that. And here’s something that’s really also, I think is is amazing. And it’s the. It’s incomprehensible to understand the awesome power of faith and what it really does, and I would even say how little faith it really takes to receive the awesome supernatural power of God in your life. OK, so think about this by faith. The woman was killed. All she did is she said if I just touch his garment. I’ll be healed or by faith of people in Janessa were healed, the same thing by Faith Blindman were held by faith. A storm is Kande. A man walks on water, a fig tree, as Kirsten dies by faith, men are raised from the dead. And even in the passage in Second Kings, we find that it wasn’t even a living person’s faith. It was the faith left over in the residue of the bones and that causes a dead man to rise from the dead.

Penny: [00:26:48.66] Ok, well,

Beatty: [00:26:50.45] And then think about this by faith. We believe in Jesus. In our spirit, is born in new. And and I want to suggest that when that happens, that is a greater act of creation than has ever been displayed anywhere on the surface of the Earth, and it’s greater than all the miracles of Jesus combined, that one little act of faith. Does that make sense?

Penny: [00:27:18.14] Yes, absolutely.

Beatty: [00:27:19.34] So what I want to show is it’s not a lot of faith because most people, when they believe in Jesus, say, Lord, I repent, come into my life. We’re not they’re not what we would consider mighty men or women of faith at that moment. It’s just they understand it to be true and they act on that truth. That’s all it takes in faith,

Penny: [00:27:40.99] And

Beatty: [00:27:42.19] That’s what’s really cool. So let’s look at what face looks like. You have a comment on that?

Penny: [00:27:47.32] No, I don’t think so.

Beatty: [00:27:49.99] Let’s go. Let’s take a look at another example of what faith looks like on this. Let’s turn to Mark 10 and we’re going to read versus 46 through 52. And once you turn them, I’m actually going to read it because it’s a long passage, one kind of truncate and just cut out some things and make it a little bit simpler. Are you ready?

Penny: [00:28:15.15] I am.

Beatty: [00:28:15.96] Ok, so this is talking about Jesus as he was leaving Jericho with his disciples and a great crowd, Bartholomaeus, a blind beggar dog, was sitting by the roadside. And when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out and say, Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me. And many rebuked him, telling him to be silent. But he cried out all the more. Son of David. Have mercy on me. And and Jesus stopped and said, call him and they call the blind man dot, dot, dot. He sprang up and came to Jesus and Jesus said to him, What do you want me to do for you? And the blind man said to him, Rabbi, let me recover my sight. And Jesus said to go your way, your faith has made you well. And immediately he recovered his sight and followed him on the way. So who killed Jesus, I mean, who healed Barcia, his eyes

Penny: [00:29:18.46] Are to my sister’s faith in Jesus.

Beatty: [00:29:20.59] Yeah, Jesus says your faith has made you well. So, again, what I’ve got to ask the question. And in fact, if you look at the if you’re an ESV, the the topical headline heading that the ESV Bible puts right before this, what does that say?

Penny: [00:29:36.76] Jesus heals blind badami us.

Beatty: [00:29:39.34] Yeah. So why does even the translators of the Bible put a headline that says Jesus Hildes, Minbar, Tamayo’s when Jesus denies it and says your faith has healed you? That’s a good question in it. What we see, and this is the part that I think is so exciting once we really start to understand this, OK? As you know, just like the passage with woman with a flow of blood. God tells us that it wasn’t Jesus that healed. It was the man’s faith. Faith brought forth the healing. Now what we’re going to learn is so God the father, there’s a later session, but just to to dispel any concerns that I’m being heretical on this, OK, so, God, the father has given all the authority to Jesus, the son. Right? That’s correct, and authority is enacted by faith. So the faith was in Jesus to heal, it was their faith that caused them to heal, but it was indirectly through the authority that Jesus had that’s given to him from the father. So we have kind of this dual thing going on, faith and authority that’s going to come out in a probably in our next episode next session on this. But just to let people know I’m not being heretical, there is there is rhyme to reason to this, but. The clear answer here from Scripture is it was their faith, and that’s the thing I want to focus on. So I want to dissect this a little bit and just kind of use this as an example of what faith looks like, because if we understand what it looks like. Then we’re going to be more likely able to walk in faith ourselves. Does that make sense?

Penny: [00:31:33.10] Yeah, it does.

Beatty: [00:31:34.21] So there are five things I want to pull out of this passage. The first one is when Bart Thomas hears that Jesus is walking by, he cries out for Jesus to heal him. So we see this crying out in faith. OK, well, then the second thing we see and what it looks like when the when the crowd rebukes him and tells him to be quiet, what is he doing?

Penny: [00:32:02.20] He continues on

Beatty: [00:32:04.36] He continues on his says and he cries out all the more.

Penny: [00:32:08.98] Ok.

Beatty: [00:32:10.45] He’s not going to let someone else squash what he wants. The third and watch this with that display of faith are crying out even more. Jesus stops and calls bottommost himself. Then the fourth thing that we get. Is Jesus aspart to me, is what he wants and Bertman part Thomas is very clear, I want to receive my site. And then fifth, Jesus says your faith has made you, well, recover your site, by the way, here’s something that I find interesting. Now, there’s always Grace with the Lord and most everything I teach on is going to be under the heading of what I call, generally speaking, OK. I try not to teach in absolutes because with the Lord, there’s no way for us to be absolute except one thing. You know, without Jesus, there is no salvation. I can say that, absolutely. But in other things that we pull out of scripture, the best way to approach it is the understanding of, generally speaking and noticed that the the fourth thing that we pull out of this Jesus aspart to me is what he wants. And Barzman is his very specific I want to regain my sight. When I prayed for that lady for healing in the back, I didn’t simply say. Lord, would you please kill this lady? I didn’t simply say, you know, please fill this back, though. That’s better. What I did is I asked the Lord to heal. And then I with authority, I commanded the muscles to be restored and the pain to leave. In other words, their specificity. And that’s what Jesus is. That’s what we can pull out of this with Martinmas, their specificity. Do you think Jesus had no clue what Bartokomous wanted? No. Yeah, Jesus probably knew exactly what Bart’s most wanted, but why do you think? He asked Bar Tamayo’s, what do you want?

Penny: [00:34:24.80] Because I think he wanted to hear from Brademas, I think he wanted Brademas to confess with his mouth what he was actually looking for. Yes.

Beatty: [00:34:35.92] Confess and face what you want. Be specific. So if you’re sick, don’t say Lord, heal me, Lord. I want to be healed of fibromyalgia. OK, be specific, because faith is in specificity. All right, so we pulled that out, so that’s what faith looks like. Sometimes faith has the appearance of hope or latch to last ditch effort, not the hope that the Bible says faith is the conviction of things hopeful. That’s a different hope when a lot of times we we say, I hope it doesn’t rain today. I hope my back gets healed. That’s not biblical faith. Hope that’s you know, I’ll call that pleading. OK, type of last ditch. So what faith is sometimes has the appearance of looking like is merely hope or that last ditch effort. But that’s not it at all because it goes a lot deeper than that. And we see that with Bar Tamayo’s, see with Bart Thomas, there was no actually two or three things. No. One. Part Thomas knew that Jesus could heal, right? Yes, yes, he knew that Jesus could heal his blindness. And he fully expected that Jesus would heal his blindness. Oh, so we see this this expectation, this understanding that it can be done and an expectation that it would be done. And so and he wants it so bad and believes it enough that he doesn’t care about the ridicule of the crowd. Have you ever been someplace where you wanted to ask for prayer? But you’re kind of embarrassed, too, and so you didn’t.

Penny: [00:36:20.82] Yes, OK.

Beatty: [00:36:22.95] Well, he wasn’t embarrassed and I’ve been there, too, so I’m not pointing fingers, but bar Thomas wanted it so bad and knew that Jesus could do it and was so expecting that Jesus would that he didn’t care about the ridicule or making a spectacle, a spectacle of himself or being embarrassed and and he wouldn’t let anything stop them, including when the people said, hush, be quiet, not on your life. And he raises his voice even more. And what’s interesting is that when the Lord stopped. The Lord didn’t stop when he first started. You know, Jesus teaches about praying. He says, be persistent, don’t let up be like that word of he keeps coming to the unrighteous judge and finally the judge gives in and Jesus says, well, not your heavenly father who loves you, do the same for you simply because you’re persistent, as the unrighteous judge did for that widow. So and a couple of things just a reminder. Because I don’t want us to take this wrong from the passage. Bar Thomas was not crying out in desperation, pleading. Hoping that by his pleading that Jesus would actually now respond when he would have responded earlier, faith is not desperation. That’s emotion. OK. Faith is the confident assurance. I think I hope for the conviction of things not seen if you were confident and assured you’re not going to be desperate, does that make sense?

Penny: [00:38:08.40] Absolutely.

Beatty: [00:38:09.51] So I remember when I was being taught how to pray for people for healing. The one of the things that was key keep saying keeping articulated is by praying harder and praying louder doesn’t do. And in fact, it actually hurts it. Yeah, because that shows a lack of faith. Yeah, that is OK. Is that resonating.

Penny: [00:38:31.77] It does, because your lack of faith basically when you’re praying louder and harder, you’re saying that you’re putting all of the weight onto the way that you pray. Yes. If I do it this certain way, then it’s going to work. And that’s not faith.

Beatty: [00:38:48.05] That’s right. It’s not you. You’re simply operating faith. The power is coming from the Lord. And that’s right. And pleading is simply simply shows that it’s not it’s not faith. I’ve got to tell a story on that. It’s not plaiting. But it has significant ramifications to this as something the Lord has shown me in the last four weeks. So, by the way, this isn’t on my note. So this is all ad hoc. But I think I think the Lord wants to it wants me to share it. Have you ever heard of anointing oil? Yes, we’re in the scripture, does it talk about anointing oil in terms of healing?

Penny: [00:39:30.32] Ok, um, you remember? I don’t remember.

Beatty: [00:39:35.43] So there’s a passage in James, which is a primary passage, as if anyone is sick. Let him call for the Elter elders and they will anoint him with oil. And the prayer offered in faith will heal the person and God will raise them up. OK, so you have this biblical precedence of Janowicz with oil and you pray in faith. Well, I was reading through the scriptures, through I think it was Matthew and I came across a passage that really surprised me and it said that the disciples this is during the time of Jesus. So he had sent them out to go pray for people. And it may just this one little one line comment. They anointed people with oil and prayed for their healing and they were healed. Or something like that, but that the disciples used oil when they went out to kill. OK, so I thought, OK, wow, let me test this. So I’m always about testing. OK, so I come to a conclusion that I think is true from scripture. And then if I can test it, especially when it’s living by faith, stepping out by faith, doing something in the supernatural, then I start to test it and see if my theory is correct, OK? And that’s why I learned what kind of the boundaries of what God’s laws are. And sometimes it blows up and sometimes it doesn’t. Well, this time it blew up on me. So I got a little jar and I put some olive oil in it. We talked one time that there’s a difference between olives and figs, olive tree and fig tree. Fig trees always in the Bible represents death. By the way, you know, when Adam said, what leaf did they use to cover themselves

Penny: [00:41:22.30] Fig leaf

Beatty: [00:41:23.29] Fig leaves because they had died. Yeah. Do you know what type of branch is in the Flo’s the oil to the candlesticks in the tabernacle and what type of oil is used is both a branch that has motifs of this type of tree and they also use the oil of that tree. They know what that tree is.

Penny: [00:41:44.51] I think it’s an olive tree.

Beatty: [00:41:46.00] That’s right. So we have olive oil. So that’s why I went to my pantry and got olive oil. OK, well, I think actually was a virgin olive olive oil. So I didn’t want anything that was there was just a jug there. But it is real, OK? And then I put some in and I would anoint myself daily. I was testing it. I had something I wanted kind of healed in my body. And so I was testing that. And then after doing that for about a week, I went back out to Wal-Mart like I do on Saturdays, and I started praying for people. Now I’ve been praying for people at Wal-Mart for four and a half years. And I’ve never, absolutely never have had any time in four and a half years when at least one or two people were not killed symptomatically of whatever they were played with. And in recent years, it’s like 80 or 90 percent were like completely healed of those symptoms. So I went out after about a week or so using this oil and not a single person was killed. Well, I mean, it was like came to a total dead end, all right. And I thought, oh, my gosh, what’s going on? And it really baffled me and really took me for a spin because, you know, it’s just like nothing worked. So I was asking the Lord what happened and I didn’t really get a clear answer.

Beatty: [00:43:15.88] But then that was a Saturday. By Sunday or Monday, I went to because I kept that annoying all that I used every single day. I kept it by the sofa where I had my quiet time and it was gone and I didn’t think anything of it. I looked around, but I couldn’t find it the next day either. So I reached out to my son. Did you move it? No. I won’t reach out to my wife. Did you move it? No. We have someone living at our house. Did you move it? No. And then about a week later. I felt the this impression to look underneath the sofa. Oh, so this is a little chart with a little lid on it, OK, and you would squirt down an olive oil is a thick yellow oil and it kind of sticky. It’s slimy. And you can see it OK. It’s it’s the same type of oil that you have at an Italian restaurant and you dip stuff in. So it’s got to that consistency. And so I had this this impression to look underneath the sofa. So that’s strange, I looked underneath the sofa and there it was, but the lid had come off and the jar and the lid were both facing up underneath the sofa. And I’m thinking, oh, no, all the oil poured out and is stained my rug.

Beatty: [00:44:34.59] OK, so I reached down and got it and there was no oil in it. Not only that. But it was completely clean, as if you had just bought the jar jar. You know, if you if you’re just to wipe oil out of a jar, there’s a sticky, slimy residue. Yes. There’s nothing there. Absolutely nothing. And I, uh, I. It baffled me and I started asked the Lord, what is going on, and I got this impression that the Lord did a miracle, that he moved that jar because it didn’t get blown off, it wasn’t knocked off. I validated all those. It was underneath the sofa, right side up. With a jar, with a lid taken off and all of the oil completely gone, not a lick of residue. And I got the feeling that the Lord did such a miraculous event to protect me first on something. And I was asking him is actually this morning, I was asking him to get greater clarity. And and this is what he said. I was asking him what was here’s my question. Basically, I said, Lord, what was so dangerous with my anointing oil that you removed it from me in such a miraculous fashion. And he said it displaced your faith in me and the authority I’ve granted you. And instead you placed your faith in a part of my creation. It was a form of idolatry.

Penny: [00:46:13.79] Oh, wow.

Beatty: [00:46:15.74] Yeah, we don’t understand this. Jesus says if you lust after a woman in your heart, you committed adultery. Idolatry is not simply having an object that you worship. But what I had done unknowingly, unknowingly in my test was I had begun to rely on something supernatural or testing. If there’s something supernatural with the oil. Oh, I believe that probably opened up some sort of a door that allowed, you know, my faith just to be totally gone during those times. And and so that is what faith is. It’s it’s not relying on anything else. That’s why pleading in prayer actually is detrimental to getting what you want, because it shows that you really don’t have faith, because faith is that confident assurance. Yeah. Is this is all this making sense?

Penny: [00:47:13.61] Yeah, it does.

Beatty: [00:47:15.05] Ok, so. Just kind of wrapping up and then I love any comments or thoughts that may stand out from you, but faith is not hope. OK, in the way that we use hope, faith is the absolute certainty that something can be done, will be done. The expectation that it will be done. And when you have that certainty that it can be done, when you’re praying for something and that expectation, that supernatural expectation that it will be done, that’s faith and that’s when it happens. And here’s the other thing about faith. You cannot will yourself to have.

Penny: [00:47:55.92] It feels right

Beatty: [00:47:58.05] Now you can gain it by testimonies. You know, a lot of times when you’re in group healing sessions, you’ll share testimonies of people that the Lord is healed so that people can have faith that maybe they will be healed as well. So you get that they start to have that expectation. But it’s not something that they simply sit there and through meditation, conjure up on their own. And will it to happen? Does that make sense?

Penny: [00:48:26.53] Yes.

Beatty: [00:48:27.28] Ok, so what are the big takeaways, any AHA’s for you in this or anything that kind of stands out that you like to just kind of reinforce?

Penny: [00:48:37.20] I think I’m just thinking about our audience and the people that are listening, and I just feel like the Lord’s giving me some really basic examples for different people in the audience. So to explain faith a little bit better or to sum up what you just said, but make it a little bit more like, oh, and I’m thinking about like moms. Like if you’re a mom and you have a toddler and let’s say that, you know, like, you know how nap time goes every single day. Why do you know? Because you’re around your toddler. You see how they behave. You kind of they have a pattern or a routine. Maybe they cry for 15 minutes every single time you put them down for a nap and then they’re sound asleep or you have faith as a mom that your child is going to go to sleep because you you know, because you’ve seen it and you’ve experienced and you just know in your heart, oh, they’re going to take a nap. I know they are. This is what they do every single day. So I feel like that’s a good way for maybe some of the moms or women out there listening to sort of grasp faith is that it is something that you you just know in your heart, like you said, Beatty, once you have faith, then you can go and pray for someone to be healed and they will be healed because you know you know what you’re expecting.

Penny: [00:50:04.17] You know what’s coming. You know who your faith is in. And I was thinking about, like men. I’m like, OK, well, Lord, there’s going to be a lot of men listening. Like, what is it that they need to hear that’s going to make them understand exactly what kind of faith Beatty is talking about. And the only thing that I could come up with was like my brother in law is a he’s a really big fisherman. He actually does tournaments. And anyway, he has a really big boat and he goes way out into the Gulf and he knows he has faith that his boat is going to start every single time. But he has to go through a series of I have to do this, this and this. And then it’s going to start every single time. It’s like the same. He has faith that that boat is going to start because he knows by experience. He knows by repetition. He knows by what he’s learned that it is going to start. So he has faith that it is going to start. I don’t know if that’s making sense.

Beatty: [00:51:07.50] That makes perfect sense. I’ve got to share a story similar to that because this may also resonate. I was at a Christian dinner meeting, probably 300 people, and we were in this very executive type of conference room. And the the speaker that night was a the pitcher of the Atlanta Braves. This was years back. I don’t recall his name. And he was going to give away and an autographed baseball or two, actually several and some other stuff at the end. So you have all these men out there during Codan ties, during this fancy banquet hall, you know, glass dishes and everything else, and and the guys up there on this podium and he says he wants this ball and so on, you know, probably fifty feet away, you know, shot his hand up. So the guy just naturally tosses the ball. Fifty feet in this crowded auditorium, all this glass and China everywhere. Oh, gosh. And the guy catches it perfectly. And I was thinking, you know, I would have been scared to death. I mean, oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. I hope this gets. But for him. He had no doubt where that ball was going to land. And does that make sense?

Penny: [00:52:25.13] Yeah, absolutely. And the guy catching it had no doubt that he was going to catch it. Yeah.

Beatty: [00:52:30.17] And I think that’s probably a perfect example. It’s there’s no doubt and there’s no worry. You don’t even think about it is second nature.

Penny: [00:52:39.38] Yeah, that’s really good. Well, this was a great call, Beatty. I’m so thankful for all the time that you’ve put in for our listeners. Is there anything else you’d like to add before we wrap up today?

Beatty: [00:52:50.78] Yes, two things. Number one, if you happen to subscribe to our podcast, let me encourage you to please do so. Whether you’re on YouTube or whether you’re on a podcast player, like on an iPhone or an Android or something. And the second thing is, please share this podcast with others. OK. And if you have others that would be interested in this, if you’re listening to our get cellar’s calling you channel, but you have other friends who are Christians, that would be you wouldn’t be interested with this. But they’re not a real estate agent. We take our radical faith podcast and we send them off onto a separate channel just for radical faith. And that’s called get radical faith. OK, both get radical and also just a podcast channel. So if you do have a friend that you like to share this with, but they’re not going to be interested in real estate marketing tips, then please send them to the channel, get radical faith and they’ll get the same stuff.

Penny: [00:53:50.87] Sounds good. I agree with that.

Beatty: [00:53:53.75] I’ve got I didn’t have a third thing. OK, this is real important. When you read the scripture one time, you get a little bit from it, but when you read it a second or third time, you get so much more out of it. Yeah, the same thing with these podcasts. Please go back and listen to this again, because you’ll pick up so much more on little nuances that are going to be the key to helping you to really step out in faith. So listen to these two or three times rather than just one, and I think you’ll get a lot out of it.

Penny: [00:54:24.65] Yeah, that’s great. Well, everybody, thank you so much for listening. We just enjoy being with you. And again, please share this and and we hope to we hope to encourage you with everything that we share. And of course, Beatty always put so much time and effort into studying and and preparing the word and the message for us. So we bless you and we’ll see you next time.