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Beatty: [00:00:00.20] Want to welcome everyone, we’ve got some folks, both online and physically here. I wanted to do this topic. This topic is getting free of torments, addictions and constant life failures, as the Lord has brought me into this topic. I’m just realizing and saying how much of a significant impact this is in people’s lives. And I really think that this will be a pivotal topic for all of us because so much of what happens. I don’t know if this makes sense. So much of what happens is we go through life and sometimes we feel like nothing ever works out. You know, we have relationships that constantly crumble. A business that is up and down and it keeps falling. You have a sickness and health issues consistently. And all of these things and you just wonder what’s wrong with me? And what I like to suggest is probably more than most of us realize is there saboteurs in our life and there are people? We’re going to say that in just a moment, but people that we don’t know of who are sabotaging everything we do, they’re sabotaging our health, sabotaging our relationships, they’re sabotaging our business and job opportunities. And until we know the rules to play by, they know the rules. But until we know the rules, we can’t do anything about it. And so kind of a broad spectrum overview of where we’re going to go is today we’re going to talk about a thing called legal rights and legal rights is what gives these spirits a right to attack.


Beatty: [00:01:46.65] And then from there, we’re going to start covering the primary sets. There’s probably eight of them of what I’ll call open doors. What are the open doors that give these evil spirits rights and access into our life? And just to share a little couple of little stories about this. So my business life, the Lord pushed us in business. I had no inclination of starting a business, or at least I didn’t think I was starting nineteen ninety seven. He just kind of pushed us in and threw everything out is in a good way. And what we found is in about two and a half years, we’re doing about three hundred and fifty thousand a month in revenues. I mean, it just kind of exploded. And as it exploded up, it came right back down. And from then on, it’s up and down and up and you you hit a peak and it drops. You hit a peak, it drops. It hit a peaks, it’s drops. And to put this in perspective, I remember hiring, OK? So I got to build up my sales team to grow the business. That’s the logical thinking, right? Lord Lady later told me That’s not the way I’ve called you to do it, but I hired 30 salespeople, you know, got the resume. Did the interview weeded out? All the ones that weren’t good, went through the training to get them started and 30 of them in a row? One hundred percent of all 30 of them quit within two weeks of starting to two weeks before starting to two weeks after starting one hundred percent.


Beatty: [00:03:27.42] When you start to see a pattern, you go, something is up, OK, every single one just kind of sabotage out of the way. We’ll see things in our business where customers would would always complain and we can never get over the hump in terms of complaining customers and problems here and problems there. And so what it does is it diverts all your focus and efforts into that rather than growing your business and being excellent with your customers. And then what happened through a series of events? I recognized there was a saboteur there. And I have a friend who helped us with this. We identified exactly where he was and what he was doing, and once we did, we’re able to nullify him. And from that point, everything, just everything calmed down. If you think about so what happened is all of a sudden, all of the internal issues within their business just flattened out with over a period of it was a fairly quick period of time. It wasn’t like, you know, the next day, but over a very short period of time, everything dropped, everything calmed down. Revenues start to grow, profits start to grow to the point where. I don’t really know what I do in business anymore, because I’m not focused on the business, I’m focused on this stuff.


Beatty: [00:04:49.36] Teaching and business just continues to grow and is to totally different scenario, and it all goes back to identifying the saboteur. The other story I remember just a couple of weeks ago I was over at Wal-Mart, and there’s this lady named Jerry. I’ll call her because I forget her actual name. And we’re praying for her. And she said, You know, do you have any pain or sickness? You want God to heal? She said, had this real stabbing pain in the neck. And it’s a bulging disc or slipped disc or deteriorated disc. It’s something like that the doctors have have labeled and it was just very painful. So I prayed for it and the pain went down just a little bit and then go any further. And I said, OK, the Lord prompt in my heart to ask a couple of questions on some of these open doors, right? And she had some open doors. So I led her through a short prayer of forgiveness and repentance and renouncing. And by the time she got through that prayer, the pain was almost all the way gone. Pray for a little bit more. Is totally gone, she can move her neck everything and so what’s happened is that torment. Was a spiritual battle tied to legal rights that once you clarify and nullify those legal rights, you can push it out and that spirit has no further right there.


Beatty: [00:06:15.17] And so that’s where I want to talk about today is what are these things so like to ask more of? Just a rhetorical question, but do you ever feel like your life has been sabotaged at times? Do you ever feel like everything you do constantly ends in failure or if you have addictions? You know, it’s like I take one drink and you’re right back into it, OK? And you can’t get out of it. All of these have, for the most part, a spiritual route that if you can handle the spiritual route, everything else takes care of itself and you’ll recognize this with patterns. So the pattern is you’ll see a pattern that, let’s say your job or business opportunities every time you’re about to get over over the hump, it crashes. Every time you’re about to get a great contract, it just disappears or in your health just as you get over one sickness. It’s like here comes another sickness, and it’s just one after another, after another, after another. I was talking to a lady. She said that she was brought in going to church. She wasn’t really a Christian, and she was still a virgin all the way through college. But three weeks before graduating, she gave herself to her boyfriend. She said from that point on that week, she got sick and she was sick for 20 years. One thing after another, after another, after another, after another, after another. She went through, but I’m sharing here and instantly it all cleared up.


Beatty: [00:07:42.16] Hmm. It’s powerful what we deal with, so anytime you see a pattern, a pattern of depression, a pattern of anxiety or a pattern of just feeling condemned and not good enough. And especially when you start to see that pattern generationally, OK, where you say, you know, my great grandmother had this or my grandfather had this and one after another, maybe a pattern of divorce, a pattern of cheating, a pattern of alcoholism, a pattern of just wrenched apart relationships, whatever it is. Anytime you start to see a pattern that’s consistent, that’s when you can almost absolutely guarantee it is a spiritual battle that you’re fighting. And it doesn’t matter how many doctors you go to, how much medicine you take, or how much discipline you apply into the situation until you get rid of the legal right of that saboteur. You’ll never be free of it. You can put a Band-Aid on it and you can try to compress it down. But it’s going to pop right back out, open at some point and you’ll keep being tormented. So what I wanted to do is show you what we’re up against and show you in scripture how this works. So turn to Ephesians six 12, Ephesians six 12. And this is the primary passage on spiritual warfare with Paul, and I’ll read it, I says for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil and the heavenly places.


Beatty: [00:09:36.06] I want to read it in one other version, this is the living Bible, because this makes it really stand out what’s happening for we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against persons without bodies. Ok, so we are fighting persons without bodies. And what you have is you have if you think about us, we have a spirit, a soul and a body, right? This is a spirit. This is a soul. And this is a body. The only part of these three parts that’s in the physical realm is right here the body. Both the spirit and the soul or in the spirit realm who what makes us who we are is our soul, not our body. And so what it says that we’re doing is we’re battling persons without bodies. I have a spirit. Let’s just call this an evil spirit. I have an evil spirit that is who I’m battling. And what’s interesting is our body can handle and hold multiple spirits. We have our own spirit that we hear talking to ourselves. The Holy Spirit comes in and unites with our spirit. And evil spirits come in. So remember, Jesus casts out demons from a demonic over in the Gateron area. And you remember that legion that you just gave? You remember the demon’s name. He said, What is your name? He says, My name is legion for we are many.


Beatty: [00:11:19.35] So you cast an out two thousand pigs got demonized when the demons came out of that person. So what happens is you can have a lot of these guys in you and every single one of these is a different person. I remember doing a deliverance PA and I did it, and the demons would actually the person would go in a trance and the demon would actually look at you through the eyes and speak to you and you’re talking to the demon. You’re not talking to the person, but they’re in that person’s body. Ok, so this is real stuff, and I want you to kind of picture for a moment if you want to look at sort of how spiritual warfare works. Probably a good way to describe it because we can’t see these guys. Most of us anyway, can’t see them. So imagine for a moment you have a a a fence, a wooden fence. Like this, and this is you and you come out and your head is here, OK? And there’s this hole in the fence. Actually, I want to draw you in a different color, make it or better. So there’s this hole in the fence. And you have your body. Like this and your head is like this, OK, you get the picture. All right. I know I’m not a great artist, but yeah, this is this is my version of drawing


Speaker2: [00:13:05.02] My


Beatty: [00:13:05.29] Final art. There is no artist here. I can promise you that. So what happens? Imagine this when you’re over here, your eyes are looking at this side of the fence, but back behind you, you’ve got all these tormentors. Who are beating you up and they’re kicking you and they’re poking you and you can’t see it. It’s all behind you. You have no idea what’s going on. And until you understand the rules, you have no idea where they’re going to hit you next. There’s no way to defend yourself. You’re totally naked and vulnerable. And what they do to you back here impacts you right here. So if we were to say that this is the spirit realm and this is the physical realm, what’s happening in the spirit realm is a direct causation of what’s happening over here in the physical realm, and we wonder why everything we do over here seems to fall apart. And yet the cause is all over here. Yeah.


Speaker3: [00:14:21.27] Beatty, would you think it’s safe to say that? Given the nature of Satan and his legion of being a bit deceptive, they’re not going to play fair and it’s not going to be like what you see in the movies, it’s going to be so much more subtle.


Beatty: [00:14:38.86] Number one, they play by the rules, OK? But whether it’s fair or subtle or overt is all our own perception. They play by the rules because the rule giver is God and they are subservient to God. We’re going to see that in just a moment. Ok, so what we think is they don’t play fair is simply our own perception. The rules are the rules, and they follow the rules to the T the diff. The difference is this is the this is kind of the point I’m leading up to. There are a set of rules. If you don’t know the rules, you’re bound to lose. Think about going think about your in court, a prosecutor is accusing you of crimes, whether you did them or not is irrelevant. If you don’t have an attorney on your side and you don’t know any of the law, your chances of succeeding in that court is about zero. If you don’t know the rules, you will always lose. Does that make sense? Hmm. And so even though we may say it doesn’t sound fair. Fairness has nothing to do with it. The only thing that has anything to do with it is the rules. And so what I want to start showing you tonight are the rules. And then over the next number of sessions, I’m going to start to show you how all those rules apply into all these open doors and how you can lock those shut those doors, lock them down and get rid of all of this torment that’s been going on in your life.


Beatty: [00:16:23.85] It’s really. Interesting. On. So the the thing that is interesting is. They’re attacking based on rules. Those rules. Give them the authority to attack. Ok. They cannot attack without authority. So that’s what we’re going to look at. And the other thing is it’s not a cause and effect. This is the thing that most of us gets that we don’t really understand. Ok, so I have a series of things that keep falling apart. I do. Another contract falls apart, another contract falls apart. Must be something with me. I have a relationship falls apart. Relationship falls apart. Relationship falls apart. It must be something wrong with me. And what happens is we keep thinking it’s us. And yet the cause is something way over here. It could have been something that happened thirty five years ago, way over here, that’s now causing this because what happens is a door allows a spirit to come into your life. And now what you have is you have a person, a person who has his own will.


Beatty: [00:17:49.61] Very smart and has been doing this for millennia. And he knows how to destroy your life, because you remember what Jesus says about the enemy he came to do, what kill, still and destroy? And that’s what they’re doing. And you have no clue that it’s them. And until you know that it’s someone over here that’s actually doing this. You beat yourself up thinking it’s all you. You’ll go to the psychiatrist, you’ll go to the doctor, you’ll read all their self-help books. None of that is going to work because that’s not the solution. It’s only trying to cover the symptom, but the cause of the symptom are persons without bodies who were attacking you, and you don’t even know. Imagine if someone if you’re walking around, there’s an invisible man. He sticks his foot out and you trip over it. You think you trip going down the stairs? He pushes you. You never see him. You never feel him. But you get broken bones, bloody noses. You car crash your car all the time. You eat stuff and it’s poison, you know, and you’re going, What’s wrong? Well, there’s this invisible man that’s going along everywhere. That’s causing it. That’s what we’re going to be talking about. Is this kind of fun. Interesting.


Speaker4: [00:19:11.31] Invisible players be in the form of guilt. Yes, like I was talking to someone today struggling with feelings of guilt, regret, anger, outburst, unforgiveness, absolutely. So that’s how it manifests itself in someone’s life. It’s not. It manifests these right spirit things. They’re tagged as addiction, unforgiveness. Maybe regret guilt, fear nightmare. You know, just


Beatty: [00:19:45.30] Things like that. Yeah. Ok, so you’re what you’re and we’re going to see this next session. But essentially, we’re looking at physical disabilities, physical pain. Mental anguish, guilt, fear, condemnation and all kinds of life opportunities and pursuits in relationships is falling apart. And in other words, Jesus said, I came that you might have life and have it abundantly. Anything that is not abundant life. Is most likely, I’d say maybe 80, 90 percent a result of this stuff right here and especially when you see the pattern that is constant. Ok? You know, we’ll get in an accident, we’ll make a bad decision, wreck the car. That’s not this. But if you’re constantly wrecking your car, constantly getting in accidents, I pretty much guarantee you it’s this. Does that make sense? Yeah.


Speaker3: [00:20:47.08] So yeah, would you say, though? It’s more like it’s not like the the Hollywood movie, like the movie The Exorcist, that’s probably the rarest. What you say. It’s much more subtle.


Beatty: [00:20:56.41] I’ve never seen it, so I don’t know. But what? I will tell you, what I will tell you is people who have seen that. They do say that the casting out of demons is very similar in certain cases, yeah, but.


Speaker3: [00:21:10.47] They don’t manifest themselves. You know, I think they like to hide like that’s why this is also


Beatty: [00:21:16.77] Important for people. Right, right. Harder to believe, right? It’s hard to believe because you don’t see it. You believe what you see. But if you don’t say you, don’t believe it. Ok, so let’s talk real quickly on a authority and legal rights. We’re not going to turn to these. We’re going to cover these in more detail in a little bit. But if you think about Satan, OK, so God convenes, Satan comes and God says, Look at my wonderful man, Joe. He’s righteous, isn’t he? And Satan says he only loves you because you put a hedge of protection around him. Let me have Adam. And he’ll curse you. So here’s what we see. We say that God gives Satan authority to attack, Jobi says you can have access to anything updates except his own body do not touch. So now what we see is Satan is playing by the rules. He can’t touch them because God didn’t give him authority. But now God gives authority. But it’s limited in scope, and Satan can go to the edge of that scope. So now think about Job’s sons out there having a great time, and all of a sudden his entire business is wiped out. All of his kids are killed. And he loses all of his land. What just happened? Devastation, devastation. It all looks like natural cause and effect. This is the key. It all looks like natural cause and effect.


Beatty: [00:22:49.75] It’s not. It is premeditated destruction in your life that’s manifested in the natural that looks like natural cause and effect. And that’s what we see with Joe. We see with Saul, King Saul is out there and there’s this tormenting spirit that keeps going after Saul. He has no idea what it is. God sent him. God authorized that spirit to torment Saul. Ok. And then you have the parable of the unmerciful servant, we’re going to see this next time. And basically the net story, the net result of this parable, Jesus says that if you don’t forgive your brother, then my heavenly father will send the tormentors after you to torment you until you do forgive. All of these things are torments in your life. Doesn’t matter how it’s manifested, physical, mental disability business, they’re all torments, most of the torments are going to be personal to you. Not just a business, but all of these are are things that are attacks. So let’s look at the legal structure. I want to turn to Ephesians one. And what I want to show you is I want to start to open up scripture to you where you see legal structure embedded in God’s design and how he works. So this is Ephesians one. And we’re going to read 20 and twenty one. And I’ll pick up on that. So when he God raised him, Jesus from the dead and seated him at his right hand in the heavenly places, far above all rule and authority and power and dominion and above every name that is named.


Beatty: [00:24:53.25] So what we see here is real authority, power and dominion. Are all governmental structures? And governmental structure is all about legality. Ok, so this is the infrastructure that God has set up, and it says that God raised Jesus above all of the rule, power and authority and dominion. These are not demonic terms. At the end of Ephesians, we battle the evil spirits who are in that realm and they pervert these things. But all of God’s kingdom is run on these things, and Jesus is king over all of that, and he rules his kingdom based on this legal, governmental structure. Ok. Look at Matthew, 20, eight, 18. This is the beginning, the great commission, Matthew, twenty eight, eighteen and Jesus came and said to him all authority in heaven and on Earth has been given to me by authority. Authority emanates from a legal process, a legal structure. That’s what authority is. So here we have Jesus also illustrating there’s this legal structure in place and that is one of authority. And then the other thing we see is God is frequently viewed and described in the scriptures as a judge and a judge is one who operates in governmental structure and authority based on rules legality. So let’s look at a couple of those. Let’s look at Job one six.


Beatty: [00:26:47.18] Now, there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan also came among them. And if you start to read more, there’s there’s this whole picture of God and his ruling authority. All the sons of God, sons of God. These are the angels and the created beings, right? Ok. They’re not the elect as standing before him. And you have Satan that comes before. What do you think Satan is there to do? Steal, kill and destroy, kill, kill and destroy. Ok. Satan is called the blank of the brethren. The accuser of the accuser. What does he accuse the brethren for or against? What sends and sends our breaking of? Ha ha. So when you break the law, you have an accuser that comes and accused you. Satan is the accuser of the brethren. What we see here is that Satan is coming to accuse Jodi. This is a legal structure. This is a governmental engagement. The accuser comes before the judge to make an accusation against a person. Let’s look also at Hebrews 12. We’re going to read twenty two through twenty four Hebrews twelve twenty two through twenty four. Thanks to you. You’re welcome. All right, so it says, but you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem and to innumerable angels and festival gathering and to the assembly of the firstborn who are enrolled in heaven and to God, the judge of all.


Beatty: [00:28:41.62] And to the spirits of the righteous made perfect. And to Jesus, the mediator of a new covenant and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel. This is a huge gathering. This is almost everyone in heaven. Can you tell? Ok? So let’s look at this a little bit. Mount Zion. Anyone know what Mt. Zion is? Heavenly Jerusalem, heavenly Jerusalem. And tourism is what? The city of God is a city of God. It’s also the capital of Israel, Mt. Zion is the capital of the heavenly kingdom and the capital is what it’s where all the governmental authority resides. So that right off the bat we say that this is a governmental authority gathering, OK? They’ve all come to Mount Zion. And then it says, and to God, the judge of all there we have ruling authority position, judge. A judge is based on the rules and the legal structure that’s in place. And then it says that Jesus and to Jesus, the mediator of a new covenant. Is a covenant a legal format? Yeah. So what we see here is all of this legal stuff everywhere through scripture. Any time you see anything talking about the law, God and his judge sitting on his throne, talking about rules and powers and principalities, all of that is legal jargon.


Beatty: [00:30:22.13] The entire infrastructure of the Spirit realm is set up with rules and laws. This entire legal structure that makes it work. It’s the same thing in the physical realm. And that’s what we’re seeing. So with that, I then want to shift into what I call unrepentant sins and legal rights. So the best way to describe this, I want to walk you through deliverance. Deliverance is the casting out of demons from somebody, OK? Evil spirits and basically casting out the persons without bodies and getting them out of your body. Ok, that’s essentially what you do. And in a deliverance. And there are four stages to a deliverance. Number one is you have to identify the demon. Ok. Damon, identify yourself, tell me your name. I am Gilliard. Ok. Or something like that. You so you have to identify the spirit because you can’t just say everyone out of the house. Because they don’t want to go. Well, everyone, you’re not talking to me because you didn’t call me by name. Ok. I remember listening to this one guy named Derek Prince, and he’s catching this demon out. And so what’s your name? He said, like, I’ll just make up a name, you know, stating, OK, well, get out, City. Well, no, no, no, no. You got it wrong. It’s duty is not my name. I don’t care. Get out. But it’s not my name or get out anyway, you know, so we have authority to name them if we can identify them.


Beatty: [00:32:02.44] But the most important thing first is you have to identify the evil spirit. And then once you identify the evil spirit, the second thing you do is you interrogate it and what you’re interrogating is. Keep in mind, this spirit came in through a door into this person’s life. You want to know what door he came in. Because that door is open, and so you interrogate the demon and say what gave you a legal right to come in? That’s the key. What gave you the legal right? And when done properly, they have to give you a truthful on a truthful answer. And there are some ways to make sure it stays truthful. So what you’ll find is that legal, right? That door is always an unrepentant sin. One hundred percent because it’s the rules of the battle. Is the laws they know the law and they find every bit of the law that they can come in and come into your life to attack it. And so that legal right is always an unrepentant sin. So then the third thing that you do is you get the person that you’re helping get these guys out of and you say you need to repent of this sin that you have over here. And repentance is not forgiveness. Lord, please forgive me. Oh no, you’ve already been forgiven. It’s I confess I did wrong and I repent of it.


Beatty: [00:33:45.15] When you repent of that sin, then what that does is it now breaks the legal right of that spirit to be there. It doesn’t mean that once you break it, the spirit’s gone. What it means is that once you break it, the spirit no longer has a handle to hold on to to stay there. Ok. What are these legal rights is they give you, if you can imagine, just kind of like a if this were a handle right here on this board, if I’m holding on to the handle and you try to pull me away from the board, you can’t pull me away because I’m holding on. Once you break that handle, I have nothing to hold on to. Now you can pull me away and I have nothing to grab on to. So once so that brings us to the fourth thing once. The person repent of that sin, then the fourth thing is now in the authority of Jesus. You can cast the spirit out and tell them to go. And he has to go because he has no legal right to be there. They have to follow the rules. No legal right cannot stay if you’re told to be totally, but if you don’t tell them to leave, they’ll they can stay. Ok, so that’s the essential process of a deliverance. Now I want to walk you through just how subtle you’re talking about some of these things being subtle and it doesn’t seem fair.


Beatty: [00:35:11.74] And we have to get out of our our line of thinking that these guys are playing by the terminology we under the grace of God, consider Fair Play. They have no grace of God. They have no conception of right or wrong. They are pure evil only, and they’re only looking for whatever open door they can to come in and fulfill their objective steal, kill and destroy. Ok, so I was doing this deliverance with a guy named Josh. And first demon that came up. So now when demons are identifying themselves, it’s usually in the person’s head as a thought. Ok, I don’t know if any of all I’ve ever heard. I keep hearing voices in my head. If you hear voices, if it’s not you and their Holy Spirit. It’s one of these guys. Ok, so that’s how they speak. Sometimes they’ll manifest through the vocal cords, but usually just in the head. So I asked this one demon, identify yourself. His name is Seth. Ok. And I said, What is your role? He said, My role is the gatekeeper, the gatekeeper. If you imagine, like a great big city, you know, back in the olden days you have a walled city and that city in between the walls, you have a gate, OK? And you have a gatekeeper. His job is to close the gate to keep the enemy out and open it to let good people in.


Beatty: [00:36:45.70] So in the demonic world, you have a gatekeeper that is the gatekeeper to that person’s personhood for the demonic realm. And that’s what southwest he was the gatekeeper. And I said, what gave you the legal right to be there? How did you get there? He said. Josh Josh, his sister, sister, actually, he said he said Ouija Board, Ouija board. So I said, Josh, what are you talking about? He said, I’ve never played with the Ouija board, so I go back to Seth. What are you talking about? He said his sister communicated to Josh through the Ouija board. Twenty five years ago, when he was kids and that one event of his sister communicating to Josh, the Ouija board gave Seth access that’s then been tormenting this guy’s life ever since then. So then I got Seth out, called it the next one. His name is Sledge, OK? And I said, Well, what’s your role? He says to drive despair. This guy’s life, Josh, his life was just all despair. Everything he did, nothing worked out is just constant despair. And I said, What gave you the legal right to be there? He said he doubts in God’s goodness. You know, I don’t know, God, if you’re really that good. Open door. Right on in. Bring in despair. Because you’re in despair when you doubt God’s goodness, so what you’ll find is a lot of these spirits, depending on the type of spirit is they mimic the emotion that you have.


Beatty: [00:38:30.83] You’re angry, a spirit of anger. You despair because you doubt God’s goodness, a spirit of despair to keep them in despair. So you’ll see that pattern control, like what you’re saying. And so you have to get. Lord, I repent of doubting your goodness. Spell Sledge, do you have any legal right to remain? And he goes, No. Well, then you got to get out in Jesus name. Go. Ok, then another guy was a guy named another spirit who was a guy named Mordechai. I love these names. And I said, What’s your role? He said, My role is to discourage. And I said, well, what gave you the legal right to be there, he said greed and covetousness. So always discourage think about this. I want more. That’s what greed and covetousness is. I want more. So Mordecai comes in through that open door of greed and covetousness and constantly discourages Josh that he doesn’t have enough. He can never get what he wants. Constant discouragement. Another guy I’ll call Gio. And what’s interesting is all these are Christians. Born again, Christians inhabited by evil spirits who are tormenting them. Another guy named Geo Geo is on the mission field, full time missionary for probably 15 years at the time. I’m doing this with him and he is just torn up with tormenting spirits.


Beatty: [00:40:05.53] So as I’m going through this, the first spirit that one of the spirits I don’t know if is the first one. I said, What’s your name is it is. The Spirit’s name was Gilliard. And I said, Well, what is your role? He said, I’m the gatekeeper. Ok, good. You always want to get the gatekeeper and get him out so you can lock that gate and shut it down. Ok? You still have all these open doors. You got it locked down, but you get the gatekeeper out of the way and then it keeps other others from coming in as easily. So I said, what is your role? He said, to keep Joe in bondage? Ok, so and what that means is bondage to other spirits as the gatekeeper. It open up more spirits in on a frequent basis as possible and bring them in constantly keeping Joe in bondage. I said, Well, what’s your legal right to be there? Watch this This isn’t fair. He said pain in his heart. Ok, pain in this heart. And and I said, what? What is what are you talking about? And he said when I was a young child, I felt abandonment by my mother. And that is all it took to allow that evil spirit to come in. And Jesus name, stop any spirit that’s causing that. Stop it. So.


Beatty: [00:41:34.60] So it was an abandonment as a little child. We don’t really understand if we have if if a mother is pregnant and says, Oh no, I don’t want this baby poof, right? Then in comes a spirit of abandonment can come in at that point. Not necessarily all the time, but that is an open door that then starts to demonize that baby before the baby’s even born. Before the baby had any opportunity to even send it was the rejection of the mother. And you have a spirit of rejection. They always feel rejected throughout their entire life until you get this handle. Another spirit with Gia was a guy named Julian. I said, Well, what is your role, Jillian? Jillian? He said, to keep g0 in pain. So one of the reasons I was working with Joe is he had extreme pain in his legs and the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with him, by the way. Here’s a real easy way to know if it’s a spirit. If you got some sickness and the doctors can’t figure it out. I guarantee you it’s the spirit, OK? It is something happening in the spiritual realm that’s now manifesting in the physical realm. So I said, What’s your legal right? He said idolatry. Now I’m thinking about, you know, you get some sort of an idol and you worship and then you bow down as that idolatry explain further. And Jillian said worship of other gods.


Beatty: [00:43:12.50] What do you mean? Because until I understand what’s going on, I can’t lead geo and how to repent for that open door. And he said, I said, tell me more, explain more, he said prayer or worship to the Saints in the Catholic Church. Wow. So I said, what’s he talking about? Well, I grew up Catholic and we would always pray to Saints, so and so it makes you think and that is idolatry. And so that gave Julian the right to come in. This was long before he became a Christian. This is growing up. And Julian is there tormenting him even now at this time as he was on the mission field. So then so you’d say, Lord, I repent of praying to those saints, but on the blood of Jesus. Gillian, do you have any further right to be there? Any legal right? No. Ok, you got to go. Ok, then another one was a guy named Marcus. I said, Marcus, what is your role? Listen to this torment to keep Joe down and under control. Put his thumb on it. I’m going to keep you down and under control, OK? And I said, Well, what’s your legal right? He said giving glory to Satan through songs. I said, what is he talking about? He said growing up, I used to listen to these songs and sing along with the lyrics. And when you sing along with the lyrics of a satanic based song, you are in agreement with those lyrics, and that agreement is an open door.


Beatty: [00:44:53.93] Hush comes in to keep Jill down and under control. This is what goes on and the only way to get rid of all of this. It starts with repentance. Ok, repentance is what nullifies the legal rights of these spirits to be in your body. It nullifies the rights. It doesn’t get them out, but it nullifies the rights. Sometimes it does give them if they are there for torment, for discipline. Then once you do what your been, your discipline been disciplined to do like forgiveness. Frequently, I’ll just leave immediately. So that’s what works. So let’s I want to show you evidence of legal rights and scriptures just to show that this is biblically based and not just experientially based. So we’re going to look at Colossians two. We’re going to reverse this 13 through 15 Colossians two versus 13 through 15. And this is actually starting at the end of verse 13 and is talking about Jesus having forgiven us all our trespasses by canceling the record of debt that stood against us with this legal demands. There we see that legal structure again, legal demands, record of debt. This, he set aside, nailing it to the cross. He disarmed the rulers and authorities and put them to open shame by triumphing over them in him. So the canceling of the record of debt with its legal demands is what disarms the demonic rulers.


Beatty: [00:46:40.61] It takes away that legal right repenting. Is how we claim that removing of that legal right? Ok, so sort of like, you know, Jesus came to save the world. But you have to believe in him before you receive it, right? So there’s an action that we do to receive the spiritual blessing over here. Colossians, which Colossians to 13 through 15. I want to show you the more interesting one. This is back on Jobe. So this is going to be job one, and I want to read six through 12. I’ll let you turn there. This was a startling eye-opening revelation to me. That, I believe is super, super significant. Where are we going? Job one versus six and six through 12? Now there was a day when the Sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan also came among them. The Lord said to Satan, From Where have you come? Satan answered the Lord and said, Oh, I’m going to and fro on the Earth and from walking up and down on it. And the Lord said to Satan. Have you considered my servant, Joe, that there is none like him on the Earth? A blameless and upright man who fears God and turns away from evil? And then Satan answered the Lord and said, Does Joe fear God for no reason? Have you not put a hedge around him and his house and all that he has on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands and his possessions have increased in the land, but stretch out your hand and touch all that he has and he will curse you to your face.


Beatty: [00:48:30.77] And the Lord said to Satan, Behold, all that he has is in your hand only against him. Do not stretch out your hand. So Satan went out from the presence of the Lord, and we say we know the rest of the story. He starts to stretch his hand against out all that Joe has and then comes back. Then God gives permission to touch of himself. So what we see is the legal rights, OK? But there’s something else interesting here, and that is Satan was upset at God. For protecting Joe. He said, of course he loves you. You protected him, you’ve allowed all of his business and everything to increase. He has no worries. Let me have at him and he’ll curse you. But notice what? What God says? Have you considered? Let’s see. Where is it? Have you considered my servant job? There’s none like him. A blameless and upright man. Basically got us saying job is righteous. Why do you think and then this is where Satan says you put a hedge around? So we’ve all heard the concept of a hedge of protection, right?


Speaker2: [00:49:40.10] Mm hmm.


Beatty: [00:49:41.46] This is where we get the concept, the understanding of a hedge of protection. But most people say, I’m going to pray a hedge of protection around you, Lord put a hedge of protection around that person. That’s not how it works. Ahead to protection as a protection legally. That the evil spirits cannot penetrate because they follow the rules. The hedge of protection is a lack of unrepentant sin. And and we see this in, Joe. Let me show this to you. Turn back. To job one versus four and five. So the question is, why could Satan not attack joke? And here’s verses four and five. His sons used to go and hold a feast in the house of each one on his day, and they would send and invite their three sisters to eat and drink with them. And when the days of the feast had run their course, Jobe would send in consecrate them and he would rise early in the morning and offer burnt offerings, according to the number of them all. Four. Jobe said It may be that my children have sinned and curse God in their hearts. Thus, Joe did continually. In other words, what’s happening is so sacrificing the Old Testament is essentially a similar concept as repentance here.


Beatty: [00:51:09.34] It’s is the nullifying of the effect of the sin. It’s that the animal has shed its blood for our sins, and our sins are then for atone for it. Ok, so what is happening is and today’s terminology, Joe is repenting continually. If he’s doing it for his children, whenever they have a party for fear and concern that they might have curse, curse God, we know that that’s his lifestyle as well. Constantly repenting, constantly being righteous, never having any unrepentant sin. And that’s what creates a hedge of protection. It’s unrepentant sin. The point I want to show here is the power of a repentant heart. That is constantly repenting, that is honorable and righteous, keeps the enemy from attacking because you give the enemy no legal right, no legal access into you and your life. And the other thing? Let me show you, I’m going to skip this last experts, because we’re out of time. I want to show you a couple of other things as we wrap up here, I want to show you what the spiritual attacks look like. Ok. Kind of how this works. So I want you to imagine for a moment


Speaker2: [00:52:36.43] That


Beatty: [00:52:38.32] We have a. A door. Over here. Ok. And we have a person right here. And then we have something bad that happens to you. Over here, this kind of what we’re talking about earlier tonight, but what happens is we let a spirit end through the door over here. And so now we actually have another person, maybe another person, maybe another person. And it gets kind of crowded all in our life. And what then happens is these bad things happen over here. Whatever these patterns are, health relationships, financial bondage, everything crashing down. And we try to think what’s going on and what was the cause? It’s all the way back here could have been 20 years ago and is what’s let these people in. And it’s these people that are doing this and you think it’s you? And that’s why it’s not a cause and effect. It’s a cause that allowed a person in. And then there’s that person with mind will and emotions doing everything they can to destroy you and everything about you. And so what we see is these these attacks are external, like what you’re talking about with the Serbians, with Jobe and his kids, and you have an external attack of people that come in and attack you. And you also have internal attacks, which are pain, sickness, disabilities, things like that. But they’re all one in the same in terms of the root type of cause. And the way to get rid of it. I want to have you turn one last passage.


Beatty: [00:54:47.81] Act three, 19. X three, 19. And it says repent then and turn to God so that your sins may be wiped out, that times have refreshing may come from the Lord. It’s echoing the same thing repent at times of refreshing may come from the Lord repent. Cancels out the legal rights, and now you have time to refreshing. Ok, I want to share a story and then we’ll be wrapped up. I remember I was working with another lady she’s on. She’s been a missionary for 50 some odd years. Her name is Francis. And basically, once she graduated college, she joined crew and she was a missionary. And when I spoke with her, I think she’s seventy three years old and she was in a wheelchair with an excruciating pain in her right foot. The doctors had operated on 11 years ago for something, and the pain never left. They had like three or four or five additional operations trying to solve it. The doctors couldn’t figure it out. That’s the key. And so she’s been in a wheelchair. I’m on the phone with her and I simply say, Well, let’s pray for it. And I said, pain in Jesus name, get out. And it went from like an eight to zero. Totally gone. She gets out of the wheelchair walks without any pain. This is a Saturday. She goes in a church that Sunday. Everyone’s praising the Lord. She is for the first time, walking without pain in 11 years.


Beatty: [00:56:27.75] By the end of the week, she’s back in the wheelchair. With pain, I said that is a spirit because it came back. So then I said, Well, let’s try something, let’s see what’s going on. So I said, Spirit, get out and he wouldn’t get out, you know, go from like an eight down to a three, but it would stop. It wouldn’t go any further on the pain. So I then started going through all these different types of open doors with friends. So have you done this? Have you done that? No, no, no, no, no. I mean, she’s lived a righteous life. I said, Have you ever made any sacred oaths or vows or secret societies or anything like that? And she said, No, no, no. And then she said, Oh, the Holy Spirit, just put on my heart. Yes, in high school, she’s seventy three years old and high school. I was involved with Rainbow Girls, which is a part of Eastern Star, which is part of the Masonic. Ok. So and and there were some sort of a of an oath that we took. So I said, Well, let’s repent of that. So she goes, Oh Lord, please forgive me for being involved with the rainbow girls. I said, No, no, no, no, it’s not. Forgive, you’ve already forgiven. Let me lead you, Lord, please. You know, I repent of my involvement with rainbow girls and any oaths I took. All right, so then I said, OK, now, Spirit, get out instantly left, it was gone.


Beatty: [00:57:55.74] She’s back walking without the wheelchair. Three weeks later, she’s back in the wheelchair again. What happened wasn’t the legal right nullified. Yes, that one was. And so I’m asking the Lord, I’ve got a call I’m going to do with her and I’m asking the Lord what happened, what gave the spirit a legal right to be there? And the Lord said something happened from the time it left to the time it came back that gave it a legal right. And I said, What was it? He impression on my heart what I thought it was. So I called her up and said, I think I know what this is, but let’s test, OK, I’m always about testing and experimenting. So I prayed for Francis. I said it was about an eight again, get out. They went down to about a three and it wouldn’t budge. And I said, Frenzel, here’s what I think is going on. You’ve been in that wheelchair for 11 years. I bet you have an identity of being in pain. It’s who you are because it’s been with you for so long. Some people call it a familiar spirit for you. It’s a familiar pain. And that identity is contrary to God’s identity of you, because he says by my son’s stripes, you have been healed. So let’s repent of your identity of being in pain. So she said, Oh Lord, I repent of my identity, of being in pain. So spirit, get out.


Beatty: [00:59:25.73] Poof. All the way out. So now she is free. She’s out again three months later. I’m texting her. She went to her children’s house for Christmas. She was standing at the dish in the kitchen the whole time, preparing and all that stuff. No problem. She gets out at Christmas. She’s back in the wheelchair. I’m telling you. I tell you, Hey, how’s it going? So I’m back in a wheelchair. Have you repented? 30 minutes later, it’s gone. So sometimes it’s one of these things that becomes OK. The identity you have is an open door gives it a chance to come back. So this is kind of what’s going on. So what are the applications? I think the most important thing you’ll remember the old adage an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Yeah, repentance every day keeps the tormentors away. Once I started to understand about the hedge of protection, what happened with Jobe and understand the legal rights, there’s virtually no day in my life that I don’t repent in my sense. And you’ll hear next time rip into my family since as well and just put them all under the blood of Jesus. I am not going to allow a day to go by without repenting of my sins, even though I may not know what they are because I want to nullify any right of any spirit to anything in my life. Ok. Well, you guys have a blessed day. Until next time, we’ll see you then.