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Beatty: [00:00:00.09] This is part two of getting free of torments addictions and constant life failures, and the whole topic on this is really a spiritual warfare at a deeper level. And what we’re going, where we’re going through just at a high level is last time we talked about what’s called legal rights, we’re going to move into strongholds this time and then over the next several number of sessions, I want to walk through the different open doors that allow evil and tormenting spirits into our lives. And it’s kind of insidious. Ok, last time we talked about they played by the rules, but the rules don’t always have to be fair in our perspective. They just have to be the rules. And so we’re going to learn a lot about this last time. Just as a real quick refresher. We were talking about in Ephesians six 12 that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but is against as the living bible puts it, persons without bodies. And what we started to show is just real simple diagram. If you have someone over here and back in their life, they had an open door that allowed some sort of an evil spirit to come in an open door is a sin that is unrepentant. Ok, so you have an evil spirit that comes in. Then later in that person’s life and it could be 20 or 30 years later, that person has these life issues, and these life issues keep getting sabotaged, and they have no idea it could be relationships.

Beatty: [00:01:43.65] It could be health. It could be all kinds of things. And we start to go, What’s wrong with me? We start to question, Is there something wrong with me? Because everything I do keeps failing, and what’s actually going on is that there’s this person without a body that came in years back and is now sabotaging what we do because their role is to steal, kill and destroy. So there’s no cause and effect. We keep looking for what’s the cause and effect. And there is none. A lot of times it’s the sabotage. Does this making sense? So that’s kind of where we were talking about last time we we talked on this thing called legal rights. So legal, right? Is the open door. Ok, a legal right is an unrepentant sin. When we said. And we don’t repent of it. It gives an evil spirit, a legal right to come in and torment. Now, it may be over a period of time that you keep having some sort of sin before it finally becomes an open door. Sometimes if it’s a dramatic thing or overpowering, it can happen immediately. But that legal right now gives an evil spirit access to you. You can shut the door. But the evil spirit can stay in the legal right, gives the evil spirit access into your life. And until that door shut and the spirit is cast out, then the spirit can stay in and continue to torment.

Beatty: [00:03:33.37] Ok? The disclaimer? Not every, not every bad thing that happens in your life. This demonic. Ok, but this is one of the things that we want to keep be aware of, because there’s a lot of things that are. And one of the things that’s been real interesting is I’ve gone out and I’ve prayed for people is, I believe the vast majority of those people that I pray for. And they say healing the vast majority is probably the casting out of the spirit because I’ll be praying for someone. And if they have some sort of a symptomatic pain or symptomatic issue like they can’t see as well, things will clear up until a certain point and then they stop and they still have that issue. Then I’ll lead them through a deliverance prayer of repentance, which basically I repent of all these different things all the way down the list. And then we say, OK, now spirit, get out and eyes open up or whatever, and then everything’s back to normal. So that lets me know that there are some sort of a spiritual impact that’s happening, that’s going on. So last time we talked about we ended up last time talking in terms of repentance is the key. That is the key to shutting the door. And once you repent, you can command these guys out of your life, and by definition, they have to go, OK, if they don’t go, it’s because they’re still some sort of a legal right that they’re holding onto.

Beatty: [00:05:08.84] But if you get rid of all this legal rights, they’ve got to go. What I’ve been learning is there’s more than just one legal right. So if if this makes sense, let’s let me draw it this way. Let’s say that you have a car. Ok. And up here, I have a crane with a rope on it, and that rope is tied to the car holding it up, OK, if I want to drop the car to the ground, all I have to do is snip that one rope. Does that make sense? That rope is the legal right holding that demonic spirit in my life. But there could be all kinds of legal rights that even one spirit might have OK, or at least a couple of types of legal rights. But what happens is, if you think you find one, you snip it. The spirit may not leave because there may still be something else there. And so part of this is going through and just identifying all the legal rights, getting rid of all of them. And then once you’ve got rid of them, then you can command the guys out and it starts to clean up your life. We’re going to get there eventually. That’s kind of the direction we’re going. But what I want to go through today is talk a little bit more about repentance, because repentance is the first step in severing these legal rights.

Beatty: [00:06:47.49] Last time we talked about repenting for your sins. I was sharing some examples of doing some deliverance and the impact of the deliverance, as you would, you’d ask the demon, What’s your right to be there? Well, my right is this sin playing with the Ouija board? All right. So then you come back to the person and say, repent of playing with the Ouija board. So I repent of playing with the Ouija board. Go back to the demon. Do you have any legal right? No. Ok, well, you got to get out. So that’s kind of the process individually. But I want to take you into another step, and that is that there is the opportunity to nullify the legal rights of other people sins on their behalf. Ok. So it’s not just repenting for our own sense, but whether it’s repenting or somehow nullifying. I won’t show this to you biblically. And I want to talk about a biblical covering turn real quickly to Ephesians five twenty three. And this says for the husband, is the head of the wife, even as Christ as head of the church. Ok, so what we have is this picture of Christ. Being the head or the covering of the church, right? Ok, so if we say that this is the covering, Christ is a head or the covering of the church as the husband is the head and the covering of the wife.

Beatty: [00:08:31.06] And then we know kind of empirically that the children come underneath husband and wife, does that make sense? Ok. And so what we have is we have kind of these layers of covering and within these layers of covering, there’s an ability of providing a covering. If we go back to Genesis and we look at when eve eight of the fruit, you remember that that her eyes open up when she, you know, it wasn’t until her husband, her covering eight of the fruit. His eyes were open and it collapsed the covering. And now both of their eyes were open. Ok, we see this same thing, this pattern of of a covering. We see this with Jobe. Ok. When jobs, children are out having a birthday party, when it’s all over, Joe comes back and he sacrifices in case some of his children accidentally curse God in their heart. So you see that Jobe was acting as a Christ type of covering. We see this same covering with the Old Testament priests. They would, on behalf of the people, offer sacrifice. The High Priest would bring atonement once a year. Ok. And it’s a covering for their sins. So we see this pattern. But it’s also interesting because I want to share a really interesting story on this. If you turn to numbers 30, I want to show you one other pattern of this covering. This is numbers 30 versus 10 three 12 numbers 30 versus 10 through 12.

Beatty: [00:10:17.26] This is about the husband being able to cancel a wife’s obligations. And it says if a woman living with her husband makes a vow or obligates herself by a pledge under oath and her husband hears about it, but says nothing to her and does not forbid her, then all of her vows are pledges by which she obligated herself will stand to watch this. But if her husband nullifies the vows and obligation when he hears about them, then none of the vows or pledges that came from her lips will stand. Her husband has nullified them, and the Lord will release her. So what we see is the power of the husband having covering over the wife. Now this is talking in the natural, but what I’ve learned is what happens in the natural is mirrored in the supernatural. Ok, where our body goes in the natural. Our soul goes in the spiritual. And we see this interesting thing about the husband being able to nullify the rites, the vows and pledges of his wife. I was reading a story of a minister named Bob, and he’s ministering to this Christian woman there in the Baptist Church, and she is demonized. He just finished speaking. She comes up and she’s all concerned. She’d woken up. She just blasted her head with a gun, but she she didn’t die. And she said, I remember seeing this gun in my husband’s dresser and the next thing I know I’m on the ground with having shot myself, but I don’t remember anything else.

Beatty: [00:12:03.19] And she’s really scared. She’d just been released from the hospital. And Bob realized that there’s probably a tormenting spirit that’s been involved. So he starts to inquire and the spirit starts to manifest through her. So Bob says, I want you to get your husband involved. Well, he’s Jewish and he’s totally against Christianity. He don’t even want me here at the church. And this is late at night now. And Bob says, No, you need him here. So she calls him up. He’s sort of involved with the mafia. To some degree. He’s a real thug. He gets all upset. He races over there and he is fit to be tied. Number one, he’s concerned because it was his gun that his wife almost killed herself with. But he’s he’s upset because of whatever’s going on with this Christian group and Bob trying to speak some logic into them in a very short period of time says there’s something really wrong with your wife, something spiritual. And he wouldn’t have anything to do with it. And so Bob finally said, What can I do? So he looks at the wife. And says, get up and go, sit on the toy in the corner of the room and the wife looks back with these just condescending, defiant eyes. So Bob said, I adjourned any angels and room to move her over there. And so she kind of got picked up underneath her armpits and moved over there and sat down there.

Beatty: [00:13:35.42] And the husband is dumbfounded. He just sees this. His wife is moving across the floor without moving her legs, basically. And now sitting there and he’s totally confused. He’s off of his kilter. And then he he starts to say, I don’t understand. Bob said, I told you there’s something powerful going on. Then Bob looks at the wife and says. And the name of Jesus, I command you tell me your name. And in this low, guttural voice, she says débit. They rebuke. And the man’s face turns white. And he starts to get afraid, and Bob says, what’s wrong? He says, I’m Jewish, I speak Yiddish. My wife knows no Yiddish. That is the Yiddish word for Daemon. Please help us. So now is his tune changes. And here’s what happens with Bob. Bob has cast lots of demons out before, but he said he realized that the covering the husband has over the wife is so strong that the husband has a greater ability to command the statement out than he does as a Christian minister. So he guides the husband into affirming his biblical covering over his wife. And commands that spirit out and the spirit leaves. Ok, so the point I want to make on this is the spirit is there because the spirit has a legal right. There was no repentance and deliverance, prayer type of stuff, canceling legal rights, to my knowledge.

Beatty: [00:15:25.86] But his authority over his wife cancels any legal right. I believe that’s what we’re seeing. See, I think we see that in scripture here and numbers 30. And I believe that’s what’s going on in this scenario as well. Ok, so I want to go through and give a broader perspective that it’s not just necessarily I repent for my own sins, that’s important, but within the spiritual hierarchy, there are patterns of covering that allows others to take control and take authority over someone else. And the sense or obligations that may have created an open door for them. Ok, because that can guide us into some other stuff. I want to talk also about this husband, wife, child. We’ll call this now, father child, OK? And there is a book written a number of years back called The Courts of Heaven by a guy named Robert Henderson. Robert is a pastor at the time he writes the book. He’s been pastoring for about 20 years. I believe he has a son named Adam, who’s married and is a youth minister, goes through a nasty divorce. And in that divorce, Adam goes into a deep state of depression so deep that Adam won’t even leave the house for two years. I want to set the scenario for a moment. Robert is a pastor, has been for 20 years. He is on his knees every day, battling in prayer for his son Adam, to be released from depression and get his life back in.

Beatty: [00:17:22.88] And nothing happens. And then the Lord tells Robert one day in his quiet time, Bring your son before my court of Heaven. Now, Robert had never heard this before. He had no idea, what do you mean? A court of heaven, if you go back to our last session, we talked about looked at a number of scriptures where the heavens were is talked about God being in his courtroom. Ok? And the judge sitting on his throne. And that there’s a court going on. And so what we see is this picture of a courtroom in the heavenly places. And so Robert brings his son, Adam, into the Court of Heaven. How do you do that? He says, Well, OK, so I’m just praying that’s OK. Lord, I bring my son into the Court of Heaven. Now what then? The Lord says, now I believe I have their story correct? Repent on behalf of your son, Adam. Not Adam repenting on his own. Repent on behalf of your adult son, Adam. So he starts to repent on Adam’s behalf for everything he can imagine. Adam is probably going through bitterness, jealousy, revenge, hurt, depression, confusion, everything through this nasty divorce. And then God says, OK, clean the blood of Jesus over it. So he claims the blood of Jesus. And Robert says in the book, After about 15 minutes, it was like, It’s all over. So I said, OK, go back to my quiet time, go on with his life.

Beatty: [00:19:09.63] Ten days later, he gets a call from Adam and Adam says, Dad, you wouldn’t believe. Ten days ago, all of my depression totally left. I’m now normal. I can get out and do things. And what we find is that this depression was a spiritual battle of a legal right that had to be canceled so that the spirit would have to leave. The cancelation was the repenting. The casting out claiming the blood of Jesus over those sins, and now the spirit has no right to accuse. Ok. And so we start to see that pattern. And then there’s one other pattern I want to show you in the Bible and and it has to do with the Bible, doesn’t talk about it as ancestral sin, but we’re going to talk in a later session on generational curses, OK, which is basically ancestral ancestral sin. But I want to show you the pattern first in the Bible. This comes from Hebrews seven versus nine and 10 Hebrews seven versus nine and 10. And this is another pattern that has similar implications in terms of repentance and nullifying a legal right. And we’re going to see if anyone can figure it out. Let me read it for you. Hebrews seven nine through 10 says one might even say that Levi himself, who receives tithes, pay ties through Abraham. Four He was still in the loins of his ancestor when Melchizedek met him.

Beatty: [00:21:09.47] What does this have to do with nullifying legal rights? So little back story, Abraham has a son named Isaac, who has a son named Jacob, who’s later changed his name to Israel, who has a son named Levi. Ok, what this is talking about is when the Jewish law was given, especially the law with the priests and and as they’re coming out of the out of Egypt into the Promised Land, God tells the tribe of Levi, You’re not going to have any land in the new and the new land in the Promised Land. He says, I am going to be your inheritance. And then you have the twelve tribes of Israel over here. Ok. Levi’s is one of the tribes, but not one of these 12, because there’s two tribes of Joseph that make up one tribe, that’s now two. So you still have the 12, and what it says is these guys are going to work and they’re going to pay tithes to the Levi’s. To the Levites, and that’s going to be how the Lord provides for them. So, Levi, their inheritance is in the Lord. They don’t have to work for a living. All these people, the rest of the twelve tribes of Israel, they work and they give a tenth to Levi, does that make sense? So what this is talking about in Hebrews is saying that one might even say that Levi, who received ties. Actually pay ties because years back, Abraham goes and fights a battle, he wins a lot of spoil and then a thief ofany occurs Jesus in the flesh in the person of Melchizedek comes over and it says that Abraham gave him a tenth or a tithe of all that he had.

Beatty: [00:23:38.38] And because Levi was in the loins of Abraham, then those ties that Abraham made are now imputed to Levi as having paid tons. Does this make sense this pattern? Ok, so if we take this pattern and now turn it into? But we’ll see later down the road the inequities of the father visited to the third and fourth generation, we’ll call that a generational curse, generational inequity. What that tells us is now if a sin occurs here, then that sin can travel down the bloodline, and this person here now has a legal right open door for demonic spirit to enter him on something he never did because it’s a sin of his ancestor that is imputed to him the same way ties is imputed to Abraham. Is this making sense? So we see these patterns, and it’s these patterns. Once we understand the patterns that we start to say what in my life could be giving legal rights to a tormenting spirit that’s destroying my life because something’s happening? I can’t be that bad. I can’t be screwing up that often. So there’s got to be some other answer and that other answer lies potentially in this realm of spiritual warfare.

Beatty: [00:25:23.12] Ok, is this making sense on it? So experientially. I remember watching a number of delivery cases and the spirit would manifest through the person and the minister would ask, What right do you have to be there? How long have you been there? So I’ve been here for five generations. What gave you the right great great grandfather, so-and-so murdered somebody? And so that was the sin that allowed that spirit to inhabit and torment each person successively, because when one person dies, the spirit doesn’t die, you just go to the next person. And because he has a legal right in the bloodline, he now has the right to that person. And on down the line. And so what the minister would do is he would talk to the person going through the deliverance and say, Well, you need to repent for a great great grandfather’s murder. How can this person repent for a great great grandfather’s sin? Because it’s his sin that’s imputed to him. Ok, either now this is where this is experientially, OK, so the mechanics may be a little wobbly, but the outcome seems to be assured, and that is either he’s repenting on behalf of that sin or renouncing that sin or renouncing and breaking the assignment. They’re all kind of pointing in the same direction and that same direction is to give. They are to get rid of that legal right of those tormenting spirits to be there so you can get the spirits out of your life. Is this making sense?

Speaker2: [00:27:17.88] I was thinking, too, that’s probably why they’re called familial spirits because they travel in that line,

Beatty: [00:27:24.09] And that is exactly right. So we’re going to talk about familiar spirits. It’s both like this. They can come from a sin. They can come from witchcraft and anything else. But they all have the common denominator, common denominator. Whether is a sin you commit or curse, someone puts upon you. They all have to come in through a legal right because you open the door. Ok. When my son gets a an attack from some witch doctor in Uganda or Kenya, you know, I may have shared this before, but he’ll go along and he’ll just, you know, just kind of get knocked. But that spirit has no legal right to them at all because Beatty Junior is just closed down. There is no legal, no, no legal right for any demonic spirit. So just because someone puts a curse after you doesn’t mean that it can penetrate. We’re going to see this a little bit that a curse will only not a little bit tonight, but as we go on. But it all has to do with the legal right, and that’s why I wanted to start last time talking about what legal rights are and legal rights versus repentance. Those are the foundation.

Beatty: [00:28:45.27] Everything else has the various types of legal rights that can open up, but they’re all the same. It’s unrepentant sin. Ok. That’s it. Unrepentant sin. That’s why the last comment from last week or last time was repentance a day keeps the tormentors away. Right? So now as we move on. I want to talk a little bit about the dynamic demonic realm, just kind of give you a quick overview of the demonic realm so that this gives you kind of a picture of things. I’m going to use the word demonic realm. It’s not as technically accurate as I would like it to be, but I think it gets us where we want to be. So we have in the Bible, we have the the presence of essentially like the three heavens. Paul says, I know a man who in the body and the spirit. I don’t know what’s taking up to the third heaven. What is the third heaven and then what would be a second heaven? What would be a first step? Ok, so we had these terms third heaven, second heaven and first heaven. Anyone have an idea of what third heaven would be eternal?

Speaker2: [00:30:07.32] I am.

Beatty: [00:30:08.66] Eternal, eternal, OK, we’re godless. Ok, so let’s call it heaven, yeah, OK. So third, heaven will be what we would call heaven. There’s no sin there. There’s no evil spirits. There’s only good God. Good angels. The elect. Ok, things of that sort. Then the second heaven is going to be, if you remember Daniel, he’s praying. And Gabriel comes twenty one days later and said, I was sent to you as soon as you started praying. But I was. I was being blocked by the Prince of Persia, and until Michael the Archangel came, then I’ve been battling him. But now I’ve been able to come, OK. You remember that? So the second heaven, I’m going to call it the what’s the good? This is a principality area principalities palette, OK? And this is primarily going to be what I would call fallen angels. These are now assumptions. Ok? We know that about a third of the angels felt the first heaven is going to be what I’ll call on Earth. And this is where we where we’re battling, and this is what I’m talking about spiritual warfare down here on Earth. And this is where we’re dealing with primarily demons. And I’m just going to call other evil spirits. I think there is a delineation here. I am confident that the demons we deal with are not fallen angels for the simple reason. Fallen angels never had a wet body.

Beatty: [00:32:08.53] They don’t need to be in a body. Jesus says you cast a demon out and goes into dry places and doesn’t like it. He wants to be dry. Wet, wet again. Ok. You also see demons tend to always be hovering. You know, on the earth, angels are always somewhere else. Ok, it seems like so. Those are things. The other aspect between demons and evil spirits is it’s interesting, you’ll see. Let’s get some of these passages, but you’ll see that Jesus rebukes a spirit of fever, but the fever doesn’t speak to him. He takes a woman who’s hunched over in the synagogue because of an evil spirit, and he commands the evil spirit out and says, Daughter, you will, you’re afraid and he touches her and she stands up. It never speaks to her or speaks to Jesus. It goes out. So there are these evil spirits that I’m on call evil spirits primarily are probably infirmity and sickness when I have attempted to get a spirit of sickness to to talk. I never I’ve had zero success in that, but I’ve been able to take other demons and tell them to speak and they’ll speak. Ok, so there seems to be in this demonic realm, a difference in an spiritual creature between a demon who is a person without a body and possibly an evil spirit that’s only manifests in sickness. I don’t really know this is again all experiential, but just kind of give you some framework within this because it’s kind of interesting and where we’re dealing with and we’ll deal with with the rest of what we’re talking about is right down here.

Beatty: [00:34:04.77] This is the spiritual warfare that I’m talking about as we go through this. And then finally, I want to talk on or before I get there, let me just. Sickness, blindness, disability. Death. Anger, frustration, bitterness. All of that is what these guys do. Ok. Anything that doctors can’t figure out what’s going on, they call it a syndrome or disorder. I believe you can almost assuredly call that a demonic issue. Ok. The doctors can’t figure it out because it is not physical. If it is physical, it can still be a demonic issue. It mean that it always is. There’s not a demon behind every sickness. There’ll be the tendency to think about as we go through this is there’s a demon behind everything, but I’m only focused on demons on this. Ok? But there’s not demons behind everything, and the last thing I want to show you is I want to talk about strongholds and I want to get credit. There’s a group down in Tampa, Florida, called Above and Beyond Christian Counseling, and they developed a diagram that I want to show you. And I’ve actually been consulting with them for clarity because they do a lot of deliverance and just been a wealth of great knowledge.

Beatty: [00:35:41.94] But I wanted to draw out. The to help you understand if you think about a target. Ok, you have three concentric circles. You have the circle in the center as a bull’s eye. And then you have a larger circle around the center and then you have another circle on the outside of that, just like a target. And this is an easy way to articulate what I call body, soul and spirit. And I want to show you how this impacts in our lives from a spiritual warfare nature. So the center is your spirit. It’s your spirit that is born again when your spirit is born again. It’s now occupied and possessed by Christ himself. And this is where the fruit of the spirit starts to come out, OK? The fruit of the spirit come starts with your spirit. Then this middle section, we’re going to call this your soul. This is the who you are. This is your memory, your emotion, your mind, your will, and then the outer circle is your body. And so if you think about your spiritual fruit, what is trying to happen is your fruit comes through your spirit into your soul, your body and all the way out. What’s on the inside emanates to the outside. Is that making sense? Ok, so just a real simple understanding of body, soul and spirit. And I want to show you something in Galatians the fruit of the spirit.

Beatty: [00:37:27.75] Anyone remember the passage in Galatians on that? Twenty two and twenty three? Yeah, Galatians five, twenty two and twenty three. Let’s look at that real quick. Galatians five, twenty two and twenty three. But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control against such things, there is no lone. What’s interesting is against such things. There is no law. So Paul talks back in Romans seven that if there were no law, he would not know that coveting is sin. Law defines sin. And if you’ve listen to my is a Sabbath for Today series, we talk on that that the law is actually given as the wedding covenant between God and man. It defines what holiness is, OK? And so what we have is with the fruit of the spirit, there is no law because the fruit of the spirit is personification is in essence of holiness. Ok? It’s all the attributes, all the fruit of the spirit. And then it says in Galatians five twenty five two verses later says, If we live by the spirit, let us also keep in step with the spirit. And what that means is that producing spiritual fruit comes from the spirit. And that’s why in our life, the spiritual fruit in our life starts in our spirit and it comes out through our body.

Beatty: [00:39:15.37] But a stronghold is anything that tries to keep you from submitting to the ruling authority of Jesus. Right? So a strong hold is something that keeps you from submitting to the ruling authority of Jesus. And a stronghold looks like this. If I were to. Use red circles and fill up your soul portion. Of this diagram, what you have is you have a bunch of red enemy circles that are cramping in on the spirit and your spirit is unable to produce as much fruit. Does that make sense? It’s closing it in. And so your spiritual fruit is being inhibited because of a stronghold and the strongholds are primarily in your soul. Sometimes they can be in your body, but mostly in your soul, because spiritual warfare is mostly a warfare of your mind. It’s a warfare of how you think and how you respond. You’re strongholds. There are two sources of strongholds. One is your flesh, and that’s you all by yourself. The evil of your heart coming out, your desire, wanting to resist the urging of the Holy Spirit and do what you want to do and the other part, the other source of strong holds is the demonic influence that comes in and does the same thing. It’s still your flesh doing it. But now, with demonic strongholds, the demonic stronghold acts as a catalyst to help ensure that your flesh follows its own pursuit of its own desires.

Beatty: [00:41:25.87] Ok, so it’s just like it’s you have these saboteurs in your life that are now sabotaging everything that you’re trying to do in your spirit. You want to obey the Lord, but you’ve got all these strongholds in your life and you keep failing. Ok, so sometimes these strongholds are flesh, depending on some people. Many times these strongholds start to become demonic strongholds, and you cannot counsel a demonic stronghold out, OK? You can only cast a demonic stronghold out it. Counseling won’t do any good. And so what happens is, yes, sometimes someone has their life full of strongholds and they’re not producing fruit. They’re producing sin all the time and they need help. So they go to Christian counseling, and the Christian counseling tries to get them to just suck it up. I’m being facetious, but they try to massage you into following Christ. But if you’re strongholds are demonic, related counseling isn’t going to solve the problem because your problem is not you. Your problem is all these other people inside of you. And until you cast these guys out, they will always be a problem. So if you’re strongholds were entirely of your own flesh and no demonic Christian counseling could help you work through them. But once the strongholds become demonic strongholds in your life? You have to cast them out, you’ve got to get rid of these guys and not just counsel and sit in someone’s chair and talk with them, does that make sense? That’s kind of what I’m talking about there.

Beatty: [00:43:28.10] And so you can’t counsel demons out. But here’s what I do want to show you. Once you get rid of the strong holes in your life, then instantly you can start, can start and will start producing more food spiritual free because that’s what’s crowding it out. You see someone that’s producing a lot of fruit, you got someone with very few strong holes. A lot of our strongholds are own thinking, that’s our flesh. We we have held to a we’ve held to a doctrine of some sort so strongly that we refuse to accept anything else. And that doctrine holds us back. Ok. I remember talking to someone a while back and their wife was ill. And the comment was, you know, we prayed and we’ve had a lot of people praying. And if it’s God’s will that she be healed, she then she’d be healed. And what that is is a doctrine that says it can’t be anything outside of God’s will for her to be sick. However, there could be some sort of demonic spirit of sickness, just like what Jesus cast out that simply prayer, though it can be effective. God never tells us that if you simply pray, I will always do what you pray for, even if it’s my will.

Beatty: [00:45:06.47] A man is committing adultery against his wife. It is definitely God’s will that he stop the whole church can be praying for that man to stop adultery doesn’t mean that God’s that God’s going to just intervene and stop it. So we can’t simply say just because I pray, if God doesn’t answer it, then it must be. God’s will not answer. It could be. There’s something else there, and he’s given us the rights and the methodologies to solve it. But yet this is where I was going. Sometimes our stronghold of the doctrine gets in the way. Of actually handling the problem outside of what we think and so strongholds can come in all different shapes and sizes, I have a dear friend, unfortunately one of his strongholds. He’s gotten into numerology. Well, that’s demonic. So now he’s got all kinds of demonic strongholds, and they cloud his thinking on what truth of scripture actually is. And until you get that out, everything else becomes an issue. So casting out these demons is a two step process. And this is kind of where we’re going to start going on the next sessions. You first have to nullify the legal right and then you command it out. Ok. That’s a two step process. It’s very simple. It’s applied in every single thing that happens. The process is almost identical for each thing. As we go through this reminder, not every issue is demonic, so there’s not a demon behind every problem.

Beatty: [00:46:55.32] But one of the things I do want to do is just to as we start to wrap up. If you start to think about your life and ask yourself, are there strongholds in my life either something that I’m not breaking through, something that I’m wanting breakthrough and I keep failing, failing, failing, failing. There’s a pattern. Ok? There may be some sort of a demonic stronghold there. At the very least, there may be something of a fleshly stronghold. But when you start to see these patterns and nothing’s happening, that’s what the next session is. We’re going to go into and talk and just kind of give you a bird’s eye view. All of these things and these are are open doors that will be going through next and we’re going to go through these in detail. There are things like what’s called soul time. You have sexual sin. You had generational curse. You have what’s called a word curse. Similar, but different. You have vows and covenants you’ve made. We’ve had have vows and covenants that you’ve broken. Ok, there you have things that deal with the occult. And if we have time, we’ll cover maybe a few more. But these are the primary things, and it’s going to be a lot of fun because it’s going to really open your eyes to what goes on. And what’s interesting is and I learned this, I believe, with a lady named Francisco.

Beatty: [00:48:37.68] She had real bad pain in her foot. I’ve talked about her several times. She was in a wheelchair. She gets out of the wheelchair. She’s all fine. She’s been in a wheelchair for 11 years. And then the pain comes back. That’s the spirit. We couldn’t get that spirit out until she repented of something from fifty three years ago in high school. But I started thinking about it. The only reason the spirit left us, he had no legal right. So it’s almost as if and I think I see evidence and other anecdotes that I’ll share as we go along. It’s almost as if that that spirit takes his timeline and says, I want to come back in here and looks in this lady’s timeline says, Oh, here’s an open door from 17 years old. I’m now going to come in through that door. And that becomes a legal right. So these legal rights can stay open. And I believe I’ll allow a spirit to come in because of that legal right from something in the past, in other words, it doesn’t happen, happen, have to happen immediately as soon as the legal right is created. I think there’s some evidence that things can happen after the fact using a previous legal right. So that’s kind of where we’re going. Any questions or thoughts or discussion on any of this?

Speaker2: [00:50:03.81] We’re thinking about who, you know, when you were talking about flash versus demonic. Mm hmm. It’s almost like the demonic is almost like an addiction type. I mean, I’m thinking that, yes, demonic is I mean, we’re really it’s almost like your soul has been taken captive and you’re really at that point, don’t have it free will choice. You don’t have the ability to make a choice.

Beatty: [00:50:30.54] It’s harder to make that right.

Speaker2: [00:50:32.28] I mean, I think large homes you need outside. Yeah.

Beatty: [00:50:37.71] You know how I remember reading a story recently online. This 12 year old girl is in school. She starts going to some sort of club, and she starts to believe that maybe she’s a male gender instead of a female gender. She starts to get really confused, and as long as she’s in the presence of those people, she’s turning gender wise. Then the pandemic hits. The school is shut down. She’s now home with mom and she turns back normal. So in the constant presence of someone telling lies, it’s hard to resist it. Eventually, you start to believe it. I believe that’s what those demonic strongholds do is we still have to believe the line for it to become our sin. But those demonic strongholds are these persons without bodily bodies that are constantly lying to us and persuading us against Christ. And we start to believe it, I think that’s what it is, because it’s still our sin. The devil then made me do it, but he sure did encourage me and lie me into it. Ok. He deceived me. But the responsibility is fully moral.

Speaker2: [00:51:59.33] It’s almost like like talking about the soul Thai. It’s almost a false belief that you’ve accepted as truth. Yes. I mean, you know, you’ve raised it up from doubt to it’s a truth. Yes. Put it on the same level as God’s truth. You know, instead of like casting it out, like you said, every hot thing that exhausts itself against the knowledge of God, you’re supposed to cast it out, but you’ve let it. You let you let it stay.

Beatty: [00:52:28.76] Exactly, exactly. And what we’re going to say, and we’re going to say this, especially with soul ties, but it happens with other open doors, is these open doors are either sins that we commit. Or get this sense committed against us. Ok. And the question is we understand sins that we commit. We bear the full responsibility. But how about a sin that’s committed against us? How do we bear that responsibility if we did not send? And what’s actually happening here, I believe, is our response to what someone else does to us becomes the open door that’s tied to what they do to us

Speaker2: [00:53:27.32] Because he tells us not to take anything. That’s right. Take it.

Beatty: [00:53:31.40] And as soon as we take the offense, there is the open door come in. This is going to be really interesting. That’s very interesting. Any other questions or comments?

Speaker2: [00:53:42.94] I was just thinking how this is really what you’re saying about that line coming down is exactly what happened in the whole thing with Christ. One man’s sin, after seeing it trickle down to all mankind, but one man’s salvation went up and wiped it all out.

Beatty: [00:54:03.22] Right, I want to give you I’ll give you a preview prelude on what we’re going to discuss down the road is when we get into the eternal rewards. But to show that because this is kind of cool, watch this. Through one man’s sin, Adam

Speaker2: [00:54:22.33] All went down.

Beatty: [00:54:25.45] So this is the first Adam, right? All right. Through one man’s sin, all sin, this has to be stopped and arrested. Then you have the second atom. And through his righteousness, all he come from his line are righteous. There are two different lines

Speaker2: [00:54:54.68] Seeded to Serpent.

Beatty: [00:54:56.81] That’s right. So this is going to be interesting when we get there because the implication

Speaker2: [00:55:02.30] There in saying is the same thing. Yeah, I’ll see you in trickles down. It’s imputed to you. Let the righteousness. If you’re going through Christ, erase it through repentance. Oh, you want to talk about handling divorce tonight or another night, another night?

Beatty: [00:55:19.70] Divorce, in its most basic sense, to my understanding, is sin committed against you? Ok. Falls in that category. And how we respond. Specifically, how to manage those different things, I’m not going to get into what I want to keep it at is the broad stroke level of what are these categories of what happens and what is the common solution to each one. Because what we’re going to see is whether it’s one thing or another or another or another or even a voodoo curse that’s been put upon you. The solution is always the same solution. I remember years back I was in Amway, which is network marketing, and you’re always trying to recruit people. And this guy was up on the on the stage and he had a questions that people were asking him, you know, if I recruited someone and they stopped working, what I do, go recruit someone else. I’ve got someone who won’t buy the products. What I do. Go recruit someone else. And every answer was, just go recruit someone else. You can’t push a wet noodle. You can’t raise the debt, OK? And the same thing happens here is, even though there are all types of different specific issues that hit our lives, personally, the solution is always the same.

Beatty: [00:56:48.29] It’s nullify the legal right command, the spirit now over, and it’s just rinse and repeat. The key is to know all of the open doors of those legal rights because there are issues that we don’t even know about. I’ll give you a heads up. We’re going to talk about this two or three times from now. A lady, I’ll just call her name Pam. She was suffering with the sharp pain in her neck for 20 years. She’d already gone through deliverance. She wasn’t promiscuous, but she did have sex before marriage with her boyfriend that she did not marry. She married someone else. All that was handled, and then the Lord told her, You need to break the soul tie with your old boyfriends girlfriend. Because a soul ties connected together. So she did. And that sharp pain left. And it’s knowing the key, knowing where do you go? What do you look at to get the solution? That’s that’s kind of the broad stroke of what we’re going to be talking about. Ok. All right. I have a question. Ok. Good question.

Speaker2: [00:57:59.81] A Christian. You give up a life to Jesus. We need to go

Beatty: [00:58:08.09] Through the rigorous yes and no question is once you come to Jesus, do you still go through deliverance? I’ll tell you two stories. Yeah, I remember working at Chick-Fil-A years back. Guy, there was a Christian and love the Lord, he said. My story is I was a drug dealer. I was a drug user. He said I did like five quaaludes a day, whatever that is, but just really heavy type of stuff. He said I came to Christ and instantly I never had an urge for any drug ever again. So he was delivered upon conversion, but there are other people who were druggies that they go through. They come to Christ, but they still have an addiction. And so for whatever reason, God sometimes will clear out some or all of the demonic spirits. When you come to Christ and other times he does, and so I really don’t know. It’s not just because you’re Christian. They all leave because the people I’ve done deliverance with and most of the people that this group does down in Tampa, they’re all Christians. That’s their number one thing before I do a deliverance. You’ve got to make sure you’re Christian. Okay? And they still have all these things in their lives.

Speaker2: [00:59:29.93] Well, it’s kind of like, like Jesus said, you know, I have to wash your feet. I mean, you walk right in the world. You commit sins. And he took care of all of the provisions there for all of it. But it has to be

Beatty: [00:59:44.66] Applied, has to be applied. And even once you’re a Christian, these guys can still come in. Yeah, because it’s not the presence of Christ that keeps them out. The presence of Christ is in your spirit. It’s a seal that no matter what happens in this life, you’re headed to heaven and becoming a son of God. But it’s the presence of unrepentant sin in your life that gives the open door.