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Beatty: [00:00:00.12] This is session three. I think of our spiritual warfare, and this is going to be fun because the last several sessions we were just laying the groundwork of what the spiritual warfare is, that we’re involved with the fact that we’re dealing with the earthly spiritual warfare, not the heavenly and the principalities, and that it’s all based on legal rights. And last time we spoke about just the demonic strongholds, if you recall, and how those strongholds will block us from producing fruit in our lives, because the fruit of the spirit comes from our spirit. If you recall, we have the spirit, we have our soul and we have our body. And this is where the spirit lies. And when we have strongholds in our soul, then it starts to block out the spirit from being able to produce fruit in our lives. Sometimes these strongholds are simply things that we believe to be true. Other times they’re demonic strongholds that shift us either in believing lies or acting more strongly on the sin that’s in our heart. And what I’ve learned about the demonic side of things is there tends to be a group of spirits that are what I call like a better word in emotional based spirit. If you get angry and blow up, it opens up a door that a spirit of anger can come in. And that anger, the spirit of anger acts almost like a catalyst, meaning that in a chemical reaction you have what’s called catalyst.


Beatty: [00:01:43.56] And a catalyst is something that causes the reaction to go a lot faster. But when the reaction occurs chemically, the catalyst completely disappears. So it’s like a if you think about a fire starter, it starts the fire, but it’s burned up and now the fire is going on its own. A lot of these demonic spirits that are emotionally based are like catalysts. They don’t cause us to send. But they encourage us to send. And when we send, it’s entirely our sin. But and that’s why we’re entirely responsible for it. But it’s the demonic spirit that’s out there flaming the fire and trying to move us there. And so sometimes these these strongholds are demonic spirits that are blocking the fruit in our life. And other times they’re simply things that we believe are wrong. All right. Let me give you just an example from the book of James says If anyone’s sick, let them call for the elders. They’ll anoint him and pray over him in faith. And the one who confesses his sin and is prayed over in faith, God will raise up. So if you have an elder that says, Lord, we ask that you would heal this person if it be your will. That’s a strong hold that has no faith, because their belief is, well, it may or may not be God’s will to heal this person. Yet. Scripture is very clear.


Beatty: [00:03:13.76] You know Isaiah by his stripes. You are. Hill Matthew says he did all these things to fulfill the prophecy that by his stripes you are healed. And Peter says by his stripes you were healed. So we see in Scripture that to pray and say, Lord, heal this person and to be your will is a strong hold. It’s a strong hold that blocks the spirit of faith to come through. And so we have lots of these strongholds. And the key is to get rid of the strongholds in our life. And then you can flourish with spiritual fruit. So we talk. That’s what we spoke on last time. And I want to keep giving the disclaimer that not every sin that we do is demonically enhanced. Not every issue and struggle we have in our life is a demonic issue. But there’s enough of it that is demonic that we don’t understand, that it’s important to cover this. And when in doubt, this is the way I always do everything. When in doubt, treat it as if it’s demonic anyway. If it’s not, it doesn’t hurt you to treat it as demonic. But if it is demonic and you treat it as demonic, you can get it out. Does that make sense? One of the things we also talked about is that these legal rights is the reason those tormenting spirits are able to torment us, that they have a legal right to torment us.


Beatty: [00:04:49.31] And if you want to stop the torment, what you have to do is you have to sever and nullify that legal right. And I want to give you just an example from my one of my sons. And light high school. The Lord really got a hold of him. It was so wonderful. And it was right about October, November, December, when the Lord just really gripped him. And starting in about late December or January for the rest of almost a year. He had demonic visitations two and three times a week at night, usually at 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, when all your defenses down, you’re tired. And these demonic visitations were manifestations. They would choke him. They would pounce on him. I think. But I’m not sure if I’m remembering this correct. I think one or twice they throw him out of the bed. But in all cases, also, there is this figure’s the dark figure that you would see. And he would keep asking the Lord, will you stop this? And the Lord said, no. And so every time these things would happen, he would scream out at the top of his lung once he was able to actually speak because of the choking. Jesus. Jesus, in the name of Jesus. Okay. And after a period of that time, they would stop. But it kept coming back. And it was kind of funny to a degree because my oldest son was in college.


Beatty: [00:06:26.04] He would come back home and he would hate because they would room together in the same bedroom. And James did not like to come back home and sleep in that bedroom because of all this demonic attack. But the funny part is, it wasn’t because James is scared of the demons. He said, I just don’t get any sleep because in the middle of the night, Jesus, Jesus. And so he would go sleep on the couch. Okay, so this was our life. And finally, though, my son was asking the Lord. Will you please make it stop? And the Lord said, you make it stop. And he said, How? And the Lord says, Just ignore them. So watch what happened. And I think this is a legal right and the canceling of a legal right and understanding what’s going on. So that night or the next night, he has another demonic visitation, this smoky character figure at the foot of his bed. And he turned over and the door opened. And in comes as girl, you know, the little hoodie girl with no arms, no legs, no face, just kind of the hood moving. And my son looked over and says, Are you serious? Is that all you can do? That is so corny. And he turned over and went back to sleep. And he’s never had a demonic visitation since. So think about this. We all have heard well, not all of us, but many of us have heard that usually the power that the demon has over you is the power that you give it.


Beatty: [00:08:03.72] And what I think was happening with my son was the legal right was fear and the absence of God’s love. There’s a there’s this fear. And it gave them the right to come in and attack. But once he realized he didn’t have to be afraid and all he had to do is just ignore it. He canceled their legal right and they stopped. So that’s kind of a loose example of legal rights and just how it can be applied at times. But what I want to start doing on today’s session, technically it’s tonight’s session is I want to start to go through the entry points. We briefly touched on this last time. There’s probably eight or nine primary entry points. And if I’m doing my job right, we’ll make them through all of them. By the time the series is over, some take more time than others. But today we’re going to talk on two things. The first one is social ties and that just like it sounds so tie. And then we’re going to talk on sexual sin that ties in to soul type. But what’s interesting with the soul type is it’s kind of like a overarching legal right. If you look at almost all the other legal rights, they all can tie into a soul type.


Beatty: [00:09:32.87] It’s almost as if when. So any legal right is based on sin, unrepentant sin. And the legal right is what gives the demon the open door access into your life to come in and torment. So the the open door access for one demon is not the same access for another. So let’s say in one part of your life, something happens and a demon of anger comes in. Well, the door that that demon came through is not necessarily an open door that will allow a demon of fear to come in. A demon of fear comes in through another door. But what’s interesting is that door is this unrepentant sin. But there’s this other thing called a soul tie that occurs because of the sin and the open door that the spirit comes in could be from the soul tie instead of the actual sin itself. So what happens is every one of these unrepentant sins that open up the door for demonic attack, a demonic torment also can have doesn’t necessarily, but can have a corresponding soul type that we don’t think about. And that soul type creates also another doorway for a demonic attack. So if we simply repent of the sin. We may not be able to get the spirit out because that spirit may have come in through the cell time. So what I want to do is I want to talk about what the subtlety is and how it works.


Beatty: [00:11:20.24] Have any of y’all ever said to someone, You’re my soulmate or you’ll always have a piece of my heart or anything kind of gooey, gushy like that? It sounds romantic. It can be demonic. But the idea in in those things is you love this person, you’re close with them, and there’s always a part of you with them. Think about husband and wife married for a long time, and then even if one of the spouses died, there’s still this connection with their spouse. Does that make sense? I remember a good friend of mine named Mike had lost his wife. They’d been married for many years. And even a year after he lost her to cancer, he still felt her presence at times, especially in the early stages of the time when she had just died for months, he would wake up and say, I feel like she’s right here in the room with me. And it could be that she was. Spiritually, but definitely not physically. And what happens is there’s this soul time where your souls are knitted together. You won’t find the term soul ty in the Bible, but you what you find is bonding, knitting, cleaving. These type of things that talk about things coming together. And it’s the joining of your soul with someone else’s. And you can have both a godly soul type. And an ungodly salty depending on what caused the salty. So the salty is air regardless of sin or holiness.


Beatty: [00:13:06.65] It is a connection of the souls. If the connection occurred during a sinful lap, it’s an ungodly soul type. If the connection occurs during a godly act, it’s a godly soul type. So it’s not that a salty is always bad, it’s just that it is a connecting if you think about in the spirit realm. Okay, so this is you in the physical realm and there’s someone else in the physical realm here. Then in the spiritual realm, there’s another essentially you we’ll call this your soul. Does this make sense? So far? You have a physical body. You have your soul. While your relationship in the physical can be knit together, both in terms of a close friendship or in intimacy, the same thing happens in the spirit realm, and an easy way to kind of understand this is our life in the physical is mirrored by our life in the spiritual. I did a podcast awhile back. It’s on my podcast channel and it’s talking about heaven first, earth second. And you see all these references. Christ was crucified before the foundation of the world. He was then crucified 2000 years ago. Jesus only does the works that He see his father doing, which means that they were done first in heaven and then on earth. He says that pray believe that you’ve received it and then it shall be yours. He says in the Lord’s Prayer.


Beatty: [00:14:44.24] Pray like this, Father may your will be done on Earth, as it is already done in Heaven. So we see this constant back and forth between heaven and earth, or the spirit realm and the physical realm. We see this with Moses. They’ve just come. Israelites are in the wilderness, period, and they’re now fighting Al-Malik. And Moses goes up on top of the hill with the steppe, and it says, as long as he raises his staff, Israel prevails. And when he lowers his staff and Malek prevails, you remember that? So what we see is this pattern. That what happens in the physical impacts, the spiritual, what happens in the spiritual impacts of physical, and they’re connected together. And that’s what we’re seeing with the cell ties is the cell ties is there is a spiritual connection. Between the souls of people that are living it out in the physical. And that spiritual connection is both good and bad, depending on what’s being lived out in the physical. If it’s a godly living out, it’s a godly connection. If it’s an ungodly living out, it’s an ungodly connection. So we have this this pattern that we see going on and probably a way to also explain how this works. Just a visual. Imagine two plates and they’re nested together. So this is going to be one plate. And inside of that plate is another smaller plate. You get the picture so far.


Beatty: [00:16:29.54] The outside plate is going to be your body. And the inside plate is going to be your sole. So if you imagine as you move one plate, they both move together. As the body goes, so goes the soul back and forth. And then you have an interaction. With another body. This is another person. And they, too, have this soul. Tied into theirs as well. So as you interact with this other person, your soul is interacting in the spirit realm. What happens is it says that the soul gets knitted together. And they become one. I’ll show this to you in scripture in just a moment. But what’s interesting is the way the salt works is once the bodies have split apart. So if you think about sexual intimacy, once the body splits apart, the soul stay together. If you think about friendship, you’re enjoying each other’s company. And even as you split apart, your souls are still knit together. The same thing happens in an ungodly relationship. If this is an ungodly relationship of someone power and control over you, think about abuse and trauma. One person traumatizing someone else. Spiritually, the souls are in there and they get knitted together. This is what Soul Ties is all about. And it’s all about once the soul is connected. It is a spiritual connection that is like a super glue. And it’s once connected, always connected until you break it. You see the impact of this in marriage where husband and wife over time start to look alike.


Beatty: [00:18:42.94] Right. There is this bonding that there’s something happening in the spirit realm. You also see this where husband and wife start to think alike, do the like things. It’s more than simply we’re always around that person. Now, I’m going to show this to you with some examples in a moment of what I mean by that. But let’s talk about godly soul ties for a second. Now we kind of get this picture of what the soul tie is. I want to show you in scripture the godly soul ties, or at least some of what’s godly in Scripture. Turn real quickly to Genesis 224. So. Genesis 224. Rates like this. It says, therefore, a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife and they shall become one flesh. So this is speaking specifically of one flesh in the physical. If you look in the Hebrew word, there’s nothing spiritual about the word flesh. We do see, though, Paul, referencing flesh in Romans seven. And when he talks about flesh, it’s a spiritual entity. It’s an entity in in Romans seven. My flesh keeps doing what I don’t want it to do. So we see the spiritual side of the flesh being something in the spirit that’s tied. Also descend. I don’t know if this is the same flesh, but there is some possibility that this is talking about as they become one flesh.


Beatty: [00:20:25.77] They also become one in spirit. We see that a little bit more. If you turn in Matthew 19 versus four through six, this is Jesus talking on the same passage from Genesis, Matthew 19 four through six, and it reads like this. And he answered, Have you not read? So Jesus is talking about divorce. Have you not read that he created them from the beginning, made them male and female, and said, therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one flesh, but therefore God has joined together. Let not man separate. Well. I’ve always understood and I believe most of us have, is that in a marriage covenant? That God views husband and wife is basically one unit. So spiritually there is a one unit. And I believe that one unit is the this thing that I’m calling a soul, a soul type. And that’s what we’re I think we’re starting to see reference to a little bit. Let me show you another example of another bonding of the souls. Go to first, Samuel 18 one. This is talking about Jonathan and David. First, Samuel, 18 one. And it says as soon as he had finished speaking to Saul. The soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David. And Jonathan loved him as his own self.


Beatty: [00:22:05.78] So here we see an example of. A sell time. Not through intimacy, but through close friendship. And so we see both that it exists. And it’s very clear clearly that the souls were knitted together. This is not simply a metaphor. So this is talking about the souls. But that’s a godly soul. I want to talk now, and this is where I really want to spend. The rest of most of our time is an ungodly soul time, because an ungodly soul type is the type of soul time that gives a demon a legal right to come in and torment you. All right. And to do that, let me. Talk briefly. On SEN and ties. This is going to be real interesting. I want to give you a description between these two things. So you have you have the sin and you had the sole time, the definition of an ungodly soul time is this the joining of a soul with someone with whom sin is committed? It’s a joining of a soul with whom or through which there’s a presence of sin. So it’s the sin that is the initiator of the ungodly soul time. Does this make sense so far? I’m going to use the word soul time, probably without always specifying ungodly, but just know that when I’m talking on this, I’m talking about the ungodly version. And what’s interesting is if you look at what happens now, we’re going to talk about the doorway was sin.


Beatty: [00:24:07.63] Sin is a legal right that allows a demon to come in from the outside. So here’s the picture. Let’s say that you’re driving down the road, you’re just in a bad mood. You’ve been in a bad mood for a while. So I want I don’t want to encourage you that you blow up in anger one time and all of a sudden here comes as demon of anger. It’s there’s a lot of grace. We get angry. It’s our own sin, it’s our own fault. But the door really isn’t all that wide open yet. A demon can’t come in just because we blow up one time. But if you had this pattern of constantly being angry and then you just kind of blow up, now you’ve got this wide open door. So imagine you’re driving down the road. You’ve had a bad day. You’ve been upset all day. You’ve probably been upset for a couple of days. Something’s happened in home. It doesn’t matter. Then things happen at work. Now you’re driving down and someone cuts you off. And now we’re hearing about this road rage all the time and all this stuff. So someone cuts you off and runs in front of you and you just blow up. You honk your horn, you curse at them, and you just blow up poof and comes from the outside. A demon of anger. In other words, that demon could be following you, knowing that you have a propensity for getting angry and trying to do all these things in your life, to just kind of fanned that flame, speaking these lies.


Beatty: [00:25:30.31] How can you know, can you believe he just did that to you? You know, that was so wrong. All these things that cause you to send so that you create an open door, that now he has a right to come in. So that’s what sin does. It creates an open door for demonic attack from the outside, but a soul type is a transfer of a demon. It’s totally different. What a soul type does. The ungodly soul type is is always when sin is committed in the presence of someone else. And in that presence. Any demon, or at least depending on what’s going on, the demon a demon in that person now can transfer through the soul side to you. So what this means is that we now have two sources of demons that can come in and attack. One is those that are just hovering from the outside, and the other is the demon that’s tied up and bothering someone else. When we create an ungodly soul, time allows that demon that’s been bothering someone else to now also come in and bother you. That’s the difference between the sin and the soul type as it relates to an open door. So with the ungodly soul type, there are three ways that these ungodly soul ties get formed.


Beatty: [00:27:05.08] One is an agreement to sin. So when you agree with someone else to commit sin, that that creates the sin, creates an open door, but now it creates an ungodly soul type from that agreement to sin. That agreement could be sexual sin. That agreement could be let’s go commit a crime. That agreement could be anything that is an agreement to sin. Does that make sense? The second and third both have a common denominator, and this has power. And Control. Over you. So it’s not that there’s an agreement to send between the two people, but now you have the power and control of one person exerting power and control over the other. One of these is what I’ll call influence. It’s an influence power. So the best way to understand and influence power is you have a controlling person in a relationship. Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, son, daughter. I mean, son, mom, father, daughter, whatever. Whatever those relationships is, they don’t have to be familial. It could be something in work. It could even be a total stranger. But someone overpowers you. And power and control. And through that, overpowering you. Then you burst out into sin. Someone encourages you to start smoking weed. That’s a sin. That is a soul tied with that person. They had power and control over you. Someone keeps getting under your skin and you keep blowing up in anger with them.


Beatty: [00:29:06.25] That is a soul type. That’s what I’m talking about. The influence. Is this making sense? The other type is power and control that causes trauma. Rape, molesting, abuse. These are all soul types through power and control that through the trauma there is sin that’s been created. It could be your response to the trauma. It might be simply their sin against you. I don’t know the details specifically, but it’s always the presence of sin, whether it’s from you or from the other person. But even in things like a rape where you have no control, they’ve overpowered you. There’s still the sin of the response. So there’s always sin present. The question is, which sin was it that created this whole. I don’t know. But it now creates an ungodly soul type that allows a demonic influence to transfer from that person to you. And once it transfers with the sin, usually when just a sin, the open door, usually the demon that comes in is the demon that corresponds to the sin, a demon of anger when you burst in anger, demon a fear when you’re always fearful, when it turns into ungodly soul types because they can transfer. There are times when it’s not a demon of that same nature. But just to give you kind of some thoughts on just how this works, if you take this demon of influence, this couple of stories, there’s a lady named Susan.


Beatty: [00:31:05.37] She’s a Christian. She smokes three packs of cigarets a day. She’s a highly addicted and she’s gone through deliverance. Close all the open doors, casts out all kinds of demonic forces. And she’s still smoking three packs of cigarets every day. And she goes, talks to this minister and said, well, have you canceled the soul of the person who taught you to smoke? She said, no. Who was it? It was my babysitter when I was eight years old. She taught me to smoke and she gave me some cigarets. So they said, Well, let’s cancel that full time. So they cancel the soul time. They bound the spirit of bondage, the strong man. And then they cast out the spirit of addiction. And she left the office that day, never smoking again. So what happened is the legal right for the spirit of addiction came in through the soul tide, not through the sin. And until that soul tie was renounced and broken, that demon of addiction had a right to be there. We see another one similar a youth minister. And he’s been addicted to marijuana. He’s gone through Deliverance, cast everything out, but he still can’t stop smoking weed. And so a friend of his said, Well, have you broken the cell ties of the person that you buy marijuana from? No. Have you broken the sole ties of the people that you smoke marijuana with and get high? No, because remember, salty is where sin is committed.


Beatty: [00:32:47.66] That’s the presence of someone else where sin is committed. So he went through and broke the sole tie of the people. He’s bought weed from all of his friends that he went out and smoked weed with and got high. And then from that. They bound the spirit of strong bondage. Cast out addiction. And he’s free. So you see that as influence. If you look at trauma, here’s an interesting story with trauma. There’s a little boy. We’ll call Zack. Four years old. He comes to a friend of mine who is handling a deliverance for. And the reason he’s coming. So his parents are strong believers and yet their little boy at four years old was threatening granddad and his little brother to kill him with a knife with this deep, dark, guttural, demonic voice. I’m going to kill you with a knife coming out of this little four year old boy. The boy couldn’t read when the parents put a scripture up on his wall and brought the boy back into the bedroom, he went berserk and said, Take that thing down. They took it down and he became normal again. So something’s going on. So they went through this deliverance and the Holy Spirit directed the Minister to cast out a spirit of murder and violence out of a four year old. She thought she was hearing him wrong, so she ignored it, saying, Well, that can’t be the Holy Spirit.


Beatty: [00:34:26.80] And a few seconds later, the mom is there, taps her on the shoulder and says, The Lord’s telling me for you to cast out a spirit of murder and violence. So she cast out the spirit of murder and violence. And as soon as she did, the little boy started choking. You can barely breathe. And it kept on going. But the minister kept her cool and kept saying in the name of Jesus, I command you murder and violence to come out of him now. And after a period of time, it was all over. And the little boy sat up and said, It’s gone, I’m free. So they sent the boy back to play with the dead while the minister spoke with the mom. And and the minister said spirits usually lead the way they come in. What happened? Was he ever choked? And the mom says yes. Two years ago, when he was two, he was on the playground and an older boy with slightly older boy choked him so hard that when he came home, he was crying and telling his mom and there are bruises all over his neck so you could tell it was a hard choke. Found out later that boy, his dad and one of his brothers was in jail for murder. So what you have is through the process of trauma, a spirit of murder and violence coming in to the little boy through the soul time.


Beatty: [00:35:50.09] But is the breaking of the soul that allowed that spirit to be cast out? Is this making sense? And so in all cases, what you have is it’s always the sin. That is giving the legal right. And it’s the presence of that sin that then creates an ungodly ty, which is an additional legal right. So in all of these incidences where soul ties are created, you’re actually having a legal right from the sin and a legal right from this ungodly soul to. The other thing that’s interesting is timing. So this ungodly salt time, the transfer of the demonic forces do not have to occur at the point the salt is created. So there’s another lady. Her name is Madonna. Friend of mine was in doing hospice care and was working with Madonna. She’s in her forties, 50, somewhere in there. She’s on hospice care because she’s about to be about to die from Parkinson’s. And she could only move her little pinkie. Everything else she could move or breathing was tough. She could barely speak. And my my friend asked her, well, how did you catch Parkinson’s disease? And Madonna said, That’s a stupid question. You can’t catch it because if you could catch it, you wouldn’t be in this room today. She said, My husband had it and when he died, I got it. So my friend, and asked, Did you sleep with your husband before you were married? And she said, Well, yeah, it doesn’t, everyone.


Beatty: [00:37:38.31] And my friend went on to say, I’m not accusing you. I’m not judging you. But she started to explain the concept of an ungodly soul type. What happened was, because of the act of sleeping together before they’re married, that’s a sexual sin. Creates an ungodly soul to. That is long as her husband was alive. The demon of Parkinson’s. His house was fine. He didn’t have to go anywhere. But once his host died. He had a legal right to Madonna and he jumped right over to her because of what happened before they got married. So what you see is an ungodly soul can create an open door that is used later. In fact, what’s interesting, I was reading a book on a man who’s done thousands of delivery pieces and he he’ll talk he’s talked a number of times where they would interview and interrogate the demons, and there’s a demon there. But by the time they’re now casting him out, that demon is not there. Meaning that that demon was there and now he’s not. It wasn’t that the demon was cast out, but with these open doors. If now this is all experiential knowledge, but this is what what he is assessing and what I’m assessing as well. When you have the presence of an open door, the spirit can come into your life, but the spirit can also exit and then come back later.


Beatty: [00:39:16.43] Time to that same door. In other words, it’s an open door to you that the spirit can despair. Doesn’t have to stay. But this guy, his name is Bob. What he says is when that would happen. And he knows that there is a spirit there and he’s not there anymore because through the interrogation he knows what the open door. He says, you just shut the door and the demon can’t come back. But what’s interesting is this can be this back and forth, which means if there’s a spirit that comes in through an ungodly soul time that’s tormenting one person, that spirit can now jump from that person, transfer to you, torment you. And then come back and torment this person and then come back and torment you again. And it’s almost like they have an assignment with multiple people that they can just go and keep talking because they have a legal right. So if you have torments that kind of flare up at times and then they die down, flare up at times and die down again, we’re looking for patterns. That was our first session. It’s the pattern. But the ungodly cell ties can create the doorway where these patterns can come in flare up. Then when they stop is because that demons left you and gone somewhere else and someone else is flares up. Does that make sense? So it’s really interesting.


Beatty: [00:40:36.87] This is why, because of the ungodly cell type. This is why you can repent of your sin. And still not be free of torment. Because the torment may be coming through the doorway of an ungodly sell time instead of the same itself. So just a couple of examples of, you know, talking about their three ways that ungodly soul ties are created. One is an agreement to send. One is the power and control based on influence. The other is a power and control based on trauma. Just a couple of ideas just to kind of articulate these further. Sexual sin is probably the biggest agreement to send or you have a soul type. If you were to agree to go commit a crime or some other sin with someone that creates that soul time. Keep in mind the soul ties once bound, always bound. And you can have multiple soul ties with lots of people. It’s like all the parts of their soul sticking to yours and yours souls just gets full of all these soul ties and they never separate until you renounce them. So until you’ve renounced it, it’s always an open door in terms of power and control leading to influence. What’s interesting is people with addictions like a drug addiction. One of the big soul ties, believe it or not, is the first grade teacher. You can’t concentrate, you can’t focus. You have ADHD. I recommend you get on on medicine.


Beatty: [00:42:12.13] So now they start taking drugs and that begins an open door for them to then start moving to harder drugs later on. And the soul type. Was that first grade teacher, the ungodly cell type, or anyone who controls you or causes you to get angry? Think about if you ever blew up at your mom and dad. They were always nagging you about something that’s an ungodly cell type, even though they loved you. A spouse that’s abusive. Abusive. Periodically, let’s say your spouse is a drunk at times they’re great other times, and then they’re abusive at other times. That creates an ungodly cell type, even within the confines of a godly marriage. You also have if one of your children constantly is nagging you or causing you to blow up or causing you to shrink back in fear, or is somehow protection that creates an ungodly soul type. Even though you love your child and your child loves you, you have someone who shames you or makes you feel guilty. Let’s say that you’re in class one day and someone makes a comment about you that just totally embarrasses you. And you’ve never been the same since that person had power and control over you through method of influence that caused you to sin. That’s an ungodly soul type. A drug dealer who gives you drugs, a friend who encouraged you. Hey, just take this drug. It’s really good.


Beatty: [00:43:50.47] Those are ungodly soul types. Maybe a friend that says, Hey, let’s play with this Ouija board. That’s an agreement to sin. He influenced you? There could be an ungodly soul in that environment. If you had an abortion. You have an ungodly soul tied with the abortionist, but also apparently an ungodly soul tied with the aborted baby. Because that creates shame and guilt and and grief. That’s the open door that allows it in. There is it can also be the soul ties with the partner who helped create the aborted baby. Something really interesting is your doctor. Let’s say your doctor says you have incurable cancer and you will die in six months. Once you believe that, then the doctor now has influence over you there. It could be an ungodly soul time and simply believing it. I’m not saying that if when the doctor says it, it’s always wrong. What I’m saying is this as we’re talking within the confines of the demonic world and the soul ties, that the simple things we’re going to talk about word curses where you believe and make an agreement to a curse. The doctor says you have incurable cancer and you believe it. That’s now a word curse that gives a demonic spirit a right to come in and fulfill it. He says, You’re going to be dead in six months. You believe it. That gives a spirit of death a right to come in and fulfill it as a word curse.


Beatty: [00:45:32.44] But not only are you believing those word curses, but you believe it because of the power and influence exerted over you from the doctor. So there creates a ungodly soul time. So it’s. All kinds of things here. I’m not saying if the doctor says you’re incurable, that now. Oh, my gosh, I got an ungodly cell time. What I am saying is there’s the opportunity for the presence of that, and this is where I was going earlier. Best to be safe than sorry. Treat it as if there’s something demonic there. If there isn’t, you’re no worse off. But if you are right, you can get out of it. Then you have power and control leading to trauma. Being bullied at school. Being raped, being molested. Being abused. All of those are trauma where someone has power and control over you. Now, I want to it’s any questions on this so far, I don’t want to have many questions because we’re going to run out of time. But anything for clarity. Okay. Now, I want to talk about one more aspect of Soltys, and it has to do with sexual sin. And I thought long and hard what type of diagram to draw up for sexual sin to help illustrate. But I think I’ll leave that to your own imagination. That was a joke. But it’s not a joke. I’m not going to draw up a diagram. But what is sexual sin? Sexual sin simply is sin outside of the covenant of marriage. That’s all it.


Speaker2: [00:47:14.41] Is. Sex.


Beatty: [00:47:15.79] Sex outside of the covenant marriage. Thank you. What’s interesting is it doesn’t matter how much you love the person. You could be engaged to be married and you could sleep together the night before you get married. That is sexual sin. You could be boyfriend, girlfriend, or maybe not even boyfriend girlfriend yet. But say, hey, let’s let’s live together and see how it works out before we move this relationship further and we think we’ve got to be compatible sexually. So let’s go do that. And all of that is sexual sin, any sin outside of marriage. And it has extreme consequences. And I want to talk what the Bible share a couple of things, what the Bible has to say. But then especially I want to bring it into the ungodly subtleties, but turn real quickly. Ex 1528 3029 x 15, 28 and 29. Sexual Sin. Soul Ties. So this is the Jerusalem Council. This is when they’re questioning, okay, we’ve got all these Gentiles coming to Christ. We’re the head of the church as the apostles. We’re kind of control things right now. What do we want to encourage them? What can’t what should we encourage them? What to do? What not to do? So they prayed about it and this is what came out. So x 15, starting in verse 28 for the same good to the Holy Spirit and to us to lay on you no greater burden these requirements that you abstain. What has been sacrificed? Idols and from blood.


Beatty: [00:49:02.39] And from what has been strangle. So don’t strangle an animal or eat an animal with the blood. That’s what it’s talking about here from what has been strangled and from sexual immorality. If you keep yourself from these, you will do well. Very well. So of the very few things that the Lord directed, it was don’t eat food, sacrifice to the demon. Don’t eat the blood. And essentially. Stay away from sexual immorality. That’s how important it is to the Lord. Look, another spot first, Timothy one versus eight and ten, eight through ten, first Timothy one, eight through ten. This is Paul writing to Timothy and this is what he says. Now we know that the law is good if one uses it lawfully. Understanding this that the law is not laid down for the just, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and centers for the unholy and profane, for those who strike their fathers and mothers for murderers, the sexually immoral men who practice homosexuality, enslavers, liars, perjury, and whatever else is contrary to sound doctrine. So the question is how bad is sexual immorality? Paul lumps it into the list of people. Watch this. Here’s the group that he puts it in murderers, homosexuals and slavers, an enslaver, someone who steals a person and turns them into slavery. All three of those. We’re punishable by death in the Old Testament. And he puts sexual immorality right in that same mix.


Beatty: [00:50:57.86] So Paul is saying this is pretty, pretty bad. So sexual sin gives evil spirits a right to torment you. Just like any other sentence. An open door. But sexual sin has far worse consequences than almost any other open door you can do. And what makes it so bad is, if you look at it from gospel perspective, it’s horrendous. There is a major theme throughout the New Testament as you read it, especially in Paul’s writings, but others and as they’re writing to the churches and writing to the individuals, they’re exhorting them on the things to do. And one thing that’s always consistently there flee sexual immorality, flee it, don’t even come close to it. It is really bad, but from a demonic perspective. It opens up really big doors. So you remember a moment ago, a sin opens up the door for a demon to come in from the outside. But an ungodly salty allows for the transfer of a demon. When is a sexual sin ungodly salty? It allows for the transfer of all demons in that person to now transfer directly into you. The implication is it’s not just. One sen, one demon concept. It’s whatever that person is struggling with 100%. Whoosh can come straight into you. And so you inherit through the demonic, sexual and soul type. You inherit everything that they’ve been battling with. So a friend of mine will just call her name, Pam. She says she always had this healthy perspective and fear of sex outside of marriage.


Beatty: [00:53:00.25] So she kept herself pure. She got into college. She had a boyfriend. She wasn’t going to get into sex with him until later. She didn’t want anything to wreck her college career. Three months from graduating. She starts to sleep with him. From a week starting after she started sleeping with him, she started getting sick. She battled with illnesses for 20 years. Ever since that one time. And she can point it all back. Once I started sleeping with him, that’s when everything started happening. And it took a deliverance to get get rid of it all. And she was suffering, she said, from bronchial infections. Surgery for Precancer cells diagnostic shot strep throat three times. She was living on antibiotics, suffering from constant joint and muscle pain. She has finally labeled chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia with no cure. All of that constantly over 720 year period from sleeping with her boyfriend because whatever was in him. All came over to her. There’s another man, friend of mine named Phyllis said she met this man that she calls Eeyore because he said, I used to be the happiest man in the world and she couldn’t believe it because he was always down, always complaining. His life was just constant, miserable. And she said, Well, what happened? He said, I was a happiest man in the world until I slept with a girl in college who had been date raped and she had bipolar and manic depression.


Beatty: [00:54:40.86] And he said, ever since then, I feel like I caught her depression. And so what’s happening is the act of the sin. The sexual ungodly sexual assault, the manic depression that was plaguing her. Now comes over and starts to plague him. But as if that’s not bad enough, I want to show you the further reaching impact. So what we have is we have through the act of sexual sin, we have an ungodly salty. That allows the transfer of 100% of all of the demonic torment and your sexual partner to transfer to you and any torrent you’ve been going through to transfer to that person as well. It’s a two way street. I’m only focused on what happens to you right now. But I want to show you the impact, because this impact has what I call a funnel effect. Let’s say the person you slept with has slept with a bunch of people in the past as well. All of their demonic torment that they were going through funnels into him or her. And now when you sleep with that person, you catch it all. In addition, all of the people that they’ve been sleeping with in the past before this person slept with them. All of that torment goes to this person. All of the people this person has slept with in the past before having before this person slept with them. All of that torment. Gets funneled into him or her.


Beatty: [00:56:33.08] And then what happens is you can carry that out and see where the process goes. What happens with the sexual sin type is all of the demonic torment from all of their past sexual encounters through sexual sensitize and all of their partners. And all of their partners and all of their partners. It’s like a funnel. And you take all this demonic torment and you funnel it down into you. It’s unbelievable. And then. This. Add in someone over here who sleeps with a prostitute. And now you multiply what is already a big number with a horrible set of numbers. Take someone over here who’s involved with the occult, and there’s all kinds of really powerful demons. Now, you got assaulted and all those cell ties funnel into this one time event. You have with this person. And all of this demonic torment can then funnel in to you. So when you have sexual sin, you have a triple whammy. You have the open door of the Senate itself. You have the open door of the ungodly salty. And you have the funnel effect of all of the ungodly soul ties and 100% of all the demonic torment there that can funnel into you. One of the things I’ve learned. Is some of these demonic torments can multiply and split, meaning that the demon, the tormenting demon and one person can now actually multiply like an amoeba and now is in you as well.


Beatty: [00:58:30.14] One demon occupying in both places because it kind of multiplies. Other demons tend to be what I call a finite demon. And so that demon, let’s say that Parkinson’s disease, that demon was a demon of Parkinson disease in its host when the host died. Then that specific demon uses the ungodly salty to jump to the next host. So what this means is all these open doors, if one of these demonic presences is what I’ll call a finite demon, they may not enter you at the time you have sex. But what happens is that open door means now they can go down, jump frog through those legal right, open doors and hit you legally and torment you. So what that means is the torment you experience may come later as opposed to media. Now this is sexual sin. So if you’re in the confines of holy marriage, if your spouse has demons, demonic torment and there’s no sexual sin in your life with that spouse, there’s no legal right for the tournament to come over. The torment comes through the presence of sin. Sex within marriage, within the covenant of marriage is not sinful. Therefore, there’s not an ungodly subtlety, which means there’s no legal right from that standpoint. Some kind of make sense. So that’s the funnel effect. It’s very powerful. It’s very pervasive. And there’s one last thing on this. Just something to always kind of remember you all familiar with what an STD is. What is an STD?


Speaker2: [01:00:30.13] Sexually transmitted.


Beatty: [01:00:31.09] Diseases. That’s right. A sexually transmitted disease. What we think of in the natural order of science, as well as my partner, is free of any disease. It’s a safe sex. That’s what we’ve been led to believe. But with sexual sin and the ungodly cell ties. It is 100% STD sexually transmitted. Demons. There’s no way you can practice safe sex. With an ungodly sexual encounter. So back to my friend Pam. She slept with her boyfriend in college. She immediately started to suffer for 20 years with all these ailments. She went through deliverance and everything stopped except one sharing pain that felt like a knife stabbing her. Because within a couple of weeks of starting to sleep with her boyfriend, she got in a car accident that created all kinds of problems. So she was living with this pain in her neck. It was right where she broke her neck in the car accident. And a couple of years later, the Lord said, you need to break the soul tie with your boyfriend’s girlfriend. Because she found out that while she was sleeping with him, he was sleeping with another girl as well. He ended up marrying her, but there was an ungodly subtlety. So watch this. So she had already broken the sole tie with him. But the Lord says you’ve got to break the soul tie with his girlfriend. So she broke the sole tie with his girlfriend, went back through bound whatever spirits cast out in these spirits and that pain instantly left as well.


Beatty: [01:02:21.59] So there’s some experiential understanding that it’s not just the soul type between you and the person, that there’s been some sin committed, but any ungodly soul ties that they have may carry over as well. So one of the things would be when you’re breaking Ungodly Soul Ties, I break Ungodly Soul tie with John, with Bill, Sue, whoever it is, and any of their sexual partners have to make a comment on this. So I was talking on that. So I had a situation happen recently where someone asked me to intercede with them in a spiritual legal process to try to eliminate some things. So I led my friend through a prayer, and one of those prayers was about soul ties, Breaking Ungodly Soul ties. And he later got upset because he said, Why would you have me do something that I don’t understand? And what I want to share with this is you don’t have to understand this. What we’re talking about is a legal right, within a legal hierarchy of God’s spiritual realm. And the only thing that matters is that you play the legal rules by the legal rules. Let me give you an example. I had to sue, unfortunately, one of our clients. I think the client is in Virginia. I’m suing in Jefferson County, Alabama.


Beatty: [01:03:57.96] He complains to the judge, I’ve never been to Alabama. I only live over here. He doesn’t have a right to sue me there. And the judge said, Well, that’s a really good point. Beatty What gives you a right to sue? I need to make sure that you got jurisdiction. I have jurisdiction here. Here’s what I said. I said, Madam Judge. My attorney wrote my contract, and there’s this section on venue of jurisdiction. I don’t understand what it says or means, but let me read it to you and you tell me if I have a right. So I read her what my attorney wrote and she says, Yep, you’ve got to write this. This case stays here in Jefferson County. Here’s the point I want to make. I engaged an attorney to help me in a legal battle, legal realm of things, building a contract. And I don’t understand everything he put there. I don’t have to understand it as long as the judge understands it and it’s legal. Does this make sense? So even though you may not understand all this aspect of subtleties, all you have to understand is you renounce and break the sole ties. And even if you don’t know what it does, the demanding side of things know what it does because the judge knows what it does. And as I mentioned in our first time, they play by the rules.


Beatty: [01:05:21.96] The rule is and ungodly subtlety gives a legal right. You break that legal right, they no longer have a legal right. It doesn’t matter if you understand it or not. So with that, in wrapping up, I want to cover how do you get free? Because as I go through all of these different open doors, the purpose is not to just educate you, but I want to teach you how do you get free of this stuff? And the simple answer is, are four step process on getting free? And it’s the same four step process with all of the open doors because it’s simply a legal process. Number one, thank Jesus for shedding his blood to atone for your sin. And this is a prayer that’s spoken out loud so that the demonic spirits that you are battling with that have a legal right to attack, understand that you know what’s going on. Number two, you confess your sin and the case of sexual sends you confess that your encounters with those people was a sin and name them. If it’s a case of blowing up in anger or anything like that, you confess that as sin. Number three is you repent and renounce. You repent of that sin, which is a legal term. I agree it’s sin and I repent and agree I shouldn’t have been doing it. And I commit not to do it.


Beatty: [01:07:09.71] Renounce. Every salt, ungodly salty. So that would be making a list of all the ungodly cell ties with mom, dad, brother, sister, husband, wife, coworkers, people you’ve slept with, people who’s upset you, anything, anyone like that. Just break them all and renounce for the sexual sense. All ties also any ungodly soul ties with their sexual partners. And then you command. The Spirit cell. You want to commend them by name. If you don’t know the name, assign them a name based on the impact to you. That spirit that makes me always cough in ways I command you out. I call you the spirit of coughing and wheezing. That spirit that always breaks up my relationships. I command you out and I call you the spirit of broken relationships. Once you name that spirit. Then you can command it out because now you can speak specifically to it, and that’s the process. Just give you a simple proclamation. You don’t have to write this down. And at the end of all of this, I’ll print out some stuff and put it on our website. But like for sexual sin, it’d be something like this. Thank you, Jesus, for dying on the cross that I might be forgiven. I confess all my sexual sins and ask you to break every bond from everyone I’ve had sexual relationships with outside of marriage.


Beatty: [01:08:47.70] I recognize this as sin, and I repent my sexual sin with John, Bill, Sue, whoever, any demonic spirit that has come into me through these sexual scents I declare and the authority of Jesus Christ. You have no further right against me, and I command you to get out now in Jesus name. To break an ungodly soul to you’ll see the same pattern. Thank you, Jesus, for dying. That I might be set free. I forgive and lose each person with whom I have ungodly soul ties. I now break and sever every solid gold type soul tie with list all the people. Any demonic spirit that has come into me through these ungodly soul ties I declare in the authority of Jesus Christ. You have no further right against me, and I command you to get out now in Jesus name. So you see the same pattern. All you’re doing is now we’re. We’re modifying the pattern for the specific open door. So what that means is homework assignment is if you recognize any of these things in your life, go back. Make a list of the people. Where you’ve had sexual sen with make a list of the people. Who with whom you’d have ungodly sole ties with. And then repent, renounce. So that’s how it works. Any questions? We’re at the end, it’s we’re a little bit over. But if this is bringing up any thoughts or questions.


Speaker2: [01:10:22.02] But some of that with generational curses tie into this. Are those.


Beatty: [01:10:28.86] Absolutely.


Speaker2: [01:10:29.49] Curses like solely dependent on social ties.


Beatty: [01:10:32.52] Or not solely dependent but involved with?


Speaker2: [01:10:35.55] Yeah.


Beatty: [01:10:36.06] So when we talk on generational curses, which will be maybe next time, if it’s not next time, it’s going to be about two or three times from now. We’re going to talk about the soul ties, because as I mentioned, these ungodly soul ties occur everywhere, whether it’s a generational curse. Whether it’s a word curse, whether it’s dealing with the occult, whether it’s idolatry. Any time there is a sin involved with another person in any capacity opens the possibility of an ungodly soul to death. And so when you’re dealing with breaking the legal right, you’re always focused on what was that sin? And is there the potentiality of an ungodly soul type because we don’t know where the demon might have come in. But that’s why I wanted to cover the soul ties first, because it permeates almost everything we’re going to talk on from here. Anything else?


Speaker2: [01:11:38.48] I don’t know what. Maybe just comment on. You know, the effects of pornography, because Jesus said, if you look, you’ve done it right. And so all those people and all the connections of the people, and then you’ve got the power and the influence there and the trade and the yeah. So, so many times of different natures.


Beatty: [01:11:58.45] But the issue with pornography is you are not dealing directly with someone who created that pornography necessarily. So if you’re talking about like Internet porn, that’s simply a sin of your own. But if someone encouraged you, hey, go to this website and look at this. Now, that could be an ungodly cell type that person encouraging you to send. But the pornography itself, there’s not an ungodly cell type, to my understanding. Okay. So it’s that interaction with the person. That you have interacted with. That’s why, like if someone pulls in front of traffic and I get upset, I don’t think there’s an ungodly cell type between him and me. Because I responded to an action that wasn’t him attacking me. But on the other hand, if that person. It’s driving down the road and says, I’m going to get a lawsuit with this person. And when he slams on the brakes, slams the car in reverse and backs into you. Now, that was an act of aggression against you. That could be power and control of influence into a trauma and other stuff. And there could be an ungodly soul tied there because there was an act of committing a. So I think one is simply you on your own. And one is someone else is involved in bringing that sin out directly with you.