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Beatty: [00:00:00.60] Welcome to the Get Sellers Call in You podcast for Christian Real Estate Agents, where we help you grow your business with great marketing tips and grow your faith with powerful radical faith Bible teachings. I’m Beatty Carmichael and I’m glad you joined us. Today is a radical faith Bible study session to help grow your faith. And as a reminder, this is an audio from a Live Bible study I.


Beatty: [00:00:20.22] Did, and you can watch it and actually see the diagrams that I draw by visiting our website at Get Sellers calling So let’s get started and be blessed.


Beatty: [00:00:32.16] Okay. So welcome back, everyone. And this is going to be an exciting lesson as I was sharing with another friend. This is kind of edgy. You know, you’re walking on the edge of that cliff and you go, you know what? This kind of dangerous do you really want to teach on this? Because. Well, you’ll find out. All right. So actually, before we get started, I want to promote a book of mine that some y’all may or may not have seen. And I’ve got a copy for you right there so you can grab it right there before anyone else takes it. But it’s called Nuggets of Faith, and you can get it on Amazon as well. And all you do is go to Amazon. By the way, this is more because this is being recorded also for my podcast. So for the people who aren’t here in this room, but you can go to Amazon and you search for Beatty Carmichael in the search and you’ll see the nuggets of faith. But this book is a compilation of five and one half years of the Lord kind of guiding me through as He took me into really deep dive into understanding what is his word, really mean. And as I would be having my quiet time in the mornings and something would pop out a scripture, he directed me just to speak it out. The passage is open your mouth wide and I will fill it. And I learned so much as I was speaking it out because he would just put these thoughts in my mind as I was faking it out, just sort of like him speaking through me and this.


Beatty: [00:02:05.25] And then he told me to just recently to compile it into a book. And that’s how this thing came about. And it’s got some really cool stuff just to maybe whet your appetite for those who haven’t read it. So God works in patterns and he sets precedents is one of the presidencies that he sets is what he does for one, he does for all. Paul alludes to this when he says that God is no respecter of persons and Paul also starts to teach on this. He says Abraham believed God and because he believed God, righteousness was reckoned to him. And because of that, when you believe God, righteousness is reckoned to you. In other words, what He does, for one, He does for all. So you start to pick up these little patterns. Another thing Sarah and I were talking about earlier is in Isaiah seven, it says that Jesus chose evil over good when he was young. How can a sinless, fully God, son of God in the flesh, choose evil over good? That kind of starts to stretch our thinking of what being sinless and perfect may mean. Or how about give even more edge we’re going. We might actually cover this topic as a podcast later, but John 2023 Anyone remember that? That nondescript, highly controversial verse and according to some of the stuff I did on research with it, it’s one of the most controversial verses with all of the theologians.


Beatty: [00:03:45.14] This is when Jesus, after His resurrection comes and He blows on His disciples and he says. Whatever sense you forgive shall be forgiven and whatever sense you withhold forgiveness on shall be withheld. Oh, my gosh. Does that sound like it means what Jesus actually just said? So these are some really deep things that, by the way, is in here. And what we’re going to be talking on today is, did Jesus lie? And it’s actually page 477. So we’re going to be going through a lot of these things. And if you want to kind of get a CliffsNotes version of some of this stuff with my teaching, you can find it at Nuggets of Faith. I’m starting to do a series called Identity, and the whole idea about identity is, who are you? And we started this last time I spoke and taught on this. We did, if you all remember the parable of the Servant sign all throughout. I kept going back to this one little mantra What you believe determines how you live. And we saw that with the servant, a comparable servant son. That’s the brother of the prodigal son. And what we find is in that parable, he thought he was a servant. He thought his dad owned it all, and he owned nothing.


Beatty: [00:05:06.89] And he worked and slaved and toiled in the field all of these years, doing everything the father wanted. And his father never so much as gave him a goat to go enjoy and have time with his friends. And his father said, But, son, it’s all yours. He didn’t understand it. What he believed, determine how he lived. If he really understood it was all his, he would have lived completely different. And that’s what I want to get into tonight. I want to talk about this. There’s this an amazing thing called belief. In fact, the whole series that we’ll be doing on identity has to do with your belief. How do you interpret Scripture? Do you interpret with interpret it with man’s wisdom? Or with childlike faith. Man’s wisdom says. Well, that can’t be true. That’s preposterous. Childlike faith says. Well, God said it. I believe it. I don’t know what it means. Right. There’s got to be something here. I remember back on the story of Christmas morning, two little girls come down twins, and there’s this great big pile of poop in the middle of the room. I mean, great big old pile like this. And one of the. One of the twins. Oh, Dad, this is horrible. I don’t get any gift, and all I get is this poop, and the other girl, all excited, starts running around and looking in the closet and going to the garage and running around. And the dad says, What are you doing? She said, There’s got to be a pony around here somewhere, right? So.


Beatty: [00:06:56.28] So it’s it’s what do you believe determines how you live? And I want to bring this home. I want to bring it down to some things we can grasp. And then I want to start expanding it out on this topic that we’re going to talk about. So there is in psychology three concentric circles concept. So I’m going to just draw three circles as if it was a target, and I’m going to label these three circles what psychologists have found about people, number one. The inside circle is your belief. How do you believe? How you believe then impacts the next circle, which is your activity? What you do. And your activity. What you do determines the results that you get. Does this make sense? What you believe determines what you do and what you do determines how you live with your results. So let’s talk about this in a simple nature. So let’s say that I am overweight, I am fat, and I want to now become thin. So what do I do that is then not thin? So it depends on my belief. If I believe that I’m fat, what I end up doing is I diet and a diet is an exercise of my will, share strength and will and determination. And by dieting and by exercising, I’m going to see my weight come down. But then something happens.


Beatty: [00:08:45.24] What happens when I’m dieting and exercising? Give up one day because you’re not you kind of plateau sometimes. That’s right. I give up. I go to a party and there’s this wonderful cake. I’ve just got to have some and I’ve already broken my debt. So let me go have some more cake. And then I feel bad the next morning and I don’t get out. And I broke the exercise and all of a sudden the routine gets broken, right? What happens whether you retain gets broken, your weight comes back up and then you. That’s right. It goes up even higher. And then you say, oh, my gosh, I’ve got to do something about this. So with an act of your will and sheer determination, you get back on a diet and exercise and your weight comes down, and then at some point, it always breaks. And it always breaks because it’s not who you are in your mind. You’re fat. You’re overweight. And by share of your will, you can reduce it. But then it always breaks and you come back up again. It’s called the yo yo effect, right? Yo yo dieting. And what you see is through life, people will yo yo. People say, Well, how do you stay so thin? Because I believe I’m £150. When I’m above that, I go, That’s not me. And what happens is. What you believe the term becomes your reality. If I believe I’m 150, I’m not going to go out and eat a lot.


Beatty: [00:10:18.32] I’m not going to sit and do nothing. It’s not that I do this because I want to stay trim. It’s who I am. I remember Zig Ziglar was talking about this. This dates me now. Probably a couple of folks who know his Ziglar is. And he was talking about this guy who’d come through some of his courses. And he’s a great big I mean, extremely obese person. And he’s standing looking at a picture glass window into a store. And this little kid comes up with his mom and and the kid looks up at this guy’s mom. That’s a big fat guy. And you know what happened? The guy looked around. He looked around, where is he? Because he didn’t see himself as fat. He saw himself as already trim. And so he didn’t he he didn’t know that the little kid was talking about him. But it goes beyond diet. I want to start to paint this picture. You all see how how you believe about yourself determines what you do and then how you live. Can you say around that, okay, watch this. I’m going to change this from being fat and thin. To something a little bit different. I want to conform to the image of Christ, right? So the image of Christ in my daily walk with the Lord, I want to conform to the image of Christ. What is the image of Christ? Well, I’m going to send less.


Beatty: [00:11:54.35] I’m going to love my neighbor more. And I’m going to spend more time with my father. Right. If I don’t really see myself as that, maybe I see myself as a sinner. And always. So you’re either a sinner saved by grace, or you are a saint who has already been perfected. Right? There’s only two, two ways to look at it. So if I’m a sinner, say by grace. What’s my what’s my identity? I’m a sinner. And if I’m a sinner, what do I have to do? I have to, with an act of my will, refrain from temptation as an act of my will. I have to try to love my neighbor when he does something wrong to me as an act of my will. I’m going to discipline myself to spend time in God’s Word and spend time with them. How much time do I have to spend with the Lord? That’s a question center. Say by grace you never find. Hey, how much time do I have to spend with my wife? I want to spend all the time I can. But if I have to start asking, how much time do I have to spend? 15 minutes. Is that enough? That’s a center. Say by grace. That’s someone who wants to try to conform to the image of Christ and try to rise up to that standard, but is always up and down because this is an act of your will. It’s not who you are.


Beatty: [00:13:33.24] It’s what you do. But then you look at someone who says, Hey, I’m a saint. It says I’m already justified. Already glorified says I’m a son of God. I have Christ in me. His spirit is united with mine. I am one with Christ, the same as I’m one with my spouse. If I believe that, guess what happens? I naturally refrain from sin. I naturally have greater love for my neighbor. I naturally hunger for more time with the Lord. It’s the same activity, but it’s from a different source. Does this make sense? And I remember I was asking the Lord, what what do you want me to teach on? Because I had two thoughts in mind. Do I teach on topics of what to do and how to do things to really grow in your Christian life? Or do I teach on the topic of identity of who we are in Christ? And the Lord said, Your plan is to try to motivate people to change their behavior through repentance. Just teach them who they are. They will naturally change automatically. Is this making sense? Work on the belief and everything happens from there. So that’s kind of teeing up what I want to talk about today. Is this whole idea of belief. Of Who are you in Christ? Now, we’re not going to actually touch that subject directly because this is a really big topic and there’s a lot of little fingers. But I want to start laying the groundwork, and the first groundwork is talking about Jesus.


Beatty: [00:15:24.00] So turn with me. I want to show you this. This is kind of cool. We’re going to turn to John seven. And we’re going to read. Ostensibly read verse verses one through ten. John seven versus one through ten. And I’m going to read it and I’m going to jump. I’ll let you know where I skipped so you can follow with me. I’m reading out of the new living translation, I think is what it’s called, because it phrases it really well, just simply. So here we go. It says after this, Jesus traveled around Galilee. He wanted to stay out of Judea where the Jewish leaders were plotting his death. But soon it was time for the Jewish Festival of shelters. And Jesus brother said to him, Leave here and go to Judea, where your followers can see your miracles. Dot, dot, dot. We’re going to skip forward. And Jesus replied, Now is not the right time for me to go. Dot, dot, dot. You go on. I’m not going to this festival. Dot, dot, dot. We’re going to skip to the end after saying these things. Jesus remain in Galilee. But after his brothers left for the festival, Jesus also went. You’ll remember this passage. This is one of the interesting passages that I’ve always been humored by, because what’s actually going on? Jesus says, I’m not going. And then he turns right around and goes.


Beatty: [00:16:57.30] So here’s the big question that just lie. Do. He didn’t. So I want to challenge your belief. I want to challenge your belief for a second. This whole idea of your belief. Now, before you consider. I think I’m about to blaspheme. Okay. But you believe. About who Jesus is. Will determine whether you interpret if he lies or not. If you believe who Jesus is, the way most people believe who Jesus is, then I could probably win in a courtroom that he lied. But if we change our belief and get a different understanding of who Jesus may be was and start to put away some of our sacred cows. This is why this is edgy. This is this is going to be tough. It’s going to be fun. As we go through it, then I think you’ll recognize there’s something bigger going on and there’s something bigger going on has to do with us as well in understanding who we are in Christ. Okay. So watch this. Jesus was fully God, right? Most people believe that since he’s fully God, he knows all things because God knows all things, right? So if Jesus did what I said, he couldn’t tap into that. He couldn’t tap into. I’ll get to hold that pot. Let me go. So if if Jesus is fully God, if Jesus is God in the beginning was the word, the word was with God. The word was God and came down and dwelt among us.


Beatty: [00:18:49.81] And so the word came down. If that’s what we believe he’s fully got and therefore he knows all things because God knows all things then we’re going to miss. What’s going on. Okay. So if he does know all things because he’s fully God, there’s only two, two options here. Jesus lied. I’m not going, but yet I really am because I know that I am. And as soon as he goes and I’m going to sneak away and go myself. Right? Or the Bible has mistakes. Because maybe that’s not exactly what Jesus said, but that’s what the Bible says He said. Either the John is writing down and he forgets exactly what Jesus said and he writes it down wrong or and we all look at your look in your translation. So as it have a little footnote. If what it says, I am not going to the festival. And in some manuscripts it says and it reads, I am not yet going. They all say that little footnote. That’s a big difference between. I am not going. A totally, completely different meaning. But it’s in the footnote because it’s not the primary manuscripts that they believe are most trustworthy. It’s in some. I think it’s probably in some because the translators that the copiers who are copying down the original manuscript saying. Well, Jesus can’t lie. And it says that he’s not going. And now we go. So maybe a word was missed. So they put not yet going.


Beatty: [00:20:29.99] But here’s the problem. I can’t follow her. I can’t follow a savior who lies. Nor can I trust a Bible that’s got mistakes in it. It’s either infallible or it’s not. Is this making sense? So we got a problem with this. Neither option is good. So what’s the issue? This is how we look at what fully God might actually mean. So watch this for a moment. We claim that Jesus is fully God and fully man. And both are correct. But what we start to have a challenge of is we say that since he’s fully God, he must know all things because God knows all things. But Scripture tells us many places that he does. And I want to walk you through some watch this turn to John five, 19 and 20, John five, 19 and 20. So we’re going from the premise that Jesus knows all things because he’s fully God and God knows all things. Here’s what it says. John 519 and 20 says, Jesus gave them this answer. Very truly, I tell you, the son can do nothing by himself. He can only do what he sees as father doing, because whatever the father does, the son also does for the father loves the son and shows him all that he does. Yes. And he will show him even greater works than these so that you will be amazed. So if Jesus knows all things. And because he’s fully got. Why must his father show him things? And if he knows all things because he’s fully got.


Beatty: [00:22:25.19] Why must the father show him even greater things in the future that Jesus doesn’t know what He’s going to show them yet? Is this making sense? The city grew in wisdom. It grew in wisdom. So if he grew in wisdom, then does that mean that he didn’t have all knowledge earlier? Right. There’s some disconnects with our normal thinking of what does it mean that Jesus is fully God? Let’s look at another one. John 12, verse 49. John 12, verse 49. And Jesus is speaking to the Jews of some sort. For I did not speak on my own, but the father who sent me commanded me what? To say. To say all that I have spoken. Jesus says that he doesn’t even know what he’s going to say. He only says whatever the father commands them to say. Right. But I thought Jesus knows all thing because he’s fully God. But we start to see there’s a disconnect. Look at another one. Let’s see. Mark 1332. So he’s talking to the disciples at this time. When will these things occur? Lord. And this is how Jesus wraps it up. Mark 1332. But about that day, an hour. No one knows. Not even the angels in heaven, nor the sun. But only the father. Hmm. So if Jesus has God and knows all things, why doesn’t He even know when the end times are going to be? Some things, there’s a disconnect.


Beatty: [00:24:15.25] And then if we go back to where we are in John, John seven versus one through ten and Jesus says, I am not going. And then he says, and then he starts to go. Could it be that Jesus did not know that he was going to go? But yet he’s fully got. So we have to change our understanding. Is this making sense? What you believe determines how you live. And as we’re talking about, who are we in Christ? Then we start to look at who Christ is, Christ is in us, and now we can start to get a better idea of who we are. So we have to change our understanding of what being fully God actually means. And rather than assuming Jesus knows all things because He’s fully got. Assume for a moment that being fully God doesn’t require the divine privileges of the Godhead. Whew. What does that mean? Okay. Think about this. A baby giraffe. Okay. I got a little baby giraffe. Here. And I got a. Full, full grown giraffe. I don’t have my mother’s artistic talent. Is that baby? Giraffe, fully giraffe. Yes. Why is he fully giraffe? Because he’s born of the seed of giraffe. Is that baby giraffe the same as a fully mature giraffe with all the experience, strength, agility and speed? No. Those are other characteristics. But the baby giraffe is fully dressed because he comes from the seed of giraffe.


Beatty: [00:26:19.04] That’s why calls with children all the time. I used to wonder about that. Yeah. Always calling them the children. The children? Exactly. That very reason. Could this be the same with Jesus? Watch this. Could it be that there is a. Father. God. Who has a son. Born of his seed name. Jesus. Could it be that Jesus is fully God because he’s born of the seed of God? But yet not carry all the attributes of Father God the same way that baby giraffe doesn’t carry all the attributes of mature giraffe. Does this make sense? Is this starting to make some sense? So there’s a lot here, and this is where I’m going. By the way, another plug for Nuggets of faith. It starts with very shallow. So you’re reading God’s word, a very shallow revelation at the top. But as you get deeper and deeper and deeper, you start to understand more and more. So. Being fully God. Simple does not require possessing the divine privileges of the Godhead. And I’m going to show this to you in Scripture in just a moment. But I want to now start with that as the perspective. That help starts to make some sense behind all of these things that we’re talking about. In fact, let me kind of show you something. This is kind of interesting. Jesus is we always say Jesus is what part of the Godhead, right? What? What part? The Son. And when was the son created? It would be great if you weren’t the son, right? Son of God was never created.


Beatty: [00:28:12.83] The sun eternally existed. Right? With a father. All things were created through him and for him. Right? So watch this. Let’s turn real quickly. Hebrews one. That’s a day off. There you go. Yeah. Watch this. So this is kind of where I’m going on all of this. It is easy to give simple answers until you have a tougher question to answer. Hebrews one. Let’s start with verse three. It says, Hey, talking about the sun. He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of His nature. He is exactly as Father God. The God had all three separate, all three one the exact imprint of His nature. And He upholds the universe by the word of his power. And then he talks about him as the Messiah after making purification for sins. That’s death on the cross, burial and resurrection. He sat down at the right hand of the majesty on high. So we now see this picture that we’re talking about Jesus in this whole process. Right. Watch how it reads. This is going to be this is really interesting. I sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high, having become as much superior to angels as the name as as the name he has inherited is more excellent than theirs. Now, watch this. This is the key for to which of the angels did God ever say, you are my son.


Beatty: [00:30:00.98] To day I have begotten you. Today is talking about at the point of resurrection. So how could that be the day that God begot the sun? If the sun existed for all eternity. I don’t have a good answer. The purpose of that is not to give you the answer, it’s just to show you their mysteries. That is a lot deeper than we think it is. So with that now, let’s look a little bit more with this John seven. If Jesus was born of the seed of God, that means he’s fully God, right? Yeah. If he’s born in the flesh of women, that means he’s fully man. So this is where we get the Son of Man, which is a true designation. He’s also son of God. But everything he does, he does in this combined unity of both. He’s sinless as God. But he’s weak as men. We don’t quite understand it. It’s a mystery. But we start to see this now in this passage in John seven. So let’s go back to John seven. I’m going to walk you through this now that we kind of set this foundation, hopefully shook your foundation and stretched you a little bit on your perspective of what fully God might or might not mean. Let’s look at this now with Jesus, and let’s look at it. Assuming that Jesus does not have divine privileges of being God of the Godhead, and when we start to look at it in that lens, everything starts to line up properly and none of these questions come up.


Beatty: [00:31:50.42] But rather than just assuming with man’s wisdom, I’m also going to show you scripturally. So, John seven, verse one. After this, Jesus traveled around Galilee. He wanted to stay out of Judea, where the Jewish leaders were plotting his death. If he was fully God. With all the divine privileges of knowing all things and having all power and all sovereign control. Why in the world would he care if a Jewish leaders were plotting his death or not? Why would he stay out of Judea? And hide in Galilee. If. Being fully God means all divine privileges. All protection, all power, all authority, all sovereignty, all everything. Does that make sense? It doesn’t make sense if that’s who fully God is. Why would he hide in Galilee? He said, my time is not here for you. That’s right. But why does it start with. He traveled around Galilee because he wanted to stay out of Judea. If his time wasn’t quite right, why did he have to stay out of Judea? He could have gone there and said, stay back. It’s not my time yet. I mean, there’s a lot of things that he could have done if he was all sovereign power. Bear with me. What I think is going on is our understanding is a little bit wrong. Being fully God doesn’t mean he has all of the divine privileges.


Beatty: [00:33:35.63] Of the Godhead. Just like being fully giraffe doesn’t mean you’re big and powerful and strong as mommy and daddy giraffe. And Jesus, the scriptures even tell us this. Let’s go to Philippians two seven. Let me show this to you. So Philippians two seven, I’m going to read it in the NLT version. It says, talking about Jesus. Talking about the sun. He gave up his divine privileges and was born as a human being. Does that correlate with your translation? I know you’re probably not in NLT. He laid aside his glory. Right. He laid aside all of his divine privileges. Think about a king. A king is a king because of the seat he sits on. A king has glory because of all of the privileges he has as sovereign king. If you take him off of his seat and make him a normal man, does he still have all of his glory as king? No. He carries none of that. If he’s dethroned, he has no glory. I want to show you a correlation with this, because I think this will help start to make a picture for you. I have a man named John. And John Owens. A huge corporation will call it Global Corp.. Global Corp.. And John is the CEO of that corporation. Because he’s CEO. He has all power and authority to make all decisions that impact that corporation and its hundreds of thousands of employees all over the world.


Beatty: [00:35:34.48] He wills at the at a stroke of a finger millions and billions of dollars that he can spin any way he wants. You’ll get the picture. Ceo John is a big boy. John has a baby son named Bill. We’ll call him Baby Bill. If you looked at Baby Bill’s DNA. It’s going to be an exact match of who’s. Father John. Right. It’s going to be an exact match. In fact, you would say that baby Bill is. Foley. John, would you all buy that? And why is baby Bill fully John? This is because he comes from the seed of John. If I can draw a seed. Right. And in that seed is all of the DNA characteristics of John. Or y’all follow me so far. Baby Bill is fully John. Is Baby Bill fully CEO now? Baby Bill don’t even know how to. Go to the bathroom by himself yet, right? He knows how to do it by himself, but not where he’s ordered it. Okay. So there’s a difference between John, Father John, the man and CEO, John, who runs Global Corp. One is who he is. The other is what he is. Is this making sense? Okay. Could it be? That being fully God. Is similar to being fully John. God of the Godhead. The CEO of all of creation built it from the ground up, controls it all. Sovereign power. And through his seed is baby Jesus. Fully God. But without the divine privileges of CEO of the creation.


Beatty: [00:37:58.78] Is this making sense? Do you buy into it? Or is it kind of hard to grasp? It’s hard to grasp, isn’t it? Fully. God. Means. Of God, of the State of God. Let me blow your mind, then. Watch this. What makes Jesus fully God. He comes for his other side of God, right? That’s why he’s called fully God, because he’s other state of God. Turn real quickly to first Jun three nine. This is a spoiler alert on future teachings. First, John, 39. All right. No one born of God makes a practice of sending. For God’s seed abides in him. Dot, dot, dot, because he has been born of God. He’s not talking about Jesus. He’s talking about us. If Jesus has called fully God because he is born of the seed of God and the Bible tells us that we have been born again of the seed of God. What does that make us? That’s a really tough question. How about this? You remember when the Sadducees come to Jesus and says, you know, they’re sad, you see, because they don’t believe in the resurrection. And they say, Teacher, a man had a wife and died without children. He has six brothers or seven brothers total. So the next brother takes the wife and he dies without children. And all the way down the line. At the resurrection. Whose wife will she be? Because they all had her as wife.


Beatty: [00:39:57.28] Do you remember what Jesus said? Besides, he says, you know, neither the scriptures nor the power of God. He then says. There. She will be no one’s wife because there is no marriage in the resurrection. Because there is no death. At the resurrection. You will be like the angels. And you will never die. And since there never died, there is no marriage to create procreation. So Jesus, even himself says that those who are resurrected. We’ll never die. They will be like angels. So we see that there’s something powerful here. It also says that we are. Watch this. Turn to Hebrews to. Let’s just take a little quick look on a few more things. This is not the topic, but since this, it’s hard to buy into what fully God means or not. We just came through first, John, that says we have been born, that that God seed abides in us because we have been born of God. We claim that Jesus is fully God because he’s born to the seed of God. But we’re having trouble saying that when we’re born in the seed of God that we’re fully God. If fully God means all divine attributes of the Godhead, I get it. But Baby Bill doesn’t have any of the CEO qualities of Father John. He’s simply fully John. Baby giraffe doesn’t have the strength and the muscles and the experience and the speed of Father Giraffe. But he’s still fully dressed. But watch this Hebrews to.


Beatty: [00:41:56.79] Let’s start with verse ten. Hebrews two first ten prayers fitting that he for whom and by whom all things exist, and bringing many sons to glory should make the founder of their salvation perfect through suffering. So this is talking about God, the Father. For him and by him all things exist. And bringing many sons to glory should make the founder of their salvation talking about Jesus perfect through suffering. Watch this. For he who sanctifies and those who are sanctified, he is sanctifies as Jesus, right? And those who are sanctified. That’s us, the elect, right? All have. What does that say? One origin and watch this. That is why he Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers. We’ve been told that we are in Romans eight, adopted as Sons of God, and we are co heirs with Christ. Of the new kingdom. Here. This says that we are brothers because we have one origin. The same origin is the one who sanctifies us. The one who sanctifies. And those who are sanctified have one origin. This is tough. This is why this is edgy. Some people say, I can’t believe you’re teaching this stuff, but I want to. Expand your mind. Could fully, John. Actually mean something other than CEO John. Could fully God actually mean something other than. Godhead. Creator of all. Is there something else going on? Watch this. Let’s take a little bit different. So I’ve got John. And I have your way.


Beatty: [00:44:11.44] John is of what? Family, Homo sapiens, human right. Okay, so John is human. Your way is what is God divine baby Bill? When? John. Has a seed and it forms. Bill. What family does Bill fall into? He is fully human. Not all the characteristics of Father John in his occupation. When your weight has a seed and forms his son. What family does he fall into? Foley. God, right. Are we sons of God? Okay. So what I’m saying is it’s really difficult. I’m not saying that we are God, but I am saying that there is a spiritual significance going on with Jesus where it says that. He lays aside his glory. He gives up his divine privileges. And what this is showing is there’s something difference between the glory of God with divine privileges and Jesus being fully God. And it has to do with He’s fully God because of the seed. But fully. God doesn’t necessarily mean that he is all divine privileges. You want something else to blow your mind? Son. Jesus Christ. They’re all one, but they’re all different. They’re all separate. Just like Father, son, holy spirit. We don’t understand it because it says Jesus. Back in Hebrews one, the Lord says, today, I have begotten you. That’s what I’m talking about. These are mysteries that we don’t have good answers for. But I wanted to expand your thinking to say. When we look at Jesus being fully God. It must mean something different.


Beatty: [00:46:38.62] I would claim that Jesus did not intend. To go to Jerusalem for the feast. That’s why he said, I am not going. That’s a point blank statement. Does that make sense? But if he was fully God in the way we think of fully God, Godhead, all knowing, all powerful, our sovereign. Then he would have known that. And if he was fully God with all the divine privileges, he would not have cared that the Jews were planning to kill him and he would not therefore stayed away from Judea and gone and stayed only in Galilee, Galilee to stay away from the Jews plotting to kill him. So we start to see that there is some incongruent sources and all these other passages we’ve read start to create some questions. But when you start to separate out what being fully God means. Fully. God means the seed of God. Of the characteristics of God. But maybe not the divine privileges of God. Just like baby Bill is at the seat of John, but not the CEO privileges. Then all this stuff makes sense with that as the rabbit trail out to explain fully God divine privileges. Now we’re going to come back into this. John seven one. After this. Jesus traveled around Galilee. He wanted to stay out of Judea, where the Jewish leaders were plotting his death. Okay. That sounds more like the actions of a prudent man living in the position of fully man with wisdom and experience.


Beatty: [00:48:19.17] Then Almighty God. You can point his finger at them and kill everyone at the moment’s notice. Does this make sense? It looks more like he’s acting in a different capacity than what we would think of as being fully God. Fully. God. Doesn’t necessarily mean all. Power Authority. Omniscience of the Godhead. It means something different. So these are the mysteries. All I want to do is I want to take that little brain and start blowing it up like a balloon and pop it and you go, Oh my gosh, this is something different than I really thought it was. And I want you to leave you with your brain spinning and starting to think something’s different than it was. Because you’re right, it doesn’t make any sense. If Jesus knew all things. Why he would say, I’m not going. It doesn’t make any sense if Jesus was so powerful with all sovereign control. Why he would hide in Galilee and stay away from Judea where the people were plotting to kill him. But it does make perfect sense when we start to understand that could fully God simply be of God but not full divine privileges. Now He’s operating in position of fully man. Even though in the spirit he’s fully God. So that’s what we see is he says he’s staying in Galilee. Then let’s look at verse eight. Let’s move on. John seven, verse eight, he says, You go on, I’m not going to the festival.


Beatty: [00:50:08.60] I mean, if Jesus knew all things because he was fully God, he just lied. There’s no way you can get around it. I’m not going to the festival. But if fully, God doesn’t mean all the divine privileges. Then it could be that he was acting in his position as man. Which he was fully man, and he actually did not intend to go to the festival. Think about this. He’s staying in in Galilee already because by his wisdom. I better not go to Judea. It’s not my time to go yet. It’s not my time for the sacrifice. I know where I’m headed. I think I know, but it’s not my time. So by wisdom, I’m going to stay in Galilee. And he intends not to go to the festival because he knows the Jewish people are looking to kill him. So he says, I’m not going. That’s his intention. He doesn’t know the future. And therefore, his statement is completely true. I’m not going I’m not intending to go. And then watch this. Let’s go to verse ten. After his brothers left for the festival, Jesus also went. Now what happens in Scripture kind of gives you shorthand. It doesn’t give you the full all the details back and forth. So we pick up it’s only the details of what actually occurred here. We don’t know how it occurred, but with that we see Jesus changing his mind. If fully God means knowing all things, you always make the right decision every single time because you know the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning.


Beatty: [00:51:49.94] Then it would make no sense that he would change his mind. But if he was. If he didn’t know all things. And he was acting in the prudence of wisdom. Then it does make sense that it’s okay to change his mind. But something changed. Can you all say there’s something change? He says, I’m not going. And then he goes, Something changed. Being fully God doesn’t mean that he knows all things. He even says as much. But let’s wrap up the last segment we’re at and then we’ll have any questions if we want to degree. Yeah, it it takes a while, but I wanted to get you on the trajectory because then as you start reading through the scriptures and you start looking at these things, you go, this starts to make more sense because once you start, once your mind is open to what it could be saying, then when it says that we are sons of God through faith, what does that mean? We are heirs with Christ? What does that mean? We are brothers with Christ. Why does Jesus call us brothers only after the resurrection, but not before the resurrection? Something happened. Why is he the first born of many brothers? Something is going on. And if he’s the first born and he’s fully God, what does that make us? And why do we watch? It’s how to watch this and why do we never die? Watch this.


Beatty: [00:53:18.56] This is really blow your mind to get your thinking through these things. We don’t die. Our body dies. We watch this. Here’s our continuum. The same person that God knew us before. The foundation of the world. Right? It says that he for new us then in conception we’re given a soul. I’m assuming that’s when we get in soul. And then we are now a human person. We live in a body of dust. Then our body dies and we go to heaven and have what some theologians call a temporary spiritual body. And then we’re resurrected back on the old earth. And we’re given a resurrected body made of a supernatural substance of God. It cannot die. We are immortal. And then the new heavens and new earth come into play. And now we’re over there. And we are sons of God over here. Puts the same person over here, in other words. We’re the same. Something’s going on here. It’s not that we change who we are. We’re the same. It’s just that we’re changing where we live, our location. But what this means and this is the part that I want you to start to see this in Scripture. But what I want to expand your thinking on is. Being fully God and being of God. Doesn’t require being God creator of all things, doesn’t require all the divine attributes of being sovereign.


Beatty: [00:55:02.35] Total sovereignty. Total authority. Total power, total knowing. It means something, but it doesn’t mean that because we see in this passage of Jesus that it’s something different. Otherwise, Jesus lied. And Jesus did not lie. Does that make sense? So this is the mind blowing part not to come to any hard conclusions other than fully God means something different than having all divine privileges. And what does that mean? We’re still learning, but as you go through Scripture, as you start to go, Oh, we’re born of God. Well, yeah, I guess that, you know, if I’m born of someone, I must be of them. If I’m born of God. Am I of God? What does that mean? In my spirit, am I fully God? When Paul says you have been justified and glorified. If we’re glorified, whose glory do we have? Jesus says in John 17, I give them my glory that you gave me. What does that mean? All of these are bigger mysteries of this thing called identity. But once you understand more of who you are. Then how you live. Your life emanates from within and from who you are in Christ, as opposed to from outside your discipline. Because you’re a rotten center and everything is about trying to perfect you through sanctification. Now, when Paul says you’ve already been sanctified, in other words, how you live your life, the yo yo life or the life where it’s nice and consistent and always the same because it starts from within.


Beatty: [00:56:57.84] I hope you enjoy that lesson, and if you’re like most people, I’m sure that teaching may have been a little bit deep, but that’s okay because God’s word is deep and powerful. Let me encourage you to go back and listen to it a second time, or better yet, actually watch the video and see the diagrams that I draw up. Just like when you make lasagna, it tastes better. The second day after the flavors have had a chance to come together and melt. And similar to this teaching, now that you’ve gone through it once, if you go back again, you’ll pick up so much more.


Beatty: [00:57:25.59] And especially the.


Beatty: [00:57:26.31] Nuances that connect everything together and you’ll understand it much better. So please do that.


Beatty: [00:57:31.47] And have a very blessed day.