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[00:00:00] This is a reminder for those on our podcast is to be sure to subscribe. And I’m going to be drawing up a lot of things. I’m hoping that tonight I’m going to be able to articulate clearly what I’m drawing up, but it’s a grid, and so seeing it visually will help a lot. So I do want to encourage those who are listening on the audio podcast to come back to the website and simply watch the video a second time through. And that also reminds brings me to the second thing is these things will always be more effective the second time through you will pick up a lot more. So tonight’s going to be something real interesting. I want to talk at a 50,000 foot elevation on how do you grow in the spirit. How to grow and the spirit. Now, what’s going to be a little confusing with tonight is I’m not going to talk about anything in terms of how to grow in the spirit until we get to the end. I want to build a picture of what growth and the spirit looks like in terms of how it’s lived out, what you think, what you do, and show you this pattern of growth. If you think about think about a neurosurgeon, let’s just call it walking in. The Spirit is a neurosurgeon, right? Then how do you grow as a neurosurgeon? Well, first step, you probably go to second grade and you learn basic math, addition and subtraction.

[00:01:33] Then as you move through second grade, you get up to 10th grade and you’re probably going to learn algebra and calculus. It’s a higher level of earthly revelation, but it’s a progression. And then after 10th grade, you go to college, you go to post-grad, you go to specialty, and now you are a neurosurgeon. So you have this this pathway. And along this pathway of second grade to 10th grade into actually being a neurosurgeon. The value. Your value as a person never changes. The love that your parents have for you never changes. Your love for your mom and dad never changes. The only thing that changes is the contribution to society. And how much you earn and the lifestyle you have as a result to that. That’s the only difference between a second grader and a mature neurosurgeon has nothing to do with value. We’re not criticizing someone who’s a second grader or a 10th grader because they’re not a neurosurgeon, but it’s a pathway. Does this make sense? Also, with this pathway, you find that there are a lot of people. That are in second grade. By the time you get to 10th grade, there are not as many people. And then by the time you get to neurosurgery, there’s like a little pinprick. So we have this kind of sideways funnel where lots of people are in the lower levels. But as you as you grow through this process, it gets thinner and thinner because more and more people drop out.

[00:03:13] Is this conceptually making sense? Okay. I’ll see you smile. Okay. Good. So with that. I want to show you what Scripture says. It’s about maturing and I’m going to show you a few things. And this is going to be really interesting. I want to start with John 15. By the way, this is a nugget. It comes out of page 472 of nuggets of faith to promote the book. But just as a reference, that’s the primary place where we’re starting. And then we’re wrapping some other things in there. So this is John 15. Starting with verse 14 and 15. And then we’re going to jump to John 2417. So, John, 15, 14 and 15. This is Jesus talking. He says, You are my friends. If you do what I command you and watch this. He says, I no longer call you servants because a master doesn’t confide in his servants. Now you are my friends. Since I have told you everything the father has told me. So before we go to the next verse, I want to kind of draw this up. So I’m going to have. Probably right there. Right there. And right there. Okay. So Jesus says, you are my. I no longer call you servants. I call you friends. And what is the defining difference? The trigger point that Jesus says is the reason you’re no longer a servant, but now you’re a friend. What does it say?

[00:05:05] You. You know, as a friend. You know what the father’s doing.

[00:05:10] That’s right.

[00:05:14] It’s a revelation.

[00:05:16] That’s it. It’s a level of revelation. Watch this. It says, Now you are my friends. Since I have told you everything the father told me. So with increased revelation. The disciples go from servant to friend. Watch this. Now, let’s jump over to John 2017. June 2017. This is after Jesus has been resurrected. He’s in the garden and Mary is clinging to him. John 2017. And it reads this Don’t cling to me, Jesus said, for I haven’t yet ascended to the Father, but go to my brothers and tell them I’m ascending to my father and your father to my God and your God. So now he changes their designation again. They were a friend, but now they are called brothers. So there’s an increased revelation. There is also a supernatural event because to go from friend to brother, there’s actually a new creation being made. Because now this is by the way, this is the first time Jesus ever calls his disciples brothers. This is referencing if we just want to look at the reference, this is referencing two things if you turn over to Hebrews. Real interesting. Hebrews one. So we’ve covered these before, but I just want to kind of tie all this together for you. Hebrews one five. It says four. To which of the angels did God ever say, You are my son? Today I have begotten you. So this is when Jesus is. You could call it born again because He is now born. Today I have begotten you because he was born first and with Mary in the flesh.

[00:07:24] Then his body dies. And then he’s born again with a resurrected body. And this is when God says officially today I have begotten you. He is now the firstborn of many brothers. Then turn over to Hebrews two. And let me show you this, Hebrews two, verse 11. And it says for he who sanctifies, that’s Jesus and those who are sanctified, that is us all have one origin. One creator one point of being created. That is why he is not ashamed to call them brothers. So what’s happened is now that Jesus has been I’m going to use the term born again because I don’t know any other term. When God says today I’ve begotten you when He had already been begotten by Mary. So when Jesus is born again in the resurrected body, something supernatural happens. And at that point, all of those who believe in Jesus that were his servants and friends are now brother. What’s happened is new information. Essentially new revelation, a miraculous intervention. But what we see is this progression from a servant to a friend is based on how much revelation they have. And then brother it’s it’s interesting. Some people stop at the friend and say, well, I can’t be Jesus’s brother. That’s preposterous. That’s man’s wisdom. And so they won’t officially be brother until the resurrection. But it says in Galatians that we are all sons of God through faith. So by faith, if we believe what the Scripture says, we’re actually brothers now. Brothers and spirit will be brothers and body. Yes, because.

[00:09:29] I think it’s really.

[00:09:29] Like, yeah, it’s like blood brothers because.

[00:09:32] Brothers and brethren.

[00:09:35] Right in different way, right? So this is a blood brother because we have the same origin, right?

[00:09:40] Yeah. His seed.

[00:09:44] Right? He’s from God, the seed of God. And we’re from the seed of God. And His life is our life. We have the same blood because life is the blood, right? So what we see then is we see this progression. And what’s also interesting with servants, if you think about the servants, so the servants lived in the kind of the Old Testament times. Let me see if this makes sense. I’m just going to draw this up here. The servants lived under the Old Testament laws because part of the Old Testament is following the laws. And during the time of Jesus’s tenure on Earth, he’s kind of stretching out those laws and they’re starting to not follow some of them. Right? Like, don’t pick the grain on a Sabbath or things of that sort. But they still see themselves as sinners. We see this with Peter the first time he meets Jesus, and Jesus says, Go cast out the net. He said, We’ve fished all night and there’s no fish. He said, Cast out the net. So he does, and he almost swamps the boat with fish. You remember what Peter’s reaction was. He bowed before the Lord and says, Lord, get away from me, for I’m a sinful man. His whole identity is I am a sinner and you are much too glorious for me to even be associated with you. And so they saw themselves as servants of the Lord. The Lord is their master.

[00:11:16] They are the servant. Then with greater revelation, we start to move into what I’ll call the New Testament reality. And the New Testament Reality says you’re no longer a servant. You’re a friend. And. Then you’re a brother. And everything changes. You’re now of the royal lineage. Of God, the father, not of the sinful lineage of Adam. And this is where we talked about Sessions back to Christian sin all through last session about is send something we do or something that’s actually living in us because when we are born again. Were made a new creation. And that’s what we see between friend and brothers. There’s a new creation being made. And again, this is this 50,000 foot elevation, because I want you to see this pattern, because this pattern represents the body of Christ today. Just like some people are second graders and they don’t go beyond second or third. Others go to 10th grade or high school and they drop out. Others continue on after high school to college, and then they stop. Others go to graduate. And we see people stopping along the way because they’ve gotten all the revelation earthly revelation that they care to get. Okay. And then they stop. And when you stop, you stop your growth in the spiritual realm. As you stop growing, that’s when you stop growing in the spirit. So let me show you a couple of other things. I want to put some labels on servant friend and brother.

[00:13:00] And I want to talk about the church today, the body of Christ. You can say that the servant position is the traditional conservative church. Okay. You can call the friend. The Grace Church or the Charismatic church. And the brother is a I’ll call it a Sonship church. Now the grace and charismatic and Sonship are pretty much kind of mature version of one versus the other. But there’s a significant difference between the traditional conservative church. As you move into the into the New Testament reality. So I’m going to change these words just to make it simpler. And I’m going to call this the servant church, because they look at themselves and view themselves as servants of the Lord. Lord, my master. I love you, Father. Guide me. What should I do for you? I’m here to serve you. Which is a perfectly good. I’m not curse. I’m just saying that’s the perspective. Then you have the Saint Church. This is why Paul says I’m writing to the Saints and Galatia. Or I’m writing to the Saints and Corinth. It’s always saints and it’s always brothers. It’s never servants. Okay. And then you have the Sun Church. And again, the only difference between these three groups of churches is the amount of revelation they receive and walk in. I want you to understand and see the big picture of the Body of Christ as it relates to walking and growing in the Spirit, which is in simple definition, your level of revelation that you have revelation and head knowledge of the Bible are not the same.

[00:15:08] Revelation is a supernatural impartation of understanding God’s truth at a deeper level and believing them and walking in them by faith. And so as you as you move across from the servant church to the St Church, there is a shift in the level of revelation. What you believe and understand as you move from the saint to the sun. There’s a continued shift in that. If we look at the servant a little bit more, we also see a couple of other things. So the servant mentality is that if we look at the supernatural side of things, supernatural. The servant church does not believe in the supernatural. The same church beliefs and believes in gifts and the son church believes in authority. Let me see if I can describe this. Okay. The servant church still lives under the Old Testament laws to a degree, not there, not following the law of Moses. But much of their study and what they apply are Old Testament scriptures that are based on law. And you remember when the guy comes to Peter, they just come back to Capernaum and the temple tax collector comes to Peter, says, Does your master pay the temple tax? And Peter says, Yes, he does. And as soon as Peter walks into the house, Jesus says, Peter, I’ve got a question for you.

[00:16:38] To whom do the Kings collect taxes from sons or from everyone else? And Peter says, Well, from everyone else, He says, That’s right. The sons are exempt. But so that we don’t offend them. Go cast a hook in the water, pull up a fish, open its mouth. You’ll get a drachma to pay my tax and your tax. So this idea of the law requires no longer applies to sons because sons are not under law. When. So back to the servant church. The general, the general focus of the servant church is based in the Old Testament laws and the Old Testament structure. When you move to the St Church, it’s based more on New Testament reality and the brother is based on a further reality of its full manifestation. And as it relates to Supernatural the servant church. Generally believes supernatural stuff don’t happen through an individual. God still does supernatural things, but it’s not conducted at the initiation of an individual. The Saint Church believes in the gifts, the fivefold ministry, the supernatural gifts of healing, Gifts of words of knowledge. Gifts of prophecy. And the sign church says no gifts are for the saints. But as you mature into Sonship, you carry the authority for all of those. You manifest the authority of the Spirit through you not having a gift to help you through it. So that gives you kind of a big picture perspective. You had a question or comment.

[00:18:20] He says in the Scripture that there is an expectancy of God. He said, There is a time that you ought to be teachers, everybody.

[00:18:29] Yes.

[00:18:30] So he has an expectancy. You cannot remain there as the servant. You’ve got to progress to finish the course.

[00:18:41] Well. I know so. And I want to show you how that fits. The Kingdom of God needs lots of servants. But growing into a saint and a son you’ll see in this in a moment, is open to everyone who’s hungry to pursue it. But hungry to pursue it does not designate that they are of higher valued person to the Lord, nor does it designate that they love the Lord any more than someone else. All it is is they they reach to pursue higher levels of walking in the spirit, higher levels of impact in God’s kingdom. And as I’ll teach and in later months, higher levels of eternal rewards that they receive from it. So I’ll show that to you in a moment. Let me talk about love. So I’m just going down different sections to show you kind of this contrast between what’s going on. So now we have let’s look at their love, love towards God. Okay. W towards God. The servant church loves God. The Saint Church loves God. And the Son Church loves God. While there may be different, different levels of love within individuals, generally speaking. The love is roughly the same. Just like a second grader loves mom and dad equally as much as a 10th grader and neurosurgeon. So there’s no real differentiation on the love that they have toward the Lord. But watch this when you look at the love towards others. The servant church is usually more judgmental.

[00:20:42] They’re judgmental because they’re operating in the more in the Old Testament standards, like the Pharisees. And there’s a lot of pride. When you’re operating at that level and because of the gentleness you find division within. The servant church. So here we have different denominations, different groups. The Presbyterians won’t do something with the Baptists, and the Baptist won’t do something with the Lutherans, and no one does anything with the Catholic. You know what I’m saying? There’s just this constant level of conflict. We look at someone and we judge them and say, Oh, did you hear about so-and-so, man? He did this really bad thing. And there’s a lot of judging at the servant level as you move. Now, these are broad strokes. I’m not being critical. I’m where I’m going on the love. The love for God is one, but the maturity of God’s love operating through them is less. This is growing in the spirit as you grow in the spirit than God’s love operating through you increases. When you move to the Saint Church, you have, I’ll call it, mostly inclusive. This is not today’s terminology of inclusivity and diversity, but this is inclusive of. You don’t see division within the same church. You don’t have broken denominations. People freely come together from one church and another. They operate more as a group and it’s full of love. It’s full of accepting people as they are, and they don’t get judged while you don’t dress up nice enough for this church.

[00:22:26] Oh, what’s that? Oh, car you’re driving or are you guys sleeping together? You know, y’all need to be separated because that’s adultery or that’s fornication. Those are the judgmental comments that usually come from the Old Testament side of the servant. But when you move into the New Testament reality, while we still recognize those things as sins. There’s less judgmental ness and more just outflowing of love to love them through what’s going on. Does this make sense? When we move to Brother the Sun Church, then this love is almost a full inclusivity, fully inclusive. If you think about. Correlation and the St Church. The love is sore like it’s the New Testament disciples, not the apostles. But all the disciples. And there’s this common love for everyone. Regardless of if you’re a Gentile or a Jew, you’re black or white, you’re rich, you’re poor. It’s one family of Christ. But there’s still elements of judging and showing favoritism. And so when you move up to the Son Church, because as you grow in Revelation and grow in the Spirit, what’s really happening is you’re conforming more and more to the image of Christ. And that’s why we see this pattern that more and more in the image of Christ, things become as he does. And the examples in the Son Church would be Paul. And Jesus and others. But those are the two big examples that come to mind.

[00:24:01] And so as we start to look at when we look at someone or we think about ourselves and say, where am I and how do I grow? We start to see this pattern that permeates the servants, the saints, the sons, and all of it. Is this growth in the spirit. I want to talk about next intimacy and because I’m running out of space. We’re going to delete this part down and talk about intimacy within these three groups, because this is really interesting. Intimacy with God. Keep in mind that all three church groups love the Lord. Worship the Lord, sacrifice their life for the Lord. That doesn’t determine which group they’re in. But intimacy is interesting, even though they all love the Lord. The intimacy in the servant church is, by and large, a distant intimacy. Intimacy with their father. Master. Father. Almighty God up in heaven. And we’re down here. And so you get this impression. It’s also used a lot of times as you’re my master. We’re slaves of God. I’m a slave of God. He’s my master. I’m the servant. And so you see this relationship that’s kind of distant, along with this intimacy with the Lord is how we worship. And because this intimacy is more of a distant, we usually worship in the third person. All right. We’re going to sing songs about the Lord in heaven. How majestic is his name? Or Almighty God in heaven.

[00:25:58] Who came to Earth in the form of a baby? So we’re going to talk about in the songs of predominant focus is third person and talking about creation or things of the creation. It’s all what I’ll call earthly based, everything from the earthly perspective. God is in heaven, I’m on the earth. And so we’re singing about the God up in heaven. There’s still a we still call him father. We still call him our our Lord. But the relationship is kind of distant. Let me show you what happens now in intimacy, in worship with a saint church. So in the in the servant church is more of a distant relationship. And he’s your master. In the same church. It’s a child daddy relationship. The picture is, Oh, Daddy, I love you. This is where Paul says. You know, because of the spirit we now call them Abba. Father. Daddy. God. And so as a child, we come in figuratively just clinging to daddy’s legs and daddy will throw us up and we go, Wayne, go, go, go, go. And he’s going to play with us and we get a boo boo and we’re going to come to daddy and say, Daddy, you know, kiss my boo boo. Right? And we’re going to be very childlike, very loving, very intimate. And when we sing and worship, it’s always in the first person. Lord, I love you and I praise you. And rather than singing about creation, we usually sing about the personal impact.

[00:27:39] He’s made in our lives or the things that he does. You’re the God of miracles. And you heal me and you heal. It’s the things he does as opposed to the things he did. And it’s first person. As you move to the Son Church, the maturity level increases and it goes from a child daddy relationship to an adult father relationship. Let me see if I can explain this. So imagine that your dad owns a very big business. As a child is daddy and you don’t know anything about business. But he meets all your needs and you love on him. You hop in his in his lap and he tells you stories and he loves on you. But as you grow up, you go through college, assuming you do. Then you start working in his business, and then you move up into his business levels from different manager positions and maybe into vice president and executive vice president, things of that sort. And now your relationship with your father, still a loving relationship, but it’s at a much higher maturity level. It’s an adult son to an adult father. The topic of conversation, what you come to him on in the child daddy of the saint, he’s going to teach you how to tie your shoes and how to clean your room and how to wash behind your ears. And the adult father relationship is a son is going to teach you about human resource, about marketing, about manufacturing, the product that their company does, about making deals with with large customer groups.

[00:29:17] It’s all about kingdom work at the son level. And it’s about growing up at the saint level. And if you go back to the servant area, he’s a distant master just about being the servant. The greater your revelation. Then you’re moving through the process of servant to saint to son, and there’s no line of demarcation. It’s this is kind of a general thing as you start to see, you know, a second grader eventually becomes a third grader and eventually becomes a fourth. And there’s the gradient gradients along the way. And that’s what this is. It’s just a simple way to visually see our walking with Christ. Where are we in our spiritual maturity? And the most important thing here is to help you understand that. There’s always more room to grow. Don’t stop, because once you say I’ve got enough, I understand it. That’s where you stop. And if you interpret scripture with man’s wisdom. That can’t be. That’s preposterous. Then you always come to a complete stop. I now understand it. This doctrine that we just created about whatever it is is the truth. And once you’ve come to a complete stop, you no longer pursue. So what you find is in the way that you interpret the servant church usually interprets with man’s wisdom.

[00:30:52] There’s very little faith in the interpretation of Scripture. Once you move into the St and the Son Church. Your interpretation shifts to childlike faith and childlike faith. Says, I believe what it says, even if it seems preposterous, because there’s an there’s there’s truth here somewhere. I don’t know where it is. It’s the little girl at Christmas comes and finds a great big old pile of doo doo. She gets all excited. She starts running around the house and outside and everywhere. And the dad says, What are you doing? Said, There’s got to be a pony around here somewhere, right? There’s something more to that. But I believe that this is the evidence of something of a great truth somewhere. And that’s what that’s this this whole thing, the line of demarcation primarily, is how do you interpret scripture? This whole series we’re doing is the idea of identity. What do you believe? Because what you believe in, who you are in Christ. Determines what you do and what you do determines how you end up living, what you get, that type of stuff. And so if we believe that we are a servant of a distant God up in heaven. And we apply men’s wisdom, then we’re not going to grow in the spirit. But if we start to believe in childlike faith, then we’re going to realize that more of what Scripture talks about is actually face value. True.

[00:32:28] Not things that used to happen like, you know, miracles or raising the dead or casting out demons. But those are things that are part of the Christian life today. And the more we move that direction, the more we end up growing. Why is all this important? Wrapping up, Let me show you. Now we’re getting to how do you grow in the spirit. This now shows us the impact of what growth in the spirit allows. How to recognize it helps you kind of peg where you may be. Helps you understand. There is a lot more there. Again, there is no criticism regardless of where you are. It’s wherever you want to be. But we have. This is the cool thing. We have heavenly truths. And we have earthly reality. If you interpret the scripture with man’s wisdom. You believe that earthly reality is the truth? Because heaven is some place you go only when you die. But as you move into the Saint Church and then further into the Sun Church, what you realize is the heavenly truths when applied through faith, will shift your earthly reality. We see this all the time. We see it clearly in Scripture. Peter Walking on the water. As long as he believed the heavenly truth that he could. By faith, the heavenly truth shifted the earthly reality and he walked on water as soon as he doubted, took his eyes off of the truth. Then his reality changed and he sank.

[00:34:27] We see this with people trusting for financial provision. I see this a lot of times, like for missionaries, right? I need this much money to go on this trip. And tomorrow’s the deadline. I’ve raised 2000, but I need 3000. I need 1000 more. And they’re believing by faith. There’s going to come in and it comes in. We say, Well, that’s just a coincidence. Now there’s. There’s an element of faith, the heavenly truth. I’m going to send you on the trip. I’ve called you there and I’m going to provide, and it changes your earthly reality. Jesus said, I only do what I see my Heavenly Father doing. What he means by that is this. When he raised Lazarus from the dead, Lazarus was already raised from the dead as a heavenly truth. And then it was manifested as an earthly reality. It says the heavenly truth. The lamb was slain before the foundation of the world. And then it impacted reality. And the lamb was slain 2000 years ago in the earthly realm. What we see is this concept of heaven first, earth, second, what occurs as a heavenly truth when believed by faith, childlike faith, it becomes the earthly reality. This is the whole idea of the gift of healing and just healing in general. That heavenly truth is, by his stripes, you were healed. Past tense, but as implemented into the earthly reality through faith. If you don’t believe it, you’re still sick.

[00:36:03] If you do believe it, guess what? You can be healed. So that’s the important. So now finally, let’s talk about growing. And we got just a couple of minutes and this will be a. Romans 12 two. Let’s turn their. Romans 12 two is talking about the renewing of your mind. Walking in the spirit is the renewing of your mind. Because you’re conforming your mind to the image of Christ. I remember I was reading this book, Treasures or Darkness, and this guy is having a vision and Jesus is talking to him. And Jesus makes a great comment about this whole concept of kind of renewing the mind. So your spirit is already born again and is already intertwined and united with the Spirit of Christ. So in spirit you’re perfect, but you still have your mind, which is where a lot of our challenge is. And and Jesus was talking to this guy and saying, the key is to conform your thinking into the mind of Christ. That you already have the mind of Christ, but until your own thinking conforms to it, so is not a hindrance to the mind of Christ. Then at that point you can actually operate in the mind of Christ. This is the renewing of your mind. So let me read this to you and show you a couple of things. Romans 12 two. Do not be conformed to this world. But be transformed by the renewal of your mind that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

[00:37:43] So when it says to do not be conformed to this world, what that really means is do not believe what the world says is true. Not only the world as the world, but what your eyes tell you that the earthly reality is you don’t don’t believe or unearthly reality as truth. Earthly reality. I have cancer. Truth is, you’ve been healed. A lot of people have had cancer disappear because they actually believe God heals them. Other people die of that same cancer because they see the reality as the truth. So this says do not be conformed to this world. That means don’t see the earthly reality is truth, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind. Renewal of your mind is conforming to the mind of Christ. And that’s where you start to see the heavenly truths as your earthly reality and as you see the heavenly truths as your earthly reality, then they become your earthly reality. But it all begins with childlike faith. What this is saying. You cannot renew your mind. Through man’s wisdom. Because by definition, renewing your mind is a supernatural act. And it requires faith. Renewing of your mind does not come from studying God’s Word. With man’s wisdom. Because that’s when you say, well, that’s preposterous. It’s preposterous. All the stuff I’ve been teaching, that’s not true.

[00:39:22] I’ve got my doctrine that says. Spiritual gifts have ceased. I’ve got my doctrine that says whatever it says, and my doctrine is better than your doctrine. So we’re going to break off and we create our own denomination. We’re divisive, we’re judging you, we’re being critical about you because you don’t believe as we do. So you have a lot of this at the servant level because of man’s wisdom. Once you b go beyond there and and start to operate in childlike faith and your study of the scripture, everything starts to change. So the renewing of your mind comes from the study of God’s Word with childlike faith. And this pursuing an intimate relationship. So I want to show you two things. And this is the final part. I want to talk about revelation and faith. And I want to give some concrete. Processes to grow. So if you think about a DNA strand, it’s kind of like a twisted ladder. And to a degree. That’s what growing in Revelation is like. So a blue line is revelation. And this red line. Is faith. What happens? What I’ve learned is revelation and faith. They’re totally separate, but they’re completely intertwined. You have to have faith to grow in Revelation, because by definition, revelation is believing God’s spiritual truths and childlike faith without influence of man’s wisdom, saying that can’t be true. And the more faith you have, the more revelation God increases and the more revelation you have, the greater faith you end up having.

[00:41:12] Because now you believe a higher level is a truth. And so they’re intertwining the whole way. As you grow in Revelation, you’re growing in faith. As you grow in faith, you will grow in Revelation to the point that you say, I now have my doctrine, and I know this to be fact. As soon as you say, Well, this is how it works, you will see growing in that in that area. Because you think you understand it. Once you understand it, you no longer pursue deeper revelation on that topic. So one of the things that was really interesting, my son Beatty Jr. I was asking him last December. I saying what? For you as you continue to grow in your spiritual walk and get greater revelation, just be more powerful in the spirit. What is the most significant thing that you’ve found in doing that? And is real interesting. I call it face time. What it is. It’s being in a position of being on your knees. Before the Lord. Not in petition, but in availability. I’m reading this wonderful book. It’s a little booklet called Doing the Lord’s Work and the Lord’s Way. And this guy makes a comment. And the comment is, when you’re in this position of being still and quiet before the Lord, it’s a it’s an activity is being actively inactive. I can’t describe it.

[00:43:01] But you will experience it if you do it. You can be down on your knees. On your face before the Lord and you’re not doing anything. You’re just there in that position. What actually happens is because you were body, soul and spirit, this is your body. Somewhere up here with your spirit. When you’re in this position, your spirit, it’s almost like it starts to become interacting with the Spirit of God. You know, like when Israel was coming into Zamalek and it says that Moses, when he would lift up his staff, Israel prevailed. And when he lowered his staff, Amma prevailed. So what happens is a position or a posture in the earthly realm impacted something in the heavenly realm. And that impact then came back to Earth. And so when you’re in this face time position. Actively inactive. You’ll find that you don’t fall asleep. You don’t daydream. It’s like you are. Your mind is fully engaged, but it’s not fully engaged on any one thing. It’s just you’re totally alert. Some of the most alert I’ve ever been is in this position, and it’s almost like I feel like I can see into other realms, except I don’t see anything. But I know, like, there’s something really deep there. And as that happens, your spirit is interacting in the heavenly places, and the Lord or whoever He may have is tutoring you. You don’t even recognize what’s going on. But they.

[00:44:42] Are.

[00:44:44] Revealing information to you that you don’t even know you’re learning. But what then happens is as you start reading the scripture, things start popping out and you start to understand it more with deeper levels of revelation because you’ve been FaceTiming with the Lord. Actively inactive and simply being still before him. Waiting on the Lord. A posture of humility that in that posture is like, wow, I can’t express it, but I hunger for it. I still can’t tell you. I don’t go down and I feel like, oh, my gosh, this is like, I don’t want to get up, but it’s almost like that. But there’s a hunger that when you start to do that. You just drives you to want to do it more and more, and you’ll find that the velocity of growing in the spirit and growing in Revelation and growing in faith just takes off. That’s the first thing he said. The second thing he said is to return. All revelation. Okay. So what is what he’s talking about here is he says when you’re in that posture on your face. So you want to you want to commit back to the Lord and say, Lord, I give you all the revelation you’ve given me because I don’t understand it. And I want to understand it. And I ask, please reveal more to me because I don’t understand what you showed me already. In other words, I never create a doctrine that says, I now got it once I got it.

[00:46:38] I think that’s it. And I hold on to it. And it may simply be a crumb that I thought, oh, my gosh, look at this. I got this is great. And there’s a whole cake waiting for me. But I never get the cake because I think the crumb is all there is. So it’s the it’s the returning of the revelation back to him. If you think about the the 24 elders in heaven, they lay their crowns down. They offer their crowns back to the Lord. So the Lord’s going to give them back, but with more. Any time you give anything to the Lord, he always returns it with more. So you’re constantly in this face time, laying down and giving all your revelation to the Lord. And then you’re going back and you’re spending time with the Lord reading His word, studying it, and you’re getting increased revelation even more. And then you go back and say, Lord, I don’t understand. And you lay it down and he gives you more. And this back and forth, you lay down what you have. He gives you even more. You lay down what you have. It gives you even more. And as long as you never get to the point that you say, okay, I now understand it. Because there’s so much more to know in God’s truth than what you think you know.

[00:47:57] And that’s why I try to be cautious when. Hopefully I never say, well, this is this is what it is. You’ll hear me say, Well, this is why I understand. Right. But it may be even more. In fact, it always is more, because the Lord always does more. The last thing, there’s one more third thing here. And that’s fasting. When you inject fasting into this. You will find that the velocity. And the quantity of that revelation increases because what fasting does is it starts to deny your flesh, which is where the sin entity lives in you. It denies that of energy. And if you think about the little diagram we drew up once before, three circles your body, your soul, your spirit, body, soul and spirit and your soul is almost like in a tug of war between your spirit and the flesh. That’s part of your body, the flesh being that part that is always contrary to the Lord. And as you sever the energy to your body, it severs the energy to that flesh and allows your soul, figuratively speaking, to move into the spirit. And as you’re into the spirit now, you’re growing in the spirit because that’s where the growth is. So when you put that fasting in there, it’s an added supercharger. So how do you grow in the spirit? Face time.

[00:49:35] Return all revelation. Give it back to the Lord and have him increase more understanding and fast on a regular basis. Whatever it is, whatever the Lord directs you on. Why do you do this? Because as you go from a servant to a saint, and then from a saint into Sonship. Your life just totally revolutionizes in terms of peace, tranquility, your production, in terms of pursuing what the Lord has called you to do your destiny. Everything just totally increases. All the drama starts to drop out and about. The only real drama you really have are two things. Test of Faith. James to James. One, two, three, five. Count it all, Joy. When you encounter various trials for the testing of your faith is to produce endurance and that to make you complete. So the Lord will send you tests of faith to continue to grow you. And you’ll also continue to have persecution. Persecution is when the Spirit of anti Christ is trying to attack you and thwart you from your destiny because you have the Spirit of Christ. It shows up in all kinds of things. Someone’s going to sue you, someone’s going to take something of yours. All kinds of things happen, but it’s a persecution. All the torment goes away. As you’re growing this direction, not all of it, but everything starts to level out. So that’s why they do it.