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Beatty: [00:00:04] Welcome to the get sellers calling you podcast for Christian real estate agents where we help you grow your business with great marketing tips and grow your faith with powerful radical faith Bible teaching. I’m Beatty Carmichael and I’m glad you joined us. Today we’re going to be talking about growing your business with some great marketing tips. So let’s get started. Well, welcome back, everyone. This is Beatty Carmichael with get sellers calling. You and I have a very special guest online with us today for our podcast. And this is Chris Mosier from the Columbus area in Ohio. She is a very strong top producer. She’s got an amazing story. And I think you’re going to love a lot of what she has to share with both how to grow real estate and just kind of business and life in general. So, Chris, welcome.

Chris: [00:01:00] Well, thank you. Thanks for having me. I’m honored.

Beatty: [00:01:03] Well, I am honored to have you on line with us. And thank you for making the time. I know your schedule is is somewhat busy and hectic these days, especially as few things getting cranked up a little bit differently over there.

Chris: [00:01:17] It is the beginning of the season.

Beatty: [00:01:19] Yes. So you in fact, before we get into the main thing, I found this real interesting. So you your season, you sell on lakes, but you all have a lot of cold weather where lakes freeze over or something like that.

Chris: [00:01:36] Yep, we sure do, especially in Ohio. But you know, that’s probably one of my favorite times of year to to go up to the lake when it’s covered with snow. It’s just like a Norman Rockwell painting, looking out there, seeing. And then you have snowmobiling and being on the ice and ice skating. So it’s not just for the summer, but I’m blessed to be up the mountain and have that like our franchise is done in the southern United States there. Well, you know, get a lot of season.

Beatty: [00:02:04] It’s funny because you made a comment the other day and that is that you only have a selling season outside of the frozen time that nothing sells while everything’s frozen. So like everything’s compressed, you know, down here in Alabama, you can buy or sell, you know, lakefront property anytime. But I just found it interesting how it’s different up there.

Chris: [00:02:28] Yep, it is. I mean, there are some homes that sell, but not I mean, you can’t see the shorelines and all that kind of stuff when it’s covered in snow or, you know, can’t get on the ice to places. So plus a lot of people go away for the winter now it seems like. So from Ohio. Yeah.

Beatty: [00:02:45] Oh, very interesting. Well, as we get started, we’d love just to hear just a little bit about who you are, maybe just a little bit of background and just kind of fill us in on who is Chris Mosier.

Chris: [00:02:59] Who is Chris Mosier? It’s funny, even just thinking about that. Well, I have grown up in Ohio. I am married to a wonderful man, my husband, Bruce. We are a blended family. I have we have three children, two older daughters, and our youngest is a boy. But we’re blended. The girls are mine. Our youngest is Bruce’s son, but I feel like he’s mine. We’ve been married 17 years. I started back in real estate. Um. Oh. And I got my license in 2003. Just. I’ve just about turning 40. And so for anybody out there listening that thinks, oh my gosh, I’m, you know, starting at what age? Well, I would never have dreamed when I started this where I would be at now. Uh, so seven, almost 17 years later. So I just gave away my age. But that is what it is.

Beatty: [00:03:52] Yeah, I already did that calculation. Oh, yeah. Okay. Older than me. I love it.

Chris: [00:03:59] 57 and proud of it.

Beatty: [00:04:01] Good.

Speaker3: [00:04:02] That’s 57. 56 right now.

Beatty: [00:04:04] Oh, well, then, maybe I’m older than you. Oh, well, there you go. I turned 58 this year, so. Okay, Now, my age is. Is now made public. Sorry about that, guys. There you go. Um, so if you could be remembered, for one thing, what would that be?

Chris: [00:04:25] Then I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart. And everybody that met me knew it and they got to know him better. Through my eyes and through knowing me. If I could love Jesus or see Jesus and how much he loves us. Then I could be known for that. And I think I will be known for that with all the people that are in my life. I think that is something that would probably say, right. So.

Beatty: [00:04:53] Yeah, well, that is a great thing to be remembered for. And I want to come back to that in just a moment as we get there. Um, talk to me about So you made a shift in 2003, uh, 40 years old ish. And what changed? Where were you coming from? Why did you get into real estate? And. And I’d love to find out if what your expectations of real estate actually panned out to be, what you thought they were.

Chris: [00:05:22] Right. Right. Well, you know, I sit here and sometimes I think, oh, how much do I really want to share of this? But I’m going to just throw it out there because I hope my story encourages somebody. But, um, and I’ll go back a little bit. I was always a go getter and went for something that I want wanted. Um, I actually have a civil engineering degree in landscape architecture from the Ohio State University. But, um, yeah, but and I taught myself that was back in the day when you held the three inch AutoCAD book. And I sat and taught myself how to do AutoCAD on the computer for my senior project project. And when I graduated from college, after all the all nighters and everything, I’m like, the heck with this. I just want to travel. So I walked into an American Express travel agency and said, If I can teach myself AutoCAD, I can teach myself this. So I became a travel agent and I was previously married and, um, taught myself that and loved it. But then I had my two girls and I wanted to be a stay at home mom.

Chris: [00:06:27] Those were my my values that worked for me. And I stayed at home and I ended up I’m going really back far here. Uh, you might have to get me and reel me back in sometimes it’ll all answer it in the end here, I hope. But I ended up not having the best marriage and we started going to going to a church. I was raised Catholic. Um, I accepted Christ when I was 21, but I actually didn’t. I tell everybody I didn’t start my relationship with Jesus until I turned 40 because in between there, even though I was a Christian, I, um, my husband and I joined a church and I ended up volunteering and leading the women’s ministry. And but our marriage wasn’t the best. We started going to counseling with our pastor, and from there I did have an affair with the pastor of my church. And we both what I thought was an answer from God was the love of my life ended up not being that we both left the church, left our marriages and got married. And, um. Yeah, I know that’s a lot to share.

Speaker3: [00:07:46] Pretty.

Chris: [00:07:46] Pretty personal. But it’s catalyst for what happens in my life, and that’s the only reason I do share it. Um, I had looked to people for my whole life to give me affirmation and my value and my self-worth. So, um, just going through all of that, um. When he when the person I married and it only lasted a few months, went back to his wife. Thank God. That’s when I found myself on the ground. Just at the end of my rope of what have I done and where am where am I going? What am I doing? I just got my real estate license because of him. It wasn’t even it was so much, how are we going to you know, I’d been a stay at home mom. I hadn’t been working. I’m like, Well, I’ve always wanted to try real estate. So this person I married, we went and he got his real estate license, too. If I do remember, I can’t remember. That’s been so long ago. And I joined a Remax and didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I’d never sold a house or anything. And then he leaves and goes back to his wife and I was left emotionally devastated. And then it was all of a sudden, like the veil came off my eyes of how self-centered I had been and self-absorbed and what I had done. And I thought, I’m being emotionally devastated from doing going through all that, seeing what I’d done to my family and my children and a church and just everything. Um, going from that to Jesus saying, look, that’s the whole reason I died on the cross was to forgive you for exactly what you’re doing. And. I had no one. I had turned away everybody because of. The horrendous acts I had done. And that’s when he said, Now I’m going to become the love of your life. Wow.

Speaker3: [00:09:51] You watch what.

Chris: [00:09:52] I’m going to do and I’m going to be your husband and I’m going to take care of you. And that’s where my real estate career started. And the little building blocks of faith that he did for me to get sellers and buyers. And I’m like, I’m like, Lord Jesus, I don’t even know what to say. And he’s like, Don’t worry, you’re not going to have to say a word. And my very first listing was me sitting in a getting my teeth cleaned and the girl, the hygienist is in there cleaning my teeth and she’s like, Oh my gosh. I can see on your chart that you’re a realtor.

Speaker3: [00:10:25] Do you?

Chris: [00:10:27] Will you list our house for us? I’m like, Uh huh. I do that. You know, I didn’t even have to speak. And I just thought I walked and I thought I had heard him say, You don’t worry, you’re not going to have to say a word.

Speaker3: [00:10:40] But then second guess it was true.

Chris: [00:10:43] You know, am I here in my own thoughts or am I here? Is that me or is that you? Jesus. And then when I didn’t have to say a word, I was like, Wait a minute. You. I did have that thought. That must have been you. And it was little things like that that just kept happening month after month. And each month I was able to pay all my bills.

Speaker3: [00:11:00] Um.

Chris: [00:11:02] By grabbing onto his hand and living for him and have so many stories. It’s not even funny about how he built my faith. To for me to just fall in love with him. Did I answer the question you even asked me?

Speaker3: [00:11:15] Yes. That is.

Beatty: [00:11:16] Powerful. I was asking.

Speaker3: [00:11:18] Bring me back.

Beatty: [00:11:19] I was asking how you got started in real estate and what made the shift and if it met your expectations. And what I’m hearing is you got started because of the pastor as y’all got together, then you had no expectations. And and yet it’s a path that the Lord has put you on and it seems like he’s been taking care of you on.

Chris: [00:11:46] Oh, it’s just been an unbelievable journey that has blessed me. And here where I would have thought I would have been condemned and everything else for my choices, um, to live the life that I’m living and watching him do what he does through this business with me to bless other people and my agents is just. It’s just amazing. It’s just it’s a fun, fun life.

Beatty: [00:12:15] Great. Well, I want to get into that a little bit more a little bit later in just a moment. Talk to me in the early stages of your real estate. So he gave you your first listing. You then even have to speak a word. I love that. Then from there, how did your business grow? And kind of give me a you know, where it went before you found a niche, You know, what were you doing before you moved into a niche?

Speaker3: [00:12:41] Yeah.

Chris: [00:12:42] So I was with Remax just doing normal residential, and for me it was, Hey, I’ll drive anywhere in Ohio that I can because now I’m a single mom. Um, and I took on to get out of that marriage. I took on almost $80,000 with her credit card debt, plus a mortgage payment and a van payment. And I had no way of making money, and I had no idea. Yeah, and I was set up that if I didn’t refinance the home, uh, since we’ll have realtors on this, they’ll get this. If I didn’t refinance the home within two years, um, that the house would have to be sold and everything would have to be split with the sex person. Yeah. Evenly. It just wasn’t fair. And so I at that point, I’m like not knowing at that point that you had to work somewhere two years to qualify for a loan. This is where.

Speaker3: [00:13:41] Jesus.

Beatty: [00:13:42] Surprise.

Chris: [00:13:43] Yeah. So what happened was that was my first, um, listing. I got that. And, you know, it was just I would do or die for anything. And I picked up some buyers off of that one. Um, the next listing I got was actually somebody from that church who had mercy and grace for me and asked me to list their home, but completely overpriced. And it was in a subdivision of model of homes where they’re almost like the exact same home on top of each other. Right. And, uh, there was another home, two doors down that was the exact same floor plan, backing up to the same lot. Everything the same $20,000 cheaper. And my client would not reduce their price at all. And I thought, well, this is a waste of my time. We’re never going to sell. That one’s going to sell before we ever do. I can’t believe this, but God told me and and yeah, I’m going to take care of you. You don’t have to worry about your bills. I had so much debt that it was crazy. I had a realtor call me and say, Hey, we’re my mortgage is due on the first, but you have up to the 15th. Right? Right. And it’s like the 10th. And I’m like, okay, Lord, I don’t know what I’m going to do here because I just didn’t have any money. And this realtor calls me and she goes, What are the chances of. I’m in contract on this house. Two doors down from you, and they can’t close. My guy needs to close next week, and it’s cash Dale. I have the title company. We could get this done right away. Um, and he’s willing to pay full price, even though it’s more.

Speaker3: [00:15:28] Oh, my gosh. I was sitting.

Chris: [00:15:30] Here going, I don’t even know how to work with a title company. I don’t know how to tell you this. I’m brand new and I’m trying to figure this out. She goes, Can I just work with you and do everything for you? And I was like, the Yeah. And that was my next transaction. I made enough money to pay all of my bills and a little bit more for groceries and stuff. You know, I started Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and, um, I had had my budget and the money came and I was so dumbfounded. Um, I couldn’t believe it. And each month. You know, with the dental hygienist. And then this one, it was like, okay, these can’t be coincidence. There is kind of that. But each month something happened that was so radical that wasn’t normal for me to realize that God has my back here. So I was taking everything in anything I could and it was deepening. My faith is what it was doing. It actually got to the point on my one year anniversary that he had left to go back to his wife. Um. If we were having a staff meeting and they announced that I was the highest producing agent for that month for the Remax office, and I was oh, gosh, I was I was eating a bagel and I was choked on the bagel because I was like, wait a minute. What? I couldn’t believe it. I was just working with everything that was put onto my plate.

Speaker3: [00:17:02] You know.

Beatty: [00:17:02] I have found not to interrupt your flow, but.

Speaker3: [00:17:05] No, you don’t need to.

Beatty: [00:17:07] The Lord is so good. And I remember because I’ve gone through some times where we almost went into bankruptcy, and at this time we had $8,000 a month in debt service, not including all the other expenses of running a business plus household. And our income had just dropped. There was almost nothing there. And yet every single month I noticed we always had enough to pay everything and just a little bit left over. And I recognized the Lord was doing something. But it wasn’t until just a year or two ago I started thinking back and, you know, if you if you were to kind of put on a graph, your expenses and they go up and down throughout life, right? And I started recognizing that my income was always just above the expenses, no matter if the expenses were high, the income was high, if the expenses were low, the income was low. And that’s and I made this comment. I said, Lord, you’ve been taking care of me the whole time, haven’t you? Said, Yep, I’ve been, you know, it doesn’t matter what your expenses are. I’m always taking care of you. And that’s what been striking me with your story so far is he’s just taking care of you. It’s nothing you do. It’s simply him loving you and taking care of you. Does that make sense? Oh.

Chris: [00:18:28] 100%. And. And along that whole route, too. He taught me so many things on which I would love to share with realtors on how I do a football story where I was getting stressed out and frustrated with my real estate business because now I’ve got it. I’m in a sink and I’m moving and I’m grooving and got all this. But I wanted, you know, I wasn’t up on social media. I wasn’t doing all this. And I was frustrated. I was frustrated going, God, why? Why am I feeling pressured? And him giving me this scenario of, you know what, Chris, I want you to imagine a football game. He goes, Um, God’s the head coach. Uh, you’ve got the playbook, which is the Bible, and Jesus is out there on the field with you and he’s the quarterback and he’s going to be yelling out all the calls of what’s going on. He goes, You’re on Jesus’s team. He’s like, Here’s what you do. At times. You go over and sit on the sidelines and you pout and you cry because the game isn’t going your way and you complain and you’re you’re just you’re not playing the game and you’re just crying and whining and being complainer. He’s like, I need you to get back in the game. I need you to study this rule book every morning. And when you do go out onto the field to play, just listen to the quarterback. Jesus is going to tell you what the play is and you might get tackled, you might get bruised and you might not get the touchdown every time, but at the end of the day, you’re going to win the game because you’re on Jesus and God’s team and God’s the head coach.

Chris: [00:20:08] And I’m like, okay, this, this is so how I need to look at this. So whenever I find myself getting upset or anything, I’m like, okay, nope, I’m not in the game. I need to get back in the game, Get in the word. Listen to what Jesus is telling me and not worry about the seller. It’s his seller, not worry about the buyer. It’s his buyer. Jesus knows who the buyer is. And the day that they’re closing and what the terms are going to be, he knows that the whole thing falls apart. That. It’s because there’s somebody else that this was all being done for and there’s something we’re supposed to learn along the way. So throughout each even though each month was a financial, um, confirmation that he’s taking care of me, he was also teaching me a lot of other things along the way, um, to. Have faith and develop that closeness and trust with him, with everything, not just my finances, but with each seller and with each buyer and with. I can’t stand doing social marketing. And even to this day, if I go on to Facebook, I feel like a failure because I’m not doing what all the other realtors are doing and I know I should be doing, but I don’t want to.

Speaker3: [00:21:20] Right.

Beatty: [00:21:21] So, you know, the I’m I’m the same. I don’t do social media marketing. And I look at other vendors within the industry and they seem to be doing a lot of that. But what I’ve learned and the Lord has told me very specifically because I try to model another organization’s sales approach and it failed. You know, I spent 30 or $50,000 that just went right down the drain trying to crank it up. And I went to the Lord and I said, What’s going on? He said, That wasn’t my plan for you. Right? You know, I’m going to bring you the business. You just need to follow and trust me and don’t try to do what you see other people doing. That’s kind of what I’m hearing from you, is, is you don’t have to play the other man’s game. You can do what the Lord’s called you to and know that he’s taking care of you.

Chris: [00:22:11] 100%. And that reminds me of, I think, a story, too, for people to hear. And I think I shared this with you when the Lord was very clear with me that when I had my girls, because I was a single mom for a couple of years there I was not to work. I wasn’t supposed to do showings, I was supposed to be with them. And when they got off the bus through the evenings and on the weekends. But that’s not when realtors were supposed to work. You do showings in the evenings and on the weekends. And, you know, I had a buyer that wanted to see a home in the evening and I’m like, Oh, well, I have to do this. How can I not? So I actually had the white minivan in the back. Then the little DVD holders and I put the kids in the back of the van. I told them to hunker down on the floor. I didn’t want this client to know that I had my kids shoved.

Speaker3: [00:23:07] Me on the job.

Chris: [00:23:08] And when I came out of the house, there were a bunch of kids jumping on our van. They saw the lights from their computers, and my girls were crying their eyes out. And I was just devastated for them. And and it was just like Lord said, look, I told you no. Working in the evenings and on the weekends. We’re not doing this. I’m taking care of you. You don’t have to do that. They could have seen it another day. I could have given it away. But you got to trust me. And so a lot of learning lessons like that, right?

Speaker3: [00:23:39] If you want more listings.

Beatty: [00:23:40] We guarantee them an agent dominator. Whether you’re marketing to a geographic farm, past clients and sphere of influence, a niche market, or even commercial property owners. Our fully customized postcards produce up to ten times more results than standard real estate postcards, and we guarantee your listings or your money back. So visit us at Agent to learn more. And now back to the podcast. Let me ask you a question. Either from opinion or from experience for the Lord to take care of you like that. Yeah. Is that because you were a super strong Christian and you, you know, almost like a Jesus freak type of Christian, or were you much further down? In other words, for those people listening and they’re going through challenges and they’re struggling to try to actually trust that the Lord’s going to take care of them. How how strong of a Christian do you need to be for him to do that for you? Does that make sense?

Speaker3: [00:24:46] Yeah.

Chris: [00:24:47] Yeah. You know, I wouldn’t say I was a strong Christian at all. I think I became a strong Christian because of all of those trials. It actually Beatty for me. At the time, I had no I wouldn’t say I had no peace. I was I was an emotional train wreck going through. Everything I went through with that divorce and the realization of what I had done to a community and to a church, then trying to be a mom and now realizing what I had done to my kids. So. I. For me, it was daily. All I knew was getting the word in the morning. That’s. Just open it. Just open it. That was my only job. Open the word. I didn’t have to worry about anything else. When I would open the word and I journaled. So for me personally, what I did was I get the word and I get my journal and just start writing the word. And as I started writing it, um, the Holy Spirit would lead me. And I didn’t even know it was the Holy Spirit at the time. I would just write for, for the Scripture, for instance, for God so loved the world. I would write for God, for God, for God so loved Chris that he sent his son to die for her. And it would hit me like a ton of bricks when I would rewrite scripture, applying to what he had done for me. And when it would hit me, I would write it on a Post-it note and I had Post-it notes everywhere.

Chris: [00:26:22] And it’s throughout my day, every day I had to go back to what do I believe, you know, when I would be worried about money, when I’d be worried about how am I going to pay my bills? Because it wasn’t like those miracles happened with me. And all of a sudden I had this faith of this amazing, strong Christian. It was a daily struggle. And even today, even today, I have to go. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I’m feeling fear coming on me. I know that’s not God. Where is my head at? I need to go back to my Post-it notes of truth that apply to me. And so it was a it was a long process of me going back to the Post-it notes maybe 20 times a day, you know, and and in the very beginning and even with transactions where I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, I didn’t know what I was doing, I especially at Remax. And they don’t teach you in real estate school how to sell homes or work with buyers. They teach you how to not get sued. I mean, I, I just was, you know, 20 times a day going, Uh oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute, wait a minute. What am I going to say? How am I going to negotiate this? What are we going to do with this? And God would just be like, Will you stop? Go read some Post-it notes.

Beatty: [00:27:44] Carmichael. Go read some Post-it notes. I love it.

Chris: [00:27:48] And let’s let’s get back on to pace here and when you have some peace. So.

Speaker3: [00:27:54] Um. Gosh. Beatty. What did you ask me?

Beatty: [00:27:58] No, you. I was asking if you had to be a strong Christian. And obviously the answer is no. The Lord will take care of you if you simply just submit there. So, so fast forward a little bit more on how your business started to grow. And maybe some things that you learned along the way.

Chris: [00:28:18] Yeah. So a few years into that, it was so funny. I did. I never wanted to get married again, you know, after, you know, what I had been through. But I met a wonderful man, and before I even fell in love with him, I knew the Lord told me, You’re going to marry this man. I was just like, No, please, No, no, no, no, no, No more.

Speaker3: [00:28:38] No more.

Chris: [00:28:39] No more of that. But I’ll do what you want me to do. Well, we we got we did get married, and I’m so grateful. I didn’t know that. Love existed the way that I have with my husband. It’s amazing. But when we were just we got married and his mother passed away and left him some money and he had always wanted to get a lake house. And he said instead of paying off debt or anything, let’s let’s get a small lake house and let’s make that the place where we can blend our family.

Speaker3: [00:29:11] And so we bought.

Chris: [00:29:14] A tiny little cottage about an hour from Columbus, a little lake called Apple Valley Lake. And it was so much fun. We just thought our kids fell in love with it. We fell in love with it, and we were up there every weekend and we started having friends come up there and we’re taking friends out on the boat. And now I’m helping them buy lake houses up there on a boat and and shorts and a t shirt. And I love my wine, you know, having a glass of wine and showing homes and going out and doing this. I’m like, this rocks. And I. I didn’t get tired of it. I got to the point in residential real estate with normal neighborhoods where I’d be like, Oh my gosh, okay, here we go. But I just wanted to sell the lake lifestyle to anybody that I could that wanted to see it. And I didn’t mind going through the same lake home five different times with ten different people, and it ended up being that. I started selling lake homes, but there were only maybe 16, 17 homes that would sell a year at that lake at the time. And I lived in Ohio, central Ohio. So there were a couple other lakes like an hour distance from Columbus area. So I started taking people to the other lakes. They didn’t want to always just see my lake, right? And I decided I loved it. I fell in love. I just fell in love with the lifestyle, with I was passionate about it. I was hungry for it. I was excited to learn more about all these lakes, but there was nowhere to find all the lake information in one place at the internet at that time. You can only, you know, search by zip code or city and not actually see lake homes. But so I decided to call myself central Ohio’s lakefront specialist, and that’s where it started taking off. And then where God really blew my mind away with what he would do next.

Beatty: [00:31:07] So now tell me about how long ago was that when you started Focus only on lakes on lake front. Excuse me.

Speaker3: [00:31:15] Yeah.

Chris: [00:31:15] So Bruce and I got married in oh five, so it was probably 0506.

Beatty: [00:31:21] Okay. So it happened fairly quickly then. And, um, and then now. And that started to provide all of your all your financial needs. At some point, I’m assuming with Bruce that he has an income to.

Speaker3: [00:31:37] So. Oh, yeah, Yeah.

Chris: [00:31:39] He, um. He has a nice income and. Oh, and at the time, uh, you know, he helped take. It was really funny, you know, the joke was, you know, here he’s inheriting me with all my debt and the minivan and the.

Speaker3: [00:31:54] Kids and little girls.

Chris: [00:31:56] When he just had a little boy.

Speaker3: [00:31:58] And, um.

Chris: [00:32:00] Yeah. So kudos to him for for that.

Speaker3: [00:32:03] Right.

Beatty: [00:32:04] So talk to me about what from there on what have you found? So you moved into a niche early on in your career and you love the niche, but what more have you found? What are some things? I guess what I’m asking is, from what you’ve done, what you’ve learned, what are some things that you can share that will help all agents out there? What? First off, maybe, you know, are you doing well? Right? What type of volume do you personal type of volume do you do or you know, and and what have you learned that other people listening to this can say, I can take this away and actually go do something with it in my business?

Speaker3: [00:32:46] Yeah.

Chris: [00:32:47] Yeah, that’s a good question. Um, well, I’ll back up with a couple of things. I did have a partnership there at Apple Valley Lake. The other head realtor, I shouldn’t say head realtor, the one that owned the lake per se, her and I partnered and oh, my gosh, I thought we would be in life together for for this. And one thing I learned in doing a partnership, we didn’t have an exit plan.

Speaker3: [00:33:15] Oh, okay.

Chris: [00:33:17] For anybody considering doing even with a Christian. Yeah. Get an exit plan in no matter what because.

Speaker4: [00:33:26] God will probably take you through seasons.

Chris: [00:33:29] Of stuff where he He wanted her and I to be partners together in real estate before a season. And then we were to move on. So I would think that would be one thing is if you’re thinking about partnership, do your exit plan. Um, the other thing I think too, for real estate to be a success, I dove in to coaching. I mean, I had I had a coach there for a while because I’m all over the place, as you can tell with my talking. I go, I’ll go a hundred miles an hour all over the board. It’s hard for me to stay focused.

Speaker3: [00:34:09] Um.

Chris: [00:34:10] And I have so many ideas that I want to do, but for me to keep focused on what I need to do. I had a coach there for a while and I’m in the transition of getting another one. I just haven’t done that yet. But, um. And then I went to I was inundated myself and learning how to do the best listing presentation.

Speaker3: [00:34:33] Um.

Chris: [00:34:34] And I went to conferences and trainings and back then not everything was online like it is now.

Speaker3: [00:34:40] But, um.

Chris: [00:34:43] Learning the scripts on follow up. And truly, I think, also developing empathy. Learning people’s different personality types. Beatty If I took you to a house and I know you’re going to want to know all the numbers and all the souls, and we are going to need a spreadsheet graph for you to know, you know how when we look at a house, whereas I’ll bet your wife just wants to know how pretty the place is.

Speaker3: [00:35:13] That’s exactly it. Yeah.

Chris: [00:35:15] So I really, truly studied personality types to know how to communicate what’s what’s the word to become a chameleon to those personality types when working with buyers and sellers. I knew, you know, what they needed on a personal standpoint. I don’t know if I’m really answering this for you. How can I give someone a take away I’ve taken?

Beatty: [00:35:41] I think you’re hitting the nail really strong because I think one of the things I see in our work with lots of agents is most agents hack at real estate, meaning that they just kind of do what seems natural and it sort of works, but they don’t have any real structure, they don’t have any real system and they haven’t deliberately done anything. You’ve shared that you got a coach deliberate. You studied the presentation, listening presentation, very deliberate. How do you sell yourself to that person thinking about selling their home? You then study personalities to understand that every person is different and how can you shift what you sell and how you’re talking to meet the needs of that personality that you’re talking to? Because like with me and my wife, like in this home that we’re in right now, you know, we came in the previous owner had dogs that she let run loose all day in the house and pee everywhere. She was a doctor. And so the place smelled like dog urine. Yeah. So after leaving the house, I asked my wife, How do you like it? Oh, no, this isn’t it. It stinks. I said, No, no, we can get rid of stink. Get past that. Look at the house. Okay, so the analytical versus the feeling and be able to sell. So I picked up 3 or 4 things just right off the bat from you. So this is and I’m kind of repeating because I want to make sure the agents are picking this up, that these are the keys. In fact, what type of impact? I think one of the best things an agent can do, especially early on, is to get a coach. We don’t do coaching, so I’m not selling it. But what type of impact did coaching make for you?

Chris: [00:37:26] Um, it was the best ever. Um, it organized me. I was just so overwhelmed. Um, my business ran me. I didn’t run my business because I was always reacting to, um, phone calls and appointments and just everything. And I just never.

Speaker3: [00:37:47] Um.

Chris: [00:37:48] You know, I said, okay. When I had a coach, first of all, you know, I figured out my five year goal, my one year goal. So within one year, break that down to 12 months, break it down to a month, break it down to the week. So what do I need to get done each week to meet my one year and five year goals? And then it becomes so much more manageable. And my and then my personal time, you know, it is so hard for me to get from my bedroom to my office because I’m doing laundry, I’m cleaning the garage, and now all of a sudden I’m cleaning the basement or I’m organizing something, or now I’m cleaning out my closet. And when I was supposed to go from my bedroom to my office because I work out of the house, I’m so easily distracted where it’s like, no, get back on focus. This is what you’re doing right here. And when I would follow, you know, a plan that someone would help me with, then I could stay focused, I could stay aligned. And, you know, and because my personality, we had to allow for I need to be able to go be spontaneous.

Speaker3: [00:38:52] So, um.

Chris: [00:38:54] It just takes all the pressure and the guilt away of, Oh, I blew it again here. I didn’t get anything done that was on my to do list. Um, I’ve ticked these people off. I’ve disappointed these people, and that all goes away when you have somebody help you to organize it all.

Beatty: [00:39:12] You know, as you’re sharing that. Remember a friend of mine, his name is Billy and he’s a life insurance agent. And at the time he was a very high income producing. This is. 15 years ago, probably high income, you know, 3 or $400,000 a year, maybe 500,000. And then he gets a coach and in two years he’s producing $1 million. Gci And he’s consistently million dollar income earner for a couple of years. So he says, okay, I got it now, right? He is a top producer, so he pulls out of coaching because he can do it on his own. Instantly, his income the next year drops to like 700,000 or 600,000. And so he went right back to the coach and went right back up over a million. And and just having that outside person hold you accountable and keep you focused. Um, a coach is not a trainer. A coach is someone that helps you perform better. So yeah, that’s, yeah, that’s cool. What is the. Oh, go ahead. What is the biggest challenge that you’ve run into with your business and how did you tackle it?

Speaker4: [00:40:24] Um, the biggest challenge with my business.

Chris: [00:40:28] Well, with right now it’s recruiting agents and selling franchises because.

Speaker3: [00:40:33] Um.

Chris: [00:40:34] That’s probably. And then me too, quite honestly. Um, I’ve.

Speaker4: [00:40:41] I’ve been my.

Chris: [00:40:42] Lid lately on just feeling like I’m not doing enough. I’m not doing it. I get on myself, I get on my own case. And I’ve actually just felt freedom from that recently for God to say, look, you’re I’m not doing that to you. You’re doing that to yourself.

Speaker3: [00:41:00] Um.

Speaker5: [00:41:02] I need.

[00:41:03] My biggest challenge is me. Because when I get out there and I see, Oh, I should be doing all this with social media and or at least hiring somebody, at least go hire somebody to do it all, you know, get the YouTube channel and do all these things. You know, why am I not doing, you know, Well, nobody should be doing TikTok now, I guess. But but I’m not. And so, you know, is me getting him on my own case for not doing what more I should be doing? Or maybe I should be doing more for my agents or maybe I should be doing more. And I’m my hardest on me is probably my biggest challenge. Yeah. Since you’re bringing up agents and recruiting Typekit, give us an update us now where you are today. What what is your business look like? What are you doing and how has it been? This is an incredible story. So when when I was in that partnership, um.

Chris: [00:42:03] I had this innate I just knew I went to actually a Christian conference on Masterminds business. It wasn’t even real estate. And at that time, my business partner and I were just at one lake and focused and a little bit twinkled here and there at other lakes. But he said, Folks, if you need to go move to a different pond to make more money, then you need to move to a different pond. And I’m.

Speaker3: [00:42:31] Like, Oh my gosh, we.

Chris: [00:42:33] Need to take this thing statewide. And my business partner wanted to just stay at Apple Valley. She was happy there. That’s where she wanted to be. But I’m like, No, we’re going to go do lakefront statewide. No, this is what the Lord is calling us to do. And so I went through, I want to say another divorce. When you break up a business partnership, it was like going through a divorce. But the Lord showed me at that time and there’s a point to this story.

Speaker3: [00:43:00] Um.

Chris: [00:43:01] He told me and I was scared to death and I didn’t listen for a little while. We were quite successful. We made well over high six, six figures for us at one lake and a little bit here and there at other places, but not as much as we did there to leave her, give her the entire.

Speaker3: [00:43:22] Um.

Chris: [00:43:22] Business, the Facebook page, everything and walk away. Walk the walk away from the, the assistance that we had trained, the agents, the entire team was to actually just go here.

Beatty: [00:43:37] You walked away, you left it all and started new essentially 100% new.

Chris: [00:43:43] And he. Oh, well it was.

Speaker3: [00:43:46] After.

Chris: [00:43:47] Well, I didn’t do it right away. I was like, You must be nuts. Go away, Satan. Yeah. Because it was such a good income for us. I mean, I had good income off of this and, um. To completely lock away. But, you know, I was studying the one story on when Abraham and was it his nephew? Was it.

Speaker3: [00:44:11] Lot.

Chris: [00:44:12] Lot when when he you know just said, you know give the best let him let lot choose the best what he wants So was it Abraham. Yep. Yeah.

Beatty: [00:44:24] That Abraham Technically Abraham before he became Abraham.

Speaker3: [00:44:27] Yeah he was.

Chris: [00:44:28] That gets this dried up desert of nothingness. But he trusted the Lord. So the Lord was like, Chris, you’ve seen what I’ve done with you. Do you trust me?

Speaker3: [00:44:41] I’m like.

Chris: [00:44:42] I really do trust you. He’s like, Then give it all to her. Just walk away. And I did walk away. I gave it to her, but I did do some kicking and screaming for probably a year and a half of complaining. And it didn’t come around right away because I think because of my attitude, I trusted him and I had faith. But then when I saw her just growing what we had grown and here I am over on my own with nothing. I’m like, Well, what the heck is going on over there? Why is she getting listings? I thought for sure because I trusted you. You’d have them calling me. I’m your girl. I stepped out in faith. Come on. What are we doing? I’ve seen you do all this, and I was just so wrong. And what ends up happening is he gives me a vision to take this thing across the entire United States. And I just started giggling. I was like, wait a minute. What? I’m like, No, no, no, no. Surely I’m nuts. You know, I really struggled between thinking, is this me thinking this or is this God telling me this? And one thing he puts the signs in when it’s his idea, he’s like, Nope, we’re going to, um, we’re going to take this nationwide. It doesn’t exist. And I started thinking about it. I’m like, every state has lakes and but there isn’t a actual.

Speaker3: [00:46:13] Lake.

Chris: [00:46:13] Front company out there. When I left, when I was with Remax, I was going to go on my own with Remax. They wouldn’t let me move on to other territories because of their.

Beatty: [00:46:24] Franchise agreement.

Chris: [00:46:26] Yeah, but. And then I couldn’t have an office within a mile or two of another Remax.

Speaker3: [00:46:32] Oh, okay.

Chris: [00:46:34] So I couldn’t go with Remax. And so when I started looking for a real estate company that sold Strictly Lake Front Homes, it didn’t exist. And so when that’s when God said, we’re going to do this. And now so to answer your question, it’s eight years later. Um, our franchise sales.

Beatty: [00:46:54] So, so, so you started your own brokerage so you could sell lakefront anywhere?

Speaker4: [00:47:00] Yeah, I met.

Chris: [00:47:01] I am in another business partnership. His name is Scott out in Boston. He had just his own called Lakefront Living Realty. And in his state, he had just started his own just for him to do for his own purposes. It wasn’t a franchise or anything. Okay. I found him and said, Hey, are you a franchise? Are you selling? And he’s like, No, but I’ve always thought about it. And I’m like, Well, I’m looking for it because I’m going to do this. So, um. It just so he has your exact same personality. Beatty He is. And so does my husband. The three of you guys would be three peas in a pod. We got my husband and I got together with Scott and.

Speaker4: [00:47:41] Just said, you.

Chris: [00:47:43] Know, do we want to give this a shot and let’s go for. I’m like, well, I know I’m going for it. So we hired an attorney, created an FD and started this. And we’re going on eight years now and.

Speaker3: [00:47:55] We’re in.

Chris: [00:47:56] 12 states. Our sales last year were 153,100,000.

Speaker3: [00:48:03] Wow. And.

Speaker4: [00:48:05] That’s God. Yes, that is God.

Speaker3: [00:48:09] Yeah.

Beatty: [00:48:10] Well, that’s exciting. What has. So as you’ve grown from just an individual realtor to now broker owner, franchise, guess franchisor, um, how do you maintain balance in your life?

Chris: [00:48:28] Oh, it’s great. Now I. I make the Lord number one every morning. In fact, I’m to the point I go through seasons of that, though, so don’t make it. I don’t want to make it sound to anybody like, Oh, yeah, well, goody two shoes for her. You know, I if I’m not in the word for like a week or so, I know it. I’ll start getting Really. Just a little grump or something.

Speaker3: [00:48:53] So I’m not the most.

Speaker4: [00:48:55] Pleasant person all the time because I’m just.

Chris: [00:48:56] So high. Go, go, go, go.

Speaker4: [00:48:58] Um, but.

Chris: [00:49:00] For me to maintain balance, I have to be in the word. I have to be. He is my strength. He is my.

Speaker3: [00:49:07] Um.

Chris: [00:49:07] He gives me direction. I get grounded with him. I receive peace when I’m grounded with him in the mornings.

Speaker3: [00:49:14] And, um.

Chris: [00:49:16] And he helps me with all this. And now I actually even look at this entire business, um, with between buyers and sellers that I still work with my agents, my franchisees, my partners, our vendors that we work with. You. Anybody that comes in my life, it’s not about me anymore. It’s not even about real estate anymore. I’m being used by the Lord.

Speaker3: [00:49:40] Uh.

Chris: [00:49:41] To help others. See him. Like I said, my legacy in the very end. I hope if you sit down with me for a while, you’ll.

Speaker3: [00:49:50] You’ll.

Chris: [00:49:50] Want to have the love relationship with Jesus. I have because I’m no one special. He wants that with everybody.

Speaker3: [00:49:56] And, um.

Chris: [00:49:57] You know, my clients agents and everybody knows know that. So I think.

Speaker4: [00:50:04] I have balance because.

Speaker3: [00:50:08] I.

Chris: [00:50:10] Rely on him to help me keep straightened out and keep my focus on what his game plan is and not mine.

Beatty: [00:50:17] I totally get that. I remember years back. Uh, so the Bible talks. Lord talks about giving him the best of all that. We have the first fruits. And I realized that my best part of my of what I could give him was the first part of my day and not the end of the day. Um, and so I made a commitment to give him the first of my day the best. And so even today, the very most productive time I have in business is the morning all the way up to noon. And so I give the Lord that time and then I give the business the leftovers. And he always blesses, you know, love that. He always takes care of everything. Um, go ahead. Were you going to say something or.

Chris: [00:51:02] Another funny story? Sort of. When I was dating my current.

Speaker4: [00:51:05] Husband, you.

Chris: [00:51:06] Know, here I have all this debt and this mortgage payment and everything, and we were dating. He was a believer, but he wasn’t a giver or a tither. And I.

Speaker4: [00:51:16] Had had a sold a house at that.

Chris: [00:51:21] Time. I gave 10%. Um, so it was a $7,000 commission. So I had $700 and it’s right around Christmas time and I’m like, I wasn’t going to a church. I was kind of just Jesus and me on my own. So I would just find places to give my 10% to. And so Bruce and I are went out and saw a movie and afterwards I’m like, Listen, can we go to Walmart? And just it’s Christmas time. I just want to get some I’m going to get seven $100 gift cards and I’m going to just give them out. And he’s like, Are you flipping nuts? He goes, What are you thinking? He’s like, You have so much debt. What are you doing? I’m like, You know what? I’m not even listening to you. Just come with.

Speaker3: [00:52:02] Me.

Chris: [00:52:03] All you want. But we’re doing this, so we’re in the it’s close to midnight and the lady checking us out is exhausted.

Speaker4: [00:52:11] I could tell she’s tired.

Chris: [00:52:12] And I’m doing these gift.

Speaker4: [00:52:14] Cards.

Chris: [00:52:14] And I was like, You look exhausted. She’s like, Oh, I’m working two shifts right now. And I was like, Are.

Speaker4: [00:52:21] You doing double time because.

Chris: [00:52:24] You’re trying to get gifts for your kids for Christmas? She goes, Honey, I am getting food on my table. My kids aren’t getting anything for Christmas.

Speaker4: [00:52:33] So so I’m like, Well, I paid out.

Chris: [00:52:37] And I was like, Well, listen, the whole reason that I was doing buying these is to give out to people. And I’d like to give you one of them. And she starts crying and she’s just like, Oh my gosh. And Bruce is like, Give her another one. Give her two.

Speaker3: [00:52:51] More. Just give her two more.

Chris: [00:52:53] And then we went around and gave these out. He’s been a giver ever since.

Speaker3: [00:52:57] And, um.

Speaker4: [00:52:58] But I.

Chris: [00:53:01] You if you don’t give even from what you make in real estate, even if you have debt up to your eyeballs. Um, it’s crazy what he does with what you how he multiplies that and where he takes you just by trusting him. It’s his anyways, so.

Beatty: [00:53:18] That is good. Last couple of questions. Talking about your relationship with the Lord. Do you do anything special or I should say anything deliberate in how you live before the Lord in terms of your real estate business, working with clients? Um, anything that I mean, do you just are you just yourself or do you specifically do something to try to live your life in Christ in front of them to encourage or uplift or lead them to Christ or anything like that?

Speaker4: [00:53:52] Um, I would say probably.

Chris: [00:53:54] 98% of the people that I work with, whether it be a franchisee agent, buyer or.

Speaker4: [00:54:01] Seller, um.

Speaker6: [00:54:05] I do.

Speaker4: [00:54:07] I don’t push Jesus on anybody. I just will.

Chris: [00:54:10] Share what I believe. Like with like right now I’m working with a seller who is going through a tough time and she’s not a believer at all. And I’ve just said to her, I’m like, You know what? I have the faith in my Jesus. I love my Jesus more than anything. He has shown me through these years that he knows who the buyer is of your.

Speaker4: [00:54:32] House.

Chris: [00:54:33] When this is going to happen. And even if you don’t want to have, you know, the same faith that I have. I want you to know. I know that he’s going to use me in your life and that I’m in your life for a reason to help you. And so she’s even just sent me a text the other day. She’s like, So I found this book.

Speaker4: [00:54:54] So I follow.

Chris: [00:54:56] The leading of the Holy Spirit on it. And I’m just myself. I’m never going. I’m going to share Christ with every single person. I just might be there to plant a seed or I might share Christ. It just depends what the Lord wants me to do.

Beatty: [00:55:11] Yeah. Can I share what something I do. This is really cool. So I’ve learned that if I now here in the south, it’s really easy up in Ohio may may be slightly different, but I’ve learned that if I simply say, Hey, I pray for people, is there anything that I can pray for you about? So often? If the Lord’s tugging on their heart, they’ll say yes, and there’ll be some struggle that they’re having in life. Personal relationally, loved one. And so it gives me a chance to pray for them on that. But that also opens the door to ask them maybe get a little bit more personal, more spiritual in terms of like sometimes I’ll ask them, Hey, could I ask you a spiritual question? And the question would be, if they say yes, have you come to the part, the spiritual part in your life where you are certain that if you were to die tonight, that you’d go to heaven? And a lot of times they say, well, no, or I hope so. Say, well, can I share what the Bible says about how you can have that confidence? So it gives me either an entree or another thing. And I was sharing this just before our call. I have a friend that just come back from doing the short term ministry over in Africa, and they saw tremendous numbers.

Beatty: [00:56:30] But the the illustration they used, the picture word pictures is, do you feel like you have this great this backpack that you’re wearing? And every day another rock gets loaded into your backpack and you’re just weighted down with life and you can’t seem to get it off. And they’ll say, Well, yeah. And you, you know, would you like help getting that off? Because that’s what Jesus said. He will come and take that backpack off of you. Or another thing would be just asking, do you ever feel like you have darkness in your life and would you like to get rid of that darkness? All of these are word pictures that for those who respond, then you know that the Lord might be doing something and allows you to take kind of that next step forward. In fact, let me ask you, Chris, and I’m asking you this in terms of for those people listening right now that have made it this far, because we’re almost an hour in. And if you have darkness in your life or if you feel like you’re carrying this big heavy weight of a backpack through life, all the stuff that you’ve done in years past, just accumulating that backpack and you want to get free of it. How would you guide them? Chris And how to get free of that stuff.

Chris: [00:57:55] Yeah. You know, um, if somebody wanted to just get rid of all that. Well, it’s. I don’t. I’m not the best at memorizing verses, but it’s the yoke. Give him the yoke.

Speaker3: [00:58:06] Give him the.

Chris: [00:58:07] Give him all of that. And how.

Speaker3: [00:58:09] Um. I guess.

Speaker4: [00:58:13] I share Jesus.

Chris: [00:58:16] In such a personal way of how much he loves me.

Speaker4: [00:58:20] And.

Chris: [00:58:21] What He’s done for you. He’s. He is love. He stands in front of you. If he could be standing here on Earth right now in front of you, you know, probably in blue jeans and a t shirt, you know.

Speaker3: [00:58:33] And.

Chris: [00:58:34] Saying, give me that backpack. I don’t want you to worry about a thing. Give me give me all your worries. Give me your guilt. Give me your concerns. Give me your fears. Give me everything in that backpack. I want to take the whole thing off. I want you to skip around and giggle and.

Speaker3: [00:58:51] Laugh and.

Chris: [00:58:52] Be so blessed. And I’m going to take that whole thing off of you. That’s why I hung on that cross for you.

Speaker3: [00:58:59] Um.

Speaker4: [00:59:00] I guess that’s how I would share that.

Chris: [00:59:02] With somebody and how I visually do it. I have to physically see that.

Speaker3: [00:59:07] You know, it’s.

Beatty: [00:59:08] Interesting as you’re sharing that. Um, just recently I was sharing with a young woman. I was asking her that same question Do you feel like you’re wearing this backpack and it’s just getting heavier and heavier? She said, Yes. I said, Do you feel like you have darkness in your life? She said, Yes. Would you like to get rid of it? And she said, yes. Now she already knew Jesus, right? She’d already asked Jesus to come into her life. But the things in her life, the the the challenges and the family relationships going on and just other things were just weighing her down. And so I just let her to basically repent. This is real interesting. You know, Jesus says repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. And I said, do you hold Has anyone hurt you? Yes. Would you be willing to forgive them? She said, yes, such as Slater and Lord, I forgive so and so and so and so and so and so and so and so. And I repent of my sins and the things that I do that I know I ought not. And that was basically the extent. Okay, this is just a couple of minutes. Right. And simply by turning it over, repenting. She became a different person. She looked different. And she actually asked me, Is it normal to feel a lot lighter, physically lighter after doing this and said, yes, she felt like this huge weight had been lifted off of her. She was skipping around, having fun, sort of singing along and just kind of whimsical and having fun. And in all of my years, I’ve known her for at least probably ten years. I’ve never seen her happy. And that and all it was was simply turning it over to the Lord. She was already a Christian, but just turning it over to the Lord. And he took all that weight off of her.

Chris: [01:01:01] You know, I think and hearing you say that, that inspired something that I think he wants me to share. For me personally, I was a Christian. I accepted Christ when I was 21. I didn’t start my relationship with him until I was near 40.

Speaker4: [01:01:19] Where he had to take me.

Chris: [01:01:20] Personally to was repenting of my sin. Yes.

Speaker4: [01:01:24] But I had to.

Chris: [01:01:25] Realize.

Speaker4: [01:01:27] I had him.

Chris: [01:01:28] He said to me, Get me out of the robe. Get me out of this unrelatable god that’s looking at you with judgment and scorn and disappointment and. Just an impersonal God.

Speaker4: [01:01:46] What he.

Chris: [01:01:46] Became to me when I turned.

Speaker3: [01:01:48] 40 was real.

Chris: [01:01:51] Standing that, you know, he said to me, if I could be here on Earth today, I can’t right now, but if I would.

Speaker4: [01:01:58] I wouldn’t be.

Chris: [01:01:59] Wearing a robe like I did.

Speaker4: [01:02:01] Back then. I wore a robe back then because that’s what they wore. If I was.

Chris: [01:02:05] Here today, I’d wear something else. He’s like, Get me out of the robe. Make me real. I love you. I’m walking. I’m sitting here with you. Sometimes I’m I This may sound loony, but I don’t care. Sometimes I’ll just pull up a chair and I’m like, Let’s just sit and watch the sunset together. And I mean, I talk with him like he’s right here in the room with me because he is and he’s real and he’s personal and he’s loving. So I think a lot of times with a lot of people that I share Christ with.

Speaker3: [01:02:33] Um.

Chris: [01:02:34] Or pray with or anything is helping them to see that he is so real and so loving and so amazing and just wants to be your best friend ever and talk.

Speaker4: [01:02:45] To you about your choice.

Chris: [01:02:47] Of toothpaste in the grocery store if you can’t make a decision. Silly things like that. He’s just so.

Speaker3: [01:02:52] Personable and so real and that.

Chris: [01:02:56] Grant Yes, you have to repent and all that to have all that relationship with.

Speaker3: [01:02:59] Him. But but what.

Chris: [01:03:01] You’re getting in return is and how.

Speaker3: [01:03:03] You view him to make him real.

Speaker4: [01:03:06] And you’ll.

Chris: [01:03:07] Fall head over heels in love with him because he’s so.

Speaker3: [01:03:09] Amazing.

Beatty: [01:03:11] Yes. I, um. I’ll tell a funny story, and then we’ll wrap it up. I was listening to this guy speak. He’s a minister out in California, and he put on his Facebook page. I’m in love with another man. And then one of his friends posted. Um. I’m in love with the same man. Another guy. But that’s funny. But. Yeah, so, um. So I think the, the main message for those, if you are struggling in any way, and if you’ve listened this far and listened to my podcast, you probably already know Jesus and you know you’ve already accepted him and maybe you’re concerned that you’ve lost it, that you’ve done that. You’re just too far gone, especially if you’ve done some things that are just really that you feel is atrocious. But the Lord says He loves you and He wants to take all of that weight and all of that burden off of you. And the only thing you have to do is to repent of it, just to repent and to turn to him. And that’s it. If you hold unforgiveness from someone just it’s a choice to forgive and it’s a choice to not forgive. So just choose to forgive, which is the repentance of that unforgiveness and just see what happens. I’ve seen people’s faces just from just from unforgiveness because of the people in their lives that have hurt them so much. Simply saying, Lord, I forgive Bill. I forgive Julie. I forgive Sally, whoever it is and their expression, their whole life just instantly changes because that’s how it works. He takes all that burden once you repent. So I’d just like to encourage those that are listening. If you are going through challenges and you feel weighted down with life, just repent. Jesus isn’t condemning you. He’s not judging you. He’s saying, repent. I love you. And that’s how it works.

Chris: [01:05:18] We’ll share this real quick.

Speaker4: [01:05:20] When I was really struggling in the very.

Chris: [01:05:22] Beginning with everything, like you were just talking about the.

Speaker3: [01:05:24] Backpack and everything, he.

Chris: [01:05:25] Said to me, he goes, Chris, I want you to imagine.

Speaker4: [01:05:28] Your life.

Chris: [01:05:29] If you start out here and.

Speaker4: [01:05:31] Have your destiny.

Speaker3: [01:05:33] To.

Chris: [01:05:33] Be down here in Florida. That was my idea at the time. He’s like, I have I know how to get you to your destiny, where you want to be at and where I’m going to take you. He goes, But you.

Speaker4: [01:05:44] Get in the car and you’re zigzagging all over the place.

Chris: [01:05:48] And you’ve had me stuffed in the trunk for forever. Sometimes you’ll get me out of the trunk and put me in the passenger seat. But you’re always driving the car. You’re going all over the place. You’re doing it all your way. He’s like, It’s time to put.

Speaker3: [01:06:01] Me in.

Chris: [01:06:02] The driver’s seat.

Speaker3: [01:06:03] Put me in the driver’s.

Chris: [01:06:04] Seat with your real estate business, with your marriage, with your parenting.

Speaker3: [01:06:09] With.

Chris: [01:06:10] Your day to day, what you’re going to do for the day and just surrender to me in the.

Speaker3: [01:06:14] Morning.

Chris: [01:06:15] Don’t stuff me in the trunk. Don’t put me in the back seat. Don’t put me in the passenger seat. Put me behind the wheel and I will drive this your life on.

Speaker3: [01:06:25] A.

Chris: [01:06:27] Map that’s going to blow you away beyond your wildest expectations. If you had told me when I first got my real estate.

Speaker3: [01:06:35] License that in, what, almost 20 years now that I would.

Chris: [01:06:41] Be owning a franchise company that’s going nationwide that never existed right now doing 153 million in.

Speaker3: [01:06:48] Sales.

Chris: [01:06:50] I would have thought you were flipping nuts, but it wasn’t me. It was God because I put him in the driver’s seat.

Beatty: [01:06:56] Wow, That is powerful. Hey, on that note, I want to make an unabashed promotion for you. Okay.

Speaker3: [01:07:05] I’ll take that.

Beatty: [01:07:06] All right. So for those who’ve been listening to our podcast recently, we’ve been talking a lot about niche marketing, about specific marketing, and also video marketing, what we call video infused postcards. And just by the sheer nature that you move into a niche where the homeowners recognize that their home is different and unique from other homes, then they immediately recognize the need for a professional who is expert in that style of home. And that’s what you have with lakefront property, and it’s a very unique property. It has a totally different type sale, a different type buyer, and and not a whole lot of competition from the standpoint of truly expertise that can really win the game. So if you want to move into a niche, almost every city has lakes. Let me encourage you to check out what Chris is doing with her Lakefront Living Realty. What We haven’t talked about it at all other than that’s what she does, but she has an amazing front end that brings the buyers into it. No matter where you are. And it’s a turnkey operation. So especially if you live near the lake, you want to live on the lake and you want to master that lake, reach out to Chris and learn about what she does. So, Chris, and how would they reach out to you if they want to?

Speaker4: [01:08:35] Sure. Our website is lakefront

Speaker3: [01:08:40] And our phone number.

Speaker4: [01:08:44] My phone number is 855775. Lake lake 5253. So they can.

Chris: [01:08:54] Go.

Speaker4: [01:08:54] To our website and find us there and just reach out through there.

Beatty: [01:08:58] I love it. So especially if you like what you’ve heard from Chris, you’ll enjoy working with her if that works with you. Chris, thank you so much for the time. And this has been just an amazing call. And for everyone else who’s listening, if you like this, please press the share button on your podcast player and share this or if you’re watching it on YouTube, why not only subscribe, but also share it with others? Because this is a great, powerful message. You all have a very blessed day and until next time, be blessed. If you’ve enjoyed this podcast, please do two things. Number one, please share this on social media so other people can enjoy it. And number two, if you haven’t already subscribed to our channel, please subscribe to either our YouTube channel or our podcast audio channel that you’ll find on any audio player with your mobile phone. And then that way you won’t miss another episode. Also, if you want help generating listings, please visit our website at Agent where we guarantee them or give your money back. Thanks again for listening to the get sellers calling you podcast and have a very blessed day.