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Numbers 17:1-8 – “Then the Lord said to Moses, “Tell the people of Israel that each of their tribal chiefs is to bring you a wooden rod with his name inscribed upon it. Aaron’s name is to be on the rod of the tribe of Levi. Put these rods in the inner room of the Tabernacle where I meet with you, in front of the Ark. I will use these rods to identify the man I have chosen: for buds will grow on his rod! Then at last this murmuring and complaining against you will stop!” So Moses gave the instructions to the people, and each of the twelve chiefs (including Aaron) brought him a rod. He put them before the Lord in the inner room of the Tabernacle, and when he went in the next day, he found that Aaron’s rod, representing the tribe of Levi, had budded and was blossoming, and had ripe almonds hanging from it!” (TLB)

All the rods were dead. Aaron was the only priest. His rod bloomed and budded and produced an abundance of fruit. This is a picture of the Christian Life. God takes us who were dead, gives us new life as priests to God, and when we remain in his presence he causes us to produce abundant fruit.