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Welcome To “Selecting a profitable farm!”

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I want to personally thank you for allowing us to serve you.  I am excited to share with you the basic steps to selecting a profitable geographic farm.

The following training videos are excerpts from a training podcast series I did on geographic farming mastery.  And as with most things, the most crucial step in earning money in a geographic farm is selecting where to farm.  Some farms are as much as 5 or 10 times more profitable than others… so I strongly recommend taking effort to decide the best place to farm.

Enjoy this training, and be blessed!

Beatty Carmichael
CEO, Agent Dominator

Select the Right Area to Farm

1.  Make a list of potential farm areas — we recommend comparing at least 5 or more areas
A “farm area” is simply a neighborhood, subdivision, or section of town you would like to focus on in selling homes.  Each area should likely be between 100 and 300 homes.  If you have a single, large subdivision (for example, 1,500 homes), break it down into logical smaller sections of 100 to 300 homes each.  The reason to break it down is two-fold.  First, most agents don’t have the budget to start targeting 1,500 homes.  And second, each section will perform differently … some will be great performers, others poor performers … and breaking them down will help you identify the best, most profitable areas.

2.  Analyze each farm area
Use the 5 step formula spreadsheet downloaded below, and follow the instructions from the training video how to use it to identify the best areas.

3. IMPORTANT note concerning 2020-2022 sales data
When analyzing turnover rates in potential farm areas per the training below, because of sales anomalies generated from the COVID 19 pandemic issues, we recommend analyzing farm data annually starting in year 2019.  With the lockdowns occurring in 2020, then the hyper-sellers’ market of 2021 that extended into the first half of 2022, you must use wisdom to make allowances for non-standard sales patterns during these time frames.  Sales patterns starting Q3 (July) 2022 should begin to reflect a normalcy that makes comparison between potential farm areas more precise.

Click (or copy/paste) this link to download the 5 Step Formula:


“Crystal Ball” Analytics to select the most profitable farms over the next 5 years

Our “Crystal Ball” analytics that gives you an easy way to identify which farms will be the absolutely most profitable ones not only for today, but for the next 5 years. If you are going to invest in a farm, it makes sense to focus on the ones that will produce the most long term.