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“Best Practices” to get the most listings in your geographic farm with Agent Dominator™

Agent Dominator™ is set up to work in partnership with you, not as a “set it and forget it” service.  Listings in a geographic farm come from both trust your expertise (our job) and them trusting you individually (your job).  So the “best practices” that generate the best results to dominate your farm involve you engaging with your contacts.

Below is a training video on the #1 key to winning listings in geographic farming, then a short audio below it taken from a live training call as Beatty Carmichael walks an agent through other best practices to get those results.  Below the audio are various helpful notes and scripts.

We recommend having a notepad ready to take notes.

Sample Telephone Talking Points

The objective of the phone call is to build a relationship.  It’s either a “get to know each other” call or a “checking back in to say Hi” call.

  1. Your name, you are a Realtor
  2. Name recognition to your postcards – “you’re probably getting my postcards”
  3. Conversation — just be nice, say hello, and engage homeowner in a personal conversation.  Do NOT turn it into a sales call.  Keep it a “getting to know each other” call
  4. Offer valuable resources — “You know, as a Realtor I have tons of contacts with contractors, painters, handymen, electricians — you name it, anyone to help repair homes.  If you ever need a trusted resource to help out, please call me.  I’d love to share who I use and trust”
  5. Sales plug – “If you ever have a real estate need, feel free to call me”

Sample Telephone Voicemail Script

If you get a voicemail when calling homeowners, here’s an example of a voicemail you can leave.  Remember, the key is to establish a personal connection, so be sure to call the homeowner by name so the message comes across very personal and authentic.  Yes, it takes more time than simply using an auto-dialer and recording a pre-recorded message, but the impact difference is huge.

If homeowners get a pre-recorded message, and it sounds like it was pre-recorded, they will take offense against you.  That defeats the purpose of your personal engagement.  However, if homeowners get a personal message from you, and it sounds personal because you call them by name, they will appreciate your professional “make it happen” attitude, and they will respect you as an agent and be more likely to work with you.

Here’s a sample script to leave on their voicemail:

Hey, [Prospect Name] — I’m a local Realtor in the area. My name is _____ and I’m with ABC Realty — and you’ve probably seen some of my postcards.  Anyway, I have a buyer who wants to buy in this area but with the market as hot as it is right now they haven’t found the right home… and I’m trying to help them find one.  I know this is crazy, but is there any condition in which you’d consider selling your home?  If yes, would you call me back?

Sample Text Message

As with your voicemail message, you want to keep your text message as personal as possible.  Unrequested marketing text message are HATED and you’ll lose trust with your homeowners.  However, a personal message similar to your voicemail will be tolerated since they know you sent it directly to them, and not as a marketing message but as a sincere attempt to help another client.  They will appreciate your professional “make it happen” attitude.

Here’s a sample text message to use:

[Prospect name], I’m a local realtor and just sold one of your neighbor’s homes.  I’m _____ with ABC Realty (you’re probably getting some of my postcards).  There are still buyers looking for a home.  Is there any condition in which you’d consider selling your home?  If so, could you text me back?

Video Recording Outline Sequence

When you record your videos, we recommend structuring it using the following outline sequence

  1. Your name, and share that you are a Realtor
  2. Name recognition to your postcards, hold up a sample postcard and say, “You’re probably getting my postcards that look like this
  3. Video tip
  4. Sales plug – Give a short plug about you as an agent.  If you have simple stats to share, do so.  Here’s an example: “Don’t forget, I specialize in Crestwood Heights neighborhoods, and statistically my homes get $8,500 more for a $300,000 home than the average agent.  If you are thinking about selling, I’d love to show you why my sales always get the top sales prices.  Call or text me anytime!

Video Content Ideas

Here are ideas for recording 12 videos, each with a different focus to hold your homeowner’s attention.  The videos should rotate through three content topics:  neighborhood stats, fun things, and helpful hints.  Remember to keep the videos short (1.5 to 2 minutes) and upbeat.

Neighborhood Stats – what’s happened in the last 12 months in real estate in the neighborhood.  What are the trends (DOM, average sales price).

Fun Things – special events happening around town during the next several weeks homeowners may want to know about

Helpful Hints — little known things (not obvious things) homeowners will appreciate.  Examples may be tax season tips to increase tax refunds, preparation tips for an upcoming extreme weather event, unique events or sales that may have widespread appeal, special issues happening in town you ought to know about (such as “Cahaba Road will be closed for a week starting this weekend, so be sure to exit through Heights Road starting Monday to get to work so you don’t run late”)

  1. Neighborhood Stats
  2. Fun Things
  3. Helpful Hints
  4. Fun Things
  5. Neighborhood Stats
  6. Helpful Hints
  7. Fun Things
  8. Helpful Hints
  9. Neighborhood Stats
  10. Fun Things
  11. Helpful Hints
  12. Fun Things