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Setting Up Your Smart Targeting

Smart Targeting is a unique “targeting” process that increases your sales while minimizing your costs.  Watch the video below for a brief explanation of how to select your Smart Targeting group.  Then, below the video, we provide instructions on each method so you can direct us which method you want us to use.

Smart Targeting options

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Neighborhood Type

Description:  Neighborhood Type is the least effective method of doing Smart Targeting.  To use, simply determine what type of neighborhood your list is, then let us know.  Neighborhood Types are diaper row (young couples just starting to have children who quickly move out to get larger homes for their growing families), school-age family (families with children in K-12 school who typically move out after children graduate high school), and empty nester (where empty nesters typically move to and don’t sell until they move towards a retirement community).

Requirements:  Neighborhood Type is for primary residence lists.  If you provide the mailing list, we require LOR (Length of Residence) to set the targeting method.

How we set the targeting: We set the 40% Smart Targeting group based on a pre-determined LOR strategy.  For diaper row, we target the youngest LORs (those who have lived there the least amount of time).  For school-age family, we target the middle group LORs (as shown in the video training).  For empty nester, we target the oldest LORs.

How to Select:  Let us know you want to use Neighborhood Type as your targeting method, and which type neighborhood you are targeting.

Analyze Last 15 Sales

Description:  Analyzing the last 15 sales is a highly effective Smart Targeting strategy, especially if targeting a geographic farm.  Simply make a list of the most recent 15 sales and research when the seller had originally purchased the home and send us that list.

Requirements:  Analyzing the last 15 sales is for primary residence lists only.  If you provide the mailing list, we require LOR (Length of Residence) to set the targeting method.

How we set the targeting:  Once you send us the research on the last 15 sales, we’ll identify the trends on how long the typical sellers own their home before selling.  From there, we’ll match the LORs where the most sales occur to the mailing list so we can target owners within those categories.

How to Select:  Let us know you want to use Analyze The Last 15 Sales as your targeting method, then send us an Excel spreadsheet of the last 15 sales and provide the seller’s name, address, and when they originally purchased their home.

Most Likely to Sell Groups

Description:  The “most likely to sell” groups are categories of property owners who are most likely to sell.  For example, this may be absentee owners, expireds, those who inherited the property, the elderly, etc.

Requirements:  You will need to identify the addresses that match the “most likely to sell” groups.  There are some services we may be able to perform to help you in the process.  For example, we can frequently append a list with the owners’ ages and that can help you identify the elderly.

How we set the targeting:  We set the targeting based on who you direct us to target.  You will need to identify 40% of your list you feel fit the “most likely to sell” category.

How to Select:  Let us know you want to use the “most likely to sell” approach, and when you provide us the list simply mark 40% of it to be your Smart Targeting group.

Revaluate Artificial Intelligence

Description:  Revaluate is an industry data company that “scores” an email list based on artificial intelligence research.  By identifying the types of purchases they make and the comments made in social media, Revaluate can accurately identify the most likely movers.  We are a Revaluate partner and can offer their service at discounted rates to you.

Requirements:  Revaluate is for primary residence homeowners only, and requires email addresses for targeting.  If you do not have email addresses for your list, we can append emails to it.  When we append we are usually successful at matching 50% to 65% of the mailing list with active email addresses.

How we set the targeting:  We send Revaluate your list that includes emails, and they generally return about 40% who are “likely or engaged movers” (those most likely to sell).  That becomes the targeting group we use.  However, if you do not have email addresses for the full list, then you will likely need to provide an alternate targeting method to use for the list portion without email addresses.  (For example, if half of your list has emails, Revaluate can usually Smart Target 40% of that portion of your list.  You will then need to provide us another method of targeting for the remaining portion of your list)

How to Select:  Let us know you want to use Revaluate, and either provide email addresses with each mailing address, or request us to append your list with emails.

Pricing:  Appending costs $45 per 100 records we research to append your list.  Revaluate has an annual fee per email contact based on how many contacts we submit on your behalf.  This fee will automatically be charged to your account.  For 100-499 contacts, $1.00 annually.  For 500-2,000 contacts, $0.75 annually.  For 2,000+ contacts, $0.50 annually.  (prices subject to change without notice).  We will automatically charge you this annual fee each year you use our service unless you tell us to no longer use Revaluate for targeting.