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Out of all the postcard marketing approaches we’ve tested in geographic farming to instantly get sellers, the “I have a client” approach has been the most successful. There are many reasons why, but probably one of the biggest reasons is it drives immense curiosity among those planning to sell, but very little curiosity among non-sellers. Watch video to learn more.




Best real estate postcards to get seller leads: Part 2 – the “I have a client” approach

There are several other real estate marketing tips to help realtors identify sellers in a geographic farm. If you think about it, being able to identify sellers before they go on the market gives you a leg up in making sure your real estate business gets the deal before another realtor.

Using the ‘I have a Client’ approach as one of your real estate lead generation ideas when marketing for real estate agents

I have to tell you a story on this one because this is a really effective real estate marketing tool and it just takes a little bit of work. It’s what I call the ‘I Have a Client’ real estate agent marketing approach. I actually learned this real estate marketing tip from one of our clients named Rob. He was telling me the story – he had a buyer who was looking in a particular neighborhood and actually wanted to live on a particular street in this neighborhood. It was a high value place for the buyer, but nothing had been coming on the market and those that had just were not the right fit. So Rob decided to be creative.

He wrote a real estate introduction letter to the homeowners in the 20 – 30 homes on this street. Let’s pretend that the street the buyer wanted to live on was called Main Street. Rob’s real estate mailers basically said, “I have a client who wants to live on Main Street in your neighborhood and they have been looking for a while. I don’t know if you are interested in selling, but if you are, let me know. I would like to talk with you about selling your house to my client.”

How to get listings using real estate mailers with the ‘I Have a Client’ real estate marketing approach

He places this real estate marketing letter in all the mailboxes and guess what? He picks up a listing from a motivated seller. It may not have been the listing that his buyer client wanted, but he picks up a listing. So then the question is, how do you take that real estate marketing approach and start to use it on a larger scale?

Well, the great part about real estate agent marketing is that you can always reword your real estate mailers to make them fit the occasion and be honest but still meet your goal—real estate lead generation. So, when using real estate letters to get listings, you say something like, “If you are thinking about selling, I might be able to get your home sold immediately because I have buyers who are always looking for Madison Gardens (let’s say Madison Gardens is the community). They are looking to move into Madison Gardens and they just can’t find the right home. Sometimes they are very unique homes that they are looking for. So if you are thinking about selling, pick up the phone and call me because I have five clients right now that I’m still trying to place a home for.”

Whatever it is, you can then create real estate letters to get listings and mail those out. Now you are getting people to respond to you and they are motivated sellers.  So that’s the ‘I Have a Client’.

Use our proprietary real estate letters to get listings and find more motivated seller leads with your real estate marketing tools

We actually use this real estate marketing tool a little bit differently. We take what I call a super-charged approach. We create curiosity in our real estate letters to get listings. We’ve been able to rework that whole approach in a way that has led to this real estate marketing concept becoming our #1 producer of identifying sellers before they come on the market.

I won’t give the exact wording of our real estate letters, that’s why I’m kind of hedging around this. But, we’ve developed the most effective wording to use in these real estate mailers and we’ve copyrighted it. We send potential motivated sellers to a place where we can track them immediately so they don’t have to pick up the phone and call you, the realtor. Sometimes people don’t want to call a real estate agent because they don’t want to be pushed into selling right now.

We’ve used real estate marketing strategies that have really increased that opportunity, but it’s all through that ‘I Have a Client’ approach. It’s really, really powerful.


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