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Out of 3 easy ways to generate sellers leads from an open house, this is the SECOND best way to do it. Door knocking the neighborhood and personally inviting homeowners to the open house creates a “personal” touch that instantly increases the likelihood of them doing business with you by 8-10 times. Watch video for more details.




Get Real Estate Seller Leads with Open House (Part Two) – Realtor Door Knock and Flyers

If you’ve been following my blog, let’s talk about a few additional real estate marketing tools that will encourage lead generation.  There are two other key marketing strategies that we will talk about here today. In part one of this series, we talked about prospecting by making the phone call. Now, we will talk about door knocking and real estate flyers. By combining these two marketing ideas for realtors, you can maximize your motivated seller leads.

If I were to put these real estate marketing tips in order of priority, I would say door knocking first, postcard mailing (which we will talk about in part three of this series) second and phone calling third. The reason I list door knocking as the most successful of the real estate marketing tools is due to the simplicity of getting access to the information you need to implement this marketing strategy and, most importantly, the effectiveness of this type of marketing.

How to generate real estate leads using flyers

So the first thing you need to do to employ this strategy as a realtor is to set everything up. You need to get a real estate flyer template. In personalizing the flyer for your upcoming open house, you might say: “Open House Sunday 2 – 4. The Jones’ House at this address.” The most important addition to your real estate flyer template is your photo, your name and your contact information. Then, you can hang this flyer on the doorknob if no one is home.

What you are trying to do is create a relationship as the homeowner’s potential realtor. So, when you add your information, it is also imperative to put some little blurb about you that gives the potential seller a reason to want to call you first and, eventually, choose you as their realtor.

Finding prospective real estate seller leads and buyers by door knocking

Once you make your flyer, the next step is to go through the first 100 doors around your open house. You want to go to as many as you can and door knock. Your goal as a realtor is not just to door knock, but to try to door knock when someone is home because this is when you have the best chance to identify motivated seller leads.

So if that means you are door knocking during the day and no one is answering, then change your real estate marketing strategy and start door knocking during 4:30 or 5:00. Door knock on Saturday. That’s a great time.

The purpose of door knocking is really two things. You want to meet potential sellers and potential buyers. You want them to know you because statistically, if they have met you, both buyers and sellers are 8 – 10 times more likely to choose you as their realtor

So now you get to meet these potential sellers and they may even lead you to potential buyers. You give them a personalized real estate flyer. You promote the open house.  But you don’t just say, “Hey, we have an open house.” Give them a reason why they might share this open house with their friends, who might be potential buyers. You might say: “If you know anyone who may be thinking about buying in this area, maybe some friends, please come take a look and call them and let them know.”

Then number 2, you might say, “And if you guys are thinking about selling anytime soon, in the next year or so, it’s good for you to see what other homes are selling for and how they are fixed up. So, I invite you to just come check out the open house.”

Both of those marketing ideas provide the opportunity to generate leads, find motivated sellers, and earn transactions. So you door knock, they’ve met you and they know your skills as a realtor, you’ve gotten them a flyer, if they aren’t there, you put a flyer out. Now, when you are sitting at the house, you have traffic coming by and traffic is almost always potential sellers who are thinking about selling.


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