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Thinking about doing geographic farming? What type of postcards should you use? Which are best? In working with Realtors for years, I’ve found there are at least 9 types of postcards you can use to be successful. Mixing it up among these 9 types keeps your messaging “fresh.” Watch this short video to learn more.


The top 9 real estate postcards that get sellers calling you

How many different postcards can you send in geographic farming? That’s a great question. I think it’s probably limitless, but if you take away what, I’m going to call the garbage postcards like, little recipe postcards or postcards that say, “It is Halloween; time to carve your pumpkin.” These are what I call silly marketing postcards. You take those away and you see what the postcards that can get you traction really are.

I would say there’s probably nine different real estate postcards that quickly come to mind that you can send as part of your real estate marketing strategies. Let me see if I can rattle them off. We’ve talked about these already, but let’s see. I’ve got home valuation postcards. I’m going to send out marketing postcards giving potential motivated seller leads a chance to let me identify what the value of their home is because that’s going to identify sellers.

I have a variation of what I call the “I Have a Client” letter.  Do these real estate prospecting letters as postcards, but use the same concept as a letter. I do them as postcards and mail them out to the community and let them know that I’ve got prospects that are looking that can’t buy because they can’t find the exact home. If they are interested, just call me. My marketing gets them to respond in some way. I let them know that if they will just text me or go to my agent website or whatever the call to action is, they can find out what these buyers are looking for in case their home is a match.

Then, I’ve got all kinds of variations of free report real estate postcard templates. On free report postcards, you give your realtor leads the top five things you can do to get the most money for your home when you put it on the market. So that’s three real estate marketing tips that get sellers calling you.

Then you got the series of four just sold postcards and just listed postcards: Coming soon, just listed, under contract, just sold. That gets me up to nine postcards. Excuse me, those get me up to seven postcards. We are missing two.

How to find motivated sellers in real estate agent marketing by mixing market snapshot postcards and inside reality postcards with just sold postcards and just listed postcards

The eighth postcard set in the series are going to be market snapshot postcards showing off what’s going on in the marketplace.

The ninth one, I’m going to say, you can shove in there when you don’t have another good sale, if there’s a frequency of sales versus everything else. I would say, two sales versus one of everything else. What I mean by that is just sold postcards, just listed postcards, under contract or coming soon, anything that’s a sale-related card. You want to hit them twice with some sale activity and then once with something that’s not a sale activity. Maybe send market snapshot postcards.  Maybe send inside reality postcards. So, maybe there’s ten of them you can use when prospecting. I was going to give you another one. You’ve got the inside reality postcards that talks about what makes you uniquely special.

The one I was going to bring up that I haven’t talked about in this interview is what I call wow sold postcards. Wow sold postcards are really cool. I love them because they really let you put your best realtor foot forward all the time.

Think about this. Most real estate agents are trained using typical marketing ideas for realtors and that’s why most agents get what most agents get, a mediocre 24/7 type of work environment and always wanting more but not sure what to do to break through that ceiling.

You have got to think outside the box in your real estate lead generation. One of the things we did with our clients because our clients would say, “Well, I don’t have that many great sales. I don’t have that many sales going on. How do I do this?” Well, let’s just look backwards and let’s hand pick some of your best sales to incorporate into your marketing.

How wow sold postcards can elevate your marketing in geographic farming

We call them a wow sold; something that’s wow. Your real estate marketing skills sold a home for a high price, over list, for short days on market. It was an expired sale that no other agent could sell and you maybe got multiple offers, something wow about it. Let’s just go back into your last year or two and pull that out and send postcards. You don’t send it as just sold postcards. You just simply state what happened. “Sold in three days.” Then you give a little background information about that sale, but you never mention the day. You don’t mention the address. In other words, it stays, what we call in the marketing world, evergreen. It’s always good. If you don’t have postcards you can send out right now, you can always send out wow sold postcards. That gives us ten real estate agent marketing ideas for lead generation.

Let me get this right. I’ve got home valuation postcards, I have a client postcards, free report postcards, an inside reality, coming soon, just listed, under contract, just sold, market snapshot and wow sold postcards. That’s ten different postcards that you can send to seller leads with great effectiveness when doing geographic farming. Isn’t that cool?


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