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What are simple, powerful touches you can do with your sphere of influence and past clients? This is Part 1 of 9 in a short series of touches you can do. On today’s post I’ll share about the simple-to-do athletic schedule. One of the easiest and longest-lasting touches you can make, it’s quite powerful. Watch the video to learn more.




Simple real estate lead generation touches for your sphere of influence – the athletic schedule

One of the simple touches you can do when marketing to your sphere of influence is sending out the football schedule, hockey schedule or basketball schedule. You want to use creative real estate marketing ideas in lead generation to send out some type of things that people can stick on their refrigerator. To increase your real estate branding, make sure the item has your name on it and it’s got the information that homeowners, including potential sellers, want.

Keep in mind, if you give real estate leads in your sphere of influence what they want, then they will reciprocate and do business with you if for no other reason that you are going to stay top-of-mind. One of the easiest things you can do as a realtor, one of the best real estate marketing products you can use to increase your branding—at least here in the South—is to send out the SEC football schedule. We love football here and everyone will post it on their refrigerator. That means that your face and your name is seen all day, strengthening your real estate branding with potential seller leads, as they go back and forth in front of that refrigerator.

Use athletic schedules that fit your area to create stronger real estate branding that keeps you top-of-mind

You can use this same type of real estate marketing tools for lead generation even if you are not in a football area. If you’re in a hockey area, or if you’re in a basketball area, send out those types of athletic schedules to keep you top-of-mind with potential seller leads.

One thing to also keep in mind is that a lot of the refrigerators, especially the higher end types, are stainless steel instead of metal. Magnets don’t stick to stainless steel. You want to create and send a real estate branding magnet that is both magnetic and has a light adhesive. Otherwise, those people you could have been motivated sellers won’t be able to stick the schedule on their refrigerators. Making sure that potential real estate leads on your sphere of influence list have two ways to adhere the schedule to their refrigerator increases your chances of being seen and remembered.

Athletic schedules are really powerful real estate marketing products.


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