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This is the third in a ten part series on simple things you can do to market yourself in a geographic farm. “Touch #3” is what I call the “give away.” It’s a powerful way to create great relationships, good will, and get relationships at the same time. Learn more with this short video.



Simple ways to touch a real estate geographic farm for realtors – the “giveaways”

Another thing you can do, and it’s just a simple touch in geographic farming is, what I like to call, the giveaway. Marketing ideas for real estate agents like this work best if you have a common area, a green area, like a park or someplace within that community that people, including potential sellers, go to.

When prospecting, to increase lead generation, what you do is invite the entire community to an ice cream giveaway or a cupcake giveaway sponsored by you, the local realtor. You make it fun. Have it on a Saturday. It’s when all the families can come. They bring their kids. Their kids get a free ice cream. The adults get a free ice cream and where ever you’re giving away free ice cream or free cupcakes, you’re organizing it, you marketing dollars pay for that and it costs you a few hundred bucks. It’s not much, but the power it has to strengthen your real estate branding is amazing.

Then, what happens is, you’re standing there in line as people come in to get their free stuff and you’re meeting them. “Hey, I’m Beatty! How are you doing? Who are you? Now, which house are you guys at?” Now you’re just building relationships and increasing your branding. Hopefully, when you do that, you’re marketing the community and potential sellers with your postcards so they are seeing your name and face all the time.

Maybe you’re on the Facebook community page and now you do this giveaway at the park. It’s just a nice touch. People, including sellers, appreciate it. They appreciate you. It’s a marketing idea for realtors that allows you to meet them personally again and those that you’ve maybe door knocked, you’ve met before. Now you’re starting to build relationships and your real estate branding with conversations like. “Hey, Bill!” “Hey, Beatty, how are you?” “Hey Sue!” “Hey Beatty, I’m doing great, how are you?”  Now you’re carrying on conversations and now you’re building relationships.

That’s another simple touch to put in your bag of real estate marketing strategies for successful real estate agents.


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