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This is the ninth in a ten part series on simple things you can do to market yourself in a geographic farm. “Touch #9” is organizing a neighborhood garage sale. It’s a perfect way to communicate with each homeowner, add value to them, create a wonderful social event people enjoy, and be the relationship that holds everything together. Watch the video to learn more.



Simple ways to touch a real estate geographic farm for realtors – neighborhood garage sale

As I’m thinking through these simple touches that you can use to reach out to seller leads when prospecting, there’s probably two more marketing touches that come to mind that are effective when marketing for real estate agents.

One of these real estate marketing strategies is a garage sale. Have a big garage sale.  If you don’t live in that community, maybe work with a friend or two that you can work and say, “Hey, I’d love to do a garage sale for this neighborhood because I think it’d be a lot of fun.  Everyone can make some money. It would be a great way to meet the neighbors and if you’re thinking about having a garage sale anyway, what if we make this kind of a big party thing. I’ll bring in ice cream or I’ll bring in Cokes or something.”’ Just kind of make a big deal out of it.  This is a great way to start prospecting with seller leads in real estate lead generation.

Find someone to have a garage sale with and then promote it throughout the neighborhood. “Big garage sale on this date. Bring your things over.” We’re going to have a neighborhood garage sale and we’re going to promote it. Then, you get out and you promote it. You put all the signs out everywhere. This is great marketing for real estate agents because it increases your real estate branding. You run it in the online newspapers and ads and things of that sort, the Facebook traders and where ever you market it and just have a great big garage sale to continue real estate prospecting with these unique real estate marketing ideas.

People, including seller leads, love those types of real estate marketing strategies because now it brings all the neighbors in. Everyone wants to see it. Those that don’t have things to sell will still come by the garage sale because they want to see if they got a good deal. You’re there. You give away free cupcakes or free ice cream or free bottles of water or whatever. As you’re giving it away, you’re just meeting people and prospecting. Now, you’ve got the whole community coming through.

It’s a really a neat idea to boost real estate lead generation.


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