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Okay, so you want to do geographic farming. What’s the BEST real estate Just Sold postcard to use? There are actually 3 or 4 ways to do a Just Sold postcard, and the results of each is completely different. Most Realtors use only the first way to do a Just Sold postcard. In this video you’ll learn how to “supercharge” that Just Sold postcard and make it drive in sellers better than most anything else you can do.



The absolute BEST real estate Just Sold postcard to attract motivated seller leads for realtors

Now we are getting to where I get excited. What’s the best type of just sold postcards to send into when doing geographic farming? There’s so many ways to do just sold postcards and most real estate agents get it wrong all the time. I wish I had my stack of realtor postcards that most agents use for lead generation. I could show you and actually read what agents are saying in real estate marketing.

I don’t want to say here’s how not to do real estate marketing with postcards, but if we put this on a scale, here is what most agents do in their real estate marketing strategies when mailing just sold postcards. If you do it differently, you get this type of result rather than way down here.

Here’s what happens when real estate agents send just sold postcards down here. “Just sold.” That’s the headline. “Just sold.” Then the realtor adds a great big picture of the home. You turn the card over (that’s assuming it’s like a jumbo card and it’s got a little paragraph). It says, “Meet your new neighbors, the Johnsons. They just bought the home at such and such address. If I can help you with your real estate needs, let me know.” That’s it. It’s like wa wa wa wa wa wa, It’s the same marketing tactic used by every other agent, you know, just sold.

I don’t mean to ridicule, but it’s funny because just sold postcards like these cost the same amount of money and you can get so much more results if you just do it differently. The best type of just sold postcards that you can send out are gonna be where you explain what happened that shows off your skills and your expertise as a realtor like never before. For this example, you always have to look at a sale and think, what you can say about that sale that makes it great? Let me give you some real estate marketing tips.

How to craft just sold postcards that showcase the best aspects of your real estate sales to attract more sellers

You look at your average agent sale and there’s nothing great about it. The home sold at the average price. It spent the average days on market and had the average list to sale ratio. It had average everything. You think, “I don’t have anything good to say about it.” Sure you do. What’s the average days on market? Let’s say it was sixty days. How long it take to sell that home? It took sixty-two days. It didn’t even get average. Guess what? Homeowners don’t know that.  What was the sales price and what were you asking? Is that the best you could do? Yes.

Now, let’s take what is there and craft your just sold postcards a little bit differently. Here’s how my just sold postcards templates would look. “Sold for top market price.” Well, it is the top market price because that’s the price the market paid for it. They are only going to pay the top market price, right? It didn’t sell for the bottom market price. I couldn’t get any more.

Let’s talk about sold for top market price. “My aggressive marketing sold this home in only sixty-two days on the market. The sellers needed to move. They got a job transfer and they had to be out in two and a half months. We hit their goal. How do I consistently get more money for my sellers and sell their homes in record time?” Then you give a little tidbit about your real estate marketing strategies.

Doesn’t that sound a lot more exciting than, “Just sold. Meet your new neighbors”?  You find something about it and accentuate it. Did you have multiple offers?  Like with one home, maybe the sellers got an offer and they turned it down. They got another offer and they accepted it and then that fell through under the inspection and then they got a third offer and they sold it. Maybe that’s how. “Sold for top market price with three amazing offers.” Just tell the story, but tell it well.

That’s how you do a great just sold postcards.  Now, when motivated sellers get it, they say, wow. Successful prospecting and marketing for real estate leads is all in how you do it.


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