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How do you get your sphere of influence and past clients to understand why to choose you over other Realtors? I call it the “inside reality” approach. It’s the easiest and most powerful way to differentiate you from your competitors and get sellers choosing you first … especially from within your personal contacts. Watch video to learn more.


Sphere of influence in real estate – the “inside reality” prospecting postcards and how they drive sellers calling you

Another type of real estate postcards you can do when marketing to your sphere of influence and personal contacts list is what I call the ‘Inside Reality’ realtor postcard.  The inside reality realtor postcards are where you are educating seller leads, the people on your sphere of influence list, on something about you that they probably do not know. You aren’t telling them something about yourself on just any topic, but something about your expertise and skills as a real estate agent that they do not know. This way you are working on your real estate branding and educating seller leads on why they should choose you as their real estate agent. If they did know this information, they would put you a little higher on the pedestal of realtors.

What we are trying to do is to get you at the top of the pedestal of realtors and every other real estate agent way down below. The way you do this is by marketing and sharing your inside reality to your sphere of influence.

Marketing to your sphere of influence to educate motivated seller leads about why they should choose you as their real estate agent

Here is what ‘inside reality’ means. In marketing, there is a concept known as ‘Outside Perception vs. Inside Reality’. The outside perception is what seller leads and consumers believe about you. It’s their perception of you. The inside reality is what is actually true about you as a real estate agent. Perception and reality are not always the same. The difference between their perception and your reality is going to be demonstrated to you by how few or how many sales you get from marketing to your sphere of influence list.

A homeowner’s perception of most real estate agents is that agents stick a sign in the yard, list the home in the MLS and wait for another real estate agent to bring a buyer. If that is my perception of you, then why should I call you over any of these other real estate agents? I’m going to get the same deal. I’m going to get the same money in the same amount of time. So it doesn’t really matter, therefore, when it comes time to sell, it’s just an eeny, meeny, miny, moe when choosing a real estate agent.

If I understood something about your inside reality—something about your skill and expertise on the same level that you understand it about yourself—would I realistically choose any other real estate agent besides you? If you are good real estate agent, of course not, right?

So what this means is, if I’m going to educate my sellers on why to choose me, I have to educate them on my skill and expertise through my real estate marketing strategies. If I can educate them to the point that they understand my skill and expertise at the same level that I know it about myself as a realtor, I’m going to get the business of the seller leads in my sphere of influence all the time.

Creating just listed postcards from your listing presentation and sending these real estate postcards to your sphere of influence to give them your inside reality

The simple way to educate your prospects through marketing is to go to your listing presentation. Typically, you are trying to sell your skills and whey should choose you as their real estate agent over everyone else in your listing presentation. Take each section of the listing presentation, which is a mini, educational section. This real estate marketing product will talk about my negotiating skills, my pricing skills, my at-marketing skills, my this skill, my that skill, etc. You then start to piece mill those out, one topic per real estate postcard. Now, that starts to educate them. That’s a powerful real estate postcard.


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