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We’ve conducted over 21 split A/B marketing tests to identify the absolute best methods to identify sellers in a geographic farm before they came on the market and before any other Realtor know about them. One of the most powerful ways to do this is with what we call the “free report” approach. This short video walks you through what it is and how it works.


Best real estate postcards to get seller leads: Part 3 – find sellers with a “free report”

There is another way you can find sellers and this opens up the door to a lot of cool things you can do when developing your real estate marketing strategies as a realtor. Here is what happens. In reality, we are trying to offer real estate leads who are thinking about selling a reason to respond to something else that you control so that you can now identify who they are. Sometimes you identify who seller leads are because they call you up and say, “Hey, I’m thinking about selling.” Other times you identify who seller leads are because you get them to put their address in a home valuation website. But there are other things you can do where you use stealthier technology to identify who seller leads are. This opens up yet another door to even more opportunities to identify sellers.

Here is what I’ve found about marketing. Not everyone responds the same way, especially when it comes to marketing for real estate agents. I may put out an offer. Let’s say I have 100 people who may actually be thinking about selling over the period of time I’ve put these offers out on real estate postcards. Maybe 20 of those people will respond to one of those offers I sent via real estate postcards, but I’ll never have an offer that I’ll get 100% to respond to. So I’ve got to send one offer to get some people responding and another offer offering something else to get another group of people responding. Sometimes there is an overlap. The key is, the more offers you send out from your real estate business that are hitting different hot buttons, the more likely you are to get those seller leads who are thinking about selling to respond. That’s what this third thing is; it’s what I call ‘The Free Report’.

Offering ‘The Free Report’ on real estate postcards as a real estate marketing strategy that encourages sellers to self-select

Basically, here is the methodology behind ‘The Free Report’. If I knew that Bill and Sue were thinking about selling and I wanted to get them to respond to me and choose me as their realtor, what could I offer them that would be so enticing, so power-packed and so value-added that they are willing to at least do something to get it? This is what we call ‘The Top 3 List’, ‘The Top 5’ or ‘The Top 10 List.’ It’s basically ‘The Top Something List’ you are willing to offer to get these seller leads to do something to get. For example, ‘The Top 4 Things You Can Do to Get the Most Money for Your Home When You Put It on the Market’. Once you have the headline, think of those top 4 things. Always start with the headline and then think about what the report will contain. Here is another example, ‘The Top 5 Things That Will Get You the Most Money and Sell Your Home in the Shortest Amount of Time, but the Key Is You Have to Do These Things Before You Put It on the Market’.

We encapsulate the offer in the headline of the real estate postcards or real estate letters and it sounds kind of tantalizing doesn’t it? It makes sellers go, “Hey, if I’m thinking about selling I want to know what those top things are because I want to sell my home for the most money in the shortest amount of time.” Now you put that report together and have them call a toll-free number or what’s called a ‘call capture number’. You want to send with something like, “Call this number and hear about it.” When the sellers get to this number, you repeat what the offer is and you say, “Leave your number and mailing address and I’ll mail this information to you.” Or you can have them send a text, what we call ‘text grabber’, where seller leads text a request for information and it sends them a reply text. We use this same type of approach with a unique URL on real estate postcards. We just send them to a website that is unique to them. As soon as the sellers go there, we know exactly who has responded.

Identifying sellers before they come on the market and increase the chances sellers choose you as their realtor with unique real estate marketing strategies

No matter the process, here is the concept: Identify the top “x” things sellers can do to get more money. Then create that report and put together those things that are most important. Then you offer it and send it out to sellers via multiple types of real estate mailers.

Here is one additional way you can also do it. If you door knock you can actually have that report in your car. You want to start prospecting by using the door knock real estate marketing strategy and meet people, who might be seller leads, and say, “By the way, if you guys are thinking about selling anytime soon—in the next six months or a year—let me know because I have some information left over from another prospective client regarding the top 5 things you can do to get the most money for your home when you put it on the market. I would love to leave it with you guys if you have an interest.” Now that you are in front of them, and they know you are a local realtor, if they have an interest that means they are thinking about selling.

That’s another way you can identify sellers. It’s really easy when you get down to it.


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