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After interviewing hundreds of Realtors across the country, of those who had success in geographic farming almost 100% did the SAME thing. This one thing is the easiest thing you can do for geographic farming, and simultaneously it produces some of the best results of the “easy” things. Watch video to learn more.


  1. How to differentiate yourself with geographic farming postcards so seller leads call you
  2. The 3 parts of building “trust” with your personal contacts, and how to get more referrals with it…

Real estate postcards that get sellers calling you 1 – Just Sold postcards

When you are talking about how to generate real estate leads by using postcard marketing when doing geographic farming, there are a number of different types of realtor postcards you can send. Each of these realtor postcards has a different marketing purpose and a different impact on what real estate agents are trying to do when prospecting for seller leads. If I were to boil it down to the simplest postcards in your store of real estate marketing tools that you could use that gets the biggest return, it’s going to be just sold postcards.

Let me give you a little background on effectively using this prospecting tool. One of the things that we’ve done for many, many years is helped real estate agents do geographic farming. As they would come to us asking for real estate marketing ideas, I would always ask them, when walking through a demo, “Have you ever done geographic farming before?” Out of those who said yes, I would always ask, “What real estate marketing strategies did you use?” Generally they would say, “Well, I mailed realtor postcards.” I would then ask, “Was it a successful lead generation campaign?” Most real estate agents said no, but of those who said yes, when I asked what type of postcards they were sending, all would say just sold postcards.

How to effectively use just sold postcards in lead generation to attract seller leads

So the number 1 easiest thing you can include as one of your real estate marketing products for geographic farming, postcard marketing wise, is to send out just sold postcards. The key to real estate marketing strategies like this one is that you can’t just send realtor postcards out every now and again. You don’t just send out just sold postcards to the 25 or 50 homes around the home that you just sold (thinking if you don’t sell in that neighborhood then you don’t send out just sold postcards). No, you send out just sold postcards on every single real estate sale that you do, or, at least, up to 18 – 25 sales a year. This strengthens your real estate branding.

In other words, you want to send just sold postcards all the time—every two weeks, every three weeks, or even every four weeks. You want to send realtor postcards, on average, every three to four weeks, all of the time, always sending to the same real estate leads you are prospecting over and over again. This ensures that people, including motivated sellers leads, see that you are actively selling.

People may say, “Aren’t you concerned that you are sending just sold postcards that showcase a home in a neighborhood way over here and now you are sending it over to this group of seller leads?” You say, “I don’t care.” This is because one of the most important real estate marketing strategies in sending just sold postcards is that your realtor leads see that you are actively selling.

A note on this. Obviously, if I’m marketing to an average sales price of $500,000 homes in one neighborhood, and I just sold a $100,000 home in another, I might not send that sale to the $500,000 neighborhood. But, ultimately, the more you send out just sold postcards—even if that’s the only thing you do—you’ll get results.

Include just sold postcards in your arsenal of real estate marketing strategies. They really are effective.


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