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How do you make yourself look GREAT when doing geographic farming so sellers trust you to sell their home. The SECOND-best of the easy-to-do postcards is the Just Listed postcard. While most Realtors rarely use the Just Listed postcard, it’s a fabulous postcard to use, especially if you have limited sales in a specific area. Learn more on this short video.



Real estate postcards that get sellers calling you 4 – just listed

You also have other realtor postcards you can use for geographic farming and lead generation. These are your just listed postcards. Here is the idea, especially if you don’t have a lot of real estate transactions going on throughout the year. This also works if you are marketing to one community and you really want to keep the focus of your just sold postcards looking like the homes, or at least at the same price points, in the community that you are targeting to generate seller leads.

You can always augment your just sold postcards with just listed postcards. If sellers get just listed postcards, they are going to go, “Wow, you are an active realtor.” Then they get just sold postcards and they go, “Wow, you are an active realtor!” It’s almost the same response.

This is the value of just sold postcards and just listed postcards. They strengthen your real estate branding and remind sellers that you are actively selling real estate. Potential seller leads may intrinsically know that you are an agent in their minds; but, at the forefront of their minds (or what is called top-of-mind awareness), unless you are always in front of your realtor leads with another sale or another listing that shows you are an active agent, they just don’t get it. That’s where just listed postcards come in.

Real estate marketing tips that get seller leads responding

One thing you can do, if you are targeting an area over here but the listing on your just listed postcards is in another area, is just leave the address off. If you are concerned that the home is on ‘the other side of the tracks’ and that your seller leads won’t respect that, just leave the address off. If it looks like a home that could be in the neighborhood you are actively targeting with your real estate agent marketing, potential motivated seller leads don’t know and they don’t really care. You don’t have to tell them.

That’s your just listed postcards. These are other types of postcards you can incorporate in your real estate marketing strategies to strengthen your branding in geographic farming.


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