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This is the seventh in a ten part series on simple things you can do to market yourself in a geographic farm. “Touch #7” is the refrigerator clip. It seems so simple, but as a way to get your brand — your name and photo — in front of homeowners EVERY day, YEAR over YEAR, nothing beats this one! It’s so simple, yet so powerful. Watch the video to learn more.



Simple ways to touch a real estate geographic farm for realtors – refrigerator clip

Another simple marketing touch, as we are talking about real estate marketing products for the refrigerator is the magnet clip or it could be an adhesive clip for the stainless steel refrigerators. This is one of several real estate marketing tips I actually learned going to the NAR convention. One of the mortgage companies, I think it was Chase or something like that, had these big blue clips with their branding information on them. You’d stick it to your refrigerator and it had a great big alligator clip and it would hold really well.

Because my wife and I were putting these little wimpy magnets up and the little papers and stuff were always falling off, my wife loved them. I got several of them because I thought they were cool. I started thinking about it and what a brilliant real estate agent marketing idea because now that thing is going to stay there because it’s versatile. You can stick lots of papers up underneath there and it will hold it and it’s always emblazoned with your realtor name and real estate branding information.

Here is one of my effective real estate marketing tips. I would do is go out and find some of those alligator clips that lets you add your branding information. The most important part of the branding is make sure you get your realtor photo on it. Make sure you get your agent name on it and obviously your phone number. Do that and see if you’ve got clips that have both adhesives and magnets. Ideally, maybe there’s a magnet that you can peel the magnet off and there’s an adhesive there. That way, you can get it on all the refrigerators.

That’s another example of real estate marketing products that will stay there year after year because it’s so functional, keeping you top of mind with potential sellers.


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