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What are simple, powerful touches you can do with your sphere of influence and past clients? This is Part 6 of 9 in a short series of touches you can do. On this post I’ll share about the email drip campaign. But watch out! Most Realtors burn their list without even knowing about it. Watch video to learn more.


Simple real estate lead generation touches for your sphere of influence – drip emails and what works vs what doesn’t

Another simple type of touch to use with your personal clients and your sphere of influence in real estate prospecting is the email drip campaign. I want to back up for just a moment because I know that most agents will say, “I’ve already got an email drip campaign, so check that one off my list.” Wrong.

Let me share one of my real estate marketing tips that strengthens your prospecting and increases branding. Not all email drip campaigns are effective real estate marketing tools. Key real estate marketing strategies that attract motivated seller leads include not just having an email drip campaign, but having an effective email drip campaign. If it’s ineffective, you are going to hurt your real estate results by turning away sellers rather than increasing your chances of attracting them. So what’s the difference?

How to generate real estate leads by sending drip emails that motivated sellers want to receive

Here is the bottom line when using email drip campaigns in your real agent estate marketing. Do your contacts in your sphere of influence list love and look forward to getting your drip emails? If the answer is no, then stop sending out emails and figure out what you can send that homeowners, including potential seller leads, will love and look forward to receiving.

Let me give you two testimonials from the types of emails that we do with our realtors. These testimonials should help spark marketing ideas for real estate agents.

One of our agents uses an email drip campaign in his real estate prospecting. When one of his emails doesn’t go out, he gets notified (because he is sending them himself). His sphere of influence contacts actually email him and say, “Hey Stuart, I didn’t get the email, would you please send it to me?” Isn’t that amazing? They want the email because he provides his realtor leads with information they want to see. By the way, these are not once a month emails; these are once a week emails. That’s 52 touches a year.

Another one of our realtors just started with us. We’ve been sending emails to his sphere of influence on his behalf for 2 – 3 weeks now. We are sending these emails once a week to 160 people on his contacts list. By the second email, he had already gotten two or three responses from people saying, “Hey, thank you. I love this. Keep it going.”

Using effective drip email campaigns as a real estate prospecting tool in lead generation

Let me share one of my real estate marketing tips. If you are not getting these types of positive responses from your emails, abandon what you are doing because it’s just a nuisance to your contacts in your sphere of influence. Find something that you can send out that causes potential seller leads to really love it. If you don’t know what that is, then here are some real estate marketing ideas for you. Take your real estate hat off and put your homeowner / consumer hat on. Now, sit down and think, “What would I enjoy getting?”

Look at news stories that are out there. Look at things that catch your attention. Look at emails that come your way or things that you get in the mail that you like. Then think, “What can I do in my real estate agent marketing that will cause my content to be desired in the same way that I’m desiring these things I see?” You want to pattern your emails after that.

Modify your drip emails to give your past clients and sphere of influence information they want to see. Use this as one of your real estate marketing strategies and you’ll have a winning email campaign.


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