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Are you getting 100% of the sales and referrals your sphere of influence and past clients are generating each year? For most agents the answer is “no.” If you’re not, the first step to getting more of that business it to understand WHY they aren’t choosing you. I explain why in this short, informative video so you can learn to overcome it. Watch the video now to learn more.

The biggest reason past clients and sphere of influence may NOT refer, and what you can do about it…

The most important thing we do with our clients of Agent Dominator to drive in business is to master the concept of outside perception versus inside reality. We have actually spent about four and a half years solving this problem to provide the optimum marketing for real estate agents.

The outside perception of most homeowners is that all real estate agents are the same. All real estate agents do is stick a sign in the yard; they list the home in the MLS and they sit back and wait for someone else to bring a buyer. As long as homeowners who are potential seller leads believe that, it makes no difference who they choose because every real estate agent is the same and that means that they can choose any realtor they want and their home is going to sell in the same amount of time for about the same amount of money. As long as that is their perception, you will never get the majority of those real estate leads, which means you are missing out on the sales these potential motivated seller leads offer.

Differentiating your skills as a realtor from the average agent through educational real estate mailers such as just sold postcards

So imagine, over here is you. This is your inside reality of who you are as a realtor. It’s the skill, the expertise, the tenacity, the drive you have in making the deal happen for your sellers. It’s the credible, validated, measurable performance you actually do in getting more money for your sellers than the typical agent. So here is the question: If these homeowners understand the skill and expertise that you have at the same level that you understand it about yourself, would this group of people realistically choose or refer any other real estate agent besides you? Absolutely not. If they understood how good you were, they would choose you every time and you would also get every real estate referral. What this means is that the difference between how many sales you are getting versus how many sales you should be getting is tied up in this concept of outside perception (their perception) of you. If you don’t change that perception, then you will never get all of the real estate business that those sellers in your sphere of influence or on your personal list offer.

Let me tell you a real story. Go back to the early 1900s. There is beer company called Schlitz Beer out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They were number 8. If you know anything about market share, then number 1 has the majority. Typically the number 1 brand always has 70% or 80% of the market share. Number 2 picks up another 15% maybe. Then you have 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. By the time you get to 8, it’s just a sliver.

That’s where Schlitz Beer was, down there with a sliver. They desperately wanted to grow so they went out and hired a copywriter named Claude Hopkins to boost their marketing. The first thing that Claude did was to take a tour through the brewery. They showed him how they started with special barley and how they triple cleaned their beer bottles with super-heated steam to kill all of the bacteria. They used only a certain, artesian-well water.  How they did this and that… through all the levels of quality control, all the way through to produce a bottle of beer and have it have a consistent taste. Claude comes out of this and goes, “My gosh, this is amazing. Why don’t you tell the public about this?” And here is their comment, “It’s nothing special; this is how all beer is made.” But what Claude realized that they didn’t is that whoever explained it and educated the market about it first is the one that the market is going to contribute all of that expertise to.

Be the first to educate homeowners in your sphere of influence about what a good real estate agent does to sell your home fast and for the most money

This is what happens with real estate agents. Most of the good real estate agents will say, “There is nothing special about me. I do the same thing that all of these other good agents do.” That may be true, but the homeowner doesn’t know that. So whoever educates that homeowner first is the one who gets to claim that as their particular skill set and generate more real estate leads.

So Claude starts to rewrite what we call long copy, explaining each of these things about how Schlitz manufactures their beer. He puts it in magazines and newspapers and here is what happened. Within 18 months—just a year and a half—Schlitz went from nobody, a little sliver, to leapfrogging over everyone to become the number 1 selling beer in America. 18 short months! The reason is that people then understood why they needed to get a Schlitz instead of something else.

Agent Dominator uses proprietary real estate marketing strategies to distinguish your exceptional real estate skills

We actually take the same concept. We interview our clients to figure out what it is about them that make them an exceptional real estate agent. We then break it down into individual bite-sized pieces and we start to educate the consumer over and over again, one piece after another after another, through real estate mailers like just listed postcards, just sold postcards, and real estate letters. What happens then, in that consumer’s mind—we are talking about trust and top-of-mind—the trust level starts to go through the roof.  Because now, they not only know you because you are targeting a personal list and your sphere of influence (it can also be done with geographic farming), but because you are showing off sales and you are explaining your expertise and why you are better than the average real estate agent. So at the end of the day, they are going WOW and their outside perception becomes your inside reality and now you get all the business.

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