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Okay, so you’re going to change the marketing to your sphere of influence and past clients. How quickly can you DOUBLE sales and referrals from them? In looking over the landscape of Realtors we’ve worked with and interviewed, the answer might surprise you. Watch this short video to learn what to expect.


How long does it take to double sales and referrals from your personal contacts?  Here’s what you should expect…

The expectation realtors have coming in to touching their personal list is very important. Here is what we find with real estate agents. If a real estate agent has a wrong expectation about touching those in their sphere of influence, they are going to quit early and not get results or they are going to be inconsistent. The best way to describe what happens with targeting your personal list is to compare it to what happens with a guy in the desert. He’s trying to cross it, but he’s out of water. He’s thirsty and he comes across a well with a hand pump. There is a gallon of water sitting there and it has a note that says, “Pour the water down the well and prime the pump then start pumping.” So he pours the water down the well to prime the pump then starts pumping and pumping. What he can’t see is that the water is coming up.  Every time he pumps, the water rises a little higher, but he can’t yet see it. He gets tired and says, “Nothing is happening” so he stops pumping and the water goes back down. Then he says, “Let me try it again.”

This is what happens. At first you are consistent and then, when you stop enforcing your real estate marketing strategies, the metaphorical water goes back down. What you need to do is have the expectation that you will do whatever it takes, as long as it takes, because this is the lifeblood to your long-term real estate business. This means you get on the pump and you start pumping and pumping and until the transactions flood out.  Every time you pump, once you get the water all the way up, even more transactions flood out.

Building momentum in real estate leads with multiple touches to potential sellers in your sphere of influence

This is what happens with your personal contacts. It’s going to take a while to get started because what is happening is that you have to build up momentum and build up layers. Real estate agent marketing is a layered effect. Every touch you do is another layer. What you’ve got to do is build up enough layers so that layer is thick enough that when it comes time to call a real estate agent or provide real estate referrals, you are the only person sellers think about.

When many real estate agents first get started, most haven’t been doing a good job touching their lists. So it’s going to take some time to get it up. What we do with Agent Dominator—which is a touch system on steroids for your personal contacts—is we guarantee 7 sales out of a group of 100 in the first year (even though the average is closer to 17 – 20 sales). What’s happening is that first year, it just takes time to start building up the momentum. You spend the first six months of the program getting enough layers out there that prospects start to think about you and recognize your expertise. Then, it’s that second half of the year when things really start to take shape. Then, in the second year, you really start to get the flood that starts to pour in the transactions.

Agent Dominator’s real estate marketing products help boost your touches with those sellers in your sphere of influence

Think of it like this. During the first year, you are laying the foundation. You are starting to grow your real estate business by investing in your real estate marketing products, but most of what is happening you can’t see because it is all in the homeowner’s mind in the layers of touches that you are doing with you sphere of influence. Then, by the second year, you now have full momentum. You’ve been touching that homeowner for a year. You are consistent. They are getting it. They are understanding you; they are understanding your expertise. That second year is where you hit the goldmine.

The most important expectation is just don’t stop. Make sure that whatever you do, whether it’s with Agent Dominator or doing this real estate agent marketing on your own, that you give it a minimum two year commitment because that first year you are laying the foundation. That first year, you should make enough sales that you are making good money, but that second year is when it really comes in.

The other thing about the expectations, you, the realtor, have got to be doing enough touches in your sphere of influence. It’s not 12 touches a year. It’s not 20 touches a year. It’s not even 30 touches a year. What we try to do is 50, 80, 100, 150 touches a year so you can’t lose. When you do that, your real estate leads increase and your sales pipeline really starts to flow.


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