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Getting real estate seller leads through open houses is just the first step in getting more sellers. The second step is to actually win the listing opportunity when it comes on the market. This is where proper follow up is critical, and that’s the focus of this post. Watch video for more details.




Convert open house seller leads to listings by “Best Practices” in real estate follow through

While we are talking about how to get leads in real estate using open houses as marketing for real estate agents, it’s important to note that if you don’t follow up with the leads from the open house, then it really does you no good as a realtor. As they say, the fortune is in the follow through and this translates to real estate leads and real estate referrals. So, what we want to do is make sure that we follow up effectively in order to maximize real estate lead generation.

Following up with prospective seller leads in your sphere of influence to bolster the relationship between seller and realtor

As we discussed in the previous installment of this real estate marketing strategies blog series, real estate is a relationship business.  The most important thing you want to do as a realtor is to make sure that you’ve established a relationship with potential seller leads in your sphere of influence and that you’ve nurtured that realtor / seller and realtor / buyer relationship.

One of the real estate marketing tips that I would recommend is, when potential seller leads come by, ask them for their address, email, and phone number. The more contact information you can get from potential sellers, the better your real estate business will do.

If they are from the neighborhood where your open house is located, find out where they live. This is the key to successful marketing for real estate agents using open houses. Here is one of the easy real estate marketing strategies you might use to get the information of potential sellers: “Oh, are you from around here? Which house are you?” They’ll say, “Well, I’m 2024 Main Street.” You respond, “Oh, okay, that’s the one on the corner.” This lets you, the agent, get exactly where their home is located and it occurs naturally as a part of the conversation.

Maximizing real estate lead generation with real estate mailers, real estate letters, and realtor postcards

To take these real estate marketing ideas one step further, you might even create a template prospecting form that asks potential sellers to share their contact information. You could pass this form to those potential seller leads that pass by you or you can get some information directly as they come in looking. That is one of the best real estate marketing tools as well. Remember, the key is to gather contact information and then follow up. Both steps are key to successful real estate marketing strategies.

So, you might be wondering what the best way to follow up would be. Potential seller leads who are looking for a realtor are more likely to contact a real estate agent that they have already met, someone they know is an expert in selling homes in the area. So, to follow up and keep your real estate business on their mind, the first thing I would do is to write them a handwritten note: “Hey John and Sue, I really enjoyed meeting you at the open house and I hope you found it great. When you are ready to put your home on the market, I would love the chance to talk with you about it. Here are a few tips.”

Assuming that you engaged them in conversation and you found out that they are actually thinking about selling this summer, send them some sort of report or personalized real estate flyer template that will help them in the process of putting their home on the market. Ideally, this real estate mailer would provide a list of things they can do to fix it up.  Consider sending, “The most important things to consider when fixing up your home and getting it on the market.” If you do things like that, you’ve added some value to life of your seller leads.

Then, what I would do is, put them on some kind of a drip-touch campaign, not a drip-email campaign per se, unless you have a good one. At least every 3 – 4 weeks, make sure you are mailing them something, like a personalized real estate flyer template or real estate mailers. Get them on a postcard mailing campaign, sending just listed postcards and just sold postcards so you are always in the mailbox of potential seller leads.

How to effectively use real estate prospecting with potential motivated seller leads as a marketing tool

Maybe if they told you they are planning to sell in about six months, then in about three months, just swing by as a face visit and drop off a gift of some sort, maybe some gourmet cookies or some cinnamon rolls. This works as a great supplement to your real estate marketing strategies.

If you know your potential seller leads have kids, maybe bring some candy for them. You could say, “Hey, I was just in the neighborhood and was thinking about you guys. I really enjoyed meeting you and I wanted to drop off a quick gift.”

Anything you can do to bolster that relationship maximizes your real estate lead generation potential. Now you’ve got potential sellers thinking about you as their realtor and you are more likely to get those real estate listings when they comes through.


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