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How do you get homeowners in a geographic farm to choose you over other real estate agents? The answer is simple, but not as easy to execute on. You must differentiate yourself from other Realtors is you want to be called when it’s time for them to sell their home. This short video walks you through how to do it.


Real estate postcards that get sellers calling you 2 – inside reality

As I’ve mentioned, there are several realtor postcards that are effective for geographic farming. Another type of branding postcard that you can do is what we call ‘Inside Reality’ postcards. I’m not sure of a good way to describe it to you, but here is what happens when using real estate marketing strategies such as this one. If you take the typical motivated seller out there in that community, they look at you and all the other real estate agents as all being the same. The only real estate marketing tools that most agents use is, they simply stick a sign in the yard, list the home in the MLS and just wait for other agents to bring buyers while they sit there and twiddle their thumbs.

What we know is that not all agents are the same or use the same ideas in their real estate agent marketing. But as long as sellers believe that all agents are the same, there is nothing to differentiate you above any other realtor that would give a motivated seller a reason to call you first.  So what we do is create these things called ‘Inside Reality’ postcards. The way the name comes up is real simple.

One of our clients, Jason, and his team does over 1500 transactions a year.  He’s a big agent. I was on the phone with Jason and his assistant and we were talking about geographic farming and lead generation. In six months, nothing had really happened in this area he was prospecting in for seller leads. I was asking him how many listings had come on the market during that time. He said, “About 200.” And I asked, “How many did you get?” And he said, “About 2.”

He then began telling me about how much marketing he was doing over there and about the real estate strategies he was using to find motivated seller leads. I was asking him, “Well, why do you think that if you are doing all of that marketing and branding yourself, why did only two sellers trust you enough to ask you sell their home?” And he said real sheepishly, “I don’t know.”

How to generate real estate leads by changing your outside perception with motivated seller leads

I shared with him some real estate marketing tips, including this concept of outside perception—what sellers perceive to be true about him as a realtor. He agreed that his real estate branding did nothing to differentiate him from other real estate agents. Then I was talking to him about his inside reality, who he is, and if that all of those sellers who came on the market were like his assistant Cam and they knew everything about him, about how hard he worked, how much skill he had, how much experience he had, the education he has gone through, the things he’s been able pull out of a hat and make a sale happen when other real estate agents would have lost it… all of those things. That’s what I call his inside reality.  I said, “If all of those sellers were Cam, how many of those listings do you think you would have gotten from your marketing?” And Cam piped up and said, “All of them.” That’s what inside reality does.

The ‘Inside Reality’ postcards are realtor postcards that start to explain those things about you that set you apart from other agents. Keep in mind that setting yourself apart from other real estate agents does not have to mean that you are totally unique. What it means is that, in the mind of a motivated seller, you are the only one they know about who does uses those specific real estate marketing strategies.

How to find motivated sellers by using your listing presentation when sending realtor postcards

The real simple way to do this—and we actually have a process that we’ve developed that really gets deep into all of this and makes it happen—but here’s the simplest way to understand ‘Inside Reality’ postcards. Take your realtor listing presentation, assuming you have one, and look through the pages and slides. Typically, each page strengthens your real estate branding by talking about one unique thing about you. Maybe it talks about your negotiating skills, maybe how you help prepare a home, maybe how you promote a home, maybe this or maybe that. Take each of those individually and put them into postcards and essentially make your ‘Inside Reality’ postcards your listing presentation one bite at a time.

Now what is happening is that you are educating motivated sellers leads on why they should choose you as their realtor. Use ‘Inside Reality’ postcards as one of your real estate marketing tools. They are really powerful.


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