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In a hierarchy of marketing postcards for geographic farming, the “market snapshot” is the first of the postcards that start to drive decent results to you. The “market snapshot” postcard is simple to do, easy to personalize, and is a staple for many Realtors doing geographic farming. Watch this short video to learn more.


Real estate postcards that get sellers calling you 3 – market snapshot

Other types of realtor postcards you can use are what I’ll call ‘Market Snapshot’ postcards. These are what most real estate agents use when mailing postcards. It’s an easy and effective tool to add to your real estate marketing. You’ll find a lot of companies out there that will actually help you compile the information or actually build the postcards for you. If you go to the web and type in “real estate postcards,” you’ll find a lot of companies that sell real estate postcards and almost all of them will have templates for ‘Market Snapshot’ postcards.

‘Market Snapshot’ postcards are simply a listing of homes that sold in that area. They may also show how much the homes sold for. By using these postcards in your real estate prospecting, you can be perceived as a real estate expert (although it’s kind of a weak one). We just talked about ‘Inside Reality’ postcards and that perception is the expert one. At least sending out ‘Market Snapshot’ postcards gives you something to go out with that strengthens your real estate branding.

How to find motivated seller leads by rotating realtor postcards

I don’t want to downplay the ‘Market Snapshot’ postcard too much because a lot of real estate agents use postcards like this and they get really good results. I just think that in the mix of all of your real estate marketing strategies, don’t do only ‘Market Snapshot’ postcards.

This is really the key in all of this postcard marketing. Do a mixture of things, but have a preponderance of just sold postcards because that is what drives the kitty on everything. All of these other real estate marketing tools help support it. There are some things that we can do in our lead generation. Maybe later in this discussion we will talk about binding it all together.

That’s how you do ‘Market Snapshot’ postcards. When thinking about real estate marketing ideas that work, consider adding these postcards to your strengthen your real estate branding.


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