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What do you do if you are targeting a geographic farm and you don’t have many sales to promote? The “Coming Soon” postcard is a simple, yet disarmingly powerful postcard you can use. But don’t use it the way most agents use it or you’ll waste amazing opportunity. Watch this video for a simple, POWERFUL way to get the most out of it.



Real estate postcards that get sellers calling you 5 – coming soon

When you are prospecting, if you don’t have a lot of volume in a farm or a lot of transactions going on, you still want to keep postcard marketing out there all the time. You also want to keep the farm congruent as much as possible so that your seller leads are seeing their neighbor’s homes that you are the realtor on.

We talked about you doing just listed postcards and just sold postcards. Here is another one you can do. They are called ‘Coming Soon’ postcards. What’s happening is, these realtor postcards are saying, “LOOK!” You are ringing your own bell and strengthening your real estate branding. You are ringing your bell saying, “Look what a good agent I am!” My effective real estate marketing tools and skills got another one of your neighbor’s home that is coming soon. This seller trusts me enough that I am handling this listing that’s coming soon.

How to get listings by sharing your inside reality using ‘Coming Soon’ postcards

We talked about it a little bit with your inside reality, explaining some of the real estate marketing strategies that you do that sets you apart. If you use ‘Coming Soon’ postcards, take a moment to address potential seller leads. Say something like, “Hey, we are coming soon, but before we go on the market, I’m making sure that everything is in perfect condition. We are doing all of the finishing touches, all of the paint touch-ups and all of the handyman touch-ups. We are landscaping in the backyard. We want this thing to be perfect because a perfect home sells for the most money in the shortest amount of time. Coming soon on so and so date. Tell your friends and family.”

Now what happens is, you’ve given motivated seller leads who get your postcards insight into what you do. They go, “Wow, this agent is good. He is making sure that the home is going to show its best. I like that about him.” This strengthens your real estate branding. This goes into the brains of prospective sellers and that’s another little nugget that they remember about you.

When you do that over and over again with all types of real estate postcards you send, motivated seller leads start to realize that you are an active realtor in the neighborhood because you are sending ‘Coming Soon’, ‘Just Listed’ and ‘Just Sold’ postcards.

Real estate marketing tools like these strengthen your branding by sharing a little bit of your inside reality. ‘Coming Soon’ postcards are really powerful.


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