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The “Under Contract” postcard gives you “two bites at the apple” when marketing to a geographic farm. While most agents never use the Under Contract postcard, it can be a powerful postcard in a sequence of postcards to establish your credibility in homeowners’ minds. Watch this short video to learn more.



Real estate postcards that get sellers calling you 6 – under contract

In terms of the sequence of postcards (because most real estate agents only think about sending just listed postcards or just sold postcards when marketing), there are two other postcards. We talked about ‘Coming Soon’ postcards. Here is the sequence we’ve discussed: ‘Coming Soon’, ‘Just Listed’ and ‘Just Sold’.

There is a fourth realtor postcard that you can send out in lead generation. What we are doing with our marketing is maximizing the same sale. We are maximizing the same activity so that if you don’t have enough real estate sales in that community and you want to strengthen your branding in the minds of motivated sellers so that you look like you are active all of the time, then that’s what we are doing here.

Let me offer other effective real estate marketing tips in geographic farming. Whenever you send a series of postcards, you may change out the photograph of the home so that it doesn’t look like the same frontal shot of the home every time. When considering real estate marketing ideas, maybe do a front shot of the home, then do the kitchen and then maybe do the master bath. Your postcards will always showcase the same house, but it’s a different photo. Seller leads typically remember pictures more than they remember words. If you can show them a different photo then what happens in their mind is that they are not really correlating it as the same house. So your real estate branding get maximum impact on this.

How to maximize your results in lead generation by using a single sale

The fourth set of cards in the series are ‘Under Contract’ postcards. Now you have the sequence: ‘Coming Soon’, ‘Just Listed’, ‘Under Contract’ and ‘Just Sold’. I can take one listing and I can hit that farm four, separate times, each one with a different photo, each one with a different message. I multiply my impact on that one house and increase my branding by four times.

Let’s say I only sell four or five homes a year within that community. I can be in the mailbox of motivated sellers every two or three weeks with something going on within that community and now I look like a superstar agent.

People always want to do business with a superstar agent. That’s why marketing ideas for real estate agents that work is to keep redeploying the same asset as much as you can to show off your successes and your effective real estate marketing strategies.


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