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This is the second in a ten part “series” of simple things you can do to market yourself in a geographic farm. “Touch #2” is using a Facebook community page. The key is how you incorporate it into your overall marketing strategy, and how to do it without running out your welcome. Watch this short video to learn more.




Geographic Farming using a Facebook community page

As we’ve discussed, door knocking is the number one strategy that you should use as one of your real estate marketing tools. What are some other things that are good for geographic farming? Just do simple touches. As my Operations Manager says, “Here they are, in no particular order.” These real estate marketing ideas are just kind of stream of consciousness.

The next one would be Facebook marketing. Not just Facebook marketing, but using the Facebook community page as one of your real estate marketing tools.  Most real estate agents think of Facebook marketing as advertising. If the community that you’re targeting is large enough, it probably has a community page. If it does not, you can create one.

What this does for your lead generation is that it gives you a great fish bowl for prospecting because everyone’s there, including motivated seller leads. Everyone is always communicating there and then you can participate there as well. The key is don’t overdo your welcome as a realtor. Don’t be a real estate agent there and bludgeon your way through. Have some decorum. Have some delicate tenderness in how you touch and how frequently you’re there. This is effective real estate agent marketing.

I was previously sharing that a real estate agent client of ours, his name is Nelson, went from nothing realtor to 22 percent of the marketspace doing three things in his marketing. One was door knocking. One was the Facebook community page. The other one was postcards. Here’s what he did with prospecting on a Facebook community page. This is interesting.

He found that there was a Facebook community page for his community and he realized he could use it for lead generation to generate realtor leads. His community is 1500 homes. When I say he door knocked three times a year to find motivated seller leads, that’s a lot of door knocking. He found that out of the 1500 homes, there were only 200 people that were on the Facebook community page.

His first set of door knocking he used as one of his real estate marketing strategies was to introduce people to the Facebook community page. He had a flyer and a little door hanger that he put out to increase his real estate branding. He would meet people and leave the door hanger. After he did that round, he now had 800 people on the Facebook community page. His real estate marketing strategies worked. He became one of the administrators on the page. I don’t know if any agent can do this, depending on where you are, but it worked out for him. He eventually became the administrator.

How to increase your real estate branding by introducing yourself to your community

One of the real estate marketing ideas that worked for him is, every time that someone signed up on the community page, he would welcome them personally. “Hey, welcome, I’m Nelson. I’m a real estate agent in the community. Welcome to the Facebook community page.” He would also put them on his personal Facebook page. Now potential seller leads are touched on the community page and on his personal page as a friend. Then, he made a point, about once a week or maybe every 10 days, to comment on someone’s post, to do something as a neighbor, as a human so that he’s there. This strengthens his real estate branding.

He would then start doing ‘Coming Soon’ notifications whenever he listed a home. He would do an open house, or send just sold postcards. Any time there was a home in that community that was going on the market, he used his real estate marketing strategies to push it out as a community update. “Hey, here’s another home that’s just coming on the market.” “Here’s an open house if you know any friends that would like to be there or be in our neighborhood.”  He used the Facebook community page and really, really leveraged it.

It one of the most powerful real estate marketing strategies that you can use and it doesn’t cost any money.


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