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This is the fourth in a ten part series on simple things you can do to market yourself in a geographic farm. “Touch #4” is have a barbeque at the park. It’s really as simple as it sounds, yet it has a dramatic way of getting you in front of homeowners to build great relationships … relationships that will turn into listings. Watch this short video for details.



Simple ways to touch a real estate geographic farm for realtors – BBQ at the park

Another simple touch you can do in geographic farming is sort of like the giveaway where we are talking about ice creams and cupcakes. With this real estate agent marketing idea, just have a barbeque or a cookout.

Here in the south, when we say barbeque, we typically mean barbeque. I was out in Kansas and we were going to go out for a barbeque and what that meant is that we’re just going to grill out hamburgers.

Whatever your terminology is, go out and have a barbeque. Maybe invite the whole community; this will include motivated seller leads. Grill out. Maybe it’s just a time where everyone grills and gets to know you as a realtor. This strengthens your real estate branding. Maybe at the barbeque, you bring in a band. Just get some good high school band or local band. Have them come in and play and just say, “We’re going to have a great big barbeque. We’ve got all these grills out here. Bring your food and bring hot dogs and we’re just going to have a great time at the park and throw Frisbees.” Do marketing that comes across as just another community event that gets you out there.

Keep in mind, every time you do one of these real estate marketing strategies, you put a flyer out or maybe you do it every door direct mail, so it’s real low cost marketing. This is now getting your name out again and inviting them to that and increasing your branding. You put it out on Facebook. You’re using all these marketing opportunities to keep touching potential sellers and then you keep driving them back to the event and then you live there as well.


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