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This is the fifth in a ten part series on simple things you can do to market yourself in a geographic farm. “Touch #5” is coordinating a street party. This is an easy thing to do when you have a neighborhood setting but no community park where people can congregate. Also, it doesn’t cost much money, either! Watch the video for more details.



Simple ways to touch a real estate geographic farm for realtors – street parties

If you don’t have an open space in your community, how do you do a barbeque or how do you do a giveaway to strengthen your real estate branding in geographic farming? You do what we did on our street and this was actually organized, not by a realtor, but by some of the neighbors. In our community, you have some busy streets and you have some not so busy streets. One of these homeowners, actually two of them, lived on this very not so busy street. It’s just kind of a connecting street between two busier streets.

They advertised a block party and they blocked it off, just a row of houses in that area. They would bring a band or just pipe in music. It was just a great time, a great big social. Bring your own beer. Bring some snacks or whatever and you just have a good time.

So, when you are prospecting, if you don’t have that park in the environment, then find a street that you can block off and do something there. Maybe you can have a DJ on the street. Bring the kids. Have an ice cream truck there and just make it a fun thing. People love get togethers because it gives them a chance to meet their neighbors and it gives you a chance to meet them.

This is another real estate agent marketing idea that really increases your branding.


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