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This is the sixth in a ten part series on simple things you can do to market yourself in a geographic farm. “Touch #6” is sending out a sports schedule. In interviewing realtors over the years, this simple concept seems to be one of the top, easiest things to do with long-term impact on results. Watch the video for more details.



Simple ways to touch a real estate geographic farm for realtors – athletic schedule magnet

As we get onto more simple marketing touches with geographic farming, I have to think through my brain. Those real estate marketing strategies we’ve talked about are more physical touches, where you’re actually there. There are other great, simple touches and I call them simple because, typically, these are marketing ideas for real estate agents that don’t cost that much money.

You’re probably going to laugh at this marketing idea because you think, “Well, that’s a pretty expensive way to approach lead generation.”  Well, no it’s not in the big scheme of things, but it is real effective. Real estate marketing products that are effective are football schedules, basketball schedules or maybe even hockey schedules, whatever is the big sports draw in your area. Whether it’s college. Whether it’s professional or whether it’s at the high school level. Send these schedules as a magnet that people, including potential sellers, can stick on their refrigerator.

You wouldn’t believe how many people I’ve talked to, how many real estate agents say that they consistently get realtor leads, real estate referrals and sales all the time from the—and we’re in the South—SEC football schedule up on the refrigerator. Because here, SEC football is a big deal. Everyone loves football. By having that magnet up there with your name, your photo, your contact information and the schedule means that you’re always there. You are strengthening your real estate branding.

One of the challenges we have now is that sometimes more and more people are going to have stainless steel refrigerators, so magnets don’t stick. You’ve got to use creative marketing. Here’s one of my effective real estate marketing tips that work. Have a light adhesive that will stick it there that won’t leave a mark so possible sellers can still stick it on their refrigerator.

This thing I was talking about earlier, you say, well, that’s not a cheap prospecting technique. It’s not. It’s going to cost you a couple of dollars. But, for two dollars, you’re going to be in front of that homeowner every single day for almost 365 days out of the year, or at least half of that time during that schedule time. You can’t beat that. That substantially increases your real estate branding with motivated sellers. You’re getting a lot of touches for just pennies on the dollar.

Add athletic schedules to your real estate marketing products that you use when prospecting for motivated seller leads. They really are a powerful way to do it.


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