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One of the hardest things to do when targeting your sphere of influence and past clients is to successfully differentiate yourself from other Realtor friends they have so YOU get the listing or referral. How do you do it? We’ve been exploring this question for years, have tested numerous methods, and have concluded the best way to do it. Watch the video for more details.

Sphere of influence in real estate – differentiating yourself from other realtors to get more seller leads calling you

How do you give your contacts reasons why to choose you as their realtor, to separate you from other real estate agents? How much time do we have? Let me see if I can condense this.

The simplest things to do is to break it down to an educational deal. I’ve got to educate vicariously through whatever process I am using to contact my people and touch them, whether that be through email drip campaigns or real estate postcards like just listed postcards and just sold postcards. I’ve got to educate them on who I am as a realtor and on what I do to get sellers the most money and, most importantly, on the expertise I bring to the table. I must demonstrate that expertise to seller leads so they believe I’m the absolute best real estate agent out there. Once I’ve got them believing I am the best realtor, then I’ve got all the business possible coming from sellers.

Using real estate postcards to educate seller leads about your skills as a realtor

So here is the simple way do to this. We do this with our real estate agent clients a bit differently because we dig deeply into understanding what our clients do and we use a professional copywriter for their real estate postcards. But here is what any real estate agent can do. You take your listing presentation. Hopefully you have one. You know how most listing presentations are. You flip slide to slide or page to page, depending on if it’s a Powerpoint or a physical copy. Typically, each page of that listing presentation is talking about something that you do exceptionally well as a realtor. Maybe it’s your integrity. Maybe it’s your negotiating skills. Maybe it’s your pricing. Maybe it’s marketing. Maybe it’s this or that. There is usually a whole list of those things you do well. Each of those things is a touch point of what you want to send out to your contacts on real estate postcards, with email campaigns, or however you choose to educate sellers.

Here is the rudimentary way to educate sellers and get them to choose you as their realtor. Take your simplest listing presentation and stick each page of that on real estate postcards and send each item individually to seller leads in your sphere of influence.

Just sold postcards and just listed postcards are excellent real estate marketing products for educating sellers on what sets you apart as a realtor

Let me give you some sample wording. Let’s say you show off a ‘just sold’ sale using what we call just sold postcards.  Don’t just say ‘Just Sold’; say something exciting about the sale. “Sold faster than the average days on market. It sold with 3 offers because my marketing was so aggressive.” Whatever it is, give something that the homeowner bites into and goes, “Wow, he did a great job.” That ‘wow’ response starts to get seller leads buying into why you are different as a real estate agent.

Then maybe add a little statement: “How do I consistently do this for my clients? One secret is my negotiating skills.” We’ve pulled this straight out of the listing presentation and we explain about the realtors negotiating skills. We might give an explanation of how our negotiating skills helped one of our sellers get $10,000 over sales price on the sale of their home. Whatever it is, you do that on every single touch. You show off a sale and then you give them something from your listing presentation and you stick it in there. What you are doing is educating your contacts as to why they should believe in you as their real estate agent and why they should believe that you have better expertise than other realtors.

You do that and you win the game.


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