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If you are marketing to your past clients and sphere of influence, here’s a simple way to create Just Sold postcards that actually get upcoming sellers calling you. Most agents simply send out a photo with a “Just Sold” message. But by doing one simple change and telling a story, you can dramatically increase the impact of your Just Sold postcard. Watch video to learn more.


Sphere of influence in real estate – creating great Just Sold postcards to get seller leads calling you

The simplest type of marketing with real estate postcards that you can do to your sphere of influence or your personal contacts list is what I call the just sold postcards.

Let’s look back at what causes sellers to choose a real estate agent. More than anything else, it is their conviction and expectation that you are actively selling and that you can do a good job for them. The simplest way to convince them of that, above anything else, is simply to send those real estate leads in your sphere of influence just sold postcards. Even though this may not be the most effective of your real estate marketing strategies, it is the simplest.

Don’t simply send just sold postcards out once. Send these real estate postcards out to your sphere of influence consistently as one of your real estate marketing products. This doesn’t mean to send realtor postcards only three or four times a year. You want to send these just sold postcards at least once a month, if not every three weeks, to the real estate leads in your sphere of influence.

Sending just listed postcards to real estate leads in your sphere of influence as one of your real estate marketing strategies

Sending just sold postcards 18 – 24 times a year is ideal. You see, what happens in the minds of your sphere of influence is this. Every time they see one of your real estate postcards, they go, “Oh boy, he’s selling again… and he’s selling again… and again.”

I know you are thinking, “18 – 24 times a year? I only have 15 sales a year and some of them are buyers. How do I do this?” You can do this by doing variations of just sold postcards. We’ll talk about those later.

The key is to send realtor postcards talking about a sale to real estate leads in your sphere of influence all of the time. This starts to tell them that you are a real estate agent who is constantly, actively selling.  And if you are constantly, actively selling, a prospect is going to choose you over another realtor who they do not perceive as constantly, actively selling.


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