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Identifying sellers before they go on the market is a great way to increase sales and get more listings. But doing it within your sphere of influence and past clients is even more effective because they already trust you. Here are 3 ways to identify sellers from your personal list before they go on the market. Watch video to learn more.




The BEST type of Just Sold prospecting postcards for your sphere of influence list – part 1 highlighting your sales

There are probably three real estate marketing strategies you can use to identify sellers in your personal list (sphere of influence, past clients, friends and family, etc.). Identifying sellers is a direct response game, more than anything else. In marketing, we call it ‘self-selection’. It’s throwing real estate mailers out there that causes people to select themselves by raising their hands and saying, “That’s me.” Let’s go through them.

First, you have the home valuation real estate postcards. The home valuation real estate postcards are where you link your message to a home valuation website that allows motivated seller leads to go online, type in their home address and get information about their home. The website on your real estate postcards will give seller leads in your sphere of influence an algorithm of what the value of their home should be. The good home valuation websites, at least, will give a range.

Including home valuation websites on real estate postcards when marketing to your sphere of influence

You use the home valuation real estate postcards to say, “Hey, if you are thinking about selling your home anytime in the next 12 months, the first thing you need to do is to find out how much your home is worth. I made it easy. Go to the website below. Go to ‘’ (whatever your domain is).”

The URL then points over to your domain with your real estate branding. Anyone who visits and enters their home address will let you know that they are possibly thinking about selling. You now get to follow up. The great thing about this is that it’s your sphere of influence list, so they already know you and know that you’re a real estate agent in their area. This makes the follow-up really easy. So that’s number one.

Using the ‘I Have a Client’ approach as one of your real estate marketing strategies when identifying sellers in your sphere of influence

The second way to identify sellers is a variation of what I call the ‘I Have a Client’ approach. Here’s a quick backstory.

A friend of mine who has been a real estate agent for many years had a buyer client who wanted to buy in this one area, but he hadn’t been able to find a home. My friend, Rob, goes into the community and puts real estate letters on everyone’s mailbox that says, “I have a client who wants to buy on this street. If you are thinking about selling, can you please call me?” He picked up a seller from this approach. I’m not sure if the buyer bought that home, but Rob got another listing.

You can do that same type of approach as one of your real estate marketing tools; you just have to reword the real estate flyer template a little bit. Take your sphere of influence and personal contacts list and divide them into geographic areas so you can customize your letter. Then, in your real estate letters, explain that you always have buyers looking for homes in these areas and many haven’t been able to find one. They’ve been looking for a year or two. If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, would you please let me know, because I might be able to get it sold immediately. That’s another way to identify sellers before they come on the market.

Using the ‘Free Report’ as one of your real estate marketing products when trying to locate motivated seller leads in your sphere of influence

A third way of finding sellers before they come on the market is by offering what I call a ‘Free Report’. This is a free report of something that offers value to seller leads before they put their home on the market. One of the things that we recently used is, “5 things you can do to get the most money for your home, but you have to do them before you put your home on the market.” That’s the headline on the real estate postcards that encapsulates what the offer is.

Then, your body copy is going to talk about, “I’ve been in real estate for X number of years. I find that there are some things that really work and some things that really don’t. I’ve boiled them down to the top 5 things. If you do them before you put your home on the market, it will absolutely sell for more money and in the shortest amount of time. Go to this website. Call me. Call this recorded message (whatever you want to put here).”

You then send them someplace that gives them the free report and also allows you to identify who these seller leads in your sphere of influence are. Once they go to the site, you’ve identified another person thinking about selling. Only a person thinking about selling is going to request this information.


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