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What’s the BEST type of Just Sold postcard you can use with sphere of influence and past clients? This post is Part 1, and the focus is to highlight what’s going on in the sale. Simply sending a “Just Sold” postcard is not enough. By highlighting the sale you make the sale come alive for your contacts, impressing them with your expertise. Watch video to learn more.




The BEST type of Just Sold prospecting postcards for your sphere of influence list – part 1 highlighting your sales

What’s the best type of just sold postcards to send to your sphere of influence list? There are two types of just sold postcards you can send when marketing to your personal list. I know many real estate agents are going, “What? There is more than one type?” Absolutely.

Let me diverge for a minute. There is a book called Rhinoceros Success. It’s a really fun book that compares the whole concept of success and mediocrity to a rhinoceros and a bunch of cows. Cows just follow the herd and the rhinoceros charges through the briars and the thicket. Nothing stops him from reaching his goals.

Just sold postcards can encourage sellers to choose you as their realtor if you do them right

You can follow the herd and do the just sold postcards that most real estate agents do. Let me give you a visual.

The front of most real estate postcards have a picture of a home that says, “Just Sold.” You turn it over. The back of the real estate postcard is where the address and postage stamp is. Usually there is also a photo of the real estate agent and a little paragraph that the realtor writes. This typically says, “Welcome your new neighbors to 123 Main Street, the Kyles. I just sold them their home and they are excited to be in the neighborhood. If you are thinking about selling, I would love to sell your home too.”

That’s called following the herd because every real estate agent does that. This is why homeowners think that all real estate agents are just the same. You can take dramatic steps beyond this, however.

Here is what’s happening. What you want to do with just sold postcards is to get someone else to say, “Will you sell my house the same way you sold that house?” If all you did was sell it like any other real estate agent, homeowners don’t have a reason to choose you as their realtor. If you can set yourself apart, then you have something powerful.

Real estate marketing tips that will help you create the most effective just sold postcards when marketing to your sphere of influence

I can think of three or four real estate marketing tips to help you structure effective just sold postcards, but I’ll keep this condensed.

The first way to structure just sold postcards is to highlight something significant about that sale. If you think it’s just an average sale, think again. There is always something. What did it beat? Did it beat the average days on market? Did it beat the average sales price? Did it beat the average number of offers? Did it beat this? Did it beat that? Find something to compare it to and use that to start marketing your sales to your sphere of influence.

For example, let’s say the average days on market for that area is 90 and you sold it in 80 days. You beat days on market by 10 days. Highlight that on your real estate postcards.

Say, “My aggressive marketing sold this home 10 days faster than the average home in this area. If you are looking to sell your home fast and get the most money for it, choose me as your real estate agent.”

Doesn’t that sound a lot better than, “Welcome your new neighbors to 123 Main Street”? Do you get where I’m going?

Find sellers before they go on market when marketing with real estate postcards

Find something to talk about. What if maybe you had three offers on a home (even if two of them were low and the sellers would never even consider), don’t worry about that. Highlight that on your real estate postcards. Say it this way, “My marketing sold this home 10 days faster than the average home. I was so aggressive that we actually received three offers and my homeowner was able to choose the highest.” All of this is true; it’s all in how you say it. Don’t you agree that this sounds even better?

That’s the first way you can do just sold postcards.


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